Episode 130: Healing the Physical and Emotional Body with the Regenetics Method – A conversation with Sol Luckman

The divine feminine energy saves the world! A conversation on how Regenetics helps the body release toxins and heals the physical and emotional body. Sol Luckman and Dr. Deb also explore how the feminine can override the masculine destruction of the world. 

Do not miss these highlights:

[5:01] How Sol’s life changed from receiving “jack-cines”

[7:59] Utilizing the Regenetics method of sound healing to heal physical and emotional body

[9:30] The process of modifying human genetics through vaccines as described by Leonard Horowitz, author of Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse

[11:45] Studies show that 90% of the problems that manifest in an extremely physical way are emotional and perhaps spiritual

[12:56] Healing is really a process of empowering ourselves and becoming whole on the levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

[15:38] The commonality for most people that the second chakra (the sex chakra) is leaking energy as opposed to redistributing it to the upper chakras in the body

[18:11] A look at how the his first activation of Regenetics positively affected his body

[25:27] The Gnostic concept of how the world came into being

[33:31] Receiving the inspiration for his novel from spirit pre-Covid

[35:24] A look into his character Cali who is the archetype of divine feminine energy

[40:49] A look at the vaccine scandals in history and how the French are currently protesting the immunizations

[43:59] We are in a state of evolution of sorts, where we’re moving from a mass centralized society around the world, to a networked decentralized society

[49:29] A reading from his book Cali the Destroyer

[54:07] The indeed to decentralize and empower at a grassroots level

[1:00:00] A look into germ theory and whether germs actually cause illness

Resources Mentioned

Books recommended: 

Peggy Hall https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/peggys-story

What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong by Dawn Lester (Author), David Parker (Author)

Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief by John Lamb Lash (Author) http://www.phoenixregenetics.org/

Phoenix Factor for High-Functioning Female Executives – https://debra-s-school-1b7e.thinkific.com/courses/phoenix-factor-protocol 

About our Guest:

A longtime researcher of shamanism and spirituality, Sol Luckman is an iconoclastic psychonaut devoted to exploring and exposing the truth about human history and potential—wherever that might lead. His new novel, CALI THE DESTROYER, Finalist in both the New Age and Visionary categories of the 2021 International Book Awards, is a page-turner of a sci-fi tale set in an Orwellian future seeded in the dystopian presents that radically rewrites Gnosticism as well as the origins of the earth and humanity. His previous novel, the multi-award-winning SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, was a deep dive into Hindu mysticism, lucid dreaming, parallel universes, and cryptozoology. In his two international bestselling nonfiction books on the “revolutionary healing science” (NEXUS Magazine) of his own unique form of sound healing, the Regenetics Method, Luckman examined the critical role played by DNA and consciousness in healing, transformation, and evolution. On the lighter side, Luckman is also an acclaimed humorist. Of his multi-award-winning satirical lexicon, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY, Reader Views remarked that he “picked up where writers like Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce had left off.” More recently, the forthcoming MUSING FROM A SMALL ISLAND combines fascinating memoir, hilarious comedy and inspirational philosophy in a stunningly self-illustrated coffee table book any Lowcountry lover or contemporary art aficionado would be proud to display. 

To learn more about Sol Luckman’s writing and artwork, visit:

personal website: www.CrowRising.com

blog: www.Snooze2Awaken.com

Regenetics: www.PhoenixRegenetics.org

Transcription of Episode #130:

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging, and live our lives on our own terms.

Debra Muth 0:16
Welcome back to the show everyone. I’m so excited to be starting with a new guest saw Luckman. Today, we are going to talk about the feminine energy and the feminine power, and how it’s going to be our feminine energy that saves the world. Now we all know that things are crazy right now. Nobody knows what end is up, everybody’s getting to the point where they don’t know what to believe anymore. There’s lots of concerns about the jab. And do you take it? Do you not? Well, Sol has a really great perspective on jack scenes and how they cause autoimmune disease. And better yet, how we can use something called Regenetics that he has worked with for several years to heal the body on an emotional level, you guys are going to just love this conversation. It’s going to take lots of twists and turns and go in many different directions. But we’re also going to share with you some sources that you guys can reach out to and get involved yourself. But also I want to have you listened to this episode and just really engage in the power of femininity and the rise between the feminine energy and how that will truly heal the world in its masculine destruction. So, I want to give you a little bit of information about Saul himself here. Saul is a longtime researcher of shamanism and spirituality. He is agnostic, psycho not devoted to exploring and exposing the truth about human history and the potential wherever that might lead. He has a new novel called Kali, the destroyer finalist in both the new age and visionary categories of 2021 International Book Awards. This is a page turner of a sci fi tale set in the Orwellian future seated in the dystopian press presents that radically rewrites Gnosticism as well as the origins of the earth and the humanity. He has many, many different books that he has written. And he has created a unique form of sound healing called rejects method. And Luckman has examined the critical role played in DNA and the consciousness and healing transformation and evolution. I had the wonderful opportunity to have a conversation with him a few weeks ago, and he and I just really hit it off in our conversations about feminine energy and power of goddesses. And this re rejects method that he used to heal himself from a jack seen injury as he calls it. And I want him to be able to share that information with you. So this is going to be a different conversation for us that we’ve had for a while, but I think you guys are going to really love it. And check him out at the Phoenix Regenetics.org where he is works with his partner, Lee. And together, the two of them have helped many, many victims of heavy metal toxicity, Vaccine Injury, medical injury of all kinds with this, this form of sound medicine that he’s created. So can’t wait to share this with you guys. Let’s dive in right now.

Debra Muth 3:52
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Debra Muth 4:48
All right, so welcome to the show, Sol. I’m so excited to have you here.

Sol Luckman 4:54
Thanks for having me, Dr. Deborah.

