Episode 118: Improving Health and Fitness One Step at a Time with Christy Crenshaw

Christy Crenshaw believes the body is a temple and treating it that way is what keeps us committed to living a life of health. We owe it not only to ourselves but our lord to maintain our bodies. Together with Christy and Dr. Deb explore small changes that make a big impact to improve your health.

Do not miss these highlights:

[3:57] When Christy was in a sick state of being overweight, she wasn’t fulfilling her calling and wasn’t living up to her purpose.

[6:11] Both Christy’s parents died with cancer which led her into life-changing realizations.

[13:38] If we keep the body healthy, the body is going to do the healing

[15:15] The first brand you buy may not be the one for you. It might take several attempts to find the right product, but do not give up.

[16:52] Start slow, do it one at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t try to change everything all at once.

[19:24] You can eat healthy food that tastes good. You don’t have to give up everything you love, just find a healthier version of it.

[20:01] Start with something that you know you’re going to have success within a short period of time because every change you make in the positive direction is going to impact your health

[27: 36] One of the best ways that you can honor the Lord is by taking care of this body that he’s given you and listen for the messages to tell us what to do.  The signs will show up.

[36:53] No matter where you’re at, there’s still hope. Even if you’re on your deathbed, it’s never too late to make some healthy changes.

Resources Mentioned

The Phoenix Factor Protocol for High-Functioning Female Executives – https://debra-s-school-1b7e.thinkific.com/courses/phoenix-factor-protocol

About our Guest:

Christy Crenshaw is a Certified Health Coach, certified WholyFit Instructor, certified in Aromatherapy, and Ordained Minister, specializing in rescuing the Body of Christ from a lifestyle of sickness and disease.

Christy is the Founder of Kingdom Health Builder where she coaches fellow Christians to lose weight and restore a healthy body. The ultimate dream for this calling and vision from the Lord is to establish God’s Kingdom here on earth by empowering 10,000 Christians to choose to honor the LORD with their health and weight so they will have greater ability to focus on building His Kingdom. She is a wife and mother of two teenage boys. The bible tells that our bodies are the Temple of The Holy Spirit and that to take of them is our reasonable act of service unto The Lord.

Christy has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years and has personally seen the devastating consequences that come for people of faith who do not take care of their bodies. She has also studied many aspects of natural health including, nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy and detoxification techniques along with faith healing. Christy is a product of what she has learned and now teaches. She has personally lost over 100 pounds and kept if off for over 4 years while dramatically improving her health and fitness. She also has helped numerous clients to improve their health and lose weight as well.


Transcription of Episode # 118:

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now, I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging and live our lives on our own terms. Hello, hello Hello, this is Dr. Deb, your host of let’s talk wellness now. Today my guest is Christy Crenshaw. Christy is a certified health coach certified holy fit instructor certified in aroma therapy and an ordained minister. She specializes in rescuing the body from Christ from a lifestyle of sickness and disease. Christie is the founder of Kingdom health builder, where she coaches fellow Christians to lose weight and restore their healthy body. The ultimate dream for this calling envision from the Lord is to establish God’s kingdom here on Earth by empowering 10,000 Christians to choose to honor the Lord with their health and weight, so they will have a greater ability to focus on building his kingdom. Christie has worked in health care industry for more than 20 years and has personally seen the devastating consequences that come from people of faith, who do not take care of their bodies. She has studied many aspects of natural health, including nutrition, herbal, lism, aroma therapy and detoxification techniques along with faith healing. Today, I’m going to chat with Christy about how to improve health and fitness. And we’re going to talk about the myths to healthy living. And we’re going to talk about how can we get out of being overwhelmed, which kind of gets in our way of doing things that we know we need to do, but maybe don’t have exactly all of the energy to do. Hi, everybody, this episode is brought to you by my very own Phoenix fact your coaching program. Look, we are all trying to create that absolute perfect life. Let me show you how to do that for free. In my virtual coaching strategy call. You and I are going to spend 20 minutes chatting about your desires where you want to take your business life, your health, and of course, your sex life. And then I’m going to give you tips and ideas and techniques on how to actually get that going. So you can have that absolutely perfect, amazing life you’re looking for. Now it’s super simple. All you need to do is click on my calendly link here in the podcast notes. And hop on pick your time. And let’s start creating that amazing life that you’re looking for. Hey, everybody, this is Dr. Deb from let’s talk wellness now and I am excited to introduce to you Christy Crenshaw, she is going to be talking to us today about looking at our bodies like a temple and keeping them healthy and strong for the right reasons, not for the wrong reasons. So Christy, welcome to our show today.

