Episode 78: The Gut-Brain-Heart Connection – Interview with Heidi Wilde

Heidi Wild and Dr. Deb discuss the gut microbiome and its effects on mental health. Heidi will share a unique product line designed for healing the microbiome while boosting neurotransmitters, the chemicals that make us feel good.

“No matter how old we are, no matter what condition we’re in, we should be not feeling achy, we should not be feeling confused, we should be nimble and pain free.”

Heidi Wilde is a self-love, self-awareness and mental wellness advocate and has passion for staying healthy naturally and feeling joy from the inside out.
She believes that we all have a story and to the extent we are comfortable, sharing our story will help us all heal.

Heidi is aligned to the FIRST and ONLY ALL NATURAL Mental Wellness Company with a platform of holistic products, programs and people that offers a Holistic approach; mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, exercise and supplementation which combines the latest in science of the GUT-BRAIN-HEART connection, matched with ancient wisdom of plants and herbs.
These help reduce feelings of depression, stress and anxiety and improve our mood, mental focus, energy and sleep- ALL naturally!

You can connect with Heidi Wilde at:



[6:45] – How can we cultivate the neurotransmitters we need in our gut through food and nutrition?

[12:14] – The importance of dopamine, and recommendations for balancing dopamine properly.

[24:30] – Stress, sleep, and adrenal function.

[27:51] – One easy tool you can use to quickly assess your overall health.

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