Debra Muth 4:56
So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Sol Luckman 5:01
Wow. existential questions, huh? Yeah, well, I come from an academic background. And I was I was working on a PhD in literature when when I had some, I like to call them jack scenes, because that’s what I call them in my book. And I can avoid censorship sometimes that way. So I had some of those for travel for dissertation research, and I ended up getting really ill because of those. So I have first hand experience with what it’s like to have that kind of damage and to have my you know, one’s life torn apart by by that kind of invasive procedure. And I spent a long time trying to get well, I was very ill with an autoimmune, mysterious autoimmune situation that went on for the better part of a decade. And I ended up figuring out how to heal myself using energy and sound, sound healing, through a rather miraculous series of events, I detail all of this in one of my books called potentiate your DNA. I also talked about it in another book called conscious healing. And both of those are on the kinetics method, which is what I developed with my partner, Lee, and we have a we have a website, that’s Phoenix region attics.org, you can check out that whole world of sort of self empowerment and self healing and raising your energy level. And I even have an article on my blog called immunize yourself against vaccine. And I use the other word injury with with this method. So my contention is that it’s possible to mitigate some of the effects of these jabs. And these these mandates, energetically, although I don’t, I don’t recommend ever that anyone undergo that process. But if one has to, or if one is forced to under adverse circumstances, there are tools to assist against against that kind of onslaught, I just want to put that out there. So that’s, that’s a good thing.

Debra Muth 7:13
Mm hmm. That’s so huge, because I think there’s so much right now, going around about these jobs. And, and it is a spiritual fight right now. Because people in their innate sense, they, they know, they don’t want to do this, but they’re being forced to take the job by whether their employer or a family member, a friend, their lives are becoming very difficult if they don’t get them. Or at least so we’re, we’re making that in our mind, right? That it’s difficult. Um, so how can people use energy to help protect themselves against something like that against this turmoil that’s happening?

Sol Luckman 7:57
Yeah. Well, basically, the the Regenetics method is a method of sound healing that uses vowels to stimulate what I contend is a self healing and self -Self, potentiating in the in the genetics. And what happens, I believe, is that when this when this one experiences this work is that the the, the by way of the DNA, the cells are flooded with hyperdimensional, energy, torsion energy, scalar, energy, whatever you want to call it, chi, prana, Kundalini, and this forces out a lot of toxins lightens, like proteins and that sort of thing. So it’s absolutely possible to use energy in conjunction with with good diet, and perhaps other other things, herbs that are out there, too, to help cleanse the body of a lot of different very difficult toxins. And you know, if one can get rid of, you know, Mercury from the system, which is possible to do, then one can get rid of a lot of things. That’s a very hard thing to detox.

Sol Luckman 9:11
It’s very difficult

Sol Luckman 9:12
To get stuck in the nerves. And I know that’s a big thing that happens with people experiencing read genetics, they release a lot of heavy metals, it shows up in all kinds of tests when people are experiencing this, obviously, exiting the body. So I know that Leave, leave the system. And, and if you go into Leonard Horowitz, his work who was writing about, you know, the dangers of vaccines. years ago, he wrote a book called healing codes for the biological apocalypse. And it’s related to my work in that way that it’s about using energy and sound to do really amazing feats of healing, even in the face of what he describes as a biological apocalypse related to jack scenes. And so this book was very prophetic about what we’re going through right now. And his intention was that even years ago, they were modifying human genetics with these jabs. And, and the way that would work is you would take diseased animal DNA, insert them into the serum, put it into the human body, and then use reverse transcriptase to have that basically upload into the DNA.

Debra Muth 10:23
And then we can change generation after generation after generation. With that,

Sol Luckman 10:28
Exactly, you can inherit this stuff. So I believe that’s what happened to me and why I got so sick, I believe that is the the basic explanation for why you have such a, such a generation of chronic fatigue, and Fibromyalgia sufferers and that kind of thing. And then, then, and then what happens is, I believe the body gets even more susceptible to becoming toxic through dental amalgams and, and pesticides and other environmental toxins, because the body actually holds on to those toxins, trying to short circuit the insanity going on with all these pathogens circulating in the system.

Debra Muth 11:08
It’s such an insult to the body. But you know, I’ve done this work for 25 years. And you and I had such a great conversation before we hopped on this call even a couple weeks ago, but I think there’s there’s this big part of spirituality and our emotional body that has to heal as well as our physical body. And our healthcare system is only looking at the physical body, not the spiritual human body, that emotional connection. And I have found over the years that when when people address that component of it, they make such big strides in healing their body way more than anything we can give them or do to them.

Sol Luckman 11:47
Oh, you’re so right. I mean, even people who are looking at biochemistry in an alternative way, you know, the big Wilson’s, right. Okay. So they, you know, I’ve seen some wonderful interviews with them on on the blood work analysis that they do. And, you know, you would think these guys are all about the physical body, the blood, etc. But no, they basically say that 90% of the problems, even even things that manifest in an extremely physical way, are emotional, and perhaps spiritual.

Debra Muth 12:20
Yeah, we are spiritually broken, and emotionally overwhelmed, I’ll say, you know, there’s so much trauma that we’ve brought into our lives. While we’re living, we have all this trauma, not to mention all the trauma that we bring with us from our previous lives. And nobody knows how to how to work with that, unless you get into this spiritual realm of things like what you do.

