Episode 103: Don’t Stop Yourself Before You Start with Shawn Tegtmeier

Dr. Deb and Shawn Tegtmeier talk about how to get your body moving at any age, while you are in any condition. Even during cancer treatment, you can move your body and achieve the health you want.

Do not miss these highlights:

[4:51] Her weight gain after quitting smoking

[6:24] Being introduced to running and hating it, however keeping it up changed her outlook on life

[8:56] Taking a few physical education classes led her on the path to becoming a personal trainer

[10:39] How the pandemic motivated people to find the power of movement as there was little else to do

[13:56] Begin by finding even the smallest opportunities to get up and move, even if it is for 10 minutes to help boost your metabolism

[21:30] The effect movement has on depression and anxiety

[28:57] Being diagnosed with cancer postponed publishing her book but did not stop her

[32:38] Celebrating her oncologist with marathon medals she has won while running during the treatment process

About Our Guest:

Shawn Tegtmeier is a full-time Certified  Personal Trainer and the author of “Running With Walt”. She has certifications in Corrective Exercise, Behavior Modification, Fitness Nutrition, Small Group Personal Training and CPR.

Shawn lives in northern Illinois with her husband, Gary, and their three shelter rescue dogs, Roxy, Isaac and Brady. She has two grown sons, Alex and Matt. They are two of her very favorite people on earth as well as two of her biggest supporters.

She trains a variety of clients full time, and in her spare time she and her husband go to Wrigley as often as possible to see their beloved Cubs. Shawn also enjoys running with her dogs, fishing with her husband, spending time with her family, hanging with her friends and volunteering for different events in her community. She is currently at work on her second book.



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Transcription of Episode #103:

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now! I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging and live our lives on our own terms.

Debra Muth 0:16
Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. It is Dr. Deb with Let’s Talk Wellness Now, I am your host and today we have Shawn Tegtmeier, who is a full time certified personal trainer and the author of running with weight. She has certifications in corrective exercise, behavioral modification, fitness, nutrition, and much, much more. Shawn lives right here close to us in our neighboring states of Northern Illinois with her husband Gary, and their three shelter rescue dogs, Rocky, Isaac and Brady. She has two grown sons Alex and Matt and they are two of her favorite people on earth as well as two of her biggest supporters. She trains a variety of clients. And in her spare time she and her husband go to Wrigley as often as possible to see their beloved cubs. Oh, we might have some rivalry here in Wisconsin people possibly possibly. Anyway, let’s get started talking to Shawn, we are going to talk today about how you are never too old to get into shape, never too heavy to get out and move. We don’t want to stop ourselves before we actually get started. And in the midst of COVID-19, it’s been so easy for us to make these resolutions that we’re going to get moving, we’re going to focus on ourselves, we’ve got this extra time. And we might have been really good at it in the beginning. And then kind of things dragged off. The longer this went on the more anxious and depressed and frustrated we all got. And there’s a lot of people who have gained weight during this pandemic. We call it the “COVID-15”. And we’re gonna have Shawn, talk a little bit about this, and how do we get ourselves motivated again, to get into shape and stay in shape? And how do we keep ourselves motivated to do that, because that’s one of the biggest problems too is we start out really strong and hard and then all of a sudden we lose energy and momentum. And we’re no longer as motivated as we were when we started. And that’s how we fall off the wagon. So Shawn is going to talk to us about how we can stay in the game and how we can stay true to our fitness and our nutrition. And I think we could all use that about now.

Debra Muth 2:37
I’m Dr. Deb, founder of Serenity Health Care Center. I want to thank you for joining our Let’s Talk Wellness Now podcast. It has been such a pleasure to share our knowledge. With so many people. We are averaging about 25,000 downloads an episode. And that is amazing because it’s showing us how much people want to learn about health and wellness. at Serenity Health Care Center, we have had the pleasure of changing lives for over 8500 clients, both men, women and their children. As a result of this, I have created serenity view and university Learning Center where you can access all of my knowledge that I have developed over 25 years of practice at your fingertips in an easy to find index library, you will have access to this dashboard 24 seven, it will be like having your own personal naturopath at your beck and call anytime any day. I’d like to encourage you to check it out at Serenityu.com.

Debra Muth 3:53
Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Shawn Tegtmeier. She is our guest today we are going to talk about getting motivated getting started in keeping ourselves healthy, strong, keep our nutrition good and get our bodies moving. So Shawn, welcome to the show!

