Episode 131: People Don’t Have to Die From a Virus with Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr. Ardis and Dr. Muth discuss why people were dying in the ICU in 2020. Learn which drugs you should make sure you avoid and what supplements can you take to protect yourself from viruses and CV19.

Do not miss these highlights:

[06:21] The body is a natural mechanism system, it’s never designed to use synthetic man-made stuff

[07:15] Coronaviruses have existed forever

[10:51] The people are not dying from the COVID-19 infection, they’re actually dying from an additional cocktail of drugs

[13:05] The Chinese government already figured out that high doses of vitamin C could stop this viral respiratory virus

[17:51] In May 2020, Remdesivir was not ever FDA approved, safe and effective for any viral infection in the world 

[18:38] Within six months of the Ebola trial in Africa, Remdesivir killed 54% of everybody given the drug and was shown to be deadly

[21:25] In March 2020, 31% of 53 COVID19 patients that were given Remdesivir experienced multiple organ failure, acute kidney failure, septic shock, and hypotension in less than 10 days

[24:20] Doctors and these protocols are causing acute kidney failure flooding the body and lungs with water and drowning patients to death in every ICU across this country

[28:53] Each of these variants are not more dangerous, it actually becomes less dangerous all throughout each mutation

[35:11] Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine help assist in adding zinc into your cells to protect you from viruses. Once they get in, they can’t replicate in the presence of zinc.

[38:00] Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for eradicating human diseases.

[40:50] Four things that could stop the spike proteins from coronaviruses from damaging cells and tissues of the body

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About our Guest:

Dr. Bryan Ardis

In early 2020 I lost my Father-in-law because of ill-advised hospital protocols. Since that time, I have been on a mission to help educate the public about the dangers to Americans, in many of our “institutes of health”.

I am passionate about exposing corruption of the medical system and the powers that be in this country. My focus is on medical freedom, education, and waking up the world with the truth.

I hope to inform, inspire and empower those who are struggling with personal health issues. I promise to deliver real research and applicable information that can free people from emotional despair and fear, created by symptoms of disease and disinformation.

Ardis Labs and the Ardis Healing Center have helped thousands of patients from all over the world, including, from countries as far away as the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Barbados, Italy, Scotland and many more.

I sold the Ardis Healing Center in October of 2018, and now consult the three practitioners who have taken over the practice, which now carries the name, North Texas Healing Center. I co-founded TruLabs LLC and formulate all of the hydration products we make.

You can find my podcast, “The Dr. Ardis Show”, on vokalnow, YouTube and thedrardisshow.com.

You can find all our healthy and natural Ardis Labs products right here on thedrardsishow.com

For more information about our hydration products please visit www.trulabs.com

Transcription for Episode #131:

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s talk wellness. Now, I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging, and live our lives on our own terms. Welcome, everybody to today’s show, I have a very special guest for you Dr. Brian Ardis. He is the owner of Ardis labs and the Ardis Healing Center. He has been in functional medicine for over 20 years. And today he’s going to discuss with us the current issues of COVID. Now, you may have seen him on other social media platforms before he has worked with the frontline doctors. And he is going to bring to us today, what he sees as the issue with COVID-19. What he’s seeing with people who have been given Brampton, a sphere, vancomycin steroids, and he’s also going to share with us some of the natural components that are out and about, like zinc quercetin, vitamin C, that we can be using to help protect ourselves from developing COVID and help protect ourselves from ending up in the ICU because of COVID. So Dr. Bryan Ardis lost his father in law in 2020, because of an ill advised hospital protocol, and since that time, he has been on a mission to help educate the public about the dangers to Americans in many of our Institutes of Health. He’s passionate about exposing corruption of the medical system and the powers that be in this country. His focus is on medical freedom, education and waking up the world with the truth. He wants to inform, inspire and empower those who are struggling with personal health issues. And he promises to deliver real research and applicable information that can free people from emotional despair and fear created by symptoms of disease and disinformation. Artists, labs and artists Healing Center has helped 1000s of patients from all over the world including from countries as far away as the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Barbados, Italy, Scotland, and many more. You can find him on his podcast the Dr. Artists show on Vokalnow V-O-K-A-L-N-O-W YouTube, and the doctorardisshow.com. Check him out, let’s support him. He’s got some great tools and some great gifts to give away to you guys so that you can empower yourself with the information that you need to protect you and your family from this horrific disservice that we’re doing in this country right now, from this infection. Let’s talk wellness now has been sponsored by gf naturals, gluten free baking just got a whole lot easier. Whether it’s for you or a loved one.

Debra Muth 3:06
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Debra Muth 4:10
Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Deb from Let’s Talk Wellness Now. I am so honored to have Dr. Ardis with us today. This is going to be an amazing conversation. I’ve heard him speak before. And he is going to blow your mind today with some great content about COVID and what his thought process is around this. So welcome to the show, Dr. Ardis.

Bryan Ardis 4:33
Thank you very much. I’m so excited to be here. Hello, audience.

