Episode 110: Integrating Aromatherapy in Your Daily Life with Linda-Anne Kahn

Dr. Deb and Linda-Anne Kahn explore the benefits of lymphatic drainage work and its effects on Lyme disease and chronic illness as well as incorporating aromatherapy and its benefits in your daily life.

Do not miss these highlights:

[7:42] An overview of the lymphatic system and the purpose of lymphatic drainage

[11:18] Activating the parasympathetic system through aromatherapy in conjunction with Lyme disease care

[14:32] Understanding lipedemia and the confusion physicians have with the terminology when treating patients

[17:31] Working with the three types of lipomas and the treatments of them

[20:20] Telemedicine and counselling therapists to work with aromatherapy in conjunction with their treatment to the benefit of the client

[24:52] The effects covid has had on her practice and refocusing more on wellness

[32:58] Using body vibration to stimulate the movement of the lymph system

[35:12] Getting started into aromatherapy, its usage and precautions that all need to aware of before using essential oils, including pregnancy, children and pets

[46:41] Lyme disease, treatment and the use of aroma therapy in persistent Lyme

[48:09] Using essential oils to boost the immune system in an effort to possibly minimize affects of covid

About Our Guest:

Linda-Anne Kahn. CMT, NCTMB, CLT-LANA, CCN

Linda-Anne Kahn is a nationally certified massage therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist and Lymphedema Therapist with over 30 years of experience. She is also an Integrative Health Coach and Beauty Therapist. She is the founder and director of Beauty Kliniek Day Spa and Wellness Center in San Diego and Lymphatic Therapy Services and Varenya Essentials skincare and aromatherapy (www.pamperyou.com). and http://www.aromaticwellenesswarrior.com. She teaches an aromatherapy certification program and lectures extensively Nationally and Internationally .

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email: info@lynphatictherapyservices.com

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Transcription for Episode #110:

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now, I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging, and live our lives on our own terms.

Debra Muth 0:16
Good morning, everyone. This is a gorgeous spring day you are listening to Let’s Talk Wellness Now. I am your host, Dr. Deb, and we are on episode 110. And the title of our episode today is how do we integrate aromatherapy into your life. You know, aromatherapy is an amazing thing. I’ve been using it for several years, I started out using Young Living, and then I switched over to doTERRA. And now I use a combination of both because they both have things in my arsenal that I like, and they have different things in their line that they offer. And I literally use it in every aspect of my life. So I defuse it in my office, I use it in my bedroom at night. I clean with it, I make lotions and bath bombs and all those wonderful things. And I also recommend it to my clients so that they can have a protocol or a plan of different oils they can use if they’re not feeling well. We use that a lot in people who had Lyme disease and I have a formula that I like to have people use if they get a tick bite and apply it directly to that affected area. So essential oils can be amazing. And I can’t wait today to talk to our guest Linda Anne Kahn. She is going to share with us how she created her day spa and Wellness Center and how she incorporates aroma therapy into her regular daily life as well as how she uses it in the beauty industry. You know Linda has been massage therapist. She is an aroma therapist and a lymphedema therapist for over 30 years. She is now an integrative health coach and a beauty therapist and she is the founder and director of beauty clinic day spa and Wellness Center in San Diego. And she provides multiple services that include aroma therapy and essential oils. And so she’s going to talk to us today about how you can become healthier, how aroma wellness can help you create and find that passion in your life and how it can help if you’re struggling with weight and energy and feeling unmotivated. And even if you have a poor body image, there are things that aroma therapy can do to really help you get past some of those difficult things that you’re going through in your life today. SoI don’t want to wait any longer. I’m so excited to have Linda here. And let us introduce Linda to the show. And let’s get started having this great conversation about aroma therapy.

Debra Muth 3:24
I’m Dr. Deb, founder of Serenity Healthcare Center. I want to thank you for joining our Let’s Talk Wellness Now podcast. It has been such a pleasure to share our knowledge with so many people. We are averaging about 25,000 downloads an episode. And that is amazing because it’s showing us how much people want to learn about health and wellness. Outside of the health care center, we have had the pleasure of changing lives for over 8500 clients, both men, women and their children. As a result of this, I have created serenity you a university Learning Center where you can access all of my knowledge that I have developed over 25 years of practice at your fingertips in an easy to find index library. You will have access to this dashboard 24 seven, it will be like having your own personal natural path at your beck and call. Any time any day. I’d like to encourage you to check it out at Serenityu.com.

Debra Muth 4:39
Linda Welcome to the show. I’m so happy to have you here. It’s exciting to talk to a person who’s been in business so long and has done so many amazing things. It is so great to have you here.

Linda-Anne Kahn 4:52
It’s an absolute honor to be here and such a pleasure to be talking to a naturopath who is open to opening abilities and seeing the whole person medicine should be, and I’m so excited to talk to you,

Debra Muth 5:06
you are so correct. You know, when we look at the body as a whole, we can get to the finish line a lot faster than if we’re just parting out the body and giving it to each expert. And then they can’t figure out what’s wrong, because they’re not listening to the whole body at all. So thank you for that. I appreciate that. But then tell us a little bit about yourself.