Christy Crenshaw 3:25
Hello, thank you guys. And thank you so much for having me.

Debra Muth 3:29
You are so very welcome. This is going to be a great conversation. I think our listeners are going to be pleasantly surprised because we’re going to talk about weight loss and health and generally keeping your body well. But from a little bit different perspective than what most people are telling us the reason why we need to do that. Percy, tell us a little bit about your background, how you got started in all of this and kind of like where your take is on health.

Christy Crenshaw 3:57
Okay, I am a certified health coach. But I’m also a 23 year Christian. And I started out you know, I haven’t always been healthy. I have actually lost 100 pounds myself a little over 100 pounds myself and been able to keep it off. You know, but during that time when I was that overweight, I wasn’t just overweight, I was sick. I was chronically fatigued, my body hurt all the time, I had chronic inflammation. And I truly believe that I was created for a reason and with a purpose. And when I was in that sick state of being so overweight, and so, you know, just tired all the time. I wasn’t fulfilling my calling. I wasn’t living up to my purpose. And that is really what drove me to find the answers you know, because at the end of the day when it was just about me, it wasn’t really enough of a reason that when I felt like that i I was letting down the Lord, and that I wasn’t living up to the reason that he created me, then that really pushed and was a driver for me to, to really pray to really seek Him to study, to get on the internet to read books, you know, I can’t even tell you how many books I’ve read how many videos I’ve watched, you know how many medical articles I’ve read, you know, in the search and the study to figure out what was going on with my health and my body. And then once I figured that out for me, then the Lord really kind of shined the light on what he wanted me to do. And that was to reach out and rescue others. Yeah, absolutely. I truly see this as a rescue mission. I’m going out into the world and I am rescuing people from disease.

Debra Muth 5:51
Christy, where did that change come for you I mean, you could have very easily stayed on the path of losing that weight for you to look better to feel better. But for you to stay committed, that’s a bigger thing. So where did that change actually take place for you? or How did it take place? I guess the better question.

Christy Crenshaw 6:11
Really, for me, when my dad got sick and was diagnosed with cancer, I had already lost my mom tenure, 10 years previously, with cancer. And it was during that age of she passed away when I was 30. And then there was a 10 year period. And then my dad was diagnosed at the age of 40. And that was right when I hit my heaviest weight. And, and I knew that I number one, I knew I didn’t want to leave my children early. Both of them died in their 50s. And, you know, I just knew that that wasn’t what I wanted. Yeah. And also, like I said, You know, I felt like there was a calling, there was more that I was supposed to be doing than what I was doing. But I was struggling just to go to work each day and come home and take care of my family. You know, so how was I supposed to be doing anything else, you know, that really seeing you know, my second parent come down with cancer. And that struggle in that fight, you know, was what suit really super pushed me.

Debra Muth 7:21
So did that take you into that world of learning about different ways of healing and the aroma therapy and holistic medicine that you started to look at because obviously, if both your parents died of cancer young, you were trying to find a way to prevent that for yourself. And for your existing family, your children, you had to find some different ways of looking at at health and healing.

Christy Crenshaw 7:52
And I had already been studying this stuff for probably about 20 years, my oldest son was born a sick baby. He was born with a really severe reflux, and it kept his nose and his sinuses stopped up all the time. So I was unable to breastfeed because of that. And then once we put him on formula, he just stayed sick. It was ear infection after ear infection after ear infection. And, you know, they were wanting to do surgery and put tubes in his ears and different things like that. And in the discussion with the doctor, I was like, Well, how is that gonna fix it? You’re like, well, it doesn’t actually fix the problem. All it’s gonna do is allow the infection to drain out. I’m like, but how do we get to the bottom of the infections? How do we stop that? Like, we don’t know. Not like, Well, you know, could it be allergies? I’m like, because he gets a runny nose, or something like, Oh, yeah, it could be but we don’t allergy test him until he’s two. So they were just telling me that this unnecessary surgery was the only option. So that was what first pushed me to start studying the stuff and I found that he was allergic to cow’s milk. You know, when I first started doing the study and the research, you know, the top five allergens, and of course, he was a baby. So the only thing he was consuming was formula made out of cow’s milk. Yeah.