Debra Muth 4:37
So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Bryan Ardis 4:40
My name is Dr. Brian artists. I’m married to a woman named Jane. We’ve got eight kids together actually we’ve had kids from other marriages but now we have eight together I have five. I am actually a licensed chiropractor, acupuncturist, nutritionists do and have for the last 20 years done what you would consider holistic healing. I specialized for Since 2004, with a practice in Tennessee and one in Dallas, Texas specialize in reversing autoimmune diseases, that was my favorite thing. So we use natural methods to either detox or remove infections from the body repair and heal the body. That’s what I’ve done for the last 20 years had patients from 17,000 patients from 16 different countries. So we had a lot of success.

Debra Muth 5:20
That is awesome. That is one of the hardest things to reverse. So it’s amazing the track record that you guys have,

Bryan Ardis 5:27
It’s actually very difficult if you’re going to try it in the medical model, because they have no idea how to do it. So that’s why it seems so complex, it’s actually quite easy. If you actually just avoid the treatment of drugs, that drug, there are no drugs that cure any autoimmune diseases. So if you try to go that route, it’s gonna be very difficult.

Debra Muth 5:45
There are a lot of things in the quote unquote, traditional world of medicine that people recognize that don’t work for a lot of things. That’s why they find like you and I!

Bryan Ardis 5:56
They typically will suffer long enough from the typical medical treatments or conventional treatments, and eventually life just doesn’t improve, it actually continues to wane and get worse, and then they will seek anybody out, then it usually ends up being what are termed the alternative health care doctors, when in reality, the conventional medical model should actually be considered the alternative, you should always go there last, you should always go somewhere natural. First, your body is a natural mechanism system. It knows how to use natural things. It’s never designed to use synthetic manmade stuff. So it’s a it’s a basic principle we’ve learned to accept and adopt over the last 20 years of my studying and researching, but it’s not something commonly, rationally thought of by most people in the world. They’ve been inundated, indoctrinated, that you need a drug or cut out the organ, the body doesn’t know how to fix itself. So it’s unfortunate.

Debra Muth 6:48
That is so true. So with that thought process in mind, what are you seeing with COVID cases? And what’s your perspective on what’s happening with COVID right now?

Bryan Ardis 7:00
So COVID is being used, what’s going on right now? So first is you want to dispel fear, which is what they’re trying to motivate the entire world with and condition them with. You can actually dispel the fear. Most people are not aware lay people that coronaviruses have existed forever. I remember 20 years ago doing board exams and there was always questions about Corona viruses. Corona viruses have been around every year you’ve ever heard of a cold outbreak or cold flu season. The cold viruses are common, what they call garden variety coronaviruses we have always been exposed to Corona viruses and then eliminated them. These coronaviruses haven’t called pain caused pandemics and death throughout the world. colds aren’t that dangerous? You just get them you remove them. And one thing that’s miraculous to me I continue to convey to audiences is that once they understand Coronavirus, has been around forever cold viruses are dangerous. Why would this one be so dangerous? and Why all of a sudden would we actually believe if the medical model the pharmaceutical complex if they have not in 140 years of their existence? If they have not found a cure for the common cold virus, which is a Coronavirus. Why in the world. Do you think in just a few months they figured out a way to cure this novel Coronavirus from bats. Like how in the world do we really surmise that we’ve come to that conclusion that then in seven months they came out with a vaccine that’s going to do that. In fact, it was so sure that they did not have a fix for this Coronavirus either, that on their own fact sheets for the actual Pfizer, materna and Johnson and Johnson AstraZeneca shots. Each of these actually stated these shots are not designed to stop you from getting SARS COVID to Coronavirus, nor does it stop you from transmitting the Coronavirus. So it’s just really ridiculous that there’s this idea that we’re going to push on the masses decided that all of a sudden we came up with a cure when the cure actually states it’s not a cure. It might reduce your hospitalizations. What’s the benefit with for that? This Coronavirus didn’t kill anybody more than any flu season did ever. So it’s still less than 1% of all mankind. It’s just not the narrative you’re being told. So it’s unfortunate but the coronavirus pandemic there’s a it’s very obvious that there are two spike proteins on this SARS COVID virus, one of them appears to be genetically modified. We also have evidence that there’s been millions of dollars invested in over 110 different labs around the world on what is called viral gain of function testing on animal viruses to try to figure out how to speed up the way in which animal viruses which do not infect humans, how do we get them to actually be able to infect human tissue, and they’ve been doing that in labs all around the world. So they have been perpetuating this through scientific methods, manipulating nature. And to me, it’s obvious that there has been some kind of, I believe, an accidental leak of what’s actually been in these labs. This is not the first time there’s been over 20 of these leaks over the last 30 years from other gaina function labs around the world and none of those slots. The majority of the world either. So anyway, there’s this virus running around, I think it’s been manipulated to infect people more easily than it would have if it just perpetuated over millennia through nature and animals to humans, like most viruses take those pathways. But then they’ve used scare tactics to convince you that and figured out how to actually kill you. Lots of you, they get sick from COVID, they figured out how to kill you, in big hundreds of 1000s of numbers, to convince you in the same year that this actual virus is going around the world, that it’s dangerous. They figured out how to lie to you and manipulate data. And then they figured out how to kill you in hospitals using the hospital protocols currently, right now that are being used in every ICU in America. Now, it’s actually been extended outside of that. So the people who are dying right now, the Delta variant are not dying from the COVID-19 infection, they’re actually dying from a additional cocktail of drugs. They’re using an IC us. And we were having information sent to me, and two other doctors that are part of our groups, that there is protocols set up in hospitals right now to even be more damaging than the original SARS COVID to COVID-19 mandated protocol. And so this is what I’ve been educating the masses on is that they used drugs to kill people in hospitals, which they did. Anthony Fauci mandated it, the federal government adopted it since May 2020. And there was a drug that they’ve used ever since to kill people. And we could talk about that on the sexual show. But we know that these drugs kill people and how they do it. So we knew it from before we even mandated it, unfortunately. So they use this to kill people in America, America, specifically, to convince the American public there’s a huge demand of this threat of death from infection, which was actually from drug poisoning, in hospitals, but they convince the masses, these people were dying of this infection, just so that they would all buy into this vaccine Savior, that they were going to be announcing. And we’ve been in the media ever since. I mean, from the beginning, may 2020, even before the shots came out in December, about all of the disgusting, genocide, genocidal attempts, all the lies that you’ve been told, and then the documentation from the FDA, the NIH, what Anthony Fauci knew, before, during and even now during this pandemic, of all the damage that their protocols and their vaccines are causing to all of us.

