Episode 49: The Journey of Self-Love

In this episode of the Let’s Talk Wellness Now Podcast Dr. Deb talks with Bex Bedford a Self Acceptance Champion, YouTube Celeb and Voice Over/Actress and Producer. They explore the topic of Self-love at any size or shape as a women. Learn how you can love yourself and get rid of the body image issues that others in this world have placed upon you. Bex shares her tips on how to overcome self-hatred and doubt. Learn how to shed those things that are holding your back from being yourself or who you really want the world to see you as!

Connect with Bex:

Bex Bedford is a Self Acceptance Champion, Voice Over Actor/Producer, Podcast Host, YouTube Content Creator, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur.

Of these many hats, speaking of her journey of self love, brutal self reflection, and overcoming years of self hatred and doubt, is especially important to Bex. She seeks to help those who struggle to find their truth and voice in the world.

In 2013 Bex started her vlog channel on Youtube called “Being an SSBBW”  and it quickly gained traction, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. In her videos she speaks frankly about all facets of life as a person of extended size, her struggles and triumphs with self love and self acceptance, and topical commentary on current events in the plus size world.

After years of vlogging as Rebecca of “Being an SSBBW”, Bex no longer felt connected to the name. SSBBW translates to “Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman”, an acronym that wasn’t representative of her message, but felt more exclusive, focusing too much on looks, size, and gender.

In 2019 Bex made the leap to change her brand from “Being an SSBBW” to Bex Bedford. Choosing Bex, a long time nickname, afforded Rebecca the ability to just be herself, not bound by any one notion or group, allowing her to be her full, true, authentic self.

Bex uses her platform to share her philosophy, real life methods of self love, self reflection, and self acceptance. She details the steps she took from being a full blown hermit to, now, a public figure. No matter what your size, or issues you maybe battling, Bex’s story is a journey that all can find value in.  Hers is a story of consequence, self reflection, love, addiction and evolution.

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