Episode 91: Be Something Wonderful, When You Want to be More.

Tom Kearin shares his story about quantum physics and the universal law of attraction. What are your “aha” moments and where does your inspiration come from?

Do not miss these highlights:

[2:30] Tom’s journey to spiritual places before he started searching for his inner divinity

[7:30] We all are already enlightened; we just need to allow it to be shown

[11:32] Focus on the positive outcomes of a situation rather than the negative that is currently happening

[19:07] The truth behind the myth of bad things come in threes

[22:03] Resources to get you started on your path of spiritual enlightenment

About Our Guest:

Tom Kearin is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author, and the Founder & CEO of Be Something Wonderful. His business leadership spans a variety of fields including personal and professional development, technology, computer design and manufacturing, accounting and audit, international study abroad and educational travel, and management consulting.

Tom spent 12 years dividing his time between the United States and Latin America as a partner and the chief operating officer in an international study abroad and educational travel company. He relocated back to the United States full-time in August 2017 to focus all of his energy on Be Something Wonderful. Tom currently resides in San Diego, California.

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Transcript of “Episode 91: Be Something Wonderful, when you want to be more”.

Dr. Debra Muth 0:00
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now! I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging and live our lives on our own terms. What an absolutely gorgeous day today to be talking to my friend Tom Kearin, who is going to talk about universal love universal law of attraction. We’re going to talk about how important it is to be something wonderful. In the midst of so much chaos and tragedy, right and so he’s going to give us some tips today about how we can implement this into our daily lives. So take Stay tuned and listen to our show with Tom. Karen. I am so excited to have Tom Kearin. Did I pronounce that right?

Tom Kearin 2:02
Exactly right. Thank you very much!

Dr. Debra Muth 2:07
And we’re going to talk about how be something wonderful today you have a great book called “Be Something Wonderful When suddenly you want to be more.”

Tell us about -that is a great title to begin with! I love that title. But tell us about how you came up with the title. How did you come up with the idea for the book?

Tom Kearin 2:30
Yeah, well, it’s interesting, because if you know my background I’ve been I’ve been in business for a number of years, you know, just being you know, traditional business guy, right? I started out in accounting as a CPA I worked for like, Pete Mollick. Back then it was in 1980s. It was called Pete Bard and Mitchell, it was about the big league, it was about all that stuff, right? And so I kind of just went into it, I didn’t really know back then what I wanted to do. And I found out accounting is a good thing to study. And not definitely not my personality, really. But I did it. And I sort of went up through that traditional thing. I, I went into something entrepreneurial opportunity. I was a CFO, I was a CEO, and then eventually, after, after working on a startup that didn’t quite it didn’t succeed. But the experience was great, and I go, I’m going to take a break. And I went traveled and I was with a good friend of mine who used to travel once a year to some cool place. And he was “Hey, let’s go check out Peru, Machu Picchu? Oh, that sounds great.” I go to spiritual play. So this was back before I really connected with this, if you want to call it inner divinity, our spiritual nature, our divine side, I was still sort of kind of mixed up, you know. And so I went there and I said, You know, I really like this place. And so we left you know, after a couple weeks and I went back and ended up staying there, I worked with a business guy worked on work study travel Institute with him and his wife, very early in the it was very early in the, in the creation of it. So I was sort of like a founding partner or not a founder and worked on that and stayed there. You know, we’re in this new industry. I learned Spanish, all that. But then a few years ago, and this was some years into it. I said, you know, it was just always I had something inside that was kind of gnawing at me to be to do something else, to be something else. I wasn’t sure what it was. And I was up there in my conference room in the upper floor and I’m saying, you know, I really want to do something more. I want to be something wonderful. I know I want to be something and then it was you know, I kind of yelled out to myself, and that’s how it started. And so I created the organization, Be Something Wonderful, you know, got a trademark and then started the book. I know I’m going to get a lot of questions “What is to be something wonderful? I still get those questions, I want to write a book about this transformation, this sort of aha moment that I had. That was I don’t want to battle it out anymore against myself or the world, it should be easier. And this is where I took a deep dive into reading about all those all the spiritual greats out there, right. And really did that for 2000 years, the message has been the same. Love is the message right? From the Bible, from the ancients, from the prophets, it’s that we’re all one that we’re all love, and that we’re all connected. And, and so I took a deep dive into this Read, read a lot, and then put “Be Something Wonderful” together and then put my book together. Even though as I look at my book, I’ve evolved from that, you know, when I read out, but anyway, “Be Something Wonderful” is about that it’s about a god, universal, everyone. Everyone sort of calls it something different, but I have no issues with calling it God, the universe, divinity, whatever it is, that inner being. But that’s what Be Something Wonderful is about, but it’s about really reaching for that, because once you get into that flow, everything in your life starts going better, it starts flowing, even your health,right?