Linda-Anne Kahn 5:27
Well, I am an aromatic wellness warrior. And I have been practicing for let’s say, over 25 years, it’s actually a little more than that. I’m a clinical aromatherapist, I’m a lymphedema therapist, I’m nationally and internationally certified. I’m a nationally certified for board certified massage therapist. And in my past life, I did skincare as well. So I’m an aesthetician, which has come in handy in the lymphedema work that I do. And I own a day spa, Beauty Clinique aroma therapy Day Spa, which I’ve had for 39 years. And then lymphatic therapy services, which is growing by bounds and leaps. Everybody is needing lymphatic drainage during these times even more than ever before.

Debra Muth 6:16
That is so exciting. I’m so excited for you and all of the things that you have done in your life, kudos to you. 39 years in business is huge. It’s amazing that you made it that law. It doesn’t come without its ups and downs, right.

Linda-Anne Kahn 6:32
Lots of ups and downs as my fears. And the most important thing is to really move with it slow with it and just pivot. You know, in the new things, we’ve had lots of expansions, we’ve given up space, we’ve had changes. That’s the strength in tenacity. And when you live a really holistic life, and you balanced right and your body and your mind. You can go through anything and rise up to the top always.

Dr. Debra Muth 6:59
That is so true. And I think we’ve been doing that a lot this last year, we’re all trying to rise to the top and then we get pushed down a little bit rise up and push down a little bit. All right, I’m really curious for you to talk a little bit about what what lymphedema is for those people who don’t understand what it is. And I’m really curious to hear you talk about why it’s so important right now. Like what are we seeing in the lymphedema world that can help us with our immune system or help us with pain management, all of the things that lymphedema does, because it has so many benefits. And I think that a lot of people only realize that lymphedema is present if you have cancer, and that is so not the case. So share a little bit about that with us.

Linda-Anne Kahn 7:42
That is absolutely true. Well, your lymphatic system is a really crucial part of your of your crucial system. It is part of your immune system. And no one spoke about the lymphatic system and taught AIDS came into being It was kind of hidden. And it’s not taught in medical school, I think they get about six hours. It’s just really crazy. Yeah, that’s part of your immune system. And your lymphatic system actually works with all the fluids in your body. If you didn’t have a lymphatic system, you would look like the Michelin Man. And I gave a talk recently at a conference and he showed a big Michelin Man over there. And it’s also responsible for spreading lymphocytes all over your body which help with infection, viruses, and helping your system to stay safe. When I do my lymphatic drainage, I’m actually moving these lymphocytes, I’m helping to detoxify and move the waste that are accumulating in the connective tissue, remove them out and the entire lymph system actually enters in the clavicle here and goes into the bloodstream and it’s been eliminated by the kidneys. So it’s what immunity for detoxifying wastes for helping boost in boost immunity even more. And lymphedema is an abnormal swelling in a limb. It can be other parts of the body, it can be the face the head. It can be off to breast cancer or other cancers when there’s been nodes removed and all radiation, but it can be a genetic condition as well. And the other variants such as lipedema, which is a fat disorder connected with the lymph system, also dotcoms disease, so there are many, many conditions. And so people come to me with swelling, and then it’s up to me to assess the whole condition and work out what is going on and why they have the swelling. So I could go on and on talking.

Debra Muth 9:52
I love it. I was just making a couple notes. I want to ask you a couple questions and I don’t want to forget. So when this is so amazing because you know, there’s So many patients that I see that are chronically ill. And we do something called thermography, which is a heat sensor picture of the body. And we can see that congested lymph system. And I’ll never forget the first patient that I had, who had such a severe congested lymph system, and she had been sick for 20 years, she was sick every winter. And we said to her, you really should go get some lymph, lymph work done, you know, go see a lymph drainage specialist, because that is going to help you. And she came back within three weeks, and said, Oh, my gosh, my pain is so much better. I don’t have the pain that I was having before my fibromyalgia symptoms are gone. My head is more clear. I can focus I can concentrate. I’m no longer getting headaches. And she said, I felt like I was puffy. But I also lost eight pounds. That’s incredible, was incredible. I was so surprised. It was unbelievable. And she did live work for about a year while we treated her for Lyme disease. And now she doesn’t need it anymore. It’s just pretty cleaned out and things are going well. But I said to her, you know, you really should kind of keep going as a maintenance. Because if your body did that want to get to do it again. That’s that’s the problem we have. Right?