Sol Luckman 12:48
I think you’re right, and there are many different ways of approaching healing and or what I like to call it wholing. You know, just to emphasize that healing is really a process of, of, of empowering ourselves and becoming hold on all of these different levels that are interrelated. And I look at four pillars, it’s the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual. And that follows a kind of esoteric tradition, where you have those these subtle bodies that are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, the physical being actually a kind of subtle body, it’s all essentially holographic. Even the physical is a vibrating construct, and that has a spiritual aspect to it. And then you move into the mental than into the emotional levels, and then ultimately, the spiritual levels. And ironically, the as you go through that process, rather than getting less and less powerful, as the energies become less, less manifest or less tangible, it actually, you actually entered deeper and more powerful creational levels, meaning that much of our experience is created from our spiritual selves. And then it manifests through the emotions and the mental aspects into the so called physical. What this means is that where you actually experienced the greatest healing is going to the most subtle part of your anatomy of your spiritual anatomy. Now, one thing I like to talk about, and you may or may not be familiar with this from from the work that I do, and this is a concept that a lot of people are not familiar with, but when I was when I was entering this path of, of energy healing and sound healing, I was doing a version of allergy elimination technique, you’re probably familiar with namboodiri pad and Ellen Cutler and that kind of thing. I was I was being taught and a via someone who had developed her own technique based on that work. And so I became my practitioner of her work for a while and I was doing all of this Kinesiology and a lot of clients with tons of allergy And you know, fibromyalgia and everything in the world and I just saw so much evidence of Jackson damage and heavy metal poisoning and that kind of thing was just overwhelming. And I also saw the many, many connections with with emotional dysfunction and spiritual crisis. And many, many connections with DNA, genetics, language, sound, all of these, there was just an amazing tapestry of connectivity that I was mapping out doing all of this testing. One of the consistent aspects that emerged from that testing was that the second chakra in people this is the sixth chakra is this massive problem, it’s a problem because it literally is a it’s like a I described it as like a contrail in a jet, or from a jet that that all of this energy is literally leaking out of the second chakra. coming up from from from our, the Kundalini, if the energy of the Earth is coming up through our feet, you know, we’re like a plant growing up out of the earth, right, and it’s goes up through our legs, and it gets our first chakra, everything is cool. And as soon as it tries to get into the second chakra, it just, it just goes away, it just diffuses everywhere. So it never actually comes up into our third and fourth, and fifth, and sixth and seventh chakra is to illuminate and enlighten and empower us the way it’s meant to because we are literally defective in a sense in our second chakra, and this is everybody it’s not used to. That’s, that’s the chakra that’s related to shame, and envy, lack of self worth, self judgment, and all of these things, too. So this is where that’s what’s being weaponized against us with all of these crazy politics. And with all of the all of the the anti, anti anti vaxxer rhetoric and all of this stuff is we’re being shamed into giving away our power or giving away our sovereignty over and over again, is what they’re doing. And I do, I do have certain people in mind when I say they, I’m not just using a, you know, an unfounded word there. But they are weaponizing our own weakness against us at a very fundamental level. And we are we’re falling forward in many cases. Yeah, this is really a time to rally and to come together and to find ways to stand up and also find ways to heal this second chakra now. And my work I called it the fragmentary body. Eileen McKusick, who wrote the biofield anatomy, she it won a novelist award a few years ago. She calls it the slavery yoke. Brendan Murphy writes about it. Also, he’s an Australian writer, there’s a number of people who have been writing about this problematic field. And what I discovered was that, and this was somewhat my accident, is that when i when i was really, really sick, and I thought I was I thought I was dying. And I did the first activation of Regenetics on myself. And then I started to heal. And it was just miraculous and all my food allergies and crazy environmental sensitivities. And everything just started to just go away all of this time. And I began tracking the energy along with my partner Lee, we were tracking it in ourselves. We’d both done this activation on ourselves, same time, and we were doing Kinesiology and we were following the energy through our fields in our chakras. And after five months, guess what happened to the fragmentary body opened up, it went away.

Debra Muth 18:45
Oh, you’re kidding. Oh, my gosh,

Sol Luckman 18:47
it was sealed, that hole was sealed. And then all of this energy started flowing into our upper chakras. My first experience when that happened was I had a massive sinus blowout. All of that energy, this game right up, just just I just, I just dripped out my nose for days and days. And it was I’m sure it was clearing heavy metals and everything. That one that went on, but it was kind of some some evidence that Yes, okay, this is actually happening. And we began sharing this work with other people and tracking kind of their timeline and everyone was on the same timeline, and everyone was sealing that the fragmentary body around that five month mark over and over and over and over and over. And many times that that’s when people would would see a kind of quantum leap in either their health or their relationships or their business or their sense of empowerment, or some combination of all of those was, it was it was like that slavery yoke went away. And they all of a sudden realized that they they had power. Wow.

Debra Muth 19:56
That is phenomenal. I love that story.

Sol Luckman 20:00
So you know, I mean, the nice thing is you can try it for yourself. I mean, there’s a there’s a potential your DNA is a do it yourself guide, you can, you can potentially get yourself, you can potentially get your family, your pets, your businesses, your house, your garden, we also offer a free monthly session for people who want to experience that. And this is the primary activation that started reversing my Jackson damage.

Debra Muth 20:25
I love that because there’s so many with vaccine damage out there. Our practice treats kids with autism and attention deficit and all of the damage that’s happened from vaccines. And we’re starting to see a lot of that come from the COVID shot. People activating autoimmune diseases and extreme muscle pain and joint pain, like beyond normal, some paralysis that’s lasting several days, and then seems to resolve but we know it’s going to just come back, it’s a matter of time. So this is a great way for them to heal, because we don’t really know what else we can do. I mean, we have Bluetooth ion and we have vitamin C, and all of that kind of thing. But we don’t know anything else if what we have is going to work or not on this thing. It’s a DNA changer, you know?

Sol Luckman 21:11
Absolutely. I mean, it’s absolutely a DNA changer. And it’s the next generation. And I don’t know if this work would work on it in its entirety, either. What I know is that would help. I’m almost certain it would help detox spike proteins, okay. in their entirety, maybe not? I don’t know, I just don’t have that information, right. And whether this could actually undo some of the RNA changes that are being, you know, the DNA changes that are being RNA induced? I don’t know for sure. But it’s not in theory, it’s not radically dissimilar from the concept of a reverse transcriptase, taking something and reprogramming your DNA. I believe all of that was completely reversed in me. And I’ve seen evidence of that over and over again with many other people. I mean, I’m in my mid 50s, and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m getting absolutely shredded. I’m you know, I’m just, you know, it’s amazing. So I mean, I know that this is, it’s, it’s certainly possible to reverse extreme genetic damage. And for that matter, the science of epigenetics suggests that’s the case. And we have, you know, all kinds of miracle healings that shouldn’t happen that happened epigenetically every once in a while someone attacks me and says, No, you can’t undo this. And they talk about hydro gel and graphene and all this stuff. And I’m like, well, you don’t know that right? experienced what I’ve experienced that I’ve seen absolute miracles. So you know, you’re just assuming that you can’t do that, which is a very pessimistic attitude. And that’s not going to get you very far. Right? very least, we should be open that there are energetic things, energetic modalities of some kind, whether human based or technology based, that could positively impact this kind of damage.