Shawn Tegtmeier 4:10
Oh my gosh, thank you so much, Dr. Deb for inviting me. I was. Yeah, I mentioned to you that I’ve been listening to your podcasts and everything that you’ve discussed in them is just inspiring and really kind of dead on to what we’re experiencing right now with all the COVID.

Debra Muth 4:32
Well, thank you. I appreciate that. So you have a really cool story to share and tell us kind of how you got on the path of healing. Would you mind sharing that with us?

Shawn Tegtmeier 4:42
No, not at all. Um, well, backing up. Um, 20 years ago, basically. I had been a chain smoker, chain smoking couch potato. Not the least bit interested in exercise, right? Anything. And one day I thought, “Oh, I smell like an ashtray”. Which was kind of odd because I’d been smoking for 18 years, like half of my life. And I wasn’t a social smoker. I was a it’s my job to smoke. You know, I was smoking like a pack a day. And one day, it just hit me that I smelled like an ashtray, which I just was horrified by. Anyway, I ended up quitting. And along with quitting smoking, um, because I was, you know, healthy. I wasn’t smoking anymore. I was eating a lot, a lot more. And I was eating what I thought, you know, pretzels are good, right? Apparently, you’re not supposed to eat the whole bag.

Shawn Tegtmeier 5:55
So over the course of like, three or so years, I managed to gain 40-50 pounds, which of course, you don’t realize, you know, there’s every excuse in the book. So I ended up going to Weight Watchers. I lost the weight. And still, like, exercise wasn’t anything of interest to me whatsoever. I thought, well, I’ve lost the weight, you know, I’m good. I’m good. And one of my friends had started this ridiculous thing called running. I was like, Whoa, why would you do that? Are you being nice or something? And he was a new runner. And we were all on travel soccer teams. Where you know, anybody that’s ever been on a travel team, you kind of spend every weekend with the same families. And you’re just all one big group? Well, Walt, love to talk about running being a new runner. And his wife was really tired of hearing about it was pretty much everyone else. And I was just too polite to say, I don’t want to hear any more about this. So I would just nod and smile and go, Oh, that’s fascinating. Okay, and in my head, I’m thinking. Yeah. And anyway, that kind of planted a little seed. And I had kind of started doing a little bit of walking with one of my neighbors. And one day, I thought, well, I don’t know, maybe I’ll try this running thing. Well, first shot was horrible. You know, I about collapsed after a half a block. I thought, well, this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. I’m never doing this again. But I kept doing it. And I found that I kind of liked to running. And I kind of liked movement. And I felt a lot better. I ended up joining like our little gym by us at the college and started doing a little bit of, you know, dumbbell routines and working with a stability ball and riding an exercise bike. And I thought, well, this is kind of really neat. And so I started taking classes to educate myself further. Not to become a personal trainer or anything, you know, because that would just be ridiculous. So, I started taking classes and the classes were all geared to get a specific fitness certificate that readied you to take a national certification test to be a personal trainer, which when I signed up at the time, I hadn’t really realized that was just enjoying the class.

Shawn Tegtmeier 8:56
So next thing I knew I was thinking, oh, maybe I could be a personal trainer. So I became a personal trainer. And I’ve been training now I’ve been a trainer for 14 years, I left my little cube job. And I have just found with fitness. It’s It’s literally life changing. Just movement. It doesn’t matter what the movement is. For me it was running, I loved running. And I love doing something called HIIT exercises, which is high intensity interval training, which is not for everybody. Most of my friends don’t like it. They’ve tried it and they’re like, we don’t like that. You don’t have to do that. But just movement of any kind is it just it just gets you going releases a lot of stress which is what we need now. And like I know in a lot of your products Cass what you’ve been focusing on is the COVID. And could not agree with you anymore on any of that. And the one thing I noticed cuz my gym because I’m in Illinois, I’m not too terribly far from you, right, um, our gym closed for like, two, two months, I think it was where we were completely shut down. And so I was I had always already been out walking and running with my dogs. But I just couldn’t believe how many people I saw out walking, you know, mainly with our dogs, but out walking and just, it was like, there was some event going on. And as a trainer, I was like, Oh, this is so awesome. People are out and about. And when stuff got to start opening again, I also work at a specialty shoe store in our town called the running depot. And when we were able to reopen, it was it was just fantastic to have so many people coming in and saying so because we haven’t been able to do anything else. We’ve been walking, or we started running. And we think that we need some different shoes, you know, so. So it’s it’s just I mean, I know that it’s horrible, the pandemic and everything. But I think the realization where people were able to start moving and getting out and enjoying was just so beneficial.