Linda-Anne Kahn 11:18
That’s absolutely true. And you mentioned Lyme disease. I do work with a lot of Lyme patients. And you also mentioned this patient had headaches. And as you know when people have obeah, it can affect the neurologists neurological system, they can hang it x, what’s really exciting. I several years ago, the scientists discovered that we actually have lymphatics in the brain I don’t ever have Yes, I saw that. Yeah, glia lymphatic system, and the idea or the nerves and the brain. This video lymphatic system drains and actually, if you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t get that drainage. And so when I since they discovered that I’m working a lot more on the head than I’m but of course, it’s specific to each client, each patient. But when the headaches migraines, Lyme disease, I work a lot on the head. And it is remarkable what can happen with Lyme disease patients. And then I’m a clinical aromatherapist, so often not always, but I often will incorporate aroma therapy. And then there’s the whole emotional aspect that when you’ve chronic illness, as you know, well, there’s a whole cascade of stress and fear and panic. And when I can work with the oils and the lymph drainage, lowest sympathetic activity, which means that lowers all the stress hormones, and the mood. And it brings up parasympathetic activity. So it induces this deep state of relaxation. And then when we add essential oils, which I will custom blend, according to the patient, and we might put in some for the emotions, and then of course for the Lyme or what, whatever the condition is. And each person is different. And I am blessed and honored to be able to help these people along with a Lyme literate physician on these journeys.

Debra Muth 13:16
Excellent. I love that because you’re so right, we love to use a lot of essential oils as well, our offices scent free, so we don’t do it necessarily directly in the office. But we have an essential oil blend that we like to use for people. If they get an initial tick bite, we want them to apply it directly to the bite itself. You can treat we’ve treated after even IV therapy with essential oil blends that people put on their feet, or they diffuse in the air. There are so many benefits to incorporating those essential oils with other therapies that can make them work that much better for you.

Linda-Anne Kahn 13:50
All right. And I love Lyme to Lyme disease, Lyme for, excuse me to time that lag time. Time and yeah, and pay and close. Those are really good antivirals they really high in the females and they can hurt. But as you know, you have to see if the person has sensitivities and gradually starts to use these. We have Sixth Sense.

Debra Muth 14:18
Absolutely. Absolutely. Can you talk a little bit about the lipidemia piece of things. So so what we’re talking about is people who have a lot of fat in their blood. It’s so similar to high cholesterol epidemia-

Linda-Anne Kahn 14:32
No, it’s actually not. When a patient says I have looked at the map, the doctor will say lymphedema no lipedema Oh, you mean lipidemia? No, it’s nothing to do. fimea And actually, I’m on an international consensus. We just actually established a consensus document for the standard of care for lymphedema, led by Dr. Aaron Herbst. And that was TMS working with her. And we want to change the name of lipoedema. Because it’s very misleading. What it is, it’s a painful fat disorder, this is this connective tissue. So it is also a connective tissue disorder. And there is a lot of pain present. And there’s a lot of inflammation and yes, there is excess fat, usually excess adipose tissue. Starting in the in the thighs, I have lipidema, and I have stage one and I never progressed and it is a progressive disease, it can go to stage two, three and stage four is lipedema with lymphedema. But even before I knew in my 20s, I knew there was something wrong. And what I did with my diet with my lifestyle with everything, I did not progress. And so I’m co-author of a nutrition book with four, lymphedema and lipedema. And I now counsel people and help people on the program that I did, and other programs because sometimes they need to do other diet plans to help them with this. But it is a devastating disease. If you’ve ever seen anybody do ever I’m sure you have in your practice. Yeah, really large. their arms hang large blood and bulges, and in bulges here and bulges on the leg that is usually stage three lipidema, edema with lymphedema that patients are told they fact they need to exercise more, they are completely invalidated. And then there’s a whole emotional component that emerges. Yeah, I can see how important this is. I wish you were closer to me. Boy would I be working closely with you!

Debra Muth 16:51
Yes, exactly. I remember I had a patient many years ago. But I’ve only had one in my practice who is diagnosed with dirt gums that you and I talked about a little bit before we started the show. And she would have these painful fatty tumors that popped up all over and we tried everything and could not get them under control for her. And she was so miserable. And she did start doing some body work. And I haven’t seen her in a very long time. So I don’t know if that helps or not. But it’s extremely painful to live with. You can’t have clothes touching it or even like we’re sitting with our back against something No, you can’t do any of that it’s incredibly painful.

Linda-Anne Kahn 17:31
Yes, and there’s three kinds of tokens. One is diffuse, which is all over the body, that’s pain. The other other painful my partner’s which are worse as they manifest. Yeah, and the third is a combination of both. And there’s terrible brain fog and terrible mental from all this pain. I’ve had patients come to me on three, opioids three. And I do lymphatic drainage. But I do a lot of deeper work as well. I work with the lady that I work with quassia, we have to do deeper as well, which is painful at first for them, and then treat them you know, as a whole. And we can get it under control. There is a study that is just going on right now. It’s called the Rozelle study. And I can give you more details. Dr. Herbst. Karen Herbst is leaving it in Los Angeles, we are actually looking to inject or there have been injecting the lipomas to shrink them, as opposed to what most people do is cutting them out. And then again, yeah, they grow back again. That’s my page talk about some more, because I know what

Debra Muth 18:39
I’m so glad that there’s somebody looking at this and that there’s people that are offering treatments, because 15 years ago, there was nothing available for these people, they didn’t know where to turn. And you’re right, my patient was told lose weight and they’ll go away. And that’s not the case.