Dr. Debra Muth 6:23
That is so true. You know, it’s it’s one of those things I learned about quantum physics quite a few years ago, to about 20 years ago, now I started learning about quantum physics. And when I started learning about it, it was such an eye opening experience, because it was one of those aha moments, like you said, where you just go, Wait a minute, it’s not as complicated as we think it is. It’s so much more simple, because it is truly just about love and peace and, and letting it flow, right. And it always amazed me that people would say, you know, we’re just, we’re spiritual beings having a human connection, you know, like a physical connection. And it took me a long time to get that for a while because I kept feeling like I needed to drive something myself. And then once I got it, it was like, No, I just need to let it flow and not push so hard, right?

Tom Kearin 7:17
That’s exit. That’s a beautiful, that is one of the best summaries. That’s exactly it. I think that we, we always think we have to even if you’re you don’t seek enlightenment. It’s just something it’s who you are. We’re all enlightened. We just don’t allow it. You’ve said it exactly. Allow your enlightenment to bubble up. Because it’s not something that you have to I know we talked about reaching enlightenment working on enlightment. But you’re right, you’re the way you put it, it’s really sort of like just, it’s, it’s just allowing,mright? Because we create. You know, a lot of memoirs and stuff that you read every the real ones that people like, are the ones where people are overcoming something that has all this hardship. And I get it, that that’s a beautiful thing to, to, to hear the story of overcoming. But we create, we’ve got to take responsibility that we are our creators, we create our own reality. So we created those to overcome maybe to teach ourselves a lesson, right? But it’s a beautiful thing, if we just allowed more and went with the flow. And, and, and paused and sort of like step back, almost, almost being an observer of your life in a way, at some points, you know, you’ll find that things will flow a lot better, and, you know, allowing that divinity to bubble up. And really, the I talked about this in my book, Part Three is called the Dare to be It code and the code The reason I wrote it was because a lot of the spiritual teachers there’s so many wonderful ones out there, you can either there’s a couple different ends of it. There’s Abraham Hicks, which channels that spiritual group of teachers, Abraham. And then you get Tony Robbins, who’s much more do doing focused. Both of them are spiritual, but one sort of, it’s a little bit different. You know, he taps into it but he’s much more about action where Abraham Hicks is much more about alignment and then being spirit than being spiritually inspired. Both are good. But I think the way I approached it is that it’s inside us I’m you know, you’re not required to to memorize anything or go through certain difficult exercises to get alignment you just got to breathe and feel it and that’s where the Dare To Be It code talks about. So I love the way you said it because allowing is the key word, right? We we create blockages, we create our obstacles, we we create all of that stuff. That’s not natural, because love is the only natural thing, right? It’s the true emotion. Anything that’s not love is the opposite with or some degree of it, right fear or whatever you want to call it. So it’s nice, because once you get in the habit, once you get in the habit of it, you don’t really want to feel, you know, you know it when you’re off when you’re not aligned, right? You start to feel like, oh, wait a minute, what’s going on here? Right?

