Episode 89: Energy healing, COVID experiences, and retraining our cells – Interview with Jewels Arnes

Interested in retraining your cells? What to turn back the aging clock? Jewels Arnes shares exactly how to do that in this episode.


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[1:09] – Jewel’s journey to becoming an energy healer

[11:52] – Everything is consciousness

[19:41] – Deb and Jewel share their experiences of having COVID

“What we see in our reality is a direct reflection of the frequency or level consciousness that we are holding.”

Transcription of Episode 89: Energy healing, COVID experiences, and retraining our cells – Interview with Jewels Arnes.

Dr. Debra Muth  

Alright ladies, I am so excited as I always am every week to bring you and your guest and this guest is truly special. And you will not want to miss anything that we’re talking about today, because it is so important on multiple levels. So I want to introduce to you my dear friend, Jewel Arnes. She is the founder and creator of Eternal Gold Beauty. Welcome, Jewels!


Jewels Arnes  0:38  

Thank you Debra, I’m so happy to be here.


Dr. Debra Muth  0:41  

This is an exciting time for us to be talking about this, especially today in the US. It’s a little crazy today and we can use all of the consciousness that we can muster up. But I’d love to have you share your story with our listeners, because it is so unique in how you founded your company and why you found it it. So please share that with us?


Jewels Arnes  1:04  

Oh, gosh, you know, I feel like it’s been a journey that’s really started when I was 16. When I was 16, I actually got kicked out of the house as a rebellious child. But you know, because of that, I entered, actually AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) because I thought, “Oh, I must have a problem if I got kicked out of the house!”. And in AA, I had my sponsor actually saw that I had the gift of what they call “seeing” and she took me under her wing and started teaching me how to trace energy. And I became a healer and have been studying healing modalities ever since. So it’s been like over 25 years now, if you can believe that. And, you know, I never really thought it would go further than that. It’s like, Okay, uh, you know, I thought being, knowing what my purpose in life at such a young age was a gift. And what I found after my best friend passed away about five years ago, is that I was able to trace his energy on the other side. And it was just this really beautiful play of watching where he was going and being able to follow him. And I know this sounds a little weird, but I followed him all the way to a circle of consciousness. And I was initiated into the circle of consciousness that I call the Council of Lights. And they are the CEO of my company. And through listening to guidance from them, I was told to create a skincare line. And it was just these little breadcrumbs that I got from them little by little like first, it was teaching me about scalar energy and then bringing ORMUS. And then it was funny, because when I first developed a cream, it was to heal my clients, I live in a really active community where a lot of people have injuries and that sort of thing. And I was using it on clients to heal muscles and that sort of stuff. And I sent some to my ex husband. And he called me a week later and was like, this is the best stuff I’ve ever used. All my wrinkles are disappearing. And I was like started laughing because I said you’re supposed to put on your sore muscles, not your face. And just like you have to make a skincare line. And so here I am many years later, and I developed a skincare line that is I call it “living skincare” because it truly has its own consciousness, and its programed to repair cellular DNA, or you could even go as far as advancing cellular consciousness. 


Dr. Debra Muth  3:56  

Wow, that is such an amazing story. I love that story! Let’s talk what is “advancing the consciousness” mean for our listeners who aren’t quite into that world? What does that mean to them and why is that important for their skincare?


Jewels Arnes  4:15  

I love this question. So science is now showing that your skin has its own consciousness. And the consciousness of ourselves comes from the environment of our body, which is held in the state of consciousness that we hold, you could say with our thoughts and even our subconscious thoughts. And so what we do is we bring specific scalar frequencies into the cells through the design of the skincare to raise the frequency of your skin cells. And then we have a whole process that teaches you actually to change the consciousness of your skin because you know, right now most of us are the consciousness of the cells of our skin are just kind of unconscious. And they are playing out the program of you could say, the collective consciousness, and that is that we will age, and we will degenerate. But science is showing there is no biological reason that we age. And so this is just a journey of awakening to the level of consciousness where we become the master of ourselves, or you could say, of our body. 