Linda-Anne Kahn 18:58
And I do do zoom calls, you know, with wonderful clients helping with nutrition and self massage and how to take care of this. Because it really is an integrative program. It is and maybe we could do something together like that, because we have zoom now, you know, I’m all for having an integrative program. Yes, in practitioners could help the patient on so many levels.

Debra Muth 19:25
Absolutely. You know that if anything good came out of COVID. It’s the this telemedicine zoom conferencing things that we’re getting to meet people from all around the world that have amazing practices that do wonderful things. And unfortunately, in some of our smaller communities, we don’t have access to experts like you. And so people have to travel very far. And so it’s nice to see that we’re getting some digitalized self care programs, and we’re making connections with people like you and I that we can help people in different areas and help them find the experts that they need. Because this is information is kept such secret. And I’m not really quite sure why after all these years that it’s not blasting from the rooftops, but hopefully post COVID, it will, because we’ll have a wider reach of getting experts in their knowledge out to people so that they can understand the tools that they can have access to, if they just know what they’re looking for.

Linda-Anne Kahn 20:20
Exactly. And what I do, a lot of times patients do fly in from out of state or beofre COVID. To see me I had one gentleman for a month, but then I helped them to set up lymphatic therapists in their area or as close as possible. And I have also counseled the therapist, because I find someone who’s really good at the lumps drainage, sometimes I will send aroma therapy blends, but I will counsel that therapist to help them out and help the patient based because you do need the hands on at some point. And so it’s just what we do, right? We want to help out patients.

Debra Muth 20:58
You bet. I mean, it’s really hard. We’ve looked to partner with lymph therapists in our area as well. And we’ve only found three or four in a 200 mile radius, that really truly understand how to do good lymph work, that they’re not just doing the traditional fluff work right and, and no disrespect to those people that are out there doing lymph work, I don’t mean it that way. But you need to have a special skill set. If you’re working with patients like this, it’s different than just doing it for pleasure, right? You know,

Linda-Anne Kahn 21:31
You want to look for a CLT, which is a certified lymphedema therapist. And you can check out the Dr. Vodder school V-o-d-d-e-r, and you there’s a list of therapists there in different areas.

Debra Muth 21:45
That’s a great resource. And people will go ahead and we’ll put that resource in our show notes and in our links here, so that if you didn’t catch it, you’ll be able to find it. Don’t worry, if you’re driving, we’ll get those links to you because finding these experts is so important. And then counseling worth somebody like yourself, that can give you some direction and tell you what to look forward, and how to change your lifestyle, how to change your diet, what to do with aroma therapy. So that you have that all encompassing program is is key. And it’s essential to you getting better faster

Linda-Anne Kahn 22:19
That this correct and I’m an integrative health coach as well. So I incorporate everything and I just gave a talk at a lymphedema conference this past Saturday, and they had asked me to speak on different nutritional programs for lymphedema and lymphedema. And so it was really exciting. And then Dr. Herbst spoke about the psychosocial effects of the ISS. And in one of my colleagues spoke about obesity and compression, it was such an exciting, and it was all on zoom. And we had breakout rooms and we could share and so but that was all for therapists, but we need to get the word out to our clients and to people that is help out there.

Debra Muth 23:03
Absolutely we do. Because there’s so many people looking. And it’s a challenge to sift through Google these days. I mean, there’s so much information on that highway, which is great. But sometimes it can get a little overwhelming too. And it can get confusing. And I’m sure it’s like every one of us in healthcare. You’ve had some challenges. Can you share some of the challenges that you’ve had that have gotten you kind of where you are now? And how you’ve overcome some of that?

Linda-Anne Kahn 23:35
That’s a lovely question. Well, first of all, my first challenge was moving from of Africa to the United States. Oh my gosh, my, my husband and my young children, and starting again, completely, hardly knowing anybody very little money and starting again. So I’ve always had a very strong work ethic, and always was determined and positive. So my friends will say they weren’t worried about me that you could put me in the middle of a desert island and I’d be okay. That was not without challenges. Those first 10 years were really, really difficult. But I did start a very small clinic where I was the only person working and I started with $2,000 and that’s how I started beauty clinic and then built up and then we expanded five times and I had 11,500 square feet. I had a naturopath from your path, acupuncturist, colon hydrotherapy, you would have loved it. It was amazing. And then of course, 2008 came and that was a big challenge. And we shifted and I gave up that space and we made changes. And then of course came COVID.

Debra Muth 24:51
Very true.

Linda-Anne Kahn 24:52
Yeah. And so what has come out of the COVID is something really good because I have a really large facility. We do here We do nails, we do everything. But I’ve found out during this last year, that my passion is really what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years, everything we’ve been talking about. And that’s what I want to focus on more than any of the other beauty or whatever. And our space is too large, it’s too much, we’re going to be moving in May, to a smaller facility, which is really in a medical school. And I’m going to be really moving forward even more with the work that I’m doing. And my lady who works for me and my other person coming on board, we’ll still do massage, we’ll still do some facials, but our focus is going to be totally on wellness, which is what my dream was in the first place.