Dr. Debra Muth 10:20
Sure, you know it’s funny. I remember a few years ago, when I really started getting into more of the spiritual Abraham Hicks stuff, I was going through a really difficult time. And I look back now that I know what I know. And it was like, I had to create all these pockets of turmoil in my life, in order for me to get where I am now. But at that time, it was a different place. And I was looking at it and going, why is all this happening to me? What’s going on? You know, my, my practice was falling apart, my partner and I were at odds. And we were not a married partner, we were just a business partner. But we weren’t connecting anymore. And people in my life that I knew for many years, we were just kind of falling to the side, my husband went through a really difficult medical condition. And we ended up in a medical lawsuit and that consumed like years of our time and craziness. And I kept going, what is happening, what is happening? And, and I started thinking about this again and going, wait a minute, we’re attracting this, why are we attracting this? What is supposed to come out of this? And I remember sitting in saying, Well, you know what, I have a choice, we can either have something really bad come out of this, or we can have something really amazing come out of this. And we have this choice. And my husband kept looking at me like, okay, you’re losing it. There’s no way you control this. And I said, No, but we can. And you know, and I took control of it at that point and said, Okay, I’m going to look at this from the aspect of everything is falling apart but that means I’m shedding a skin, I’m shedding a layer, for something new to come up, I’m just going to make sure that new layer comes up in a positive fashion, and certainly wasn’t easy from making that decision. And all of a sudden, all this negativity went away. But it set me up for where I am today. And now I look back. And I think if all of those things hadn’t transpired, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have my dream house, I wouldn’t have my dream business, I wouldn’t have any of that, if that negative stuff wouldn’t have created the turmoil enough for me to take the risks and go with it.

Tom Kearin 12:34
That’s beautiful. That’s that’s exactly that’s a perfect description of the process, right? Because we in our lives, we all create it and you need you, your inner being knew that it needed something really big, and, and to push you in the direction that you’re supposed to go. Your inner self that that greater part of you that broader perspective, knew saw the whole thing. and said, you know, Dr. Deb needs this. I mean, your doctor debt, right. And I don’t know if you were doing that back then. But all of this now is to help other people with that. So that’s a beautiful, it’s a beautiful, really, your story is a beautiful example of how it does work. It’s not just law of attractions, the universal laws, all of them and in working together in your life. And I thought that’s a, that’s a wonderful way to say it. Because, you know, a lot of times someone said to me, you know, Oh, you know what, when things are going good, I get worried that it’s not going to last, and that’s something that I go. If you think that then that’s what’s going to happen, right? It’s all what you believe, right? I said, the only I go sometimes something happens that the only reason it’s really our interpretation, there’s nothing really good and bad is our perception of things. And so if something comes up, most people interpret something that doesn’t go according to what they thought their script was, you know, we all have these ideas of how our life should go. And if something comes up, and it doesn’t go like that, we automatically view that as negative. And then we start getting on a life path that’s negative right?. A lifeline that’s negative, if you look at it and go, Oh, my inner being knows best, leading me on the path of least resistance that was your path. And as soon as you pulled that trigger and said, this is positive, this is good. You got back on that you got back on that Lifeline that that you’re supposed to head towards. So I think that’s a great. Yeah, you know, it’s not you know, I think more and more people looking at it, you know, back in the 80s. When I came up when I first started business, you could never talk about this. Right? You couldn’t you know, I often talk about this, but you know, I was the one boss in place they had a big Pete Mark had about four floors and I’m in a partner’s office and he’s drinking whiskey. You know, it just, it’s just not like that these days and I, and I thought, you know, and he goes, Okay, Tom, you did it. You had a good year, but what are you gonna do now? What are you gonna do this year? You know, everything was about Boom, boom, boom, and it never felt right to me it’s like there’s gotta be something. So I love it I love your story because because I think that’s a message people need to hear that that that just because things look, you know if something comes up, trust your inner being, trust that you’re on that that that that broader perspective is leading or run around on the right path. And once you have that, you know, it’s not even it goes beyond faith, it becomes a knowing, right, I mean faith, there’s still with faith, there’s still room for doubt. But when you get into a knowing as you do, because now you have the knowing, right? You had the faith back when all that was happening, right? When you said to your husband, I really believe that was the faith. And then once it all happened, now you have the knowing that the universe takes care of you that the universe loves you and that and that things are always working out. The universe is only about work about providing love to us, people don’t get it No one’s out to get us. It’s us creating that right. You know, it’s interesting to me, and yeah, and so I love I love that story. I that’s thrilling to me.

