Episode 105: CV-19 Vaccine Concerns

Dr. Deb shares the complications and risks we are beginning to see with those who have received the CV19 vaccine. With over 40,000 reports of adverse reactions to the CDC in the past 30 days she breaks down what they are.

Do not miss these highlights:

[0:50] The impact that receiving the vaccine is having on breast tissue and delaying needed mammograms

[4:32] Receiving the Covid-19 vaccine places you into drug trial as it is still an experimental drug agent

[5:38] The potential fertility risks posed in vaccinated women

[9:34] The World Health Organization recommends that pregnant women not receive the Moderna vaccine where doctors are pushing choice instead

[10:30] Pregnant women are not being utilized in the immunization trials after 2021 as they want to see what happens to them after that

[12:30] The latest data on covid-19 vaccine as of Feb 5, 2021, including adverse affects, deaths, and medical attention required

[16:58] A conversation around the financial component of the push for vaccines

[21:01] Misleading statements by the CDC around the efficacy of the vaccine on previous infected Covid-19 survivors

[24:56] The potential effects that the vaccine may have on auto immune diseases and the current post Covid-19 symptoms like chronic fatigue and other symptoms that we are not sure how to treat

[27:58] The efficacy of the covid-19 testing and the high number of false positives

[29:37] The importance of doing your own research and make your own conclusions as to whether you and your family should receive the vaccination

Transcription of Episode #105:

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now, I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging, and live our lives on our own terms. Hello,

Debra Muth 0:16
Hello, everyone. It is awesome to be here today with you guys. And I’m going to have a conversation about a pretty controversial topic, and that is CV-19. And I want to share some of the latest data with you that I’ve come across that people have shared with me. Other doctors that I’ve spoken to, and some research that I’ve conducted on my own about the CV- 19 vaccine.

Debra Muth 0:50
So this week in the news, there’s a lot of talk going on about the CV-19 vaccine causing changes in breast tissue, and that it’s now being recommended that women forgo their mammograms for what I’ve heard is up to even a year after the vaccine, depending on the source of that CV 19 vaccine is received from is where they’re making some of these recommendations. But both Pfizer and Moderna manufacturers of the CV-19 vaccine have reported auxillary lymph adenopathy so lymph nodes swelling underneath the armpits. 11% of the patients have reported this axillary swelling and tenderness after the first vaccine and up to 16% have reported it after the second vaccine. Now typically, when we see that lymph swelling in women on a mammogram, there’s concerns so they’ll call the woman back for another repeat mammogram, because the concern is that they have some type of metastatic cancer, some lymphoma or leukemia. So right now, what the Society of breast imaging is suggesting is to wait four to six weeks after your CV-19 vaccine to have your breast imaging done. Now, I have seen some places that are saying you should wait up to a year after that vaccine to have your mammogram done. And there’s a lot of controversy and argument going on about this because many women have already put off their mammograms for the last year because of COVID. And the lockdown and traditional screening has been pushed out. So some women will now be out two or three years from their mammogram screening. And this is a real concern for people and especially people who have a strong family history or who have had abnormal mammograms before. Now something we do at Serenity Health Care Center is something called thermography. Thermography is a heat sensor picture that we take of the body, and we can take into various parts of the body. But a common place for us to look at is breast tissue in women who choose not to do mammogram or they want more security, and they’re going to do thermography and mammography together and maybe they alternate the years that they do that. But thermography it does not identify breast cancer tumors like mammogram does. Can it see a breast tumor? Yes, it can. But it’s not a diagnostic tool for that. What we use thermography for is to look at inflammatory conditions that occur prior to the state of disease setting in so we can actually see changes in the breast tissue happening seven to 10 years before we’re going to see that on mammogram because we’re going to see that inflammatory state happening. And then there are things that we can do to help initiate the change of the breast tissue. So that hopefully disease never sets in, it doesn’t mean 100% that it’s not going to do that. But that’s the reason we use tomography is because we want to make lifestyle changes, dietary changes, nutritional supplement changes, physical medicine changes to help prevent that inflammatory state from becoming a disease. So on a thermography, it’s not uncommon for us to see a lot of this lymph activity happening in the body, especially in the breasts and under the arms and things like that. And most likely, we’re gonna see some of that flare up to post cv 19 vaccine participants.