Debra Muth 11:40
Oh, that’s so true. And your story is so inspiring that, you know, you came from never doing anything to being a personal trainer. And I know even for clients that I’ve talked to, in the beginning with the pandemic, when things were shut down, it was a great time for us to say, awesome, we’re going to be shut down for a couple of weeks, and we’re going to focus on our health, and we’re going to start eating better. It’s kind of like it was a vacation, right. And, and as long as this has gone on, some people have been able to make a lot of lifestyle changes. But what I’ve noticed a lot is people were really good in the beginning. And then we kind of fell into a rut somewhere in the middle. And people were drinking more alcohol and eating more comfort food and baking more because there wasn’t anything to do. And now many of them have what we call the COVID-15, that extra 10 or 15 pounds that we’ve put on, because we’re not moving the same way. We’re not going to the gym, we’re comfort eating or drinking more wine. What kinds of suggestions do you have for us to get out of that rut and get started again, this is the new year a lot of people got new year’s resolutions. But many people still can’t get to the gym or still can’t get out of that rut? How do you coach clients to do that?

Shawn Tegtmeier 12:54
Right? Um, and I think, I think when you look at it and think, Oh my gosh, I’ve gained 15 pounds, and I’m drinking a bottle of wine a night or whatever it is. You kind of think, Oh, well, I just I just can’t stop all this. It’s just like little baby steps till like half maybe one glass of wine a night. And I’m like I tell my clients, I’m like, you know what, just get up five minutes early, five minutes early, and do a little stretching routine. Or one of my things that I I like to do as I tell people, you know, you could literally get up and do 50 crunch type exercises. They’re like, No, no, I could not do 50 sit ups. And I’m like, it only takes you like two minutes. And they’re like, nope, nope, nope, nope. And I’m like, Alright, game on, let’s do this. So we just like I’ll lay them down on the floor or whatever. And they don’t have to be, you know, full fledged sit ups or anything. And we’ll do like 10 little crunches, you know, and then maybe 10 on one side, the little bicycle guy, and on the other side. And then where you stretch your legs straight out just towards your toes. And then reach your toes up toward the ceiling and reach up towards your toes. And boom, you’ve got 50 crunches and you know, and it took you all of two minutes, two minutes. Yeah, you know. So just try to incorporate small things like that. You know, maybe 10 minutes of walking and just challenge yourself to do that.

Debra Muth 14:45
Yeah, I remember traveling and I didn’t have access to a gym and I was in a new city and I was a little uncomfortable going out and walking by myself. And so I started doing calisthenic exercises like we did when we were in like Junior High. So I was doing jumping jacks and I was just running in place. And I did that for like 10 minutes. Oh my Lord, I was so sore. I could not believe I could barely walk. And I was like, I work out all the time how I do yoga, and I’m walking, how did this make me so sore? But you know, we don’t realize how often we don’t engage our muscles during the day, even if we’re exercising, we’re not engaging them in that way. And it made me really realize like some of that old fashioned “exercise” that we were taught in school really is so good today for us, and it doesn’t take that much time. And you can do it throughout the day, wherever you are.

Shawn Tegtmeier 15:43
Yeah, it’s Yeah, it’s Yeah, like you said, jumping jacks are great. Like the invisible jump rope. You know, you just you don’t need an actual jump rope. You can just do your arms and do a little skip rope. Squats are fantastic. Just make sure you get your butt out and your chest up.

Debra Muth 16:04

Shawn Tegtmeierr 16:05
Planking is fantastic.

Debra Muth 16:08
Yeah, planking is so good.

