Episode 133: Habit Rewiring. How to Eradicate Old Limiting Habits and Beliefs with Dr. Lunide Louis

Change your habits today! Dr. Lunide and Dr. Deb discuss how to set up habits that not only replace old ones but help you become successful in your daily life. 

Do not miss these highlights:

[5:00] How Dr. Lunide moved from corporate to diving into neuroscience and the psychology behind habits

[6:28] Her podcast started from her talking to successful business owners from all over the globe about their habits

[7:03] The morning routine is mental preparedness for the day

[9:40] Taking time to meditate and reflect before approaching the challenges of the day can make a difference as to how you deal with them

[14:22] Simple ways to raise serotonin levels naturally

[18:37] The concept of habit rewiring and the process to start doing so

[24:22] You do not break a habit, you replace it with a better one

[27:53] A look at the morning habits of successful people

[31:11] The benefit of cold showers

Resources Mentioned

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About our Guest:

Dr. Lunide Louis is a high performance coach helping global leaders overcome unconscious success-blocking mindset and habits to move from operating at 40% to peak performance at 100% of their potential. She is also the host of the Best Morning Routine, Ever Podcast and creator of the HitSavers app that actually makes morning routines super simple with 9-actionable steps within 9-minutes a day.


Best Morning Routine, Ever Podcast

Website: https://bestmorningroutineever.com/

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