Debra Muth 25:45
Oh, that’s wonderful.

Linda-Anne Kahn 25:47
That’s what I’ve done. I’m just pivoting, we just moving with changing, and it’s going to be fantastic. Very emotional, very emotional. Because I chose air I both that place that I have, and it’s gorgeous.

Debra Muth 26:03
Good for you What a way to show people how you can pivot and change during every crisis and still come out of it. I mean, it is it is crucial in business. For any of you guys who are listening in business, you have to be ready to pivot on a dime to survive. If you can’t pivot, and you can’t change to what’s going on economy wise, socially. Medically, you name it, if you are not ready to pivot, you will not survive. And I’m sure we can talk for hours about all the companies over the last 25 years like blockbuster and some of the other ones who didn’t pivot fast enough and didn’t change. And now they’re no longer here. And so for the you busy entrepreneurial women that are out there, this is a great lesson for you guys to to hear and learn that you can recreate yourself in any down cycle, and you can still thrive. And you have to just know what you’re looking for.

Linda-Anne Kahn 27:02
That’s correct. And what I want to add to that, what you saying I agree with everything, the most important thing for these busy working entrepreneurs must keep yourself healthy. Because I am now 72 years old, and I’m going to be working till I’m about 85-90. Because I’m very, very good health, I’m on no medications. And the key is boosting your immune system, balancing your work and your play, which sometimes is very challenging, I have to work on that talk to myself, clients sometimes, and then keep that immune system eat a very healthy diet. And you have to take care of yourself getting enough sleep, which I’m guilty of sometimes working on a project to me and all of that has to be so you can keep yourself healthy. And then of course, to exercise every day, or at least five times a week, the next part that you love to do that fits in with your body and what you do. Without that all the rest doesn’t happen. And so that’s my message. And I help busy entrepreneurs to create that balance in their life. And we do use essential oils, we use lifestyle, creating ritual, lots of things.

Debra Muth 28:16
I love that and I’m so glad that we’re going to talk about this deeper. Because it is so true as as women being busy, whether you’re an entrepreneur or your career woman, whatever, it is so easy to get sucked into all the things that we need to do and get done. I am guilty of that, too. Sometimes I don’t leave my office from seven in the morning until eight or nine at night and I have hardly gotten up a couple of times to go to the bathroom grab something to drink and that’s it. And, and yes, that happens. But it should not be the majority for us. It should be the minority of time, you should be able to carve out you know, half hour an hour to take care of yourself to go take a walk, do some yoga, meditate, whatever it is that you need to do to take care of yourself. Because even I find when I’m not taking care of myself and I’m pushing, pushing pushing, I become a raging lunatic. Nobody wants to be around me and I don’t blame them because I can get very high strung and wired up and fired up about things. And if I don’t take that time back to just breathe and relax and quiet my mind. It’s it’s not pretty for anybody around me.

Linda-Anne Kahn 29:25
Absolutely. And what I tell all my clients and what I do myself, you have to create this ritual and you have to make an appointment with yourself and you wouldn’t lose miss an appointment with somebody else that you made. So for me I walk every morning I walked days a week with my dog the one morning I’m in a meeting so my husband takes the dog and then I do the elliptical about so two days a week to do the elliptical This is all in the morning and two days a week to do Pilates. And we were doing Pilates on zoom and now I’m back at my lady’s house which Yay, Pilates today to be with you should be worth it.

Debra Muth 30:01
Good. I’m glad I’m think I’m sorry you gave up your Pilates. But I appreciate that you’re here

Linda-Anne Kahn 30:08
to work that out. Because if you don’t, it doesn’t happen. It is so true, how important and then I can go to work and be empowered, and then come back. And I try not to do anything in the evenings, but also eat a nutritious meal. And it can be done, it really can be done. And I am really busy.

Debra Muth 30:28
Well, yes, you’ve got multiple businesses you’re doing and creating programs. And I think you’re absolutely right. If we don’t schedule things I know for me, if it’s not on my calendar, it’s easy so that it doesn’t get done and it can get pushed out. And I’ll make an excuse, like, I’ll just finish this project, or I’ve just finished this note, or I’ll just do this. And then before you know it hours have gone by, and I didn’t take care of myself. And then I’m trying to do it at nine o’clock at night. And then I can’t sleep because now I’ve been exercising or I’ve been doing whatever. But I love that you have, you know, you’re not over scheduling yourself for your exercise. You’re just putting it in there in those places in those chunks. Because I think so many times we think we have to do that hour or two hours of intense cardio every single day in order for it to classify as exercise. And it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Linda-Anne Kahn 31:21
Right? Absolutely. And something I was going to say now it’s just gone. But it was really exciting talking about it is kinda what I wanted to say. And then after that, I go to work and I four days a week, I see clients and patients on my sheet for nine hours. Yeah, but I’m empowered, and I’m healthy. So I can do it. That is awesome of everything. And then dry brushing is another wonderful ritual to do love it take four minutes a day to do dry brushing. And you can add essential oils, you can sprain the crayon and dry brush that is going to boost your immune system. And because I’ve been we eliminate waste through our skin, and we wear clothes, and the clothes often aren’t cotton and we can dog breed properly. So dry brushing helps your lymph system to move and to detoxify. And if anybody would like a handout of how to do it identify you would do that. But I’m happy to give that I have a handout I’ll give to all my clients with a diagram different descriptions of how to dry brush.