Debra Muth 4:32
Now, I think it’s important to recognize that as a participant in the CV 19 vaccine, you are a participant in a drug trial. They are going to follow you for two years post vaccine to see what’s going to happen to you. Because this is an experimental biological agent. It is truly not a vaccine. It’s a biological drug. And it is an agent that they are giving you that we have no clue what It’s going to do to us, it could do nothing. It could do something. But you need to be aware of that when you’re entering into the vaccine program, you are a trial participant.

Debra Muth 5:11
So back in December of 2020, there were some concerns raised to or by Dr. Michael Eaton, who is a former Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Pfizer, global. And it was regarding the two additives in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, polyethylene glycol and M neon green. And Eaton and his colleagues warned of a potential fertility specific risk involving these antibodies against the spike proteins. And they found that this could disrupt the development of the placenta in vaccinated women. Now, it’s unclear and they warned this What if any instructions or information that the clinical trials suspected to receive regarding these risk factors, but yet it’s clear and accurate in their description of the COVID-19 vaccines that they are wholly experimental treatments manufactured and marketed by multinational corporations that are immune from liability for their products being tested? Yes, you heard that right. They are 100% financially immune from any liability of any risk factor that happens from the vaccine, and it’s being approved and distributed at warp speed. And in a very important white paper by the American frontlines, doctors reminded citizens that the COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by forest, Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, are considered investigational in status and fall under legal standards for experimental medications. And the trials that are ongoing and enrollees are tracked, like I said, for at least two years, and we do not know the effects of pregnant women. Now, I think this is really important to understand is that pregnant women, typically, for the last 50 years have not been allowed to be in experimental trials, they found that it was inhumane because we didn’t know the risks to the mom and the unborn child. And we saw significant risks back in the 70s, when a drug was given as an experimental drug for nausea during pregnancy. And it created a lot of problems for the fetus. And so typically, pregnant moms have been excluded. This vaccine is very different, they are including them. And there are many doctors fighting for the inclusion of pregnant women to be put into these trials. Now, there’s also some concern that the Pfizer, CV-19 vaccine can cause an inflammatory response by igniting an immune response to a spike protein on the COVID-19 virus surface. And that this immune response, which could also attack similar proteins that make up in the placenta, of a pregnant mom, and therefore could reduce her fertility, or reduce the fertility of women in general, the Pfizer vaccine works by giving the body the instructions on how to make this spike protein. So it can generate an immune response that attacks the virus via the spike protein faster and more effectively than if it was later infected. So these building blocks of the proteins are called amino acids. And they’re sequences for these that make up different proteins. Now, there’s a small part of the spike protein that resembles another part of a protein, vital for the inflammation of the placenta. It’s called synaptic one. And by the sequence of amino acids, they’re, they’re very similar to the synaptic one and the SARS Cov-2 spike protein is quite short. So because these two particles or proteins look very similar, and it’s not the whole protein, we’re very unsure as to how the vaccine will attack this. In some cases, it may not do anything, but in other cases, it may significantly disrupt the placenta and cause miscarriage in a pregnant mom. Now, the WHO The World hearth or World Health Organization warns that pregnant women should not get Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine