Episode 75: Secrets Of Business That Men Know And Women Don’t – Interview with Annette Comer

Annette Comer shares the secrets of business that men know and women don’t. Her favorite secret that women don’t know is what men say behind our backs about the masks women wear. This episode is a must for any women trying to compete in the male dominated world. Did you know only 2% of the women business owners will make a million dollars in their business? If you are in need of venture capital on 2.3% of that is given to women? Learn to be your own bank! Ladies we need you in this world as leaders. Join Annette and Dr. Deb for a powerful conversation.

“The time is now for you ladies. Let me and Dr. Deb help you. We’ve walked it, we’ve been there, we’ve got the skinned knees, and all we ask of you is to have the courage to step into what was meant for you.”







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