Debra Muth 12:21
And you’re talking about remdesivir, correct?

Bryan Ardis 12:25
That’s it’s pronounced Remdesivir, that’s the drug, right? So you can ask any questions you want, or you can just let me roll it because, you know, I’ve been doing it on 1000s of interviews. So

Debra Muth 12:39
Go ahead, you can roll with it!

Bryan Ardis 12:43
Alright, so there was this virus, I just need your audience to know. There was an outbreak of this type of COVID-19 infection reported in China in November of 2019. There was like three individuals who had all the same symptoms that you’re hearing about in COVID-19 patients in November, in China. By January 2020. The Chinese government already figured out and made press conferences and releases that they figured out how to stop this viral pneumonia that was occurring inside of these patients in November, that they could stop that pneumonia cytokine storm in the lungs from this respiratory virus with high doses vitamin C. And 100% of all the patients they treated in hospitals with high dose vitamin C over a five day period would go home totally fine. And that was in January 2020. Then you go into may 2020. And now this novel Coronavirus, has a name SARS COVID to it’s called COVID-19 the disease process, it’s now reached the United States. And in May 2020. I start hearing reports in the news that from doctors in New York, there’s a big outbreak in New York and all these hospitals are asked to have press conferences to tell the world what the world you’re finding when you’re treating this rare new novel Coronavirus. And what was being reported in the media was from the time they start treating this respiratory virus, they have never seen a virus ever in history, the medical doctor said we’ve never seen a virus attack kidney tissues within three to five days, which is what we see when we start treating these patients by day three, four and five. They’re all developing acute kidney failure. We’ve never seen a respiratory virus ever attack kidneys like this before. Now, this was a true statement. Because the medical doctors still have never seen a respiratory virus attack kidneys, it still does not happen even today, but you are hearing reported. So these medical doctors are treating all these patients. They don’t know why they’re all having acute kidney failure. But this was the plea in the media. Please, everybody listen to us here in New York. We don’t have enough ventilators to handle the mass people that can’t breathe. We don’t have enough dialysis machines to handle the acute kidney failure occurring and all the patients were treating. Now I remember sitting there going well what are they treating them with? Because this is not normal for rest. virus to cause this. So I actually went on cdc.gov website to see what’s the mandated treatment protocol for COVID-19. And it said, We, the CDC have adopted the NIH is mandated protocol for treatment of COVID-19. Click the link here to take you to NIH. So I go to the NIH is website, the National Institutes of health.gov. And it takes you right to the page and it’s Anthony Fauci putting out his mandated protocol for treatment against COVID-19. And it starts out with this, during this novel, pandemic, all hospitals, all clinics around the country are going to use one drug and one drug only. It’s called remdesivir. remdesivir is an experimental drug that was set up in two trials, one in Africa on the Ebola virus in 2018, and 19. And there was a cohort study on COVID-19 patients in March of 2020. that showed both of them showed these studies did that remdesivir was safe and effective against the Ebola virus, and also against this novel Coronavirus in March 2020. And he just referenced the two studies. He didn’t say what was in there, he just said it was proven safe and effective against these viruses. So we’re going to use it on everybody in America. In the same article, he’s bashing after remdesivir is the mandated treatment, and I see us and all hospitalized patients in America, he then goes straight, he starts bashing hydroxychloroquine hydroxychloroquine is not recommended and do not use it for COVID-19 patients it is found to cause heart disease and death in COVID-19 patients. And I was like, that’s weird that actual drugs been FDA approved safe and effective for 70 years. That’s weird that it says chloroquine is also not recommended during this pandemic. It also is not proven safe or effective against COVID-19. Only this experimental drug so

Debra Muth 16:40
That he has a financial interest in, correct?