Dr. Debra Muth  5:37  

There are so many great pearls in there. I had to write a couple down because I want to come back and make sure we don’t miss some of these things. So if you’re saying our skin has its own consciousness, if we have a lot of negative thought processes going on, what does that do to our skin?


Jewels Arnes  5:59  

Well, the first thing it would do is degenerate. It’s really when we start to, like, I know everybody has this experience when they’re super stressed, they look 10 years older. I mean, that’s like the easiest way to look at it. But you what I love about the skin is that it’s the one organ that we really see. And it can be an amazing biofeedback mechanism for whether or not we’re actually shifting the consciousness of ourselves. Because if we’re working with a certain- let’s say wrinkle or area, and we’re working on clearing those negative thoughts that are held in ourselves of our skin, and we clear those belief systems and agreements and start to work with bringing in -we call it ascending through the “I am”. We use the “I am” at the base level to ascend cellular consciousness. And then it definitely goes beyond that. But that’s a really easy way for people to start connecting to higher frequency consciousness within their cells when they’re applying the skincare.


Dr. Debra Muth  7:03  

I love that I love the “I am” principle. I learned about that through Dr. Wayne Dyer about 15 years ago. And I go in and out of doing it every day, I do really good for a while and then I fall off the wagon, and then I do really good again. But that is a very important part. And people if you’re listening to us, and you don’t know what the “I am” principles are, I would really encourage you to go and look at that because especially in the times that we have now and the scarcity and the fear and the anxiety, we need a way to pull ourselves back. And we need a way to know that we are in control. So check out that “I am” principles. You know, Jewels, this is really important too, because people need to understand that your direct inside health is shown externally in our skin and our hair. Skin is our largest organ and so we show a lot of what’s going on inside, externally. And if our skin isn’t right, and our hair isn’t right, that’s a clue that something else is going on inside that we need to take a look at whether it is consciously or whether it’s physically. And for those of you who are have already kind of shut your mind off like this is way too out there. Basically, this is biofeedback people, this is what happens in our universe all the time. We are just an energy being having a physical experience. And so this happens all the time. Don’t disconnect your thought process, because we’re going to go deeper in here and talk about the cells and what’s actually happening on a cellular level for us. Because you have figured this out, and you’ve decoded some of this. And it’s so exciting. When I heard you first talk about this back in March, I was like, “Wow, this is amazing stuff.” So let’s talk a little bit about that how- And then I also want to come back, I don’t want to forget about this concept of we’re not meant to age and I think that’s where this cellular piece can go. We truly are not meant to age and so when I see 60 year olds who are already saying, “Well, I’m already 60 I’m supposed to feel this way,”  no, you’re not people! So let’s talk about why they’re not supposed to age and what’s happening on a cellular level for them.


Jewels Arnes  9:15  

You know, I think that just going back to the original agreement is just what you were saying is that we all just on unconsciously agree that I’m going to get older. And I’m going to start to degenerate. And just like you said, like people say it all the time you hear it from your doctors, “oh, well at this age…” and we’re just programmed to think that we’re going to fall apart and that we’re going to get- but I you know what is so cool about that is that once we awaken and create choice around it, because aging is a choice, and we focus on that choice continually. And first of all, it’s when you’re looking in the mirror instead of pointing out the wrinkles, and the things that we don’t like it’s, every time we do that we’re programming ourselves to do what we’re seeing. I mean, we are literally saying, “Yes, this is what I see. I’m agreeing to it, I’m pointing it out and creating resistance to it”. And the cell absorbs that resistance, that lower frequency and says, “Okay, I agree we should do this” and points it right back at you. And that’s what’s so cool that the skin can be the biofeedback. But we can actually switch that. And like you said, use the higher frequencies to reprogram the cell to be eventually unconsciously conscious to where we don’t actually have to continually tell it, you don’t have to age and that we are going to age in reverse and all of these great things, because eventually the cell will hold that consciousness without us having to do it for it.


