Episode 42: The Divine Feminine – Interview with Sofia Sundari

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In a special episode of Let’s Talk Wellness Now,  Dr. Deb speaks about The Divine Feminine with Sofia Sundari –  live from Majorca, Spain! Sofia Sundari is an International Transformational Leader, bestselling author, founder of the Priestess School, and facilitator of courses on sacred sexuality. Dr. Deb and Sofia discuss a variety of issues related to feminine energy and conscious sexuality including differences between feminine and masculine behavior, feminine energy, relationships, sexual connectedness, hormones, Yoni Eggs, yoga and destiny.

It’s everything that makes us alive, and what makes us alive is, of course, our sexual energy. That’s actually what created us. So whenever we disconnect from sexual energy, we also disconnect from the feminine. Then our emotions, yeah, when we are trying to repress our emotions and be predictable, be linear, be direct always in linear ways, we are also disconnected from the feminine ways. These are the two major things, and when we are disconnected from that within us, then we are disconnected from that in the world, and the world just becomes very dry. The world becomes very mind-dominated, and in an extreme case, just really disconnected and isolated from each other, because in life, we are connected.

Dr. Deb and Sofia discuss some sexual exercises, including the benefits of using a Yoni Egg – an egg shaped crystal. Sofia continues that when you connect with the Yoni, you connect with feminine power. 

Yeah, so Yoni Egg is a crystal that is a egg-shaped crystal that is used inside of the vagina, that has enormous beneficial effects for the woman, because she inserts it into the vagina in a special way. She doesn’t just shovel it in, but inserts it in a special way. And then she starts doing practices with the muscles of the vagina, and so she discovers that her vagina actually is very, like, she has a lot inside, and there are many, many different sensations, many different parts that can be isolated and connected with.

Connect With Sofia Sundari:

Website: https://sofiasundari.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sofiasundari

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