Debra Muth 32:28
Oh, that is wonderful. We would love that link. I love drybrushing I recommend it a lot for people. It’s one of the things that can help them if they’re detoxifying and not moving things properly. And it’s getting backed up and they feel miserable. But is there any exercise that people can do that helps stimulate the movement of their lymph system?

Linda-Anne Kahn 32:48
Well, we have a whole body vibration unit in my clinic, which is fantastic. But you can get a little you can buy those two, they range in price from $400 up to $5000. Wonderful. It’s call the whole body vibration unit. That little trampolines which you can get good ones for about $300. Those are fantastic because those do movements. But just deep breathing. If you go to an open window and I know this is a matcher peppering an old naturopathic remedy is three glasses of water in a row, go to the open window and do deep deep breathing. And as you breathe deeply, you pushing your diaphragm down and that’s moving the system in a kvb all the lymoh connect and you go to help to move lymph. So yes, you can you can do that. And then they’ve changed but people who can’t move a lot they’d love to chair yoga poses that you can get online. There’s a woman called shoes shoes, yoga, buy shoes, and she does chair yoga that I often have my my clients do.

Debra Muth 33:55
That is wonderful. What about jump roping? I’ve heard jump roping can be helpful,

Linda-Anne Kahn 34:00
I think would be really good. jumprope is good.

Debra Muth 34:03
Yeah, that kind of light bouncing movement, right?

Linda-Anne Kahn 34:06
bouncing again and you breathing you want to do the deep breathing.

Debra Muth 34:10
That is wonderful. Let’s talk a little bit about aromatherapy. How does somebody get involved in aroma therapy or integrated into their lifestyle.

Linda-Anne Kahn 34:23
So I teach a 200 hour program on aromatherapy and then I teach other segments we they just smaller ones on the lymph system or on the respiratory system or how to make cleaning products. But so there are classes there are many classes that are offered. aroma therapy is just amazing because as you inhale these essential oils, they go via the cilia which are the the hairs in your nose and they are nerve receptors on each cilia in the nose and it goes up into the olfactory epithelium where they are to 20 million nerve receptors. And from there it goes to the limbic system of your brain, which triggers thoughts, feelings, memories and emotions. And from there it can affect your whole endocrine system. So but your question was, how can you get into doing aroma therapy. So just simply even by taking an essential oil, running it in your hands, and doing it deep inhalation, and you can do that when you go into the window in the mornings, that will set you for the day. And if you want to energy, you could do lime, rosemary, peppermint, if you want calming at the end of the day, you would use geranium or rose or lavender. And then they are little courses you can do but you want to train with somebody who really is a trained aroma therapist and knows what they’re doing. Because there’s a lot of misinformation out right now. And a lot of injuries are taking place. Those of us who are qualified aroma therapist are just appalled. You cannot take essential oils and put them straight on your skin and to be diluted in fractionated, coconut oil or sweet almond oil or other carriers. You do not take them and just put them under your tongue every single day you will develop a sensitivity, you do not just put them over here you can get burned. If they have to be used. They are wonderful, but they must be used properly.

Debra Muth 36:26
Yeah. And they are medicines. You know, remember people that the majority of our medicines have come from plants, or essential oils come from plants, and they have medicinal properties to them. I unfortunately have seen people use essential oils during pregnancy and go into preterm labor. Have you gone because they’ve used the wrong oil and it started to contract the uterus, you have to be careful with some of these things. So I am so glad that you mentioned that you want to do this with people who understand essential oils and know how to use them. Because you’re right. You can have skin burns, I’ve done it myself thinking oh, I’m just gonna put this on and it’s good. And yeah, no, it doesn’t work that way. It’s not good. And so you really want to know what you’re doing with your oils.

Linda-Anne Kahn 37:17
Some of the oils can be abortifacient, which is what you said they can trigger pregnancy. And really we avoid all of the oils that are high in phenols, which are the oils that I said are really good for Lyme disease but the regnum the cinnamon, those have to be avoided with children with pregnancy with the elderly with people going through cancer in many, many safety precautions. But you know and you could just if you use the basic oils and you use a basic knowledge and you blend, usually you would use on an average for a healthy person and you’re working on the body. You would work with 10 to 12 drops of essential oils in half an ounce of the carrier like coconut oil and that would be safe to put on the skin and less is more they work homeopathically added aromatic medicine I’ve studied with French doctors and I have studied French medicine I know how to use the oils medicinally I know how to make suppositories how to do oils internally, but I still did not do the oils internally with my patients because you have to know what all the other comorbidities what else is going on with them and could cause problems and really caution pregnancy you’re very safe with Mandarin lavender geranium and a few others but just stay safe. Yeah,

Debra Muth 38:44
just be careful. I love that that you you mentioned how to mix them and blend them because I do that too. I will get myself a jar you know maybe about this big of coconut oil and I mix all my oils together in there. And then it’s quick and easy right and then I can just grab my oils and I can put them on and I don’t have to worry about it every single day. I don’t have to prepare it. I just have what I need and it’s done and it’s easy.