Debra Muth 22:54
We have to try something right. And this isn’t going to hurt you. It may not do exactly what we think it might, but we may be surprised, and it may do something far more, at least just so phenomenally great than we’d ever even expected. So we have to be open to that Pathak possibility as well.

Unknown Speaker 23:12
Well, I mean, an example of that would be my mother who experienced this work and went on and died. She had cancer, and she had struggled with depression and all kinds of things for her entire life. And she told me before she died that she felt like that this work, the regenetics had healed everything about her except her body. And it no longer matter. That was one of the last things she said to me.

Debra Muth 23:43
What a gift. Hey, I mean, oh my gosh.

Sol Luckman 23:47
Yeah, I mean, it’s a hard pill to swallow because I wanted her body I wanted her live. You know, but but but I will always remember that. And it meant a lot to me for her to say that because I felt like such a failure. I’ve been able to heal myself and all these other people and help them recover their physical strength. And I couldn’t help her that way. And and so I felt like oh my gosh, I really am a failure, or maybe I’m a fraud or something like that. Don’t Don’t ever think that.

Debra Muth 24:13

Sol Luckman 24:14
So that was a gift. And she knew exactly what to say to that, you know,

Debra Muth 24:19
What a wonderful gift. So I’m gonna ask you so there’s a lot of people in our arena that feel like what’s happening to us today is to awaken the feminine power and for the feminine to inherit the earth right to take back our earth and our world and create a softness to it instead of that masculine driven ego power struggle. What do you think about that?

Sol Luckman 24:47
Yeah, I think I think you’re right about that. Um, well. Oh, gosh. The think of the family And the masculine as First of all, first off it’s archetypal energy. That they’re that they’re they stem from the way we were created in a gnostic sense. And this is this is, this is a subject that I address in my my newest book, which is called Kali, the destroyer and it’s about the Divine Feminine in relation to the divine masculine. So maybe I could just talk a little bit about the Gnostic concept of how the world came into being. And and that would help frame this discussion. So absolutely agnosticism and I’d like to recommend that everyone go out and pick up a copy or, you know, I can’t purchase a Kindle of john lashes book, john lash is his name. And he wrote a book called not in his image. And it is a very scholarly, very controversial look at Gnosticism. Gnosticism, has sometimes been claimed to be essentially a Christian sect in terms of early Christianity, but really, it’s not really it was a criticism of the early Christian church. And we’re talking, you know, around 300-325, you know, very, very early on. And the main thing that they that the Gnostics were critical of when it came to Christianity was that Christianity was ignoring the divine feminine, and the Goddess. And some of the evidence that that lash puts forward to support his contention that this was very threatening to the church was that, that the church went on to kill millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of millions of people who had one main thing in common. They were all Earth worshipers, not just worshipers. That’s what they had in common. So there was there was some smoke with that there was some fire where that smoke was basic. Something was very troubling. And what blash does is he reinterprets a lot of these, these ancient gnostic texts that were, that were found in, in Egypt in the 1940s, I believe, cave. These were the Gnostic texts, he reinterprets them to tell a very, almost sci fi sounding story of the creation of the earth energy manatee. And, and here’s the basic gist of it. In according to these gnostic texts as as, as decoded by john lash, you have you do have a god but it’s, it’s a little different from the Christian God, it’s the the Christian God is problematic, especially the Old Testament God, because the Old Testament God is a very vengeful God. And that’s not that’s not. That’s not what you see carrying forward so much in into the New Testament into many of our modern interpretations of God. So there is this force called the originator, and the originator is inherent in all things, but is also located in galactic center, which is called the pleroma. Outside of the Galactic Center space, and that is called a Ken Noma. So the originator is in the black hole, the center of the galaxy in that universe. It’s not really a singularity. It’s more like a plurality. But you also have all of these children, as it were, of the originator living there, who are these gods kind of like the Greek gods and goddesses that they’re they’re very powerful beings that have personalities and traits and abilities. These are called aeons. And they’re again, they’re they’re basically like the Greek gods and goddesses that are extremely powerful. And one of these is what’s called Sofia. She had a partner, his name was Stella Tay, and they had a role it was to create life. They were geneticists and one of their supreme achievements or their supreme achievement was the creation of something called the Anthropocene, which was the human template, the human genetic template, it was a masterpiece. And they had encoded within that a special quality that I’ll get to in a moment. So amazing was this creation when that when it was finished, Sophia who was young by by avionic standards, and she her nickname was, what was her nickname it had to do with being precocious, she was like very precocious, so she was impatient and daring and everything. She was the most brilliant of all the ions in this department. She was standing at the edge of the of the pleroma staring out into the kinema, holding our blueprint, and she suddenly fell out of the playroom into the kingdom and started spinning through space. she freaked out. And what happened was her shadow side came out through that freak out. And it created a race of extraterrestrial beings called Archons. That were her children basically. But they were they were because they were created with only her unconscious self. They were only half alive. They were basically like the Borg. And there were two kinds were they there was a kind of servant class of our con, which would they look like grey aliens or a little aborted fetuses. And then there were these kind of Draco reptilian, large, large guys who were the the aristocrats, including the Lord our Khan, who thought that he was God. And that he created everything around him. The irony is, is that he was he’s actually blind. He’s just this big, bloated windbag, who’s not really God. And according to the Archons, who also called him the Lord, I mean, according to the Gnostics who cooked, they called the this figure, the Lord our con, or the demiurge. He was also called sock loss, which means like fool or blind person. And agnostics basically said that this is the god you’re worshipping. They said that to the early Christian fathers. which didn’t go over very well, as you can imagine, right?

Debra Muth 31:44
I’m sure.