Dr. Debra Muth 16:27
Yeah, we do create a lot of our own resistance. But you know, you’re so right with the perception side, because we can perceive that resistance as something really negative, or complicated or difficult. Or we can perceive this as a new opening or a new challenge to us. And it doesn’t always have to be negative. But I think it’s so easy for us today, to look at everything from that negative perspective and automatically go to this person’s out to get me, you know, the world’s gonna fall apart, they don’t want to see us independent, they don’t want to see me working and making money, they, you know, my family doesn’t want to see me succeed, we can come in all those negative places, because it’s so much easier to go from that negative energy than it is to resonate at that higher frequency of love and peace. And that takes more energy for us. So how do you get people to transition a little bit from going to that dark place immediately versus resonating at that higher energy? Or that higher frequency?

Tom Kearin 17:30
Well, here’s the thing, you can’t really get them to do anything. Right. And so, so I know, I understand your question, but I like the way you worded it, because I think that’s um, that’s that’s how people that’s the resistance, right? People go I can’t get there. I don’t want to use that word get. And I can’t get there from here. And, and, and, and in? The answer is- Abraham hicks says it’s all this, you can’t, you can’t make that big jump, but you can start turning it, you know, turning it around little by little, looking at looking at what’s going right. And then and then focusing on that, because you can’t really, you know, thoughts are interesting, it’s not really the thoughts, it’s the emotions attached to the thought. So once you have the emotion, that’s what that’s what is the, I guess the creative juice, if you want to call that’s a creative energy that starts creating the reality around you. And, and, again, it it, it’s some spiritual teachers call it coordination, where anytime something comes up, that is negative, you’ve got to you know, you’ve got to flip the switch on that. And, and, and look at it as that it’s going to help you in the long run, just as you did. And this quickly what follows that is probably some good positive event after that, because you’re getting back on the lifeline that you’re supposed to be on. You know, often friends say, Oh, you know, bad news comes in threes. And yeah, and you know, how they always say that, and they always think those are the events are connected, somehow they’re not. It’s, the events are not connected. The reason that happens is we get down, and then we attract other independent events that are negative, and it looks like that, oh, the universe, you know, some, you know, like, the world is oppressing me, you know, and, and it’s not the way so i think it’s it’s a process, right? It’s a process of, of that, of, of feeling all those things, and then moving from that because you can’t tell people not to feel right not to feel fear or not to feel jealousy or not to feel, you know, even if it’s hate, you know, you’ve got to kind of back them off. And so it’s It’s, it’s getting them used to Dr. Deb, it’s really just getting making a habit out of feeling good. Because I think we, you know, I grew up in a household if, if people read my book, I do a short memoir in the first section, but it was always negative, right? My mother would always say, you know, the world is crucifying me, this was her famous phrase. So you think the world is bad, right? You grow up with that. Even from a very young age, you know, and I remember when I was first starting college, my mother would say, quit get a job, like the others, you know, blah, blah, everything was negative, it wasn’t, you know, you know, and, and so, you, it, you’re, we’re so some of us, not all of us, but even in the news cycle, right? If you if you if you turn it, everybody’s fighting, and, and we all think that it’s a struggle, and that we have to overcome things, and we have to fight people, and we have to do this. And, and, and the answer that’s not how the universe is about. It’s about love and, and allowance, like you said, but it’s interesting, everything is the opposite in the world around us. So it’s very difficult sometimes to, to not get hooked on that.

Dr. Debra Muth 21:13
It’s really hard. And right now, I mean, I talk to people every day in my practice, and right now the fear and the anxiety is so high. I’ve never written as many prescriptions for depression and anxiety as I have in the last month, because it’s just gotten so out of control with the pandemic, and the political arena, and all of that, and people are really frightened. But if they had access to this type of divinity, or spirituality, it could really help them be much more calm in nature, how could they utilize the Abraham Hicks things, or Tony Robbins work that they do to help them understand that they don’t have to be so afraid that the universe is still going to flow that things are still going to work? How can they utilize programs like that to help them right now?