Dr. Debra Muth  10:53  

That is such a great thought process. And I love that because the more we do things, right, it does become a subconscious thing. But we can do the negative to and that can stay in there. So we have a choice to bring in that positive message, or bring in that negative message to our bodies, it makes all the difference in the world. And I see this all the time in chronic illness in my practice, people who have been sick for a very long time, they’re in a really bad relationship. And they get out of the bad relationship. And all of a sudden, they’re not sick. And I’ve watched this now for 25 years, it happens continuously. And the same thing happens with our minds. It’s all about perception, right? It’s how we perceive things. And right now we can perceive things as being really bad, and really horrible and unknown. And the whole world is going to fall. Do the Chicken Little Thing; the sky is gonna fall because we don’t know what’s going on today. Or we can perceive and say, wait a minute, I have control over my life, over what I’m doing, over how my place is going to be, what I’m going to put in my brain, what I’m not going to put in my brain, what I’m going to put in my body, what I’m not. And that’s about as much control as we have is what we can do for ourselves. That is such a great place.


Jewels Arnes  12:08  

It’s so beautiful. So for me, everything is consciousness, you know, everything is consciousness. And what we see within our reality is a direct reflection of the frequency or level of consciousness that we’re holding. And it only makes sense that that would be the same as if we bring that into the cells. And I think that’s the like, one piece that we haven’t really connected yet is okay. So we can go to all these really advanced places with our mind. But we can do the same with ourselves. Because like I said, science is proving now that our skin has its own consciousness, just like our heart, just like our organs, like they’re all interconnected. And it’s just a really beautiful way to just walk through life at a higher frequency. And if there was ever a time that holding a higher frequency is going to just have us flow through the chaos. It’s now.


Dr. Debra Muth  13:08  

That is so true. So true. I remember a few years ago, I was in such a negative place, I was building my business, and we were going through a ton of challenges. And all I saw were all of the challenges. I didn’t see all the gifts that I was given, despite the challenges, and it was ugly. I mean, I was not a person you wanted to be around because it was always, you know, half full cup, not full cup. And someone said something to me, and it landed at the right time in the right place. And it was like, “life is nothing more than perception, and you have a right to choose how you perceive it every single day.” And I looked at them and thought, you know, you’re so right. Like, I’m perceiving everything in such a negative fashion. And I wasn’t sleeping and I was in pain. And I was this and that. And as soon as I took the power back and said no, wait, I’m going to perceive this as a positive thing. So even every negative thing we had I, my mind would automatically go to that negative place because it’s so easy to do that. But I’d switch it instantly. And I’d say okay, how do I want to perceive this? Is this a gift? Is this an opportunity? Or is there something bigger better coming out of this? Or do I want to perceive this as negative as it looks in presents itself right now. And I chose to look at all the the upper three and said I’m not looking at this negative anymore. And it was interesting what happened. All the negative people that were surrounding me, started to drop off. And I literally my entire practice changed. I lost 10 practitioners in a year’s time. And I sat back and thought oh my god, what am I doing wrong? And then I realized, no, wait, I’ve looked at this differently and those people don’t serve a purpose in my life anymore, because they’re the ones bringing the negative energy. And so we started a clean slate and started rebuilding, and it’s so much smoother and easier. And I’m floating through life because of exactly what you said, it’s that consciousness and how we perceive our lives around us. That’s all what it is.


Jewels Arnes  15:16  

And love that. The other thing that came to me, as you were saying that is that, you know, once you kind of held that higher frequency of perception that you were actually we’re holding a higher frequency. And that’s like the perfect example of our reality, how it shifts when we hold a higher frequency, because those lower frequencies, they would either have to hire to when you were holding, or they would have to fall away. And, you know, the same thing happens with old belief systems or agreements that once we vibrate higher than them and choose something different, they go away. And so that was like the perfect reflection of the reality of what we can do with our bodies as well.


