Episode 116: Ninja in Heels – Creating the Business and Healthy Life You Are Looking For with Leslie Lane Peabody

Leslie is the ninja in heels! She helps empower women to create the business life they desire. Leslie gives tips for financial independence and budgeting your way to wealth.

Do not miss these highlights:

[6:02] The strength of women and wanting to share the wealth

[6:35] How the Ninja in Heels got its start bringing both the badass and the feminine leadership skills together

[13:11] Learning to balance your work life and your personal life so that one is not suffering at the expense of the other

[15:20] The importance of connecting with your emotional self in order to better your over health

[17:36] Creating a financial cushion in preparation of the unknown and learning that creative accounting is not creative, it is just not commonly known practices

[23:55] A look into the process used to take people out of the crisis thought process into something creative

[25:44] When is the best time to start a business

[34:03] The impact that moving through crisis to success has had on her family and teaching the new generation

[35:40] Learn to be FLIRTY with your money and learning how to manage it to meet your retirement needs early

[45:20] It is never too late to become the Oprah of your industry

Access Leslie’s assessment and first program for free.  www.leslielanepeabody.com  Code: heels

Resources Mentioned

Phoenix Factor – https://debra-s-school-1b7e.thinkific.com/courses/phoenix-factor-protocol

About our Guest:

Leslie Lane Peabody, the Ninja in High Heels, is a speaker, author, and corporate mentor and coach for

over 30 years. She is a mental toughness coach and helps women become financially independent while

living a life they love – today! While going through a Hollywood style divorce and raising 3 teenage boys

on her own, Leslie started creating her own side hustle in the cracks of her day. She now helps other

women do the same with her Kick Your Heels Program that takes the learning curve out of growing a

business, and heightens your health, and give you the mental resilience it takes to accomplish anything

in your life.

Social Media & Website:

Website: www.leslielanepeabody.com

Instagram: @LeslieLanePeabody


Facebook: Leslie Lane Peabody – https://www.facebook.com/leslie.peabody/

Twitter: NinjasHighHeels – https://twitter.com/NinjaHighHeels

LinkedIn: Leslie Lane Peabody – https://www.linkedin.com/in/leslie-lane-peabody-5116ba22/

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