Tom Kearin 22:04
Well, you know, it’s interesting, you don’t have to sign up for anything. So if it a lot of people think, you know, there’s a lot of free resources out there. And Abraham Hicks has a lot of free and, she does Her now their webinars right or what not webinars, but zoom. But she has a lot of she streams a lot. But she has a lot of free resources out there. Not only Abraham Hicks, there’s a lot of other spiritual teachers that that work off that material and other material. Another one that I thought that I read, that I’ve sort of read a lot about was nevel got it back in the 50s. This guy Nevel took sort of a different view of it, you know, more of a I wouldn’t say religious but based on the Bible, so I thought it all ties in, but there’s so many free resources out there on social media, if they just Google, right? ‘law of attraction”, or, or, or anything like that, they’re going to come get a bunch of stuff up there. So little by little, but I think what happens is when you’re in this state of I think it’s like anxiety and fear and all of that. Sometimes we get overwhelmed, right? And I and I think a lot of people like I had a friend say I stopped listening to all those people because I I just got, I just got mad that I couldn’t do it. And so that that’s what we got to so my thing to them is it’s not there’s nothing you have to do. It’s just you know, you’ve got to slow down and know that it’s already inside you. So I like Abraham Hicks is okay, but there’s a lot about cars, you know that she talks a lot about the material side. A lot of other stuff. But there’s also a lot of other teachers out there. I want to say, if you connect with Abraham Hicks watch her as if you connect with another spiritual teacher, watch their videos. Just recently, I read a book called Tran surfing. And this was a Russian author. Very interesting talk. It’s, I would say it’s, it’s a combination of all of the universal laws. And it’s called “Tran Surfing”, get the full name. But if you just Google “Tran surfing”, and you see it, he, he’s Russian, and it was translated, and it’s very, very good. It’s it’s a lot of volumes in one. But there’s also a course in miracles which I you know, I’m still a bit of I still read that every morning. And so there’s a lot of resources out there but I think what I wanted to say to them is there’s nothing wrong with you, you know, the you’re perfect. And it’s it’s it’s just our feelings and perceptions inside. That we’ve got that that that you that is really a To get right, that there’s nothing, there’s no one asserting anything on you, it’s all you. And once you know that it’s kind of liberating, you know, that you can actually change this tide that, that it’s just thoughts are not really you. They’re, they’re, you know, they there’s a we, you know, even abraham hicks says that there’s thoughts, once they’re out there, they’re out there. And so when you have a thought, and if it’s negative thought you catch another one from that pendulum of negativity. And so don’t don’t beat yourself up. Right, right, start small and really, you know, she says milk, the positivity is, I like that there’s a lot to that. And so it’s a It, it, it doesn’t have to be a gradual process. But I think when you’re in that state of fear and anxiety, that’s how you want to step into it. Because I think it’s hard, you know, anxiety in a way, it’s a high emotion. And if you can turn that anxiety into the positive direction, Wow, that’s amazing, because anxiety is a is a very big feeling. And if you can, if you just kind of flip it from negative to positive, then you’re rocking and rolling, right? You know, because anxiety is a very powerful emotion, the bad but if you can turn it into that, that anxiety into a positive emotion, those same feelings can really change your life. You know, you’ve been through this, right? And so, you know,