Sol Luckman 31:46
But essentially, if you look at the God of the Old Testament, and compare that to the New Testament, you can see that they are different in many ways. And so perhaps they were onto something. In any case, in this story, Sophia looked at the Lord r Khan, before she became the planet, right. And she said, she said this, and this is the epigraph to my novel, you are mistaken blind one, there is an immortal Child of Light, who came into this realm before you, and He will appear among your duplicate forms in your simulated world. And in the consummation of all your works, their entire deficiency of truth will be revealed and dissolved by this luminous child. The luminous child, is the seed that was placed by Bella Tate and Sophia, in the human blueprint. It is a transcendent ability that we, as our children according to this gnostic reading, that we possess, that is so powerful that it’s capable of overcoming evil, which basically is the Archons. And it will reveal and dissolve their works. So what I like to tell people is that based on this reading, we are in the revelation phase, where all of the evil of the Archons, as it’s being mapped out into our world is being revealed. Yeah. But we have not gotten to the dissolution phase. But when we do, it will all go away.

Debra Muth 33:28
The sigh of relief there, right?

Sol Luckman 33:31
Yeah. And now people are like, Well, you know, okay, maybe that’s true. Or maybe that’s just a story. So my next statement that I like to make around that is that I was given this entire novel before COVID. I was given the plot one night in a in a kind of all night, you know, plugged into the electric socket, download. It just showed up in my consciousness. It was pre COVID, or was pre COVID. In the West. I mean, I think it had started in the east, but no one was talking about it. Sure. And I hadn’t heard anything about it. And it was all just downloaded into my head. And I started writing this book. And literally, as I was writing it, the pandemic was happening all around us.

Debra Muth 34:25
It’s amazing how the spirit world works, right.

Sol Luckman 34:29
Yeah, I mean, it’s bizarre. It’s just absolutely bizarre. And what I you know, what I take from that is that there there is truth to the story that I was telling and that story that I was responding to, and basically what I was attempting to do here in one of the things in Cali, the destroyer was to share this gnostic perspective on history and on current events. And where we are right now in in the unfold of this, this very ancient drama.

Debra Muth 35:06
Can you talk a little bit about Kali as a goddess? What? What’s her role in some of this? Because some of our listeners may not know Kali Harry, well, they all will know her once you say what she’s like, but, but they may not realize it right now.

Sol Luckman 35:23
Well, that’s one of the interesting things that and I take a lot of liberties with that. First of all, my character is spelled Cali with a C as opposed to a K. So there are that is a little clue that my version of Kali is not the same as the Hindu goddess. But Kali is the Hindu goddess associated with empowerment. And it seems to be specifically empowerment of the divine feminine. And she’s often portrayed with multiple arms, beheading men, right? Yes. So she is the goddess of the destruction of the patriarchy. So in Cali, the destroyer my novel, the futuristic, dystopian world that Cali my my protagonist lives in is called the Fatherland. And so she’s literally setting up to destroy the Fatherland. Yeah. So this is the this is the bringing down of the patriarchy, which is really synonymous with the arconic Empire. If you think I’m just some total Kook out there, you know, alone, thinking about these things. Sean stone of the filmmaker Oliver Stone son, who’s a filmmaker in his own right, and has done some really good work and used to be on Russia or Russia today, all the time, and other other pretty public venues. He just finished a docu series on the arconic Empire. So this is a conversation that people are having.

Debra Muth 37:04
Yeah, very much. So. So knowing the background and the history of the feminine power, what can women do to help start to initiate some of the changes in their own environment right now?

Sol Luckman 37:20
Well, I would say going back to our previous discussion is I would find, I would find ways to, to address that fragmentary body problem. And I would work I would, I would try and read genetics, I would try potentiation, I would do it myself, I would die or I would experience it in some other way. And allow that to shore me up from from the kind of kind of grassroots level, right? I would also become more familiar with the story that I’m telling, which is the the story of our world, at least I contend that it is. And with the nature of the patriarchy, the nature of the forces that are arrayed against humanity, and the sacred feminine. And identifying the oppressor, identifying the nature of evil, is the first step towards facing it, and eventually overcoming it. So literally, this is kind of this is time for all of us to put on our big, big, big girl and big boy pants, you know, yeah. And, and really look evil in the eye and do something about it. Which, which, in present circumstances, really has a lot to do with just saying no, no, no to the mandates, no, to the shaming game, no to all of it, and dealing with whatever that means.

Debra Muth 38:48
Yeah. I think that’s the biggest thing. And we held a support group last night for people to be part of a group where we could talk about things like this. And that’s probably the one big thing that came up is, what do I do? Because I don’t know, I don’t know how to write a letter. I don’t know how to find my legislators are the people that are the powers. I’m being shamed. I’m being shunned. I can’t How do I stand in this by myself? And so our whole role around that was to bring people together so they didn’t have to stand by themselves so they could have people that could support them. But that is a big problem. Right now. People feel like they’re the only one saying no, and they’re really not. It’s just that you feel like you’re alone. Sometimes in this big play when everybody else around you is saying, well, I got the job. I’m fine. It’s a real struggle.

Sol Luckman 39:41
It is it is. I think the one thing people need to realize it is that this what we’re being told about the numbers of people who have received the job, and their the worldwide response to these mandates. It’s all a big lie in terms of the mainstream media. First of all, I would wager that we’re looking at less than 20% of the population have actually received it. If you looked at the real numbers, yeah, in some communities, that’s a lot less like in the black community in New York, they’re they’re admitting it’s only 19%, which means it’s probably less than 10%. Yeah. And that’s because, you know, Farah Khan has been out there from day one, saying that this is a genocidal bio, you know, what, against against black people and, and he has a point and there’s there are experiments in the past if you look up the or, you know, the Tusk Yeah, that’s just you know, not trying to say certain Nazis video or whatever band so yeah. There’s just so much you can like if you go to my blog at snooze to awaken calm and you do some some searches on vaccines and that kind of thing. You’ll see just tons of articles and historical, historical perspective. There’s one on five, five historical jack seen scandals suppressed by the establishment. That’s a really good recent blog. Anyway. So what you have in many other countries is people post protesting in the millions, you have French people all over all over France. And this I lived in France for two years. And this is an I expect the dam to ultimately break in France. And we may see violence, there are two up to see I’m not condoning that, I’m just understanding. In any case, I’m not condoning what’s being done against people either. So it’s a it’s not a it’s not an easy, philosophical situation to navigate. Anyway, in France, they’re literally taking their knees. This is French culture, where they sit out at cafes, this is part of their life, blood, it is you are as a French person, they’re taking their food and sitting out on the sidewalk in front of empty cafes and restaurants. And that’s how they’re protesting. It is brilliant, and it’s gonna start happening here. And this is the type of civil disobedience that we can engage in. Yes, we can we can we can go out in front of food courts and other places. You know, take food, sit down and eat in front of people and let people in the restaurants if there are those people know what’s going on and make them feel the shame for sitting in there. basically creating a two tiered segregated 1938, yellow star type of society.

