Episode 102: Can dream interpretation help you live your best life? with Barbara Condron

Barbara Condron shares her knowledge and experience of dream interpretation and how it can be utilized in our daily lives. Dr. Deb and Barb share their thoughts on COVID the pandemic and where we are headed from a spiritual connection. They explore how dreams about COVID can help us be less fearful.

Do not miss these highlights:

[3:05] How consciousness study, particularly on dreams, helped her during the loss of her father and with the birth of her child

[5:03] The purpose of a metaphysician and how it relates to physical health and well being

[10:23] The implications of the addictive nature of the internet while we are dealing with having to keep connections with friends and family online

[16:03] Twilight dreaming and the intuitive connections we manifest while awake

[26:43] Barbara’s study into trauma hindering a person’s ability to remember night dreams

[30:00] The three stages of true rest and sleep

[36:49] The act of sifting to ground yourself and finding ways to connect to the elements

[43:27] The Zulu tribe’s act of creating connection when meeting people

[49:02] Exercises to create connection and empathy

[59:54] A shift has occurred since 1987 that people are not fearing death like they did prior to that

[1:03:33] A discussion on Covid; media influence, natural immunity and the vaccine

About Our Guest:

Barbara Condron began studying dreams in the 1960s, teaching in the 1970s, researching in the 1980s, organizing data in the 1990s, tracking global trends in the 2000s.   For her, dreaming is an advanced form of communication accessible while awake and asleep.   An author, teacher, and internationally-known speaker, Barbara has interpreted over 35,000 dreams for people from all walks of life and at all ages in 30 countries. 

She has presented her research eight times at the International Association for the Study of Dreams conference.  Her topics range from “Dream Scripts for Tweens Reaching Youth by Making Dreaming a “Selfie” to “What Happens When Choirs Dream Together” to “The NEW BARDO – Clear Light Legacy in Dad’s Dementia”.   From the simple interactions between a parent and child to the end of life care between that child and parent, the beauty of the human lifetime is enriched through our dreaming, alone and together. 

Now she is collapsing 50 years of wisdom into an online masterclass STRATEGIC INTUITION teaching her AUM METHOD of SELF INTEGRATION.  Her rich background is bringing clear light to our human journey to understand life, death, and our continuing existence beyond. 





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