Shawn Tegtmeier 16:10
Ah, so good. And there’s so many different ways to plank, you know, you can do like with your, you know, rotating your feet up or out to the side or shoulder taps or hip drops, or, you know, all different kinds. And then another really good exercise and people always go know that that are push ups. Yeah. But you can and this is another thing, I’ll tell people, I’m like, you know, you can do push ups. And they’re like, No, I can’t, I’m like, Yes, you can. I, you know, you chat, I I just tell I tell my clients and stuff, okay, just challenge yourself to every time you’re gonna walk out the door, do five, five wall push ups, when you go to walk out the door, just stand right next to the door or on the door itself. And you can do push ups on the door. Yeah. And then as you get stronger, you start going down further where you might be on your coffee table, you know, you might be on the floor eventually. But any any kind of movement, and it’s never too late, you’re never too old. You know, you’re never too, too weak, you’re never too heavy, whenever, you know, you just have to reach out and do it!

Debra Muth 17:30
You just have to start somewhere. I know. There was a time when I was so busy. In my office, I was working from seven in the morning till nine at night seeing clients and doing paperwork. And I used to work out every morning every night. And it was great. And when I was working those kind of hours, I couldn’t do it anymore, I had no time to work out. And so I started doing just what you’re talking about in my office in between clients. So if I was waiting for your one of my girls to room a patient for me, I would do some squats, or I would do a triangle pose, I would do some yoga stuff. And that really helped me a get through the day, both physically and emotionally. But it also helped me realize that I don’t have to do all of this in a 40 minute stint in the day. Because that’s what we’re, you know, programmed to think is that I gotta go to the gym for 40 minutes, and I don’t have 40 minutes. So we make an excuse all the time not to go. But we can do some of these exercises throughout the day without having that whole entire time being in one place.

Shawn Tegtmeier 18:34
You are exactly right. And that’s one thing like I’ve, I’ve worked with a lot of bariatric clients. And, um, you know, they say when I say they say I mean, you know, the powers that be that, yes, you know, tell us what to do for wellness and health. And they’re like, Well, you’ve got to do at least 30 minutes a day, you know, 60 you know, 30 to maintain and yeah, 60 to, like, lose weight and stuff. And yeah, you know, yeah, you think 30 minutes, I don’t, I can’t do 30 minutes. I’m not like walk for 30 minutes or whatever. So it’s extremely daunting. So I always just tell people, do you have to do it at one time. No absolutely not! if you can just stand and walk in front of your TV for five minutes while you’re catching up on your favorite show or watch the news. You know, five minutes here, five minutes there. It all adds up. And you’d be surprised because you know, you’re exactly right. Plus it. We might not have 30 minutes, like with your crazy schedule. I have you know, before COVID I had the same crazy schedule. You know where I’d be like, okay, I can sneak in. Let’s see in between clients. I’m gonna do a quick little 15 minute. I’d do some bicep curls before the next one came in, but yeah, anywhere that you can kind of sneak it in, it’s just making sure that you do sneak it in. And don’t stop and think, well, that’s really not going to do anything. For me. One of my favorite things is what what I like to tell my clients is, don’t stop yourself before you start

Debra Muth 20:21
such a good point!

Unknown Speaker 20:23
You know, don’t say don’t talk yourself out of it. If they get well, what’s really going to be the benefit? Just don’t stop. Just don’t second guess yourself. Just do it.

Debra Muth 20:34
Yeah, for sure. And I think what people don’t realize either is that the more we exercise throughout the day, or the more physically active we are, whether it’s exercise, or whatever it is, the more our metabolism is engaged. And if your metabolism is engaged for 10 hours of the day, because you’ve been doing these little stints, you actually are going to see more loss on the scale or loss of body fat because that metabolism is revved up more more time of the day versus just for an hour or two after you work out. It’s so much better for you.

Shawn Tegtmeier 21:10
Mm hmm. No, that’s exactly right. Exactly. Right. Yeah. And people don’t understand that either. And also, with that, when you’re getting all of that exercise throughout the day, and your metabolism is going it’s like you’re you’re stoking up the fire, you know, and it’s like kind of zipping along zipping along that promotes better sleep to stay true.

Debra Muth 21:33
That is true. And many people are having a hard time with sleep right now. And a lot of anxiety and depression is happening. I have not written so many prescriptions for anti anxiety meds and antidepressant meds in my entire career is I have in the last few months, actually, so much so that the DEA is sending a notification saying, Hey, I think you want to check things. This isn’t like your normal pattern of prescribing. And I’m like, Yes, that would be because there’s a pandemic going on right now. Exercise actually helps with depression and anxiety as well. Do you want to talk a little bit about that?