Debra Muth 42:36
Yeah, absolutely.

Sol Luckman 42:37
And we can wear yellow stars, we could put yellow stars on ourselves and put on Vatican we can do all kinds of things to shame the other side, we need to weaponize shame against the really wrong people, the people who are perpetrating evil, genocide, eugenics, etc. Yeah. And we can organize through venues like what you’re talking about, with, you know, people Circle Circle circling, you know, in your, in your sphere, and that can widen, we can invite people in, there’s so much that can be done, we because we do still have technology and we can organize at a grassroots level, ultimately, far more effectively than they can organize at a macro level you have, you have an What a wonderful, a wonderful situation going on in the world. In some ways. This is if you follow Steve, Dr. Steve Turley, his work and he’s citing the work of a lot of other political scientists. He’s just kind of gathering it together and packaging it for more of a mainstream audience. And I’m not I’m not super conservative. I’m, I’m sort of an anarchist, libertarian, you that kind of thing. But I but I, I listened to people who are making good points. And he makes a number of really good points. And the one I’d like to highlight here is that if you look at what’s going on in the world, we are actually in a state of evolution of sorts, where we’re moving from a mass centralized society around the world, to a networked decentralized society. So that their attempt to put everybody under surveillance and under their thumb and to do this agenda, where they put us into little boxes and cities and all of that everything they’re doing is fighting the current of history. Yeah. It’s like trying to stop a river with your hands. Not going to happen in the long run. It may look like it right now that it’s going to happen. Yeah, but it’s not going to and that’s in very much in alignment with what I’m writing about. in Cali, the destroyer I mean, I can write a gnostic book that is very much in agreement with this traditional Christian perspective. It’s amazing that so many, so many divergent religions and philosophies can come together on this issue. Yeah, that may be their downfall right there is that they’re ultimately uniting people, even if they tried to divide us.

Debra Muth 45:08
Yeah. And I think that I think you’re absolutely right, that is their downfall, because as much as they are showing division on mainstream, when you talk to people in person, they’re not dividing, they are connecting, they are finding their people. And they’re like minded, and they’re preparing, and they’re sharing, and they’re educating. And they’re creating a network of powerful people. And I think, you know, one of the biggest things is people think that it’s gonna take the whole world to do this. But the reality is, it’s only going to take a small percentage of people to stand up against the powers because the powers is smaller than even say, 3% of our world population, we could overturn them and in no time, and I’m not saying we’re gonna overturn the government. So don’t everybody say that I said that. That’s not what I’m saying. However, 3% of the population is a huge part of the group that could stand up and make a difference. It doesn’t take 95% of the population to change things.

Sol Luckman 46:09
Well, there’s so many, and I’m totally in agreement with you. And, you know, the, I think, where you might have gotten that 3% is that there’s a an argument that only about 3% of the Patriots in the Revolutionary War, that the only that the Patriots were made up of only about 3% of the colonists Yeah, that they formed 3% of the of the colonists. Right, that would be not to say that they so out of, you know, 100 colonists living under this despotism, in the colonial period, only three actually went to battle against against the, the union, you know, the union jack. So that’s interesting. So we don’t need everybody on board, and we don’t need everyone to agree with us, right? That’s a huge thing. And we can we can bring, this is the other thing I would say, we can bring our skills and expertise to the table, I look at all of the different things that different people are doing that are incredibly valuable. I mean, what you’re doing is, you know, absolute, this is, to me, what you’re doing is truly frontline. The other stuff is a little bit of a smokescreen, I believe, you know, because I don’t believe in the stories of, of a virus at all. And we could talk more about germ theory. But in any case, this is this is this is where the rubber meets the road, it’s really working with people and that one on one level where there are lots of other problems besides just quote unquote, COVID. Then you have people you know, like Steve Turley and other people talking about, you know, letting people know what the current currents of history are, and giving a lot of Christian patriots a rallying point, then you have people like, I don’t know, bear Lando on the alpha Vedic team who are out there, educating people on land patents, and how to take back control of their land. And I mean, there’s so many things going on, you can’t even learn it all. It’s just retable. But every single one of these things has has a role in rolling back this power play that’s being that’s essentially, it’s a deep population agenda. And, ultimately, it’s a depopulation agenda, because the the art of the offworld Archons, using their terrestrial proxies are trying to call the human herd as per the Georgia guidestones to down around, you know, 5 million people or something like that. And so you’re basically talking about killing 13 out of 14 people on the planet. Yeah, that’s what’s going on. And it’s because of the Archons jealousy of their human brothers and sisters, half brothers and sisters, and their hatred for the mother who prefers us over them. That’s really what’s going on. And so, the we’re ultimately fighting the arconic agenda, but what I’d like to say about about that is that the arconic agenda is, is very predictable. We think it’s this, you know, this supercomputer, that’s, you know, kind of like, like the human mind, but, but it’s much more powerful than the human mind, and we can’t really stand up against that, right.

Debra Muth 49:28
Mm hmm.

