Episode 103: Don’t Stop Yourself Before You Start with Shawn Tegtmeier

Dr. Deb and Shawn Tegtmeier talk about how to get your body moving at any age, while you are in any condition. Even during cancer treatment, you can move your body and achieve the health you want.

Do not miss these highlights:

[4:51] Her weight gain after quitting smoking

[6:24] Being introduced to running and hating it, however keeping it up changed her outlook on life

[8:56] Taking a few physical education classes led her on the path to becoming a personal trainer

[10:39] How the pandemic motivated people to find the power of movement as there was little else to do

[13:56] Begin by finding even the smallest opportunities to get up and move, even if it is for 10 minutes to help boost your metabolism

[21:30] The effect movement has on depression and anxiety

[28:57] Being diagnosed with cancer postponed publishing her book but did not stop her

[32:38] Celebrating her oncologist with marathon medals she has won while running during the treatment process

About Our Guest:

Shawn Tegtmeier is a full-time Certified  Personal Trainer and the author of “Running With Walt”. She has certifications in Corrective Exercise, Behavior Modification, Fitness Nutrition, Small Group Personal Training and CPR.

Shawn lives in northern Illinois with her husband, Gary, and their three shelter rescue dogs, Roxy, Isaac and Brady. She has two grown sons, Alex and Matt. They are two of her very favorite people on earth as well as two of her biggest supporters.

She trains a variety of clients full time, and in her spare time she and her husband go to Wrigley as often as possible to see their beloved Cubs. Shawn also enjoys running with her dogs, fishing with her husband, spending time with her family, hanging with her friends and volunteering for different events in her community. She is currently at work on her second book.



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