Debra Muth 9:10
Which is a common thing. I meet a lot of children who suffer from chronic ear infections and sinus things. It’s dairy that is the biggest culprit. So if anybody’s listening in you have children or grandchildren that have that problem. Look at cow’s milk as your first thing because once you take that out, oftentimes those cure infections clear up.

Christy Crenshaw 9:31
Yeah, and I found a naturopathic physician that she actually recommended making my own infant formula out of goat’s milk, where there was the goat’s milk, you know, we did a light pasteurization on it, I bought it fresh from a farm. And there were different things that she had me add to it to make sure that he was getting all of the nutrients that he needed, but from the day I switch town he thrived and And I don’t know if anybody’s familiar with the work of Dr. Weston Price. Yeah. My my oldest son had ruined his mouth for all of his teeth. He did not have to have his wisdom teeth cut out, because his dental arch in his face formed properly. No, even though the first maybe two months of his life, he didn’t get it. But for the next two years, he consumed nothing but goat’s milk.

Debra Muth 10:26
Yeah. Oh, yeah, Dr. Weston Price has his work is phenomenal. And it goes way back. I mean, we’re talking 30s 40s 50s, it goes way back. And his research goes back even farther than that. But it’s all about nutrition. So if you want to learn and understand the basis of nutrition, that is a great place to start learning and understanding the foundation of food being your medicine, and how it affects us directly. It’s, it’s one of the it’s probably one of the most researched things that all of us who get an introduction into holistic medicine starts with, or somewhere along our early early journeys, we find his work and start to understand all of the lies we’ve been fed over the years, about our nutrition. Yeah.

Christy Crenshaw 11:18
So I was definitely glad that I found that and, you know, through the years, you know, I was raised the typical American child and teenager, you know, we didn’t eat real well, even though I didn’t live on a farm, you know, we did have grow some of our own vegetables and things like that. But, you know, we lived in the south, I’m from Kentucky, so everything was fried. And if the oil was not good oil, you know, it was all breaded and deep fried and different things like that. And then going to school, you know, typical child and teenager didn’t eat healthy, got the junk food. You know, most of the time, my lunch in high school was a candy bar and a coke, you know, a two

Debra Muth 11:59
Frozen Snickers and a coke.

Christy Crenshaw 12:01
Yeah. Your mom was watching my call it that was that Miko, so. And it wasn’t until I was again in my early 20s, that with my son and his health struggles, I was like, there has to be a better way to do this. And, and I’m glad that I was persistent enough to keep asking the questions I’m like, you know, because I wasn’t just accepting that he had to have a surgery. And that was the only thing that was going to be I mean, he was a tiny baby, I didn’t want to put him under anesthesia, and all of the risks and complications that could have come with that. So at the end of the day, I was just really glad that I was persistent enough to keep asking the questions to keep seeking the truth. And, and I’ve just kind of continued to add on to that knowledge throughout the years. But, you know, my parents and their health struggles, they chose to believe the doctors. You know, even though I tried to steer them in a different way, you know, I’m like, these are some things you need to look at. These are some things that these are some other things that you can do. Or if you choose the traditional route, let’s at least do these things. You know, let’s get you off the sugar, let’s you know, get you on some good quality water, you know, and let’s do some other things that’s going to boost your immune system and help your body to maybe at least withstand the chemo and the radiation and different things.

Debra Muth 13:35
That so it doesn’t do as much damage. Yeah, you know,

Christy Crenshaw 13:38
yeah. Keep them strong and, and even help maybe repair some of the damage that’s done. We all know that. You know, natural stuff doesn’t heal anything. But if we keep the body healthy, then the body is going to do the healing.

Debra Muth 13:56
That’s right. That’s right. So I’m curious, coming from your background and learning all of this natural ways of things. Have you created healthier versions of some of your old fashioned family traditional recipes that your family just absolutely loves? Yeah, most of us, do. We figure out a way to do that.

Christy Crenshaw 14:16
Yeah, cuz of course, my husband was raised the same way, you know, and he’s kind of a big guy he really likes to eat. But right after we, cuz he is, of course, my second marriage. And then right after we got together, he was diagnosed as type two diabetic. So you know, he had quite a few years of being not eating healthy, you know, he met me and I immediately, you know, gotten off McDonald’s and offer sweet tea and different things like that. But, you know, the damage had already been done. Yeah, so, a lot of the foods and stuff that he had had, you know, as far as pizza, you know, we do a low carb pizza, and a lot of times and I do different ones, you know, so there’s different things that you can do. One of his favorite all time, bye First things was a pasta salad. He loved the rotini pasta salad. And I’ve been able to find something that is the same flavors, and mostly the same textures. But there’s no pasta in it, and he actually likes it better.