Sol Luckman 49:29
And, you know, that’s actually not true. And if you’ll if you’ll humor me, I’d like to read just a little section from Cali that talks about the arconic mind and what we’re up against, absolutely. Go for it. So this is Cali when she’s met this very wise woman I’m gonna call her a wise woman so that I don’t do a spoiler here. She’s having a conversation with an older old woman. She’s an old woman. And she’s kind of a Crone and she’s a wise woman. So they’re they’re talking about the Various things. About one of them is that she’s talking about, Okay, I’m going to just jump in, okay, I’m okay. I could try to explain this, but I’m going to jump in and if I have to do any little footnotes, I will, okay. So the old The old woman says, using their planetary proxies, the Illuminati many centuries ago, the Archons figured out the recipe for monoatomic gold powder, which they directed the Illuminati to make and consume in a manner similar to how we incorporate the substance of the goddess, I’m just going to call it that. And so Kelly asks, to what purpose this powder which they called manna, in imitation of true Mina, which is the substance of the goddess was a powerful psychotropic substance in its own right, that gave those who consumed it access to the Lord archive, and much the same way for lynnium, which is the substance of the goddess allows one to enter into communion with the Goddess. The light of revelation clicked on in Kelly’s mind. So that’s how the Illuminati have plans that unfold over periods of time much longer than a single human life. Yeah, precisely. The practice of consuming manner allows them to receive ongoing instruction, generation after generation from the Lord our Khan, who is bent on subjugating and ultimately destroying the human rights. How lovely. There is more unlike with mina manok consumption carries with it a major side effect. Over time eating it renders the psyche porous to an easily infected and thus controlled by our conic mind parasites. Kelly gave a snarky giggle is one implication dawned on her? In which case no microchips are needed and I will apparently medically state that there are microchips in these jack scenes in the story. None whatsoever. The Illuminati are the willing terrestrial servants of the Lord r. Khan, who demands everything from pedophilia and child sacrifice to war and chaos as offerings that create louche are heard of it. louche is a hyper dimensional energy given off by the human soul When traumatize the Archons parasitically feed on it. Think of it as their simulacrum of Kundalini. Why is seemingly everything the Archons do counterfeit, because they lack the capacity to create anything truly original. In their insane jealousy, they can only mimic the divinely instilled creative capacity of the anthropologists. So are the Illuminati still technically even human? That is a probing question. If the definition of a human is a child of the goddess in possession of an immortal soul, and the ability to invent, the answer would most certainly be no. Don’t the Illuminati realize they’re just pawns in someone else’s game. Even if they realize this, I will wager they are beyond caring, they have been completely integrated into the AI, the AI, the artificial intelligence. This is another term for the iconic hive mind. It is a binary operating system that imitates the many shades of grey characteristic of human intelligence, only to end up a circumscribed parody of it, that processes everything strictly in terms of black and white, good versus evil, man versus woman, rich versus poor, East versus West, liberal versus conservative. Take your pick. Anytime you see dichotomies that ignore the human experiments, infinite nuances, you can be certain you are encountering the arconic mind.

Debra Muth 53:56
That’s awesome. I love that story.

Sol Luckman 54:02
Really, we’re up against a kind of simplistic operating system that does the same things over and over. It’s always problem reaction solution. Divide and conquer. We know the playbook. Yeah. And we know how to undo it really, which is to decentralize and to to empower at a grassroots level. And to, to go into our school boards. I mean, you know, another another thing that people need to be doing. These women you’re talking about are looking at ways to empower themselves. They need to run for local school boards, and county commissioners and local offices of all kinds and boot these communist dogs out of there. Yep.

Debra Muth 54:50
I agree. 100%. That is how we change things. If we continue to let these people get voted in. They’ll continue Their drive for control. We have to stand up and we have to start doing those kinds of things. Instead of worrying about fighting different battles, let’s fight this battle on a local level, because it’s the local in the states that control us. It’s not the federal level that controls us. And that’s what everybody thinks is that the federal level is supersedes the state level and in some aspects, maybe, but in most aspects, it does not. It’s the state that has the power in the control. And every local city and county has that control over the state.

Sol Luckman 55:33
That’s absolutely right. I mean, even at the local level, the highest law enforcement officer is the sheriff, I would love to see just an absolute explosion of female constitutional Pharaohs. Yes, that would be the most kick ass thing I can possibly imagine. So just look up constitutional sheriffs. And there’s a whole organization I forget, it has a long acronym, but it has to do with constitutional sheriffs, you can sign up for it, you can learn more about it. It’s very, very empowering. And really, this is where the rubber meets the road in terms of local law enforcement. And I would say that if people out there think that somehow any of these people we’re up against are going to change their ways, or we can somehow persuade them to do something different. The Archons are parasites, they’re parasites of the mind, they control people’s thinking. And their proxies are also parasitic and they will destroy us and then they will destroy themselves. Yep. That’s, that’s what’s going to happen if we don’t stop it. That we really have to have a kind of Mel Gibson Braveheart moment right now.

Debra Muth 56:39
Yeah, exactly. I so agree. It’s like you, you know, this idea of I’m gonna wait and see what happens next month. We can’t wait and see, we have to start now. And even if it’s just small baby steps that people take, like informing themselves of what they can and cannot do and learning about some of these things. That is the most important thing that people can start doing is learning what you truly have as rights, not what they tell us. We have those rights.

Sol Luckman 57:09
Absolutely. I mean, I would recommend people go over to alpha Vedic also and look at their land patents series, which is really, really interesting. I think Peggy Hall at the healthy american.org is doing some really, really good and empowering work where she’s basically breaking down, how laws are made or not made and what the nature of mandates is. And basically, mandates are just suggestions, cracked. That’s all they are. Yeah. And that’s one of the reasons why they can mandate all them all they want. But they have to ultimately use these private companies to create their own their own rules and regulations that are not laws.

Debra Muth 57:52
That’s right. Yeah, another really good one, someone mentioned yesterday, to me is Pam popper, she’s a naturopath out of Ohio, and she has an organization called make America free. It’s a wellness Health Forum. And so people can join hers. And she’s talking all about wellness. So that’s another great one that people can reach out to. And we’ll put all of these in the show notes as well.