Linda-Anne Kahn 39:07
I have a beautiful oil that I put on my skin and I blend in you the carrier oils are also really beautiful is the backbone which is a carry on is full of nutrients in seabuckthorn and maringa oil Moringa is beautiful and Marula oil and so I do that and then I put in my essential oil blend you first blend your oils and then you carry oils and then you add them together and when the oils have blended with each other, I make blends for scars. I make plans for people going through radiation in between the radiation treatments to help them avoid the you know the burning burning house is always what everything wow we single day In my life,

Debra Muth 40:01
that is awesome. Linda is there a difference between oil companies

Linda-Anne Kahn 40:07
there is there really is. There is you want to find a company that sources the oils, totally, organically. If they have been taken from the mountain, that’s fine, because there are no chemicals and things but you really want to have chemical free. And make sure that the essential oils that you’re using are not diluted. They are pure essential oils that you can work with. And organic way ever possible. Why as I say wildcrafted is fine, because they know chemicals aren’t in the mountains.

Debra Muth 40:42
And I think that’s really important to ask these questions of the companies that you’re going to buy oils from, don’t just assume that because they have a long following or a big name that their quality oil company, make sure you do some homework with that.

Linda-Anne Kahn 40:58
And who is selling you the oils? And what are they telling you? And do they really know? Or are they just telling you the oils? Are they an essential oil salesperson, they are therapists to understand what the oil does and what it what is needed for you that is really crucial when everybody watching this.

Debra Muth 41:18
Yes, I agree. You know, if you’re going to buy into one of the multi level marketing coils companies, I don’t personally have a problem with that. However, I like you said, you want to make sure that who’s selling you the oils actually knows the oils, they are an aromatherapist, they had some kind of certification. Now just the training that the company offers, but actually a deeper dive so that you know that they know what they’re doing. And that it’s different from a medical standpoint than when it is from I just want to smell something beautiful in my house aspect. I want to use something to clean with

Linda-Anne Kahn 41:52
and safety with children. You know what small chills, I have a holistic dentist I know. And she invited me into her office and wanted to talk about essential oils and one of the things came in to talk to us and she had her baby in her arms. And she was telling me all this I use oils and I put them on my baby’s feet. And I’m like, No, and what are you using, and if you just don’t do that, in fact, with babies, I didn’t want oils on babies under six months. And then it’s a low low low dosage after when dosage is dependent on the person there. And also with animals, you never put essential oils. And then really low dilution you know, with with dogs, and I have used them on my dogs before two dogs and Cushing disease and essential oils. But again, know what you’re doing. So I teach the patient program. And I’m very proud of that. Because my students who come out of those programs, they really know what they’re doing. And wonderful what the important thing is. So,

Debra Muth 43:00
yeah, I’ve had a client a couple of weeks ago, who was diffusing oils in their home in the in the air and her cat was reacting to it. And she didn’t understand why until she did some research and realized that what she had been diffusing was toxic for the cats. And just even diffusing it in the air was making the cat sick.

Linda-Anne Kahn 43:22
Yes, there was a case several years ago, where a teacher was diffusing oils. Now this is not about cats. It’s about children, diffusing these oils in a classroom. And it was winter time and people were getting colds and the windows were closed. And she was diffusing clove and cinnamon and it was one of the very popular blends, which is really a good blend as it happens. And they all got sick, because she kept it on the whole day the windows were closed and it was too much for too long. Yeah, also know the duration but with animals, cats, they shouldn’t always you should never diffuse. But if you are diffusing your animals need to be able to go in and out of the room and they will leave even if they don’t feel good with it. Yeah.

Debra Muth 44:11
Well and there are some diffusers that you can buy that have timers on them. Right. And those timers when they shut off you really want to keep them off. You don’t want to be diffusing 24/7 in your house.

Linda-Anne Kahn 44:26
That’s correct. Yeah, correct. So it’s safe use and then the oils are absolutely amazing and you can use them for cleaning materials in your house. You can make bombs and stabs which are wonderful for can cause you know, for your children. Stress Management oils, I love to take baths in the evening with essential oils. But again, what are you putting in your boss you know, the bar it’s gonna burn.

Debra Muth 44:57
So true. I make a blend to put on my skin, so when I go out in the woods, the ticks don’t come by me and the mosquitoes don’t come by me. And when I wear that I don’t have any problem with it. My husband doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like the smell. And then he goes out and he gets fit. It’s like, well see, you can put this on, and then they wouldn’t bother you so much. And it’s not strong smelling. But it’s enough that they it keeps them away.