Shawn Tegtmeier 22:08
It really does it like and I know people are like, Oh, I don’t think so. But so many of my clients now, in all honesty, our gym reopened and I see maybe 25% of them back. And that’s like throughout the whole gym, people are still scared to come in, which is understandable, right? But so many of them, like in the past, and now even the ones that are there. They would say I have to do this, I have to do this because I will go bonkers if I don’t. And it’s not only the the physical part because you do release endorphins. I mean, I have people that come in, and they’re working. One of my clients, she does mammograms all day, every day, you know. And so she’s in the hospital, and I have a couple of doctors and a couple of nurses and they’re like, you know, kind of almost on the front lines. And they’re like, they just need to get in and I’ll just look at him. And I’m like, so today we’re gonna do ball slam. Where you take medicine ball and slam it down, and you just keep doing that. So and just lifting the weights and just doing the ropes or whatever they’re capable of. It just releases so much of that stress. Oh, we try to we try to educate people, you know, go ahead and do that do what you’re capable of, rather than sitting down and having, you know, finding your stress relief from the bottom of a bottle or something.

Debra Muth 24:01
Oh, absolutely. I remember when I was a young girl, my mom was working it she worked at the community college registering students and they were putting in long hours and she was getting so stressed out. And she started walking. She had never walked before exercise, but she started walking. And she said once she started she couldn’t stop because that was her way to relieve her stress. She would take her dog and she would walk and she said people would think I was crazy because I’d be talking to myself while I was walking. Because she said it was the one place that I could say what I wanted to say that nobody could hear. Nobody would judge me I could get my feelings out. And the more angry I was the faster I’d walk and my mom’s now 81 and she still walks three miles a day. Every single day she walks without fail. That’s her thing and she breaks it up now and to a couple times a day gives her something to do but she said that habit has just not ever gone away. I need to release my stress that way.

Shawn Tegtmeier 25:02
Yeah, it’s Yeah. And everybody I know that does some sort of an exercise seems to have almost like their favorite exercise. Like I said, I like, I don’t do big machines, I like more free weights and stuff and challenging myself that way. But running is what really gets, you know, gets me, you know, and I’m definitely not fast or anything like that. Just being out there. And I’m just running and I’m thinking, you know, stuff that’s been bothering you. You just kind of solve the world’s problems while you’re going along. And other people, it’s swimming, others, it’s biking, others it’s walking. And others just like lifting like I have one client she just loves to lift the heavy weights, and one of my co workers actually she’s like, heavy into that CrossFit stuff, where they’re always puffing up the big. And I know she was just going crazy when we were down. And she’s like, I need my big weights!

Debra Muth 26:15
Yeah, exercise can be that healthy addiction that we have, right? Like we use that for so many avenues and it can be really healthy for us to do that. So I’m wondering if I heard Well, first, let’s start here. Tell us a little bit about the book that you wrote, because you’re working on a second edition book, right?

Shawn Tegtmeier 26:36
Yes. Oh, let me grab it so I can show. Hey, and also Dr. Deb, I would I would love to send you a copy. Oh, thank you. Okay. So this is it, “Running with Walt”. And Walt is the one that jabbered my ears off about running. And so through my whole process of you know, I had like a cube job, or I just sat there and then I do whatever. And then became a personal trainer. And I started with the running store that I’m at, we started. First we did a half a bam, I can run a half marathon running program. So we had eight ladies join us. And we got them through a half marathon like through like a 16 week training program. And then we did five week training or fivek training programs. And literally, we I’ve trained hundreds of people to cross their finish line, the first finish line. And so like my friend Walt, and my other running friends were like, okay, you really need to write a book or something. Because you know, this is just crazy how many people that you’re inspiring, and it sounds so weird to say, doesn’tit?

Debra Muth 28:01
I know, right?