because it hasn’t been proven safe. But us doctors say it’s up to patience. Now the World Health Organization the who has recommended that pregnant women not receive the Moderna Coronavirus vaccine, due to the lack of safety data and there’s Group added that mothers to be should only be immunized if they’re at risk of high exposure such as being a frontline health care worker. This recommendation will affect more than 3 million women who are pregnant in the US and expectant women have not been included, like I said before in clinical trials and researchers, and they’re waiting to see if any women in the studies become pregnant as an early indicator of how it’s going to affect the fertility. Researchers are not including pregnant women in the COVID-19 immunization trials after the first quarter of 2021. So in this first three months of 2021, they will be including pregnant women into the trials. But after that women that are pregnant will be excluded from the trial, because they’re going to want to see what happens to them. Now, many gynecologist have opposed pregnant women being excluded from the vaccine recommendation due to their high risk of severe illness from COVID-19. But because there’s been no vaccine trials to date that have included pregnant women, and they are not expected to until after the first quarter of 2021. That means there is no safety data according to the who, and for example, what they’re expecting mothers have never been included. Now remember, in previous vaccine trials, like the flu vaccine, pregnant moms have never been included in those trials to see if they’re safe. Yet many pregnant women get the flu vaccine. And they’re told that it’s safe. But we have no data to prove that the flu vaccine is safe to give to pregnant women. Pregnant women have always been kind of sacred in the medical world. We don’t give them experimental drugs, we don’t give them drugs that have never been studied in pregnant women. We don’t do anything to them, we pretty much leave them alone. I mean, even to the point where, you know, Tylenol could be used, but we tell them not to use it if they don’t have to. So they’ve been held very sacred until now. I also want to share with you the death toll right now. And I’m going to have very excellent guests coming up in the next few weeks Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. And she’s going to talk to us about some of the studies that have come out regarding the COVID-19. But as of February 5, the latest data that we can find on COVID-19 deaths is 501 deaths and 11,249 injuries reported following the COVID-19 vaccine. Now this is the latest CDC data. And as of January 29 is when they reported the 501 deaths, and a subset of 11,249 adverse events that were reported to the CDC as a vaccine adverse event. Now I know that when Dr. Tenpenny comes on, she has some evidence showing that there has been over 40,000 reports to the CDC of adverse events in the past 30 days. So this data that I’m finding is very different, and I’m very anxious for her to share what she has found. We also know that there’s been and this is just in the United States by the way. We also know that there have been 23 people in Norway who have died after within days actually of receiving their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. And of those 2313 of those deaths were nursing home patients, at least 80 years of age, and they died apparently related to side effects of the shots according to the health officials. Now when we look at these 11,249 cases of vaccine injuries that were reported, we have about 4.4 or 5% of them died 501 people so 4.45% death rate, permanent disability of 156 people which is 1.39%. Those people that needed to be seen in the office by their doctor because they had felt bad enough post vaccine was 1446 roughly 12.85%. We’ve got 18 emergency room visits 2425 emergency doctor slash room visits. That’s 21 and a half percent of the people that got the vaccine that needed to go to the ER after they received their vaccine We have 1066 people were hospitalized 9.48% 4292 people recovered from their problems after the vaccine that’s about 38%. We have 12 birth defects already 383 life threatening events 3.4% and about 4100 that were classified as not serious.

