Episode 44: Cultivating better relationships, Sex Education, + Men Navigating #MeToo – Interview with Matthew Solomon

Known as “The Coach for the Modern Soul,” Matthew’s vision for the modern era is one that is rooted in the understanding that everything is based on relationships; whether it be romantic, familial, corporate or otherwise. From this space, Matthew stands with you in creating the life and experience you truly desire.

Enjoy an engaging conversation with Matthew and Dr. Deb as they explore how to communicate in relationships. They discuss how communication affects our intimate relationships as well as the work environment. Matthew gives tips for listening to people in a way where they feel heard. They even discuss the #MeToo movement and how this is affecting businesses and families.

It’s really what serves the whole versus all of the transactional needs because that’s… We’re not taught how to do relationships. We’re not taught how to communicate. We’re not taught anything. We’re taught how to… Like I was saying in a workshop last week, my kids grew up with use your voice but they didn’t grow up with “Listen to the other person and try and get a sense of what their experience is so you can connect with them.”


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