Bryan Ardis 16:44
Yeah, obviously, yeah, I don’t know why you would pick this. It’s either the funding either has a financial interest in Gilead who makes remdesivir to choose this drug as the treatment, or he knew he’d be making a whole lot of money from something else that he owns rights to that would be coming as a result of what was going to happen from choosing remdesivir as the treatment protocol. So it doesn’t matter. It all goes back to him. You could either be from the remdesivir ownership. I’m really not sure if he does own that one. But I know George Soros owns multiple, high amounts of stock in both BlackRock and Vanguard that are owners of gilliat. So we know he’s evolved there. I haven’t seen the Anthony Fauci connection, but who knows, but I do know it with the Madonna shot. So either way, remdesivir was going to get him to get paid a lot of money. So So anyway, so remdesivir, there was these two studies that he quoted that were shown safe and effective against Ebola virus and COVID-19 virus. And I just wanted to know what the research study said, because I’d never heard of remdesivir just say no, at this point in May 2020, remdesivir was not ever FDA approved, safe and effective found ever for any viral infection in the world ever. I was just curious. I was like, well, what’s the what’s the amazing studies? What do they say? So the Ebola virus study is on New England Journal of Medicine website. If you go there, you can pull it up. Anybody can look at it look up Ebola remdesivir study, it’s a it actually finalized and was published at the end of August 2019. So what was found was remdesivir, along with three other experimental drugs were distributed between four regions in Africa. During the Ebola pandemic, 2018 to 19. This was going to be a one year long study, and they were going to give all Ebola virus patients, they were going to divvy up these four drugs and give it to them and determine which ones were safe and effective. Within six months of the trial, starting a Safety Board did a data review of all the patients that were in the trial. And they figured out mortality rates for all people given these four drugs. And they found at six months that remdesivir killed 54% of everybody that gave the drug to and there was no other drone. That was even in the 50 percentile. There was a second drug called z map and z map killed 44% of people they gave it to in this Ebola trial. And at this point, at six months in the trial, the Safety Board in the body of the actual research study, pulled remdesivir and z map from the trial because they killed more people than they helped. So this is the study that Anthony Fauci I’m now reading is quoting found remdesivir to be safe and effective against Ebola virus. No, it didn’t. It didn’t even find it to be safe for humans in general, it killed more people than the other three experimental drugs. Now what I found really disturbing, even more disturbing than this, the actual z map drug that was also pulled at six months, I’ve only killed 44% of people they gave it to Anthony Fauci put that drug. It was from the NIH, they sponsored that drug in that trial. So Anthony Fauci would have been alerted that your own drug killed 44% of all people and we’re pulling it from the trial. It’s not saying So this is odd to me that knowing that z map his own drug in that Ebola trial killed 44% of all people is found too dangerous to remain in the trial. He also would have been made aware the earlier that remdesivir killed 10% of people more than what his drug did at 54%. amazing to me, that he chose not his own drug did he put in sponsored in that Ebola trial, he actually chose remdesivir that was shown to be even more dangerous than his own. To me, this was super disturbing. And I knew right away what Anthony Fauci was doing. He knew about the dangers of these two drugs, he knew they weren’t sound found to be safe and effective. arrogantly he knew I’m going to push this on NIH, his website, attending doctors in ers, they don’t have enough time to click these research studies. I’m just going to put them here and nobody’s going to go look, well, if you just would have clicked it and read the conclusion of the trial study, just the conclusion. z map and remdesivir were shown to be deadly. So they were taken out of the trial, it showed two other drugs, which were actually monoclonal antibodies, which you’re hearing about now in the news, like regeneron. This was one of those in that trial, found to be the most not deadly, it only killed 33% of everybody they gave it to. So this just disgusted me that he picked the most deadly drug from a trial it was even more deadly than his own. And then it was going to mandate that only that drug was going to be chosen. So first thing is I knew in May 2020, Anthony Fauci was lying about the study. Number two, I wanted to click the study for COVID-19 patients that he was also quoting, this was a little study done on 53 people that he was quoting, that were from Japan, Canada, and America. And they gave these 53 COVID-19 positive patients in March 2020, remdesivir. And Gilead Sciences who owns the patent to remdesivir, the manufacturer sponsored and funded the study. And what they did is they took these 53 COVID-19 patients and gave them 10 days of remdesivir at 200 milligrams a day. the conclusions of that own little cohort study were this that Gilead published when you click the link, the conclusions were 23% of all 53%, in less than 10 days experienced these four lethal side effects, multiple organ failure, acute kidney failure, septic shock and hypotension. 8% had to be taken off the drug by day five, because their acute kidney failure was so severe, and multiple organ failure is so severe, the threat of death was greater. So they took them off the drug at day five. So if you add up 8%, and 23%, that gives you 31% of all COVID-19 patients, they gave that to in five days to 10 days, all developed multiple organ failure, kidney failure, septic shock, or hypotension. Now, when I read this, immediately, I flashed back to the press conferences that were in New York, in the news and CNN, Fox News everywhere. All these nurses and doctors and hospital administrators were saying, We have never seen a respiratory virus do this before from the time we start treating them. By day three, four and five, the patients are experienced such severe acute kidney failure. We don’t need just ventilators. We need dialysis machines.