Debra Muth 15:30
Now, we know there’s been roughly 5000 neurological adverse events given post vaccine in the last 30 days. And there’s been about 3100 and anaphlactic reactions due to the vaccine. So people who have allergies that had a severe allergic reaction that caused their throat to close or have them have some difficulty with breathing. Now, when we look at this data 453 of the 501 reported deaths were in the US 53% of those who died were male 43% were female, and the remaining deaths were not included in their gender. The average age of those who died post vaccine was 77 years old, and the youngest reported death was a 23 year old. Now the Pfizer vaccine has taken was taken by 59% of those who died while the maternal vaccine was taken by 41% of those that have died. When we look at the NF lactic reactions to either Pfizer or modernos vaccines, those that took the Pfizer vaccine accounted for 76% of the allergic reactions, and the murdering of vaccine for about 24% of those allergic reactions.

Debra Muth 16:58
Now, I’m going to talk a little bit about some controversial things here. And I’m going to tell you, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t trust the government. I’ve been in medicine long enough that I know that certain things are done for financial reasons, not because they’re in the best interest of the patients or the people. But I came across in preparing for this talk, a video of Bill Gates, who now some people are saying Dr. Bill Gates, and let me correct that he is not a doctor. But he admitted that 700,000 people would die from his vaccine, and that’s okay. It’s collateral damage. These are his exact words. 700,000 people would die from my vaccine, and that’s okay. It’s collateral damage, I suppose. This is not okay, as far as I’m concerned, especially when we look at the number of adverse reactions from the flu vaccine, which is roughly 1% or slightly less than 1%. When we’re looking at these percentages of injuries due to this vaccine, to me, this is an extremely unsafe vaccine at this point. I also want to talk with you about Fauci and gates and and how they they are ready to gain millions of dollars from COVID-19. And the vaccine. It was reported that Dr. Fauci’s agency, the National Institute for allergic and infectious diseases, and ay ay ay ID will collect 50% of all royalties from a potential Coronavirus vaccine. Now, Dr. Fauci owns a number of vaccine patents, including one that is being trialed to fight Coronavirus by some of America’s biggest manufacturing companies. And the Gates Foundation invests in Dr. Fauci’s National Institute for allergic and infectious disease as part of its decade of vaccine programs which aims to introduce a global vaccine action plan. Now, Dr. Fauci also owns a patent for a very specific type of vaccine that packages a virus in a protein sheet, and the virus is then delivered to the human body through the vaccine. There are four major vaccine manufacturers in the US, Pfizer, Merck GlaxoSmithKline and Sen FOA. And if one of those four companies successfully develops a Coronavirus vaccine, which we know they’re all in trial for it, Fauci and the NIH ID stand to collect half of all his royalties and companies who use the patent have to split the profits 50/50 with the NIH ad, and he claims that the gates Foundation’s had invested in the particular patent. I’m not sure about you guys. But if we have something, someone sitting at the head of our country, directing this covid 19 pandemic that we have, that stands to gain millions or billions of dollars off of it, that is a conflict of interest, a significant conflict of interest. And there’s no reason for him to move through this pandemic until everyone is vaccinated, and that’s what he’s saying. Everyone needs to be vaccinated. That is a conflict of interest as far as I’m concerned, and that impacts impairs his medical judgment, in my opinion.

Debra Muth 21:01
I also want to expose the CDC a little bit here. Representative Tom Massie, Republican, representative and Kentucky, looked into whether he should get the COVID-19 vaccine since he had already had the infection and uncovering research that showed vaccination offered no benefit to those who had previously been infected. And in a high profile report issued by the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices 15, scientists stated that the Pfizer bio and tech COVID-19 vaccine had consistent high efficacy of 92% or more among people with evidence of previous SARS COVID to infection. But according to Massey, the CDC statement is wrong. And there is no efficacy demonstrated in Pfizer or modernos trials among participants with evidence of a previous SARS Cove to infection. It took him multiple calls to the CDC and more than a month before the agency finally corrected the error. But Massey believes the wording still is misleading suggesting that vaccines are effective for those previously infected. Representative Massey is among those who had COVID-19 and recovered. And as a scientist, he looked into whether he should get that COVID-19 vaccine, uncovering that research that showed vaccination offered no benefit to those who have previously been infected. Now, this is really important because there’s been other evidence that has come out that shows that people who have had COVID-19 and survived and got the vaccine actually have more complications post vaccine. And this is not what the CDC is recommending. So the CDC report is wrong about the vaccines effectiveness. In a very high profile report issued by the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. 15, scientists stated that the Pfizer, bio entech COVID-19 vaccine had consistent high efficacy of 92% or more among people with evidence of previous SARS co infection. But remember, according to Massey, that sentence is wrong, because there is no efficacy demonstrated in the Pfizer trial among participants with evidence of a previous SARS code to infection. And actually, there’s no proof in the Moderna trial either.

Debra Muth 23:45
In France, the health body, has does not recommend routinely vaccinating those who have already recovered from the COVID-19. Stating at this stage, there is no need to systematically vaccinate people who have already developed a symptomatic form of COVID-19 unless they wish to do so following a decision shared with their doctor and within a minimum period of time, three months from the onset of symptoms. Now, we already know that people who who have had COVID-19 and survived have antibodies for a minimum of eight months. And the reason we’re saying a minimum of eight months right now is that is as long as it’s been since we’ve been testing people who have COVID-19, and we’ve been testing and following them for antibodies. So we know for a fact the majority of the people are going to have antibodies for eight months. It could be longer, it could be a year, it could be two, it could be indefinitely. So if you already have antibodies to something, you don’t need a vaccine to give you more antibodies to it. There just doesn’t make any sense scientifically.

