Episode 123: Healing Through the Red Light Pod with Karl Chen

If you have your own healing pod would you use it? I love the healing pods they repair the mitochondrial, turn over cell damage, reduce inflammation and provide anti-aging benefits. Karl shares what whole body red light pods can do for you from weight loss to sexual virality.

Do not miss these highlights:

[05:34] All of our body cells are connected; the entire body is connected

[06:54] We as humans are an energy force that can respond to different modalities that bring a healing property when it’s administered correctly

[08:47] If you move to a low inflammatory, holistic nutritional program, do a fair amount of exercise and fitness, the light will accelerate the natural healing process of the human body

[09:57] Red light does a myriad of different things from improving the myelin sheath in your nerve to boosting your lymphatic system.

[11:32] Infrared saunas help with the detoxification process

[18:47] Light pods also produce collagen that is going to give you the benefit of the anti-aging effects

[23:42] One of the side benefits of light therapy is sexual wellness as it can improve virility

[26:42] Some of the challenges they faced when they first brought the product to market

Resources Mentioned

Serenity U – Gain access to a searchable library of health tips and strategies with Dr. Deb – https://debra-s-school-1b7e.thinkific.com/courses/serenity-u 

About our Guest:

Karl Chen is the Founder and CEO of Prism Light Pod based in Denver, CO. He launched the company in 2017 to bring full-body red light therapy to keep athletes, high-performing individuals and natural wellness enthusiasts healthy and rejuvenated. Karl has been a technologist and entrepreneur for more than 30 years. He worked for leading global companies as an executive at Hewlett-Packard and Dell, and started two venture backed technology companies that HP acquired. In 2013 he was suffering from numerous sports-related injuries and was getting relief from hand-held red light therapy. He got the idea of inventing a whole-body red light therapy system and brought Prism Light Pod to market after 3 & 1/2 years of R&D. Prism Light Pod was awarded the LUX Life Global Excellence Award for the Most Powerful Full-Body Red Light Therapy System. You can find Prism Light Pod installations across North America and Europe. 




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