Bryan Ardis 23:13
Immediately, it was very obvious. The medical doctors were not finding issues with the virus. The drug they were being told that they had to use or they would lose their license or be fired because they’re all employees of hospitals, they were using an experimental drug called remdesivir. They just didn’t know remdesivir was so toxic, that it caused within five days in 10 8% to 31% of all people within a five to 10 would cause such a severe acute kidney failure. And when they would shut down their kidneys within three to five days, you shut down the kidneys and leave these people on a an IV drip sailing water you know the IV bag. You keep pumping water into these people while you pump in a drug called remdesivir are decimated shut down their kidneys. The abdomen retains the water first, that water then goes up and saturates around your heart. And then it infiltrates the lungs. And these people were Miss diagnosing COVID pneumonia. For pulmonary edema. They’re very different. His patients are not having are experiencing COVID pneumonia. They’re actually experiencing pulmonary edema, which is water filling up in the lungs. And these doctors and these protocols are causing acute kidney failure flooding the body with water flooding their lungs with water and they are drowning them to death in every ICU across this country. This is how they killed people in 2020 to get the narrative that they could speak to America and say into the world. That Coronavirus COVID-19 this pandemic is deadly. This is what’s disgusting. In May 2020. Not only did you choose remdesivir that he knew better not to he knew how deadly it was and what side effects were from these two studies that he was quoting. Not only did he state that this is the mandated protocol He then told Our federal government to buy all the stock of this experimental drug from Gilead and only treat Americans with remdesivir for COVID-19 until the end of 2020. And then we can release it to other countries. Well, let me just ask you in your audience in the year 2020, which country had the most deaths from COVID-19?

Debra Muth 25:24

Bryan Ardis 25:25
Where did most of these people die in the United States? Where were they when they died?

Debra Muth 25:30

Bryan Ardis 25:31
They were in ICU. What were they giving these people and I see us in America that they weren’t giving anywhere else?

Debra Muth 25:38

Bryan Ardis 25:38
Only remdesivir. Yeah, so they used remdesivir to kill people in amount that would be dramatically influential and pushing a narrative that COVID-19 was dangerous and deadly. When it wasn’t remdesivir was dangerous. Man, this is like saying going to Germany is dangerous in the winter. You know, back during World War Two, it’s very dangerous. There’s a lot of people, especially the Jews, when they go to Germany, in the winter, they end up dying during the winter, only to find out it’s actually these gas chambers are being shoved into and that they’re dying in. It isn’t Germany, it’s not Coronavirus, it’s actually the ICU. And they’re poisoning them using drugs called remdesivir. And dexamethasone, and right now they’re at they’ve added another drug to the cocktail to make the Delta variant look more dangerous. And it’s called vanko myosin. I actually alluded to this about three to three weeks ago at an event in Grand Rapids and I was up on stage in front of hundreds of 1000s online and I just pointed at the screen, I said, Please don’t let your loved ones go to ICU. If you have a loved one in the ICU, make sure you call the charge nursing get the medication schedule, they have them on I promise you they have made the Delta variant appear to be more dangerous by adding a third acute kidney causing drug to the cocktail. And I said, just demand the medication schedule. I guarantee you they added vancomycin vaco myosin is proven to cause an upwards of 10% of all people you give it to in five days acute kidney failure. You add that to remdesivir. And dexamethasone, you’re up at 45% of all people you give this to only to be flooded with emails of people since April, loved ones from around the country are sending me their loved ones medical records to my email. I heard your onstage presentation. I heard you on those podcasts. I heard you in the media. This is exactly what’s on this report. Look at it. They actually use dexamethasone, remdesivir and vancomycin and that’s how my loved one died. This is what they’re doing. And it’s very unfortunate. stay outside the hospitals. And this is the worst medical advice you’ve ever been given in the history of medicine. Wait until you get really sick and you can’t breathe and go to a hospital. Just stay home until you’re really sick. This is ridiculous. No one’s ever said that medicine. Even if you sprained your ankle they don’t say wait five days to the swelling is really bad then start icing it everything and medical treatment is right away. Ice right now. Get your get some crutches right now. They don’t say walk on it for five days until it’s really aggravated, then we’ll do something. No, you need early treatment. There’s three places I recommend everybody go to get the prescriptions that are proven safe and effective. Anthony Fauci knew it. He had to bad mouth them to make everybody convinced to use remdesivir but I dropsy, chloroquine, and ivermectin, which is even safer than hydroxychloroquine and more effective. There are individual doctors around the country independent doctors writing prescriptions via telemedicine and telehealth, online. And your audience should know who they are. And every one of these medical doctors are screaming out to the masses. To have these in your home prepared for early treatment is your best chance to fight off this bio weapon gaina function virus has been created, and now has been perpetuated to be more aggressive as far as transmissibility means it transmits to other people easier. But it’s not more dangerous. Each of these variants are not more dangerous to actually become less dangerous all throughout, all throughout each mutation, one to the other. This is just something they’re lying to you about. But early treatment is key. So I just want to throw these out there real quick, my free doctor calm, synergy help dpc.com and FL CCC dotnet. That’s FL three Cs dotnet. There’s directories there’s there’s doctors there who are actually doing telemedicine for 1000s of people in United States every day. And they can help you get those early treatments. By far it’s by far the most effective, do not go to the ICU. Do not go to the hospitals. In fact, I’ve read an article in Forbes magazine last Saturday, two Saturdays ago. It said Dallas area hospitals were making a soft press release. And they did this in Forbes. They said area Dallas, Texas area hospitals are stating they may instill a rule that zero ICU beds will be open to anybody who’s unvaccinated if they get sick, and I showed that to a few doctors that I’m good friends with MDs that are toying around with me Educating the masses. I showed it to them. And they said, and all of them whispered to themselves, what about the Hippocratic oath to do no harm? And I said, No, no, no, no, you’re saying this the wrong way.