Debra Muth 15:15
Some of those veggie pastas that they’re producing these days are so good. And you really can’t tell the difference that it’s not a whole grain pasta. I think people just have to be willing to try and recognize that the first brand you buy may not be the one that is for you, it might take several attempts of finding the right product for the recipe you’re looking for. But I would really encourage people not to give up on that. Like, don’t just assume that since it didn’t turn out with the first brand you bought that all of them are going to be that way because it’s not like that. But there’s a lot of trial and error, that’s for sure.

Christy Crenshaw 15:54
And actually, what we ended up using in that was coleslaw. It’s actually a coleslaw, but with all of the other ingredients in it. And I made the second batch of it this weekend. And he said I actually like this better. Better. And it’s the the rainbow coleslaw. So it has the green pretty, you know, so it’s appealing to the eye. And it really if you let it sit in the refrigerator overnight and eat it the next day, all of those flavors really meld together. And yeah, he said he actually prefers that now to the pasta salad.

Debra Muth 16:29
That’s awesome. That’s awesome.

Debra Muth 16:32
So when you started this journey, I imagine it was a little overwhelming for you being new to this and making some of your changes. What kinds of tips can you give to people that you’ve learned over the years starting this that could help them on their journey to start over?

Christy Crenshaw 16:52
My main tip is to start slow. You know, pick the main offender, you know that for me. In my health, it was gluten. So I had to pick, you know, going gluten free first. And for some people, it may be soft drinks, maybe you’re going to get off of the soft drinks and find a healthier choice for that. You know, maybe it’s you need to lose weight, you’re trying to go on maybe a lower carbohydrate diet, or you’re switching healthy fats versus any other fat that you’re eating. So that’s kind of what I tell people will list it out to maybe come up with a list of some things that you want to do. But do one at a time. don’t overwhelm yourself, don’t try to change everything all at once.

Debra Muth 17:35
Yeah, I would agree with that. Because when you do that, you’re automatically setting yourself up for failure. And it’s gonna take a little bit to figure things out like gluten free is a challenge for people because you don’t know all the hidden names for gluten. You think it’s just wheat, but there’s so much more than that. My daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease about 15 years ago, she was 17. And so us trying to figure out for her like where were all your hidden sources for gluten. And this is really when we just first started learning about celiac disease and people hid words more so than they do now. Now it’s a lot easier to determine that but there’s still some hidden things. And we tried so many different gluten free versions. And back then there was not nearly the variety that we have now and the better quality, so it was much harder. And we created a recipe for ourselves for flour so that we could cook with it and bake cup for kopan tried lots of different versions. And now that products on the market sgf naturals have gluten free flour. And we wanted a flour that didn’t have any corn didn’t have any soy. Because that is a big problem for gluten free when you replace it. Most of its GMO corn, GMO soy, which we don’t want in our diet if we don’t have to. And you don’t know those things when you’re going into this until you start learning but it can be a challenge. And again, I would encourage people you know, check with your friends that do gluten free stuff and find out which brands they like. So you can start out there first because otherwise you spend a lot of money and waste a lot of product because you don’t like something. But there are great products on the market these days compared to what there was before.

Christy Crenshaw 19:24
Yeah. And if you do have friends that are gluten free, go to their house for dinner. Yes. Show me some of the different stuff that you use. You know, let me taste a meal of how you free and that can really help to show you that it’s something that’s possible. It’s something that’s doable, and you can live a good life You can eat healthy food that tastes good. You’re not having to give up your life.

Christy Crenshaw 19:50
Exactly, exactly. I always tell tell my clients you know that. You don’t have to give up everything you love. We’re just going to find a healthier version of that thing. Honestly. Really, like we’ve learned how to make gluten free pizza and gluten free pretzel bites and only pretzel bites, because I can’t figure out how to loop them into the sourdough, that they look right you know, so it’s just easier to do pizza bites. But you know, there’s a lot of different things that you can learn how to make even like muffins and things like that, where you substitute sugar for applesauce or substitute monk fruit for sugar. You know, there’s so many ways that you can do these versions, or keto bombs, which are great, and they have really no sugar in them. And if you’d like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you’re gonna love keto bombs. But you know, there’s so many ways that you can still have your treats and not feel like you’re depriving yourself of everything. And I love what you’re saying is that tackle one thing first, get successful with that one thing. And if you’re really overwhelmed by it, start with something that’s going to be easy for you don’t start with something that’s going to be super hard. Start with something that you know, you’re going to have success with in a short period of time, because then you’ll stay committed to it longer. And you’ll be more successful versus if you try the hardest thing first, every day, when you fail, you’re just going to be like I’m a failure, and you’re just going to continue to try to give up. And don’t do that to start simple.

