Episode 46: Using Music For Self-Care & Healing – Interview with Bill Protzmann

On today’s show with Bill Protzmann we discuss how music can help us process our feelings and actually heal! Do you ever wonder why you navigate to a certain type of music? That’s because music makes us feel happy, sad and even angry. Bill teaches us how to use a variety of music to process our feelings. Once you learn this technique, you can choose music based on how you feel as therapy. I personally love 70’s music it makes me happy and brings back lots of memories. Bill taught me how to use other types of music to address other feelings without having to really talk about my feelings but let those feelings flow through me

Bill is the world’s leading expert on music’s power for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, and he’s here today to inspire, delight and demonstratethe power of music as a tool for self-care.

If you’re all ready to jump in and learn how to use music as self-care, take the guided, gamified, and fully-mentored online course at https://quest.musiccare.net/

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