Episode 126: How to Lose Weight While Eating Doughnuts with Rachel Freiman

Do you want to know the secret to eating doughnuts and still being able to lose weight at any age? There’s no strict diet, no sacrificing your favorite foods, there are no long hours spent at the gym. Rachel Freiman teaches us how to lose fat while loving what we eat. 

Do not miss these highlights:

[04:40] Diet’s are never destined to last because we’re pleasure-seeking creatures

[05:50] Macro tracking, the approach to dieting as a skill

[08:33] The magic pill to losing weight is being in a caloric deficit

[11:17] A look at putting yourself into starvation mode and its effects

[14:33] Nutrition is 90% of this game

[15:25] Is water a contributing factor to losing weight?

[17:34] Rachel’s journey from being a Musician to being a fitness pro

[23:47] Learning to track macros is taking complete control of one of the unhealthiest relationships with food

[24:15] Get past that learning curve, be dedicated and it will literally transform your life

[28:25] The idea of neural connections in our brain

[32:45] Can you maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight while eating foods that “are not good for us”?

[36:00] The first steps to take when starting on a fitness journey

Resources Mentioned

Freebie:Lose Weight While Still Eating Donuts: How to Never Diet Again https://www.mindstrongfitnesscoaching.com/donuts

For the best in Gluten Free Flour and Gluten Support Supplements, visit https://gf-naturals.com/ 

About our Guest:

Rachel Freiman (Slotnick) is the CEO of MindStrong Fitness, a lover of lifting heavy things up and down, and a coach passionate about helping others unleash their strongest, most empowered selves through education and mindset training.

With more than fifteen years of classroom instruction and certifications in personal training and sports nutrition, Rachel developed MindStrong Fitness with an inside-out approach: focusing on both the mental and physical sides to build healthy, sustainable habits.

When she’s not in the gym, Rachel enjoys exploring the world, snuggling with her puppy Charlie, eating, and thinking about the next time she’ll be eating.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getmindstrong/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GetMindStrong/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8LaZeW7rNwG5qBo7tKRdJw

Website: https://www.mindstrongfitnesscoaching.com/

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