Episode 84: COVID Vaccine Safety

What do I do? Get the coronavirus vaccine or not? Get sick or not? Infect my family or not? Is it safe? Dr. Deb shares her wisdom on the coronavirus vaccine and what she is recommending people do.

“I am not anti vaccine, and I’m not pro vaccine either. I am for safe vaccines.”

[2:07] Not anti vaccine. Not pro vaccine. Pro safe vaccine!

[4:24] Why I am skeptical of a safe COVID-19 Vaccine.

[7:00] Deb shares her beliefs on vaccinations.

[9:24] Avoid being an early adopter when it comes to vaccines and new medications in the market

Hello, Let’s Talk Wellness Now group I am so excited to be here with you guys today and share my topic which is the coronavirus vaccine. Should I get it or shouldn’t I get it? You know if you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of hearing about the Coronavirus and COVID-19. And it is just all in consuming from us. But we are in the midst of a Media outbreak on this. And they don’t seem to have anything else that they can talk about these days, which is fine for now. But eventually it will have to go away. And the next news blitz that we’re going to be hearing about is we now have a coronavirus vaccine. And I’m going to tell you that this really frightens me, because for several reasons.

This frightens me, because we have been trying to get a Coronavirus vaccine in animals, specifically cats for decades and have been failing miserably to get this because the virus is so volatile, and it changes and mutate so much that they have not been able to come up with a safe vaccine. And for us to think that we can come up with a vaccine for humans, in a fraction of the time that they’ve been trying for decades in the animal world just is amazing to me. It just really is amazing to me. Now, some of you who’ve heard me speak before, you know, I’m not pro vaccine. I’m not anti vaccine, either. I’m pro safe, anything medical. And if something isn’t safe, I don’t like it.

You know, I’m here to tell you what the side effects are and what the risk factors are. And what’s included in these things. Whether we all want to hear it or not. And so that’s why I’m doing this show today on Coronavirus vaccine. I will tell you I’ve been very skeptical, skeptical from the beginning on this whole vaccine piece a partially because Bill Gates is involved, but be how did we start talking about the demand and the need for a vaccine right at the onset of a huge outbreak? And how did all of this happen to come about? Just at the same time that Netflix was releasing its movie pandemic? And it’s outlining absolutely every single thing that’s happening to us right now on our planet, exactly the way it was portrayed by Bill Gates in his people in his movie. It’s just too coincidental to me. Call me a conspiracy theorist. That’s okay. I look at coincidences I look at where’s the money trail? I look at who’s backing What? Because nine times out of 10. That’s the person that’s the driving force behind all of it is who’s the money trail? And he is the money trail. Let me tell you.

So I want to just share a little bit of my thoughts on Coronavirus vaccine because I get this question asked a lot (literally every day), “Do you think I should get the vaccine?” from my clients. And all of my clients I give the same answer to and the answer is “No, I don’t. I don’t think anybody should be getting the Coronavirus vaccine.” Now I’m going to get people that are going to backlash on that and not be happy. But here’s my concern.

The typical development of a vaccine is many years; 3, 5, 7, 10 years in development of a vaccine coming to market, a safe vaccine. So unless they can show me that they’ve been developing this vaccine for that length of time. I’m not comfortable saying it’s a safe vaccine to give to our clients because my clients then become the guinea pig. And their study of 3, 5, 7 and 10 year data becomes my clients. And I’m not willing to have my clients be the guinea pigs. Now if people know you’re a guinea pig, and you want to take that risk if you want to be the guinea pig, that’s totally different. But when you’re riding on someone’s fear of developing Coronavirus to be the guinea pig, no, no no not just for the development of a ton of money for a pharmaceutical company. I say no to those kinds of things. Now, if you’ve been developing this for all these years, then I want to question Who let loose the virus? Was it really Chinese virus? Or did it come from our own people? Because they needed a platform to sell their big huge Coronavirus vaccine. I’m always questioning, I always am following who’s the money trail, remember.

So that’s why I’m asking these questions. And I think everybody else should be asking these questions as well. If you don’t ask the logical questions, you don’t get the answers that you need. You’re only getting an answer that’s posed from the traditional system that says, “Yes, everybody should get it. Yes, everyone should get the flu shot. Yes, everyone should get the pneumonia shot. Yes, everyone should get this.” Well, guess what people, we are not all 100%. And not everybody should be getting everything. Because it’s not safe for everybody.

