Episode 139: Burnout – The Cycle of Depletion with Natasha C. Dewhirst

Natasha C. Dewhirst shares how the cycle of depletion leads to burnout. How do we get stuck in the same place? She gives tips and tricks on how to reconnect with your inner self and retrain our brains to think more positively. She reveals the one tip she would have told her younger self to avoid burnout. 

Do not miss these highlights:

[06:29] The adverse effects of burnout and stress

[07:16] How burn-out led Natasha to end up in a wheelchair

[13:15] When we want to stop but we just can’t because we have people depending on us

[15:15] Women run from that masculine hard energy and lost their feminine side

[16:27] Some of the factors that can lead up to burnout

[17:45] If we spend all our energy pleasing people, we lose our own integrity and we don’t know who we are anymore

[20:06] The most important thing is the acceptance of where we are and not judging it as right or wrong

[22:42] How to retrain your thinking to stop reliving in the past

[27:08] The warning signs of burnout and the steps to healing

[38:21] The most important thing in our communities is relationships

Resources Mentioned

Gift, short meditation:  Slow Down to Speed Up and you’re going to find it really helpful as it will allow you to reconnect to the calm, quiet, strong leader within you as you act as a beacon of light to your family, community and work.

What if you could improve your health & increase your productivity? Find out how with the Vibrant Female Coaching Program at https://vibrantfemale.com/traning

About our Guest:

Natasha is known as a rare, priceless find in a packed industry for getting right to the heart of her clients challenges and creating sustainable results that matter most to them. Natasha speaks regularly on the impact of adverse childhood experiences on creating a

lack of self-trust as adults and a depleted immune system. Natasha has experienced first-hand the impact of living in survival which shows up as symptoms like burnout, perfectionism, negative automatic thoughts and poor emotional wellbeing. Natasha now supports clients whose lives and business performance are also sabotaged.

After surviving a traumatic childhood, Natasha lived with PTSD and after repeating relationship patterns during her marriage she developed Chronic Fatigue and needed a wheelchair. Driven by her love of her young children Natasha healed herself from Chronic Fatigue and returned to her high-profile career supporting women in business and social enterprises.

It was only when Natasha continued dipping into burnout that she recognised the links to her hidden internal beliefs and retrained in therapy and coaching. Natasha learnt the importance of reconnecting to her body and relearning missing childhood skills to rebuild the trust broken by trauma. In doing so she was finally able to stand up for her family physically, emotionally and financially as a Female Entrepreneur.

Today Natasha is on a mission to support women who live in a constant state of survival and burnout due to faulty childhood beliefs.

Natasha is the CEO of Lead from Within Therapy and Coaching, Founder of the Learning to Be Institute and Creator of Burnout Reset and Recovery a 6-month program combining the most advanced techniques in psychology, personal development and somatic therapy, enabling hundreds of women globally to short cut their healing, freeing them from burnout, childhood trauma and stress so they become the emotionally resilient woman they were born to be.

Natasha runs a global practice from the U.K where she lives with her 2 children.



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