Dr. Debra Muth  16:05  

Can you give us an example of if somebody wanted to do this with something they were having going on in their body, or their skin (there’s something they don’t like). How would they do a practice like this? Or what would they need to do to change that frequency for them?


Jewels Arnes  16:19  

You know, and the easiest way for people that this is just like, wait, like, Okay, this is way out there. But it’s really not, you know, it can be just as simple as starting to recognize what you’re saying to yourself when you’re looking in the mirror and choosing if that’s really what the frequency that you want to have the reality or if you want to shift it into something more positive, just like you did with your business. That’s the easiest way. And of course, you know, using skincare that’s already coded to do that for you, it’s the frequencies are actually coded and added to a fifth dimensional element they call ORME or ORMUS, which is actually scientifically being proven to repair the DNA as well. You know, it’s, it’s doing it for you, until you’re really ready to meet that frequency. So even if you just use the skincare, eventually, you’re going to start to awaken to “oh my gosh, I’m thinking this about myself when I look in the mirror. I don’t want to do that anymore!” So it kind of awakens you to to get to that place. And then of course, after that, it would be coming into what we call DQ, which is Dermal Expression Cellular Upgrade. And for those that are just wanting to experience what that’s like, we have practitioners that are DQ certified, and you sit and they will go in and trace the frequency of your cell and clear toxicity that you know, and toxicity being the beliefs and agreements that have been made that are degenerating the cell. And then of course, we then we have a whole program that teaches you how to do that for yourself and to actually learn how to chase your own frequency and that’s for the people that are really ready to just be empowered and to take over: “Yes, I am controlling my body, I am in control of my life and I am going to learn to reprogram everything”. I say reprogram your cells or reprogram your life because it’s a direct reflection. 


Wow, that is awesome. I love that. I didn’t realize that you had programs where you taught people those kinds of things and actually worked with them. And that could be used in so many different angles. If somebody was even having just some arthritis, you know, we say just arthritis, but that’s an inflammatory condition. There’s a path behind that, or all the way up to somebody who’s having some memory issues. And listeners remember, you know, when our DNA changes, and it misfires, that’s when we start to get disease, that’s when we start to get Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, things like that. So the healthier we can keep ourselves and the more regenerative they can be and more healing they can be, the less disease we’re going to have, which will keep you healthier, younger, longer, and make healthcare less expensive for you in the long run of things and you won’t be suffering so much.


Oh, beautiful. Yeah. You know, I, when you just said that last part, I was like, “I don’t even know the last time I’ve gone to a doctor!” You know, like it’s like, it really it changes everything. I actually, you know, just to go on a personal level I actually we just had the COVID-19 virus go through our family. And I did a lot of reprogramming around just the agreement that collective consciousness had decided of what this experience would be like and shifted it into an experience that I wanted to have. And I had a runny nose, I sneezed a lot and I was tired for four days. That was it. That’s it.


Dr. Debra Muth  20:16  

I had a similar experience. I had COVID in September. And I was sick. I had a little bit of a fever, a little bit of a stuffy nose for a couple of days. And then I found out I had COVID. And then my mind went, “Oh my god, I have COVID!” And I said to my husband and my daughter, I said, “Okay, in case this goes south, here’s all our important papers.” And they were laughing at me. And my daughter’s like, “Mom, come on, you know all the things to do.” But you know, your brain goes there in that for a second. And then I did a lot like you did. I said, “No, wait, I have all the tools in my arsenal to help me make sure this does not go bad. I’m healthy, I’m young. You know, I know what supplements to take. I have a sauna. I know how I’m going to connect with my higher power. This is going to be okay.” And I had a very similar experience to you. I you know, runny nose stuffiness. The biggest problem for me was the fatigue. I worked through COVID I did all online virtual stuff. I worked everyday through COVID. But I was so exhausted. And that was the worst part for me was the exhaustion and it lasted about seven days. And then all of a sudden, one day I woke up, it was completely gone. And I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is so strange. It’s just gone just like that.” And I too, I think it was all of the things that I chose to do, to make sure that it was an outcome that was positive and didn’t go the wrong way.