Christy Crenshaw 21:20
Yet, because every change you make in the positive direction is going to impact your health. And they absolutely feel those changes. You’re even something just as simple as drinking more water, you would be surprised at the amount of energy that you would have if you’re drinking sufficient amounts of water. Absolutely. There’s so much stuff that happens in our body when we’re dehydrated, you know?

Debra Muth 21:46
Yeah, even for us, like we started to learn all about essential oils, and I changed over everything in the house. So the cleaning products are all clean cleaning products. And, and we make our own bath bombs. And I make my own lotion, and all of those things because I don’t want those toxic chemicals on my body. And I didn’t want to pay a ton of money for natural products that I didn’t know if I was going to like or not. And so I found this great gal, I don’t know if you’ve heard of her. She’s called the soap queen. Have you seen her stuff? I don’t think I’ve seen her Oh, cuz I make most of my eyes. I love her. That’s how I learned how to make so but I learned how to make bath bombs and lotions. And she’s got tons of recipes and great ingredients to buy from and I use all my essential oils from doTERRA or Young Living, I don’t buy a lot of her stuff. But she’s got a lot of base ingredients that are great, and lots of nice videos to learn. So you know what it looks like? So you’re not like, well, is this what it’s supposed to look like? Is that what it’s supposed to look like? And I and it’s fun, you know, my girls come over and we make a whole batch of stuff. And then we send it home with each other or I make a big mason jar full of lotion, put it in the freezer. And then I just scoop it out as I need to and add my essential oils to it as I scoop it out. Because maybe I want a different essential oil today as I wanted, you know, last week or whatever. Yeah, but it’s not as hard as it seems you’re not going to be in the kitchen forever doing this kind of stuff. But it’s something you can do that it creates fun for your family too.

Christy Crenshaw 23:19
And it bonds you together. Even cooking the healthy meals. Yeah. You know, I’ve brought my sons into my two boys into a lot of the, especially the making of the sweet treats and things. Yeah, they really want to get in there and do that. And then my youngest son is really I see him even more kind of peeking over my shoulder as I’m doing the rest of the cookie and I’m like, Oh, hey, you want to come help me, you know, chops and stuff. And, you know, and he’ll ask me different questions about why I’m using this or why I’m using that. And I’m able to educate him about you know, healthier choices. And you know, because he sees the things that I use versus the things that maybe his grandmother uses or his stepmom uses. He’s like, Well, someone still uses this. Why do you use this? I’m like, well, this is why, you know, the other stuff, you know, causes x, y, z, but this stuff is actually healthy for your body. You know, like the Crisco oil versus natural olive oil. You know, we all know what happens with the Crisco oil and not a healthy fat for our body. Right. Olive oil is a very healthy omega fat and, and good for our body.

Debra Muth 24:29
So absolutely, just even some of those little changes can make a huge difference, you know, so when you run out of Crisco or your corn oil, just replace it with a good olive oil in a glass container, not in a plastic but in a glass container. It’s really not that much more expensive and you use such a little amount of it compared to the other stuff. That it all it all evens out from a price perspective, but you’re making those little changes as your pantry stuff runs out. Yeah, so much easier, so much easier. So tell me a little bit. Christie about what are some of the myths that you believe about healthy living? some of the myths that I believe, yeah, what are some of the things you hear people say that about healthy living that that you want to correct them on?

Christy Crenshaw 25:20
Well, probably the most prevalent one is I can’t afford to eat healthy. And it’s what I tell people all the time is you can’t afford not to eat healthy. You know, when the price of a heart attack in this country costs an average of a million dollars. Yeah, for people. And you don’t know until you’re in the midst of that, that your insurance is not sufficient that it’s not going to cover all of that. I mean, so many people lose their homes, they lose their life savings from a major health incident. Yeah. So you have that thing, you can either pay the farm now, or you’ll pay the pharmacy and the doctors later, that second cost is going to be much more than what you would have paid to eat healthy up front.

