Episode 43: Stress and infertility in women – Interview with Rev. Dr. Thomas J. Ianniello, DC

Undesired physical manifestation of uncomfort/ disease may simply be a reflection of something deeper going on inside. Modern day society has us all constantly doing something, going somewhere, or chasing something beyond the horizon. Reverend Dr. Thomas Ianniello has been a chiropractor of almost 25 years as well as an ordained priest of the Orthodox Church. He is an expert practitioner of incentive based medicine which works to address the deeper rooted problems that may manifest themselves as physical/ emotional symptoms. Today we are following the story of infertility as a result of a widespread trend of women “being robbed of energy day in and day out”. We will be discussing chronic stress and overwork as an underlying cause for infertility in addition to other potential root causes and treatments. 

“I’ve always been amazed over the years of my most chronically ill patients no matter what you do, nothing helps. And then they leave their relationship….they leave an unhealthy relationship, and within 6 months, they are completely normal again. And they never realized that all of those unhealthy relationships things they had were internalizing to make them sick and they come back like a brand new woman and it’s amazing to me. The part that I’m so dissatisfied with when I see that is they never fixed the reason they got there to begin with, so 2 years down the road in a new relationship they are almost back where they were when they left the first relationship.”

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