Sol Luckman 58:16
I think I would be remiss if I didn’t say that she basically shield for vaccines recently and to completely tow the Biden line in Okay, do you can you look for this video? Oh, my gosh, it’s coming from her mouth. And I because I’ve been following her for a while, and I unsubscribed instantly, and I will have nothing to do with her ever again.

Debra Muth 58:36
Wow, I didn’t know that I bet to the person who shared that with us yesterday didn’t know that either. Wow. Yeah, then ignore that. That reference because we don’t want somebody that’s going to shell two things. We want somebody that’s going to think outside the box and let everyone make their choice. We all have a right to make a choice. But we have a right to make an informed choice. And that’s where I don’t think that we’re having that informed choice where we’re being forced to do something without the truth being told to us.

Sol Luckman 59:06
Agreed. Agreed. Another thing I would say, Dr. Deborah is that we have to if we do not come to terms with the nature of this pandemic, and Jen Psaki just called it a pandemic, you can go to my Twitter feed, it’s at crow rising and hear it from her mouth. She uses the word it’s a Freudian slip Of course, but she says plan demick Alright. So if we do not come to terms with the actual nature of this, however mind boggling it might be, it will never stop because they will just roll out variant after variant fake very after fake very imperfect variant. And here’s how we come to terms with it. And I want everyone to consider going over to my blogs news to number two awakened calm and look up germ theory. Just start reading the articles in there that have that tag. Here’s the nature of it. There is no virus. Viruses have never been shown to cause illness. A virus has never been isolated when they say they’ve isolated all they’re doing is taking little strands of RNA that they’re finding in very, very purified samples and stringing them together into a kind of Frankenstein’s monster. So it’s a synthetic imaginary computer virus beta computerized virus, essentially, there is no Coronavirus, there is no SARS COV2 to therefore there can be no variants of it. Now, are people getting sick? Yes, people always get sick, we’ve watched the flu numbers completely, completely disappear this year. So we know that there’s been a massive switcheroo. We know that they were saying that if you died on a motorcycle accident or had a car a heart attack or whatever, that’s COVID. But maybe there’s something to some of the weird hypoxia types of situations that we’ve seen, you know, there are theories about what might be going on with that I would commend the contagion myth, by Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell, really, really good book, I would recommend checking out Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s work. Yeah, I would recommend a wonderful book by Don Lester and David Parker called what really makes you ill. And this is that is the Bible of this where they look at every single scientific study in the history of science purporting to, to isolate viruses or bacteria and show that they cause illness. And there’s simply no scientific evidence that any germ causes any kind of illness.

Debra Muth 1:01:54
Yeah, we’ve had Dr. Kaufman on our show not too long ago. Yeah, it was great. I mean, I think it makes people really think because it goes against everything that we’ve been taught, right. And so to think that these things don’t actually make us sick well than what does make us sick, if these things don’t make us sick. And it’s making people start to question and look at the rhetoric that we’ve been taught. Most. Absolutely,

Sol Luckman 1:02:21
Absolutely. I mean, they don’t want us to think that maybe, oh, gosh, maybe plastics and pesticides and metals and things like that are sick, okay. But when, which is actually what’s going on, or that may be, I don’t know, five is doing something to make us sick. So and then I’m not saying that that’s what’s causing COVID. In all instances, I’m just saying, there are so many toxic factors coming at us from all directions that they’re wanting to pin. Well, there’s a lot of different things going on. They first of all, Louis pastor, that’s where germ theory goes back to basically was a liar, a fraud, a plagiarist. He then he was, of course, basically co opted by Rockefeller who created Rockefeller mess medicine based on germ theory. And I believe it’s all been on this Ark contract long term plan to get to where we are right now where they can weaponize germ theory against us by rolling out all of these viruses and variants, so that we have to get Jackson ated, surveilled, traced, isolated, interned in concentration camps, whatever. For a fake against a fake danger. I mean, David, I said it best he said, These people are control freaks, they’re never going to, they would never unleash a bio weapon on the world that they couldn’t control. Right? They wouldn’t do it, even if they could create one, which they can’t, because that’s not how nature works. Now there is a bio weapon, and it’s got a little needle on it, and it sticks into your arm. That’s the bio weapon. Yeah, it’s but it’s not a contagious virus circulating? Yeah.

Debra Muth 1:03:58
Oh, this is a great conversation. I’m so glad we were able to have it. We could go on for hours and hours and hours.

Sol Luckman 1:04:05
Absolutely. So love your show. I love what you’re doing. Thank you, thank you. I love this angle that you’re coming from, because it gives us the power that people are looking for, and something to do for ourselves that’s not outside of us that we have that power, we’re giving our power back to ourselves. And I love that. So we will definitely post all of your links on our show notes. For those of you who are listening and you’re driving, I know you can’t write all those down. Don’t worry about it. We’ll have all those books than shownotes links for you guys. So you can come back and look at it later. But I would love to have you back again, Saul. This is just such a great conversation. Well, I’m

Sol Luckman 1:04:42
I’m available and we’d love we’d love to continue our chat, you know whenever you want to do that.

Debra Muth 1:04:48
Awesome. Awesome. Any last words that you want to leave for our listeners?

Sol Luckman 1:04:52
Yeah, this is what I would like to tell everybody and this goes back to Joseph Campbell’s work and The hero’s journey I believe we’re all on a hero’s journey. My books, including Kali are all about the hero’s journey archetype. And I think it applies to every one of us and we’re all being, being asked to embrace that journey and walk through the darkness and walk through the near death experience and come out on top, you know, to really come back and be better than ever, and that’s the hero trajectory. So I would say, in order to do that, you have to follow your bliss. Yeah. Because that is what will bring out your maximum creativity. That is what will help awaken the luminous child in you and that’s what everyone says in Cali the destroyer following the the Gnostic tradition is made a luminous child awaken in you. And that’s what how I would like to end this discussion.

Debra Muth 1:05:47
I love that that is so great. Thank you for that. People hold on to that, because that is such a powerful thing. We have this in ourselves. We just need to evoke it and bring the power out. That’s all we need to do. So thank you so much for being with us today. So I hope you have a fantastic day. back at you. All right. Thank you. Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review, share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest

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