Linda-Anne Kahn 45:26
That’s a fantastic prevention is really important. And then keep on the paths, you know, on the center paths. I mean, lyme is even in San Diego, we have the bay Lion, the lions come and give us some lectures just before COVID started. And they showed us how to walk in the woods, you know, not just on stones, because they could be ticks there. And unfortunately, the ticks not everywhere. And it’s very prevalent in says, Oh, we haven’t had here in San Diego, who practices 95% lime, unfortunately, yeah,

Debra Muth 46:01
it is everywhere. There is no continent that has been untouched by lime, unfortunately. But yet, we don’t have a people knowledgeable enough to say that. And so there are a lot of people that still say, my neighboring state of Iowa still believes that there’s no Lyme disease in their state, yet they’re heavily populated with deer, we see tons of patients from Iowa with Lyme disease. But there are still people that don’t want to admit that that’s a problem. And maybe it’s a tourist thing, maybe it’s God knows what it is. But it is everywhere. And people need to be aware of that, you know, there are things that you can do to help yourself and prevent yourself from getting it.

Linda-Anne Kahn 46:41
And that prevention is so good. But the part that upsets me terribly is that the CDC says that Lyme can be treated to the sub antibiotics, and then you’re done. The problem is that as you know, Debra, if it’s not fair, if you don’t know in the first six weeks, which most people don’t, they don’t mean, it goes on. And when it becomes chronic Lyme, then you have these persistent Lyme, and it’s not recognized by the physicians at all. And I gave a talk at an international conference several months ago on this, and just published an article on aroma therapy in Lyme in an international journal. And I spoke a lot about this persistent Lyme, and the research that has gone on showing which essential oils can actually help. But it’s not recognized.

Debra Muth 47:31
It is not it is it is not recognized at all. And I I have patients that were treated when they first got bit, did really well. And then 5,6,8 years later, they’re sick again, and it’s not live anymore is what their doctors tell them. And that is so far from the truth. Because we know that chronic Lyme, Lyme itself never leaves our bodies it we just learned to coexist. And if we can do the right things to keep our immune system strong and drain our lymph system, and keep ahead of it, it’s okay. But if whatever reason our immune system falls, then we’re going to get ourselves into some trouble with it again.

Linda-Anne Kahn 48:09
And even you know, with COVID, we cannot say that they are essential oils that protect us against COVID. We don’t know enough yet, right? We don’t know. We don’t know that. But what we do know is that when we keep our immune system strong, and resilient system is one way and essential oils is another we can be protected, perhaps better. And maybe if we do get COVID perhaps it won’t be as bad. We do know that as you know that our immune system is so crucial. So during this time, even more than ever, please do your drybrushing find a lymphatic therapist do lymphatic, find a naturopath, eat properly and do all the things that we’ve been talking about. Because they help you to protect you.

Debra Muth 48:54
You bet. I mean, during this time, if we do all the things that we know to be right, that you just mentioned, our immune systems will stay stronger and we will stay healthier. And if we do get COVID we will be able to get past it with minimal problems, because we’re doing all the things that we need to do to keep our immune system strong and healthy. Linda, this has been such a great conversation if people want to learn from you because you have so much knowledge and you’re just such a delight. How did they get in touch with you? How do they find out your programs that you offer?

Linda-Anne Kahn 49:26
So they can go to http://www.aromaticwellnesswarrior.com and you can also go to lymphatictherapyservices.com that services with an S and I’m on Instagram on at Linda Anne Kahn , and then on those websites they all my emails. My email is info@lymphatictherapyservices.com I have other emails and I’m happy to help you put you in the right direction. Do whatever counseling you need, or help you to find the right practitioners. As you can tell, my goal is just really to be of service and to help.

Debra Muth 50:14
Oh, that is so wonderful. I am so excited. I can’t wait to take a look at your programs as well. I think I’m going to hop on that aromatherapy program that you have. So I’d love to learn more about aromatherapy. I love it. So thank you for being with us. This has been such a great conversation. And I would love to dive deeper with you even in another time about lymphatic and and just really dive into that. I think that’s such an amazing topic. And I, I read this study that you were citing about the glia and the length in the header a few years ago. And we really started talking to people about you know, just doing even head massage to try to drain things and why they’re backing up because so many of our patients complain of head pain and swelling. And when we understand the lymph system a little bit more, there’s so many therapies that people can do to make themselves feel better if they just know that they exist,

Linda-Anne Kahn 51:07
right. And what I also wanted to say people email me at info at lymphatic therapy services calm, I can send you a free webinar on immunity that I gave.

Debra Muth 51:17
That is wonderful. I will love that. So we will put all of Linda’s information in the show notes. And on our social page. We will also link Linda to our social information. And so you guys can reach out to her and you can connect what a wealth of information this has been such a great conversation. Thank you, Linda.

Linda-Anne Kahn 51:37
I’ve just loved talking to you. You’re just so special.

Debra Muth 51:40
Oh, thank you my dear.

Debra Muth 51:44
Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the Let’s Talk Wellness Now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review. Share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest

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