Bryan Ardis 30:12
I hope every hospital in America takes that plea. I hope every single one of them says don’t let anybody in here. I would love for them to say, you know, what, if even you got your two shots for COVID-19, or your one, Johnson and Johnson, I hope maybe in a year from now they go like this. We’re not taking anybody who didn’t get the booster shot just to try to push the booster shots. I would love for them to say nobody’s allowed in here. For whatever reason, it would be great. If they didn’t allow people in there. Stay home, you’re gonna do a whole lot better than going in the damn gas chamber that they call currently the ICU. In my opinion. It’s just disgusting. Obvious, either homicidal genocidal, there’s nothing but evil that comes from the way they’ve handled the treatment for COVID-19. And then two, as any communist can look at and see, I mean, where in the world and medical freedom go? Where did freedom of speech go? Why did you destroy all this now around vaccines around telling the truth about being exposed while making decisions not to wear masks not to vaccinate your kids? Let them go to school? No, we’re gonna vaccinate them. Now, even without parental consent. This has never occurred in history in America. So anyway, all your liberties are being destroyed, it appears and they’re trying to, hopefully at the evil side of man doesn’t win. That put my trust somewhere else that there’s some other more positive influence. So yeah, there I go, there I go on remdesivir.

Debra Muth 31:39
It is all so sad. Um, the only one thing that I see in this that’s a positive is that it’s truly exposing the healthcare system that we have in this country for what it really is and what it’s been for many years, which has not actually been a true health system as it’s been more of a disease system. And if people open their eyes, they can see that if they get past being afraid of everything, they can see exactly what’s happened to our system and to all of us and request to change, you know, force a change in this country.

Bryan Ardis 32:16
You definitely need to change, stay home, get telemedicine

Debra Muth 32:23
Have you guys been seeing complications with getting the prescriptions filled for hydroxychloroquine? And Ivermectin yet?

Bryan Ardis 32:31
Oh, yeah, there’s been a huge issue. So just for example, the my free doctor.com group. They actually have Peter McCall as a part of this team with me, Ben marbles of zelinka. These are all big names, you’re hearing Dr. Rice shout out via University. There’s a bunch of us. All of them were on chats all day long, where they’re communicating stuff from hospitals, complaints from patients from pharmacies, and a lot of they’re having a lot of issues with patients being able to fill the prescriptions at major retail pharmacies. So for example, CVS is now putting out mandates to their employees that are pharmacists and telling them you cannot fill prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine, or ivermectin, especially if it’s written with a prescription for prednisone, they’re actually told to ask the patient standing in front of them is this for COVID-19? And it’s unfortunate, but if that patient is honest, and says yes, or doesn’t protect their own HIPAA rights, and just sit there and say, I don’t have to tell you, if this patient says yes, then the actual part pharmacists are told to tell the patient, they’re not filling that prescription. So CVS is doing that which I think is criminal. But what they are finding and I will tell you, in every city in this nation, just about there are close to you or what are called compound pharmacies. These guys are not low on ever makes it and hydroxychloroquine. They can also help compound some of those for you. So the doctors are recommending to most patients to go there because that tyrannical medical rain is also being spilled over on the corporate retail pharmacist side. So yes, that is something they’re seeing.

Debra Muth 34:06
That’s what we’ve been seeing too. We have certain certain pharmacists are calling they want a diagnosis code, they won’t fill it. You go to the next pharmacy, and they’re okay with it. But it’s becoming more and more of a challenge for people to get the medication that they need when they need it, unfortunately.