Debra Muth 24:56
Now the other concern that we have regarding COVID-19 vaccine is the super epidemic of autoimmune diseases. Some of the world’s leading immunologists blame exposure to Cov SARS to and others blame the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, but both could potentially cause a devastating super epidemic of autoimmune diseases. We’ve known for a while that Coronavirus has the potential to induce autoimmune disease. This was well demonstrated experimentally in a retinal autoimmune mouse model almost 20 years ago. But it’s not just mice, which are affected. A Russian study following a series of post mortems of patients who had died from severe COVID-19 disease revealed a classic pattern of autoimmune damage in the lungs, kidneys, liver, adrenal glands, and intestines. And humans have experienced serious infections by SARS, in 2003, and mirrors in 2012. But these never infected many people. So what might be the continued expansion of the host range of SARS Cov to what does it hold in store for us? While the only answer we can give with any degree of certainty at this stage is we honestly don’t know. But we can make educated guesses, particularly if we look at the emerging body of science on the subject and the views of some of the most respected scientists in the field of autoimmune disease. This was one of the first concerns that myself and my team have had about COVID-19 is what are we going to see from those who survive COVID-19? Is it going to trigger autoimmune diseases? Is it going to trigger a chronic fatigue viral syndrome?

Debra Muth 26:47
Is it going to mimic other chronic diseases like Lyme disease or Sears, or other chronic infectious states, we were worried about this from the very beginning. And we’re right, we’re starting to see people who are suffering from viral chronic fatigue, developing autoimmune diseases and developing these bizarre symptoms that nobody can really put together or put a finger on. And so they’re being labeled as COVID-19 post syndromes. And nobody really knows how to treat them at this point. Now, in the alternative world, we have lots of things that we can do, to go after the viral loads and reduce those viral loads and try to make your immune system stronger and fight some of this on its own. But we still don’t really know how effective that’s going to be. And we probably won’t know that for several years yet. Now, we know the current survival rate from cd 19 is 99 plus 99 899 799. Nine, you’ll see all kinds of different statistics, percentage of the people surviving COVID-19.

Debra Muth 27:58
And back in September of 20, the FDA reported that there were false positive test results coming from the COVID-19 antigen test, PCR tests and rapid tests. So as we shut down our country due to a pandemic, there was a very significant high number of false positive tests. And they started saying, Well, people are carriers. That’s why they’re not symptomatic. Well, guess what, they really weren’t carriers. They weren’t symptomatic, because they really weren’t sick because they had a false positive test result. So when you have a false positive test result, you’re testing positive, but you don’t have any symptoms, you’re not a silent carrier, you have a false positive test result. And now we’re starting to see that that happened in many testing sites. In part it was because they didn’t have any guidelines on how to run the test. They were contaminating their space, they were running the test longer than what was recommended. And now that we have guidelines on it, guess what we’re starting to see, we’re starting to see our numbers decline, we’re starting to see less new cases. And now that we have guidelines on how we determine if somebody has died from COVID-19, you’re going to see the death rate declined to because there was never any recommendations set up or guidelines set up for these doctors to abide by with COVID-19. And according to the FDA 20 out of 100 people will test positive for cv 19 will not actually have the virus so that is a very high false positive rate.