Dr. Debra Muth 26:24
One of the first things that I did when I started to change my thought pattern, because I much like you was raised in a really negative environment, and, and I didn’t want that with me anymore. And it was really hard. My mom is still with me, she’s 81. And she’s still pretty negative person. And yeah, it was really hard for me. And so what I started doing is, every time I had a negative thought, in my head, I would turn that negative thought to a positive, I would be conscious about it as much as I could. And I’d say, okay, the weather’s great today, it’s, you know, it’s raining, and it’s gray. And it’s nasty. And, and I’d go in my head, and I’d be like, Yeah, but that gives me the opportunity to work on this and this and this that I normally wouldn’t be able to do, I mean, just little things like that. Or if I was in that really dark place, I would try to find something positive within that moment. So I could start to turn and flip my brain from being so negative all the time. And, and I love what you’re talking about the free resource it is, there’s so many of them out there. And if you just YouTube them, like you’re saying you don’t have to do anything, you can just listen to them, your subconscious is going to pick them up there, it’s going to do what they needed to do. It’s not like you have to join this course and learn all this stuff. You just have to listen and be open. But you can do it while you’re sleeping because it’ll go within your subconscious to I did a lot of that when I was learning some of this.

Tom Kearin 27:53
Well, you know, Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard talks about that, but because our subconscious is a what a lot of people would call that connection to that alternative space to thatminfinite matrix that God energy or God, really, it’s God. And so I love that it is true, though. I like how you said, I will, I will look at it and I will look replace it with a positive thought because it is, that is the work. That’s all there’s nothing. There’s no other fit. You know, if that’s the work guys in and it doesn’t mean you have to be successful the first time just keep working at it one thing, I make a game of it now like, say, for instance, I get a review on my book that I didn’t like, Oh, I just, I make it I go I love Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. You know, and then sure enough, I’m telling you, it’s like clockwork, a review comes through it’s five stars, I love it, it changed my life. And that’s how the universe works. You gotta you know, you got it, you know, I make if you can in in and I get sometimes we will life’s not a game that go well, you know, I know things happen that we don’t you know that. But again, if we know we are the attractors, we are the creators, then we can manage that right. And so, so I loved how you said that because I do that that’s the way I do it. I make it sort of a a game. I go I there’s that negative pendulum again, you’re not going to hook me. I’m not going there.

Dr. Debra Muth 29:00
you know, we have the luxury of creating our own reality. So in any reality, if I love life is a game in some respects. I mean, it’s a game that we’re playing to the end, right? And we have the choice of playing all out, or we have the choice of playing small. And we have the choice of how we choose to live our lives. And once we realize that we’re in control and we have the power to to live our lives the way we want. What Can’t we do? I mean, there’s there’s nothing we can’t do if we know we’re in control. And that doesn’t mean that you’re going to get everything you want in life and it’s not going to all just flow beautifully. It’s not there’s going to be challenges, there’s going to be obstacles. That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow. If everything was easy, there’d be no growth. But it doesn’t mean that they have to be really big divots, either. They can just be a little small blip enough to catch your attention. And then, like you said, then you just look at a different way and you move on.

Tom Kearin 30:20
I love that. Yeah, you’re right, because we’re co creators. Right?

Dr. Debra Muth 30:22

Tom Kearin 30:23
So what you know, it’s not that we deliberately create chaos or negativity, or like, it happens just because we’re, we’re not. We are spirit and human bodies. So guys, we’re doing our human love. Right? embrace that, right? Because if you can, you know, you can, you could do it, where you just create all love and all positivity. But that’s when you’re, you know, that’s when you make your transition. So here, and then, you know, you still get that you still got something to look forward to. I really believe that. They’re that, you know, I think I don’t know if you remember that book critic, the guys that used to do the two thumbs up. Yeah. Yeah. One of them passed away. Yeah. pass away, Robert, Roger Ebert. And he, right, as he was passing, his wife was with him. And you know, he couldn’t talk because he had a throat cancer. But he was writing things down. And he said, you know, honey, it’s all a big sham. Go, he goes, I can see it all past, present, and future. It’s all happening at once. It was a mind boggling and, you know, some people he was people will say he was hallucinating or whatever. But that is what we talk about. Right? You know, it’s a it’s, it’s, it’s a it’s so beautiful. I can see it all. He had the broader view already. And so if we can just know that the broader view is, it’s, it’s, it’s good, good, good, good. Good. You know, and, you know, that’s what I’m Esther Hicks, which is, she’s a funny lady. She always goes, might She goes, you know, someone asked me she has a plan. Yeah, my plan is happy, happy, happy dead. And I loved it, you know, and that was obviously Abraham, because it was pretty funny. But, but I think that we, you’re right, you know, we it’s, we you got to make a choice. It’s not Pollyanna, I, we know that things happen. Because we are the collective conscious, creates things that are not, you know, always positive, right? Because, because we’re all co creators in the world. So don’t wear it all on your shoulders, try to create your layer of your world, right? That’s what you’re responsible for. Just like that, I mean, so positive, there’s so much energy just talking to you, I can feel it. So I know you do great things, because I immediately I got this sort of intuition. When I first started talking, I go, there’s something good here. You know, I can feel this. And I’m sure you can now you’re at that point where know beforehand where it’s going?