Bryan Ardis 34:26
Now recently in the last week or so I haven’t looked this up but I’ve had many multiple doctors in groups tell me that the FDA just put out a mandate to stop all imports of ivermectin from India right now. So they’re trying to restrict how much ivermectin is coming into the country. So there’s attempts to actually just limit this, this medication. I do have to say this though. For people who don’t know who I am, I am on the side of early treatment. I am on the side of using medications and short term spurts. So if you’re going to use ivermectin for five days at a time for the treatment protocols are recommending They have found in research is good. That’s wonderful. But I don’t think drugs are actually required most of the time. So the great miraculousness, about ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine, is that they are called zinc Ion afores. They actually help assist forced zinc into your cells to protect yourselves from allowing viruses that once they get in, they can’t replicate in the presence of zinc. So everyone should be taking a zinc supplement everybody on the planet, I recommend everybody right now taking 100 milligrams a day. Please don’t email me and go but the FDA only says 330 sorry, 30 to 40 a day. They’ll tell me what the FDA says the FDA just released a document in October 2020. That they know the COVID shots are going to cause 110 diseases, including death and miscarriages. In their own department, they created this document. on one slide, slide 16 from October 2020 110 diseases they knew were going to come as a result of these shots, five different blood clot disorders. And they haven’t told you any of them. So you think I really trust these guys to give you all the honest truth and facts, no zinc, 100 milligrams every day, please do it every day. That’s just an example. I prefer the natural over the medications all day long. So if we come into a part where the country can’t find ivermectin, which they’re gonna try to restrict and squeeze from your supplies. You just need to know. I’ve hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. Most medications, which I don’t know if you know this, or if your audience does, but most of the drugs anyway, in the world have been developed, after chemists and scientists have figured out the benefits of a plant derived mineral or molecule in the plant, okay. So for example, valerian root, which is a plant, they found that this valerian root would make people sleep really deeply if you ate it, or drink of Valerian tea or ate some of the root or actually ate a supplement with it. So they actually had scientist isolate what molecules inside of alerion caused people to sleep. And then they isolated that and then change the molecule slightly so they could patent it, and then they called it a drug value.

Bryan Ardis 37:08
This is how most drugs are made. So hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine actually come from a molecule flavanoid found inside of citrus rinds, called quercetin. So of course, it is a supplement you can get, but they derived these drugs from that same molecule. So quercetin is a zinc ion before you can find zinc and every pharmacy around the world probably right now still, because everybody’s looking for the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to go get corsten 1000 milligrams a day, just do it. Anyway, so this is an example. ivermectin is a great anti parasitic drug. It’s also a zinc ioana for I personally, have used ivermectin every month for the last seven years as a prophylactic preventative against parasite infections. I do it for me, my wife, my kids, it’s extremely safe drug is not dangerous. It is not just designed for animals like the media is telling you. This thing won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for eradicating human diseases. Now, these humans did not get ivermectin by eating their animals. Now, the ivermectin was given to the humans it is same as it has been for decades. So, in fact, in India, penicillin is the number one most prescribed drug in India among all their billions of people. The number two most prescribed drug every year for the last 20 years has been ivermectin. I don’t know about you. But I have not seen a DEA population of India over the last 20 years because they’re dying on ivermectin. They’re not. They’re all still alive. No one died. So ivermectin is not just used for veterinary medicine like you hear. But everybody who owns a dog or cat does give their kid their dogs and cats ivermectin every month or every few months. It’s called heartworm medication. This is exactly what it is. It’s ivermectin turn it around, and look, that’s what it is. And every single one of those dog and cat parasites have what’s called a zoonotic tendency, and they transfer to their owners. This is why I take it as why my wife tickets while my five kids take it to prevent the parasites from spreading from the dogs we have. So it’s just a way to prevent those ivermectin is completely safe. However, in order to read the body of parasites and patients who are dealing with autoimmune diseases, for example, I use something called Wormwood. Wormwood is basically the principal compound they use to make ivermectin This is no different. This is how drugs are made, they usually isolated plant molecule than they use it. So I’ve been pumping out to people nature always wins, I believe. So they’re actually four major things. We’ve been actually educating the masses on what they should do everyday to try to prevent themselves from danger from the shots. The shots are dangerous. These COVID-19 shots. There’s ingredients known, possibly ingredients, not known. It doesn’t even matter what we do knows and there’s dangerous enough. So I just need to know there’s four things that I believe that when I actually believe God created this planet and us I don’t know what you and your audience believe, but that’s just what I believe. Right? Even if you’re an evolutionist you believe that the human is the most evolved species on the planet? Well as he evolved, he must have figured out an immune system evolution to to outdo all the viruses and bacteria on the planet that are deadly to it. If you believe in evolution, if you’re a creationist, I believe God created us all. Trust in what God created what man created all day long, which is what I do. So there’s four basic things five or six, you can actually add a couple things to it, but you would like me to tell your audience share, please. So the source COVID two has to spike proteins, we know spike proteins can damage the cells, there’s what’s called h2 receptors, the spike protein inserts itself into it, it allows the cells wall or cell membrane wall to open up and allows the virus to get in.