Debra Muth 26:04
Yeah, not to mention your quality of life after that, and how reduce that’s going to be because you’re going to be limited in things that you can do now, because you didn’t plan for the future to prevent things like that. Yeah. Tell us a little bit about your body as a temple like what is your belief around that body being the the temple that helps you stay healthy? What is your belief there?

Christy Crenshaw 26:36
You know, like I said, at the beginning, I’m a very devout Christian, I believe in the Lord, I believe in Jesus, I believe that his sacrifice, paid my way for me to go to heaven, but he bought me, he paid for my way. And it The Bible tells us that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Because when he left and went to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to us. And he’s not just out here floating around. In space, he actually lives it resides inside our body. So when we’re sick and unhealthy, that we are subjecting the Holy Spirit to living in that sick and unhealthy body. And when I think about that, I’m like, Jesus wasn’t sick, God is never sick, why would the Holy Spirit want to live in a body that sick? And, and those are kind of the things and the Bible tells us that we are to honor the Lord. And one of the best ways that you can honor the Lord is by taking care of this body that he’s given us, you know, we only have one. And when we’re not taking care of it, and we’re sick, and we’re unhealthy, then it’s going to keep us a lot of times from fulfilling our calling from fulfilling our destiny from going out and reaching the world and going into all the world and going to the nations. You know, like I said, I couldn’t get off my couch at one point in time, how was I supposed to go into all the world and preach the good news? And that was kind of the realization because at one point, you know, I had to get real with myself. And it’s like, in like I said, it was one day after church, you know, there was a sermon that was done about going into all the nations and you know, the Sermon on the Mount, and what Jesus told them to do. And I was sitting there on the couch, and I literally couldn’t get off myself, I was so tired. And that was the question, I asked the Lord, I’m like, How am I supposed to go into all the world and do anything? I can’t even get off my couch. And that was when he I felt like the Holy Spirit really started to leave me in that path. You know, because in my next prayer and study time, I started to see scriptures about health, about taking care of your body about honoring the temple of the Holy Spirit. So those are the things that you know, really keeps me going. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about me anymore. Yeah. And yes, I have children. And I have a husband. But it’s also about the Lord.

Debra Muth 29:22
In you know, I always find that so interesting is that when, if we’re paying attention, right, when we need the message to come to us to tell us what to do, because we don’t know or we’re unsure. The signs show up for us, whether it’s in a scripture, or somebody sends us an email, and you’re like, God, how did they know that’s what I was thinking? Or somebody calls you there’s there’s messages that come to us all over, if we’re paying attention, right? Yes. And those are the things that tell us what we need to do and how to get started, but we have to remember that we only have one body, we only have one Lord. And we, we owe him a lot. We owe him our life. And we owe him to take care of ourselves, you know, we’re not going to do it for our children, or our partners or ourselves, then we owe it to him to do it for him because of what he’s sacrificed for all of us. And I think it’s very easy for us to get lazy and say, Well, I can’t do this. Well, he didn’t say that. Yeah. You know, when he was being tortured, he didn’t say that, you know, we have to remember that we’re much stronger than sometimes we give ourselves credit for.

Christy Crenshaw 30:47
Yes, I can do all things. That’s right, me, you know, and that that is one of the main verses, you know, when somebody says, I just can’t do this, it’s too hard. I’m like, No, you need to change the way you’re talking, first of all, change that inner dialogue, you need to change the way that you’re thinking about this stuff. Because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And you know, and one of the things that I look at in my life as if there is something in my life that I just can’t give up. That’s a stronghold. Whether it be soft drinks, you know, for me, it’s been coffee. You know, I’ve struggled with coffee for years. Y’all Get it? And then I’ll have one of them. And I’m like, hooked again. It’s like a Yeah, literally, like an addict here. Yeah, it’s a vicious drug,

Debra Muth 31:35
isn’t it?