Jewels Arnes  21:45  

I love it. It just, you know, it shows that the environment that our our body is holding, which is our thoughts really can shift so much. 


Dr. Debra Muth  21:57  

It is so true. Can you share with us a unique story that really hits home for you about how this this process works with people/


Jewels Arnes  22:08  

Let me think, this is my favorite story. This is probably my favorite one out of all of them. And I think that why it’s my favorite is how excited and just so genuinely surprised on how well it works is a client of mine. She started with the skincarem And you know, we have lots of different opportunities for people to experience what we do. But her goal was that when she went to get her, on her 16th birthday, to get her driver’s license test that she wouldn’t have to use glasses, and that she would look younger than her picture before. So she goes and she passed her eye exam without glasses. And she looked 10 years younger in her photo. Oh my gosh, that’s so amazing!

Emoji, Emoji, Emoji, Emoji. I mean, it was just like, so excited!


Dr. Debra Muth  23:10  

That is so exciting. I love that, you know, and really, if you have a goal like that, it’s just a matter of finding the right people to work with, to help you get that process happening. And, and this is where we can use truly, “all natural things”, to make a stay younger and healthier, where we don’t have to go to Botox and fillers and all those kinds of things. I’m not saying those things are bad if people want to do them, that’s fine. But if you truly want a natural approach to things, this is it people this is re purposing yourselves, regenerating them, and getting them to be healthy and plump and loving it so that you can look and feel great.


Jewels Arnes  23:53  

I love that, you know, and going just into the more advanced part of it is, you know, the more that we just like with your experience, the more that we awaken to the choices in our life, whether it’s around aging, whether it’s around again, we have a DQ for the body for weight loss, and it’s where are you passionate? And then you know, move into that passion and create choices through that. And it’s really a pathway to enlightenment really, when it all comes down to it or you could say a pathway to happiness, and it’s learning to reprogram around how you’ve been programmed to exist to become something different. And that’s exactly what this process is all about. 


Dr. Debra Muth  24:40  

I love that you know, and we can reprogram ourselves, it’s never too late. That’s the other piece. Even if you’re listening to this and you’re 60 or 70, it is not too late to do some of these things and reprogram yourself and have a better version of you. So don’t ever give up on that. Because there are just so many amazing things coming to light in the alternative world that help us, we just need to share the information so that people have access to things, this isn’t mainstream, you’re not going to hear it on news media, you’re not going to see a radio ad for it. We share things by sharing programs like this, so people know what’s going on and we can reach the masses, because that’s what we need to do. If we want to stay young and healthy, we need to reach people with information like this. So share this if you’re listening and you know, someone that might benefit from this, and I’d say everybody could benefit from this, but share this with people because it’s, it’s time. It’s time for this to get out there.


Jewels Arnes  25:40  

And love that. That’s what we say- the time is now. And you know, and we have 80 year olds in our programs, and we’re literally teaching them how to get on Zoom into all this, but they’re so passionate about, just you know, even just sitting in the frequency of what we’re doing is, is changing people’s lives. Because it is, it’s just like with, you know, with you, unfortunately, you lost a lot of your practitioners, but just sitting in the space of someone that wants a higher frequency gives us an opportunity to also resonate in that frequency as well. And if, if you’re choosing it, it only, it only makes sense that you’ll raise to that frequency. And that’s just the beginning of changing our lives. 


Dr. Debra Muth  26:23  

Oh, absolutely. I love that. So Jewels, if people are listening to this, and they want to try your skincare line or get into a DQ program with you, how do they do that?