Dr. Debra Muth 33:02
Yeah, when you, when you get into this, you start to be able to read people, and you kind of know when something is aligned with you or not. And yeah, and I’ll play this with myself too. Sometimes if something’s not going well, you know, we all need to have personal responsibility, right? So if I have some things that aren’t going well, the way I want them to, I usually step back and say, Well, you know, you made this deal with the universe before you were here. This is part of your contract, you agreed to this. That’s why it’s showing up. But that doesn’t mean that it has to take the plane of what you’re making it look like it doesn’t have to take that total negative plane, you agreed to have this incident happen. But how it happens in fullness, or in a mild case. That’s that’s all that matters. So I take my personal responsibility and say, You know what, I’m part of making this happened. But that also means that I’m part of making it something positive to it doesn’t have to be something completely negative.

Tom Kearin 34:01
That’s beautiful. Perfect. That’s what that is. Exactly. It I get that that’s a beautiful bag, you know, yeah, it’s true, you know, look, to tsunamis happen, natural disasters happened, all of that. We’re not saying that I’m not saying that those things don’t happen. But that was a co creative thing in the universe that that that that you know, the energy out there has created but there’s a lot of good in that too. And I am of the of the my day after, after really going inside that once connecting to this divinity inside that we are just all spirit in love and so we’re eternal, just enjoy it because cuz it’s never ending, right? You’re gonna be co creating for eternity. You’re going to be creating for eternity right now you’re in this physical world, which is great. I love it. You know and definitely want to stay here as long as possible. But uh, but the Good news is there. It’s never ending. So what a wonderful thing to look at, you know? Yeah,

Dr. Debra Muth 35:06
That’s awesome. So Tom, if people are resonating with what you’re talking about, how do they reach out to you, learn more about what you’re doing and share? Share in this amazing universal piece that you’re working through?

Tom Kearin 35:22
Oh, yeah. So I can be reached at besomethingwonderful.com or TomKearin.com. they’re both the website both go to the same place. I’m on Instagram @TomKearin, on my Twitter @TomKearin. I’m on Facebook @BeSomethingWonderful. So really, you could even if you just Google me and also, if you want to, if you want to read about me something wonderful is be something wonderful when suddenly you want to be more that’s on Amazon. It’s in an E book. And it’s also in paperback for those who who still like to read. And it’s a quick read, it’s about 120 pages and, and, but, but write me anyway, and you know, write me on Facebook, you can reach me on email at tom.kearin@besomethingwonderful.com or info@besomethingwonderful.com whatever you prefer. But we’re out there with and I always love to I always try to respond, guys always make an effort. If you take the time to write me or communicate with me. I’ll take the time to to write you back.

Dr. Debra Muth 36:30
That’s your wonderful, that’s wonderful. This has been such a great motivating conversation. Do you have any last tips or tricks that you want to share with our audience?

Tom Kearin 36:40
Yeah, guys, it’s all about love. So, so whenever you know, and Marianne Williamson had said this, too, right? Whenever you’re in doubt, choose love. You can’t go wrong. Yep. Thanks so much, Dr. Deb. I really enjoyed it. And I love your story. And wow. Thanks so much for having me. I’m very grateful that we have met.

Dr. Debra Muth 37:03
Thank you. Same here.


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