Christy Crenshaw 31:36
And I mean, even just again, here recently, I’ve had to detox from coffee. Because, you know, even myself as a health coach, heart palpitations. And it’s from the caffeine, you know, everything else in my life is healthy. And that’s what I was, I was always like, I have given up literally everything. Can I have just this one thing? My body was saying no, no. And I gave it up. Yeah. Because there’s nothing that is that important that I shouldn’t be able to give it up for him because he gave up everything for me. Yeah,

Debra Muth 32:12
Well, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s an important point that you’re making is that you paid attention enough to your body to recognize that this particular thing was causing a symptom for you that you didn’t want to have, that you didn’t need to run to the doctor and get a medication for that all it took was giving up coffee. And and I don’t mean to discount that. Because for people who love their coffee, it is not an easy thing to give up. However, it means you don’t take a drug for the heart palpitations just so you can continue to have coffee. You know, there’s other things that I’m sure you could have in its place that that doesn’t give you heart palpitations, maybe some green tea, or some decaf green tea or something like that. That’s healthier for you, that gives you that boost that you like, and doesn’t give you the heart palpitations.

Christy Crenshaw 33:04
And I actually found a product that is made out of mushrooms.

Debra Muth 33:07
I’ve heard of that.

Christy Crenshaw 33:09
Yes, yeah, it actually does taste really good. It has just a tiny amount of caffeine in it. But it’s not enough to cause issues for me. And the mushrooms, of course, are adaptogens they’re good for you.

Debra Muth 33:21
Yeah, they’re great for your immune system. Yes. Yeah. perfectly.

Christy Crenshaw 33:26
That was a good swap. You know, again, you didn’t have to give it up completely. I found something that tasted similar, but was a healthier swap for me.

Debra Muth 33:35
Absolutely. And I think that’s what’s key for us in, in finding these things are what are healthier version of things that we can have, that we don’t have to worry about causing problems for us, but we still kind of get that, that fix, right? Or that little treat that makes us feel like we’ve got something special for ourselves to absolutely Christy what kind of clients do you like to work with?

Christy Crenshaw 34:02
I typically work with Christian mostly females, I do have a few male clients that have come to me but But typically, my my main clients are Christian females, kind of between the ages of 40 to 60. You know, most of them, their their children are grown, so they have the time and the money to focus and spend on themselves. And, you know, they’re seeing some changes that they don’t really like in their body and in their health and, and kind of getting those red flags that hey, I there’s some issues I need to address. So. And I do work with people who aren’t believers, but my main client does tend to be to be Christians, because they are the ones that truly understand. You know about our body being the temple of the Holy Spirit and there they are called for more than just what they’re doing and for a higher purpose, and those are the ones that are also the most successful. For the ones that are doing it not just for themselves, you know not for pride, not for vanity, but to honor the Lord with their body.

Debra Muth 35:09
That’s awesome. And if people want to get in touch with you, how do they reach out to you to start working with you or learn some of the things that you have to offer?

Christy Crenshaw 35:20
I have a website, and it’s Kingdomhealthbuilders.com. And then I’m also on Facebook, at Kingdom health builders calm, or Facebook. Yeah, and I do have a free Facebook group that is quickly going to about 1000 members. in that group, I share all kinds of information about being healthy. And it’s not just natural health, but like one of the series that I’m going through right now is using the armor of God to overcome food addictions and in unhealthy eating patterns. So you’re learning the natural with the supernatural. And, and when you pair those two together, I believe that’s where divine health comes from, when you learn how to take care of this body in the natural, but you also learn how to apply the spiritual principles of what the Lord says in the Bible, of not only how to eat but how to combat you know how to have the healthy mindset and how to use his word, to achieve those things that we want in our life.

Debra Muth 36:28
That’s awesome. I love that. You know, if any of you are listening, and you’re driving or working out, while you’re listening to us, don’t worry about that, we’re going to have all of Christy’s social contacts, in our show notes and as well on our social page, so don’t worry about writing them down, we’ll be able to get them to you as well, Christy, any last words of advice or wisdom you’d like to leave our listeners with today?

Christy Crenshaw 36:53
I just want everybody to know that no matter where you’re at, there’s still hope. Some people feel sometimes that they’re too far gone that they have messed up too much. But we know that that our God is a healer. And that when you make that conscious decision that you’re going to honor your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. I don’t care if you’re on your deathbed. It’s never too late to make some healthy changes.

Debra Muth 37:22
I love that that’s such a good point of view. So thank you for being with us today. I really appreciate having this conversation with you. This has been very uplifting. And I’m sure that our listeners are finding this motivational and encouraging for them to make some changes in their life.

Christy Crenshaw 37:40
Good. It’s been a pleasure being here. And I just thank you for having me and I thank your listeners for listening.

Debra Muth 37:50
Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review, share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest.

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