Debra Muth 29:37
Now I know this is some pretty heavy information and I’m not here to tell any of you what to do regarding the vaccine. I’m only here to shed some light on the vaccine and give you some information that you wouldn’t normally hear or see in the mainstream media. I want to tell you to do your own research, make your own decisions that are right for you. And your family, I want you to be aware that the vaccine is not approved. And there are many people leading the fight that have a lot of money riding on the success of this vaccine distribution. When Dr. Fauci put up $500 million to Moderna, for the development of a vaccine, that’s a conflict of interest. And believe it or not the Coronavirus strain that’s currently spreading throughout China and abroad is a patented virus that’s owned by an entity called pure bright Institute, which is partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, another huge conflict of interest. Now, many of you are going to reach out and ask me for my resources on this, and I’m going to tell you straight out, I’m not going to give you my resources, I want you to do your own research. It is important for each one of you to dig for this information yourself. And that’s why I’m not going to share my resources. It’s not because I have resources that are not accurate, because I do. But the only way all of us learn and grow from this is if we don’t depend on one person to provide us that information. If we take the information that I’m giving you here, and you do your own research on it, you’re going to find new research, and you’re going to find different things. And then you can make your decision on your own as to what you want to believe. because trust me when I say you can find research to support either side. And that is typical of medicine, I can show you a new drug. And I can show you studies that that show, it’s horrible. And I can show you studies that tell you it’s great. And that has always been the case. But you need to read the information that you’re looking at with your own eyes with your own brain. And you need to make your own determination on what you believe to be true on that. Now, in May of 2020, there was a drug called REM Demis fear that most of you guys have heard of, and it was being explored as a potential new treatment for covid 19 coronavirus, disease. And there was a widespread social media post sprawling and conspiracy involving the US biopharmaceutical company called Gilead in China, the International Medical organization unidad, which was created by George Soros, Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, Hillary Clinton, the National Institutes of allergy, which remember is Dr. Fauci Lee’s organization, and the infectious disease director as Anthony Fauci. And their theory still holds together, that they’re trying to suppress this very highly effective drug called hydroxychloroquine, as a treatment for COVID-19, to favor their patented drug called remdesivir, which costs probably 150 to 180,000, a dose compared to hydroxychloroquine, which is going to cost maybe, I’d say pennies, but I’ll give it a little bit more than that, we’ll say 15 to $20 per treatment cycle, because it’s a drug that’s been on the market for 50 or 60 years, at least, and is generic and is very inexpensive, and has been used immensely in the autoimmune population for things like lupus, and Lyme disease for many years, very safe, very effective. And everybody came to battle and said, this drug is horrible, it’s going to cause you to have heart problems, it’s going to cause you to have gi issues. But the one thing that it does, cause nobody talked about, and that was visual issues. And that only happens after you’ve been on the drug for a very long time. I have used this drug. In my practice, I have personally used this drug, and it is very safe and comes with very, very little side effects. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but there are just too many coincidences here for me. How about you? I’d love to hear what you’re thinking and you’re talking about so please, you know, share this with other people. We need to get this out. We need to get people educated. leave me comments, leave me questions. I’m sure I’m going to have some that are not very pleasant. And that’s okay. I totally get it. And again, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But I’ve been around long enough to notice that when something isn’t right, I have watched medicine change a lot over the past 2025 years, and many things have changed for the worst. I’ve seen many of my colleagues killed for trying to speak the truth and to try to stop them from sharing information. But I believe it’s so important for us to continue to share information and let people decide what is true. Or not. And I want you to keep an open mind and an open heart when you’re looking at this information.

Debra Muth 34:47
And also keep your immune system strong so that if you do get the virus, you can fight off the disease. There are many things that you can do to stay safe. You can take zinc, you can take quercetin, vitamin C, I love a product called transfer factor. If you do come down with the virus, you can get a prescription for hydroxychloroquine. Or ivermectin, which is another recently approved medication for the virus that I have found works very, very well. There is no reason to be so afraid of this virus when we have tools in our toolbox to help protect us from getting severe disease. Now, am I saying that everyone who gets the disease is going to be fine if they use these things? No, absolutely not. I have patients who have developed blood clots from the disease, but they were found to have a clotting disorder. There are reasons why some people get sicker than others. We don’t always know what those are ahead of time, but we know them after the fact. But you can do lots of things to keep yourself from developing that cytokine storm. The most important thing is when you get sick, get with an alternative practitioner that really understands the immune system understands disease understands these kinds of things that can walk you through with particular supplements or regimens and programs to help you get through it safely. That’s what we do in this country. That is what we do in this world. And that is what we do in the world of alternative medicine. So be safe out there. share this information. Please use your open mind, use the knowledge God gave you to make your decision. Thank you, everybody. Have a blessed day.

Debra Muth 37:00
Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review, share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest

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