Bryan Ardis 40:44
You want zinc inside those cells, because if the virus gets in there, it’s gonna die. You want zinc. But there are actually four things we know that stop the spike proteins from coronaviruses from damaging cells of the body and all tissues of your body. There’s four things that do this that protect the outside of the cell from allowing the virus to get in in the first place. It protects you against all viruses, all spike proteins, and ionized radiation, which we learned from Chernobyl and Fukushima is very, very toxic and from the atom bomb, we know ionizing radiation is usually dangerous. So there’s four things I put together that are I call the disease prevention cocktail for nutrients that come from plants and from the dirt that provide immune support to your body to protect yourselves from damage from spike proteins of any Coronavirus or experience. Any poisons inside the shot in the way of like polyethylene glycol and Pfizer and Moderna shots polysorbate 80 inside of the Johnson and Johnson shot, and maybe just maybe Spain was right, they found graphene oxide which is a known toxin inside of these shots, so doesn’t matter where you know, there’s poisons in there, just from there listed ingredients. So there’s four things that protect every cell from these poisons, and help draw out things as toxic even is ionized radiation. Those four things are vitamin C, I recommend 5000 milligrams at minimum a day to protect the outside of every cell in your body from viruses. I also recommend magnesium at 500 milligrams is protective against all poisons and spike proteins and viruses 500 milligrams of magnesium and then Selenium at 200 micrograms this actually tells your bone marrow to make white blood cells. White blood cells are what fight all viruses and all cancer cells in your body. Selenium is also required to make glutathione in your liver. So glutathione is a hugely protective antioxidant that wraps around your cells and protects it from viral oxidative stress. So those are three elements. And then Apple pectin powder is the fourth thing. And I use Apple pectin powder and introduced this because scientists at Chernobyl in Russia and Fukushima in Japan have figured out since Chernobyl, that the one most successful thing binding to and removing the toxic element of cesium 137, which is ionized radiation. The one thing that was the most successful at grabbing ionized ratio, radiation pulling it out of the body to protect all kids, children, teenagers and adults of developing cancers from radiation exposure was Apple pectin powder. And they found that within four weeks of 700 milligrams twice a day, they can remove 64% of all of the ionizing radiation in the body. If it can do that, to ionized radiation, I’m going to trust the aspects of this apple pectin powder to bind to and remove any toxic chemicals inside those shots also. And then as far as the shedding from the vaccines that we know does occur. This actual cocktail this disease prevention cocktail is for both those who get the jabs and those who don’t, if I can thwart the agenda to injure or maim individuals, please add this into your life. These things have been proven for decades to be effective at protecting you from developing diseases. That’s my protocol just by the way.

Debra Muth 43:53
Well, thank you for that was amazing. And I know that we need to wrap up you have another event you need to get to is there anything you want to share last words with anybody?

Bryan Ardis 44:04
Sure. So I give out a lot of information. And it’s kind of hard to actually lay it all out for every question people are going to have. But if you guys want to learn more for me or follow me in the media, whatever you want, or if you want the documents, like I have a 67 page COVID-19 document that outlines everything Anthony Fauci knew, in this horrible genocidal attempt, even the research studies their quotes, all of it, what do you do beforehand, you can just simply go to my website, the doctor artist show you can see in the background, but the doctor artist show.com, the Dr. AR di s show calm, you put in your email, we send you a 67 page COVID document, we send you a vaccine liability form and give out to your employers, independent school districts and put the liability on them. If they’re going to ask you to get the shots. See if they’ll sign it, they won’t. And then we also send you a 20 page, disease prevention cocktail listing those things I just mentioned and the doses for children, all ages, and adults. The goal is to try to help save humanity from what going on here. Also, I provide everybody with the FDA and CBP, our division of the FDA is document from October, of which they actually admitted to the 110 known diseases they were going to cause with the shots, so you need to know what they knew before you decided you want to get the shots because they still haven’t listed those lists on the fact sheets to give you truly informed consent. You don’t really know what you’re signing up for. You should actually just hold that out to anybody wants to give you that shot. Why don’t you wanna get the shot? Look at slide 16. From the FDA, the FDA said, all these things could happen to me. I don’t want any of those. Yeah. When in reality your body knows how to eliminate Coronavirus is on its own it’s senate forever, as we mentioned here. So anyway, those are some of the things I would love for your audience to know.

Debra Muth 45:43
That is great. For those of you who are driving, don’t worry, we will have his website in our show notes. And you can just hop over there and get those wonderful gifts that he’s giving out because we are all going to meet them. Thank you so much for joining us today. It’s been a pleasure.

Bryan Ardis 45:58
You’re very welcome. Also you can if your audience wants to every Wednesday morning between 10 and 11 Eastern time the doctor artist show is live on bridey on.tv. Mike Adams has asked me to host a live show on there every Wednesday on his new TV platform online. So anyway, my goal is to bring you hope and inspire you and educate you. And any way that we can do that is great. So you do not have to suffer suffer needlessly, there are answers to the reasons why you do.

Debra Muth 46:25
Awesome, we will definitely promote your show. Thank you for doing that. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of dedication to keeping people well. So thank you for doing that.

Bryan Ardis 46:35
You’re very welcome. Your audience is awesome. I’m very proud of you for even building an audience that actually wants to receive trust, inspiration and hope from you. So thank you for allowing us to be a part of that today.

Debra Muth 46:46
Thank you so much.

Bryan Ardis 46:48
Very welcome.

Debra Muth 46:49
Thank you. Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review, share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest

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