Jewels Arnes  26:34  

Well, if they want to just go to http://www.eternalgoldbeauty.com, you see the two stores. We have the DQ store, and then the product store. You know, and then I also invite you into our free Facebook group, which is Eternal Frequency (https://www.facebook.com/groups/EternalFrequency). And every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we have a live, where you can come into the community room and get a free reading. Or we do Angel Readings, we do Universal Readings. And we do a skincare Q&A like and so we have so many opportunities, just first of all, to become part of a community that holds a really high frequency. And then also to just learn about what we do in just a really easy, gifted way.


Dr. Debra Muth  27:18  

Oh, I love that. That is so awesome. So for those of you who are listening to us in your driving, don’t worry about stopping to write this down, we will have all of this information on the Let’s Talk Wellness Now page, and it will be on our Facebook and our website, and you’ll get a link to it. So you’ll know exactly how to get ahold of Jewels. Jewels, is there anything else you’d love to share with our listeners today?


Jewels Arnes  27:44  

Oh gosh, the pressure! You know, I think when it all comes down to it that my biggest passion is reprogramming what it is to be human. And to never, like limit ourselves to the in the experience that we’re having. And oh, and that’s why I say “The time is now”. But not only is it now, but there’s always a next, it’s like, every time we think it can’t get better, there’s always a next, there’s always a next. And if we limit ourselves within just thinking that our experience is all there is we’re not going to open up to the next. And there’s just such a big passion for me around that. And to coaches like really to the extreme. It’s, there’s nothing that we can’t do. And we are that powerful. And it’s available to each and every person, if that becomes a passion of theirs and a focus. And it really does start there. It’s like you know, create the intention, and then enter the flow of the universe. And life just happens.


Dr. Debra Muth  28:56  

I love that. I love that. And then you flow through life a little bit easier. Instead of doing these big ups and downs of the mountains and climbing, you’ll flow through and you’ll know what’s meant to be for you, you know what your next step is supposed to be. Because it’ll always be delivered to you, if you open up that flow.


Jewels Arnes  29:16  

It’s a way of life I call it “living in the magic” because really another part of that is is learning to live beyond what I call the “filing cabinet of our mind” and really just existing in that space. And that’s not an easy thing to do. And that’s how we all of our classes are actually developed around teaching one to do that to exist beyond just the “filing cabinet” of the mind. Because when we learn how to how to do that is really when we enter like I said the what I call the “magic”. 


Dr. Debra Muth  29:50  

The consciousness, right? 


Jewels Arnes  29:51  



Dr. Debra Muth  29:52  

Because if you’re in the file cabinet all the time, you’re always thinking and feeling like you have to push it, right? It’s your mind. If you get out of that space, then that’s when life flows. And you may in some respect not feel like you have a lot of control over that, but we don’t really have control over life anyway. If we think we do, we’re fooling ourselves. It’s really the universe, or the power, whatever you want to call it. It’s really that magic that’s guiding us anyway. And if it’s meant to be for us, it’ll happen. And if it’s not meant to be for us, that door is going to be closed. But there’ll be another door that will always be opened for you. And that’s what we have to trust him and believe in.


Jewels Arnes  29:54  

Yeah. And, you know, we’re just not programmed to exist in trust. We’re programmed to keep ourselves safe, and we have to survive, you know. That’s the beautiful thing about awakening into these higher states of consciousness is that we don’t have to live in the way that we were programmed, and that we can actually create new higher level programs to exist in and this is just the pathway to that. It’s moving out of trying to make life happen  into co-creation. 


Dr. Debra Muth  31:05  

I love that. I love that. Well, I know you are a busy lady, I don’t want to take up too much of your time today. We could talk for hours, though, about this. So thank you so much for joining the show today. And I’d love to have you back and talk even deeper on this subject.


Jewels Arnes  31:21

Thank you so much. And I would I would just love that. Thank you.

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