You know, I see this argument a lot between people being mean to one another, especially to the Moms that choose not to vaccinate. And I’m here to tell you, you don’t know that Mom’s story. You don’t know if she has children that have been affected by vaccines previous to this child, you don’t know if she has a sibling. You don’t know her genetic history or her genetic makeup. We don’t know anything about them, other than they’ve chosen not to vaccinate, and they have a reason. And thank God in this country, we still have that, right. So what I believe in vaccination is it needs to be safe. I don’t believe that children should be getting 5, 7, 8 vaccines on one day, I think that’s overkill. I think that’s very hard on the immune system. And the body doesn’t have the ability to deal with that many bacterial and viral loads at one time. And the immune system isn’t strong enough to do that. I do believe that kids that have the potential for having problems, need to know whether or not they carry genetic risks that prevent them from being able to utilize that vaccine properly. And thank goodness Allah test just came out with a new test that allows us to determine whether or not somebody has allergies to the ingredients that are in these vaccines. And it’s about a 12 ingredient list of things that are in these vaccines that people can be allergic to. And this test just recently came out, but it is available, it’s a blood test that can be done so you can see if you or your child has an allergic reaction to the main ingredients, or the inert ingredients that are in these vaccines that typically can cause problems. And if you do, you need to know that before you go ahead and make the decision as to whether or not you want this particular vaccine.

Now, I personally don’t like this vaccine. And I don’t like the manipulation of some of the things that they’re putting in the vaccine. And I know people are conspiracy theorists and talking about them, putting tracking devices and things that can control us and all of that in the vaccines. And if that is true, we are in for a ton of mess with this vaccine. And if it’s not true, okay, then we have another vaccine and another virus that we’re exposing everyone to but do you know in this vaccine, right now, the way they’re talking is going to be a live vaccine. So you’re going to give yourself live active Coronavirus? Is that something that you want? When we did that in the Lyme community back in the 70s, we gave an awful lot of people Lyme disease and didn’t realize it until it was pulled from the market. I do not like this vaccine because it’s being pushed to market. I don’t like it because we haven’t seen the safety statistics for a long enough period of time for it yet. If they can provide that data, I will always take a look at it differently. But until they can provide that data, I always tell my patients do not be the first person out of the gate for anything. Let it sit on the market for three to five years before you get involved in taking a new drug or vaccine. So you can see the ramifications that are going to occur in the masses, not in a small amount of people.

Remember, these studies are small. We’re not talking about hundreds of thousands of people in these studies, you know, we’re talking 10,000 people maybe at the most, these are not large groups of people that are being tested for safety, it is very small. And I think we need to be very cautious. Now I’ve had the virus, so I should have antibodies to this virus, and I shouldn’t have to get a vaccine in order to have antibodies to it. Now some of you may think you’ve been exposed to the virus as well, and can do antibody testing to see if your body has been exposed to this virus and you have created antibodies, and then you don’t have to worry about developing the illness itself. So if that is the case, I would encourage you to get some blood testing done from a reputable source, where you can see whether or not you have these antibodies present in your body, and therefore you won’t need the vaccine. Now, I hope this has really helps you guys, I know this idea of the vaccine is being touted as the thing that is going to protect all of us and make us all better.

But here’s what I want to leave you with. What does the flu virus do? Every single year, the flu virus attacks millions of people, several hundred thousand people die 60, 70, 80,000 people die every year from the flu. We have a flu vaccine that we give every single year. The majority of the population take it. The majority of the population that get the flu vaccine will tell you I don’t know why I got the flu vaccine because I still got sick with the flu. And out of that there’s going to be a percentage of people that are going to tell you they feel like they were more ill from the vaccine than if they would have not gotten the flu shot and they would have just gotten the illness itself. Viruses work this way. And most likely we’re going to see this same type of process occur with this Coronavirus that we see with the flu vaccine.

So I just want you to make an educated decision on the vaccine, whether or not to take the Coronavirus vaccine, do your homework, talk to your individual provider. Look at how many people are in this studies and decide for yourself whether or not you want to take this vaccine now or later once it’s been on the market for a while and you’ve had the opportunity to see the damage that it’s going to actually occur with it or not. Thanks everybody. It was great talking to you and sharing this information with you. Have a blessed day.

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