Shawn Tegtmeier 28:02
Like, okay, it’s just me, you don’t get it? And I’m like, Okay, um, so I used to joke around about it. And I’d say, Okay, well, you know what, I’m gonna write a book called running with Walt. And he’s like, Okay. Book Two. mic. Okay. So it took me a few years to write it a couple years. I don’t really remember exactly how long because I would write like, I had a crazy schedule like yours. And I would write like, early in the morning or late at night when I had time. And then I remember one morning, I was like, Okay, I finished it. It’s done. And I was Chicago, there was a Chicago’s writer conference that was supposed to happen. Well, it did happen in March of 2016. So, I was all signed up for it. I had picked, like, there’s a ton of agents there that, you know, they have the different genres. And I had picked three agents that I wanted to pitch my manuscript to. And super excited. I’m like, Oh, I’m on my way to being a published author. And, and then I was having some health issues, nothing really major in Unit at the time. And I found out I was diagnosed in February of 2016, with multiple myeloma, which is bone marrow cancer. And I said, how’s that possible? But anyway, so that was that and I said, we were also supposed to go to Arizona, in March to go see the Cubs play that spring training. And my uncle, I said, well, we’re going to Arizona and he goes, No, you’re not. You’re We’re gonna be doing chemo and I said, Oh, okay, so then I thought why not going to Chicago either. So that 2016 pretty much, um, you know, just doing chemo and losing my hair, and you know. And then 2017 I was thinking, huh, I saw that manuscript laying around, I wonder what I should do with it. And I kind of started tweaking around with it a little bit. And then 2018 rolled around, and I got the phone call again. You need to come in your lab results aren’t looking that good. I’m like, so new plan came back. And so that was 2018. So in 2019, I thought well, before 2020 rolls around. So I went a completely different avenue. And I met up with I was recommended to talk to a consultant, Martha Bolin, who is just a fantastic person, and she helped she you know, recommended editors and book designers and you know, all that stuff. So we got it all squared away. And then I published it finally in August of 2019. And I’m kind of so that was really exciting. So I told Walt, I said, Okay, we’ve got book signings . I cannot believe was a lot. It was a lot of fun. And then um, so I kind of started writing a little bit. The second book, which I’m, which is called running with Chung jury. And it’s called that because that’s my oncologist is Dr. Chung Dury. And after, after my first round in 2016, my friends and I did a 50 k on the lake frontier in Chicago. It’s a long race they have every year while we walked it, you know, but I got a medal for it. And the people at that finish line were like, We know we’re supposed to be crossing, you know, clapping for you. But we’re really not sure why. And I said, Oh, because you know, I had a stem cell transplant back in June, and you’re now you know, I’m on chemo, and I’m just coming out of it. And they’re like, yeah, I think I could have a medal for my oncologist too. And they’re like -here! So I brought him the medal. And, you know, he, he was just like, Oh, my God. And we both we both realized I said, You know what, I’m just going to keep bringing you my medals because you because I’m still in treatment, you know, I’m in remission, but I have to go and get my drip and take my pills, and it’s all good. But without him, I would not still be crossing finish lines. So and I can’t even imagine being like an oncologist. And I mean, you know, you’re, it’s just got to be dead out, you know, and I just want him to be reminded of all the good work that he is doing. So like I go in, and I’m like, a new medal for you. Take a picture and put it on Facebook. Or like, Okay. People are like, just keep those pictures coming.

Debra Muth 33:32
Yeah, absolutely. People need that encouragement. And it’s so nice that you’re thinking of your provider. Because so often, you know, when you’re in those positions and having to deliver bad news, it’s not as often that you get good news and to have somebody show you their gratitude for keeping them alive. And they get to share in the life that they’ve created and helped you create, and be part of is such a huge thing for providers. It’s so wonderful, and to share that with other people so that they know they can keep going and it doesn’t have to stop just because you have a diagnosis of some kind. So many times we let that get in the way of what we want our life to do. And I’m so happy that you didn’t do that and you braced it and pushed past that.

Shawn Tegtmeier 34:17
Yeah, yeah. People are like, Oh, my gosh, you’re still doing this. And I’m like, why not? It’s just part of the deal. You know, and-

Debra Muth 34:29
Absolutely. Well, Shawn, this conversation has been so great and so inspiring to people. If somebody’s listening to this and they want to get in touch with you, how do they reach you? Okay,

Debra Muth 34:41
I have a website, http://www.shawntagtmeier.com.

Debra Muth 34:48
Awesome. And for those of you who are driving, we say this every time don’t try to write and drive at the same time. We will have all of Shawn’s information on our website and our social media. page. And you will hear us talk about her many, many times before we get this all posted. So hang in there. If you want to know more about her, just go to let’stalkwellnessnow.com. And you’ll be able to find all of her information in the show notes. So, thank you so much for joining us.

Shawn Tegtmeier 35:18
Thank you so much for having me. This was so fun. It was awesome.

Debra Muth 35:24
Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review. Share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest.

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