Episode 142: What is a Bioweapon and Does it Cause Shedding? with Dr. Lee Merritt

Dr. Lee Merritt joins Dr. Deb in this episode to discuss her thoughts on what defines a bioweapon and whether we are currently dealing with one.  They also talk about shedding from the virus and different things that they are seeing medically with people who have gotten the COVID vaccine.

Do not miss these highlights:

[06:30] One of the problems that are going on is  there’s too much segmentation and stovepiping of information

[07:22] There were four unique inserts into the spike proteins, into this S1 subunit of spike protein that had to be man-made and does not occur in nature 

[11:38]  What is genetic poison?

[16:20] We’ve never had an asymptomatic transmission of a virus before, and we have never quarantined the well, only the sick before the rise of covid.

[18:37] They used confusion and anxiety to brainwash people and be so terrified  that they ran off to get an unknown vaccine 

[26:37] New York City had a .19% mortality rate while in Uganda it’s .00005%.  In other words, 10,000 times better than all the fancy doctors and hospitals in New York state. 

[27:58] Childhood diseases weren’t cured by vaccines, they were cured by plumbers, meaning better sanitation and better diet

[34:10] If self-amplifying RNA gets into you, it amplifies itself more, and then it starts putting out proteins

[37:58] Vaccines were given by people with no training, who were not certified

[51:21] What is Mycoplasma?

[56:36] The money deal playing in this COVID times

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About our Guest:

“Dr. Merritt is the first physician to publicly name the COVID 19 Virus and Vaccine a Bio-Weapon. She started her medical career at the age of 4 making house calls with her father. Lifelong member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. Past President of AAPS & former Board Member of Arizona Medical Association”.

Lee’s ancestry in the US dates back before the 1776 War for Independence with her grandfather, John Deakins, who fought in the 1776 War for Independence. Dr. Merritt is the founder of weekly video podcast, “Exit the BioMatrix”

Professional & Clinical

  • Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon – She is a classically trained physician and obtained her medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Alpha Omega Society for Physicians – lifelong member
  • She was the only female to be awarded the Louis A. Goldstein Fellowship in Spinal Surgery at Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital.
  • She did her internship at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland in Internal Medicine and completed a residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at San Diego Naval Medical Center.
  • She served 10 years as a military surgeon providing care to active-duty marines in Iwakuni, Japan and Quantico, Virginia.
  • Appointed to the Navy Research Advisory Committee – She studied Bioweapons
  • In 2006 Dr. Merritt completed a fellowship from the American Academy of Anti-aging and Integrative Medicine. Her lifelong  interest has been in wellness.
  • Past President of AAPS – Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
  • Board Member of Arizona Medical Association
  • AFLDS – original member and speaker
  • 2014 Former candidate for Governor of Iowa
  • Speaker for AFLDS
  • National Speaker for the Liberty Pastors Training Program
  • Past Speaker for Doctors for Disaster Preparedness 8/16/2020
  • Currently Speaker for Republican Candidates in IA, OK – Supports Health Freedom
  • Provides expert testimony regarding COVID, lockdowns, masking and damage to business
  • Past contributor for WND, Human Events 
  • Current Contributor for The New American 
  • Testified before Omaha Council regarding mask mandates 
  • Founder of weekly video podcast. “Exit the BioMatrix”


Transcription of Episode #142:

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness. Now, I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging, and live our lives on our own terms. Hi, and welcome to Let’s Talk wellness out. I’m your host, Dr. Dub, and our episode today is what is a bio weapon? And does it cause shedding. And I’m excited to bring to you my guest who’s going to talk to us about this topic, Dr. Lee merit, and Dr. Lee was the first physician to publicly name the COVID-19 virus as a vaccine bio weapon. She started her medical career at the age of four making house calls with her father, a lifelong member of the alpha omega alpha honor Medical Society, past president of AAPs and former board member of the Arizona Medical Association. Lee’s ancestry in the US dates back before seven the 1776 war for independence with her grandfather, John Deakins, who fought in the 1776 war for independence. Dr. Merritt is the founder of the weekly video podcast exit the bio matrix. She is an Orthopedic spinal surgeon. She is classically trained physician and obtained her medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. She is the only female to be awarded the Louis A Goldstein fellowship in spinal surgery at Rochester Strong Memorial Hospital. Dr. Merritt comes with just a load of credentials. She’s testified before Omaha council regarding mask mandates. And she is going to share with us today, her thoughts on what defines a bio weapon? Are we actually dealing with a bio weapon. And we’re going to talk about shedding from the virus and different things that we’re both seeing medically with people who have gotten the COVID shot. This is an amazing interview, you guys are not going to want to miss this at all. So get ready, and I’m going to bring you Dr. Lee Merritt. I’m Dr. Deb, founder of Serenity Health Care Center. I want to thank you for joining our let’s talk wellness now podcast. It has been such a pleasure to share our knowledge. With so many people. We are averaging about 25,000 downloads an episode. And that is amazing because it’s showing us how much people want to learn about health and wellness. Outside of the Health Care Center, we have had the pleasure of changing lives for over 8,500 clients, both men, women and their children. As a result of this, I have created serenity you a University Learning Center where you can access all of my knowledge that I have developed over 25 years of practice at your fingertips in an easy to find index library, you will have access to this dashboard 24/7 It will be like having your own personal naturopath at your beck and call anytime a day. I’d like to encourage you to check it out at serenityview.com.

Debra Muth 3:39
Hi, everybody, welcome to Let’s Talk wellness. Now I’m Dr. Deb, your host and I am super excited to have with me Dr. Lee Merritt today. She is just an amazing person. I’ll let her tell you her background, but we’re going to have a great conversation around COVID Because that’s a hot topic today. So Dr. Merritt, welcome to the show.

Dr.Lee Merritt 3:57
Well, thanks very much. Thanks for having me.

Debra Muth 3:59
So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Dr.Lee Merritt 4:01
Okay, well, I trained in medical school in Rochester, New York, and I went off to the Navy thinking I was going to be a cardiologist and ended up as an orthopedic spine surgeon but an orthopedic surgeon and then I did a fellowship in Rochester and spinal surgery when I got out. And one of the things that’s played a role in me ending up doing what I’m doing right now in this mess is that in addition to the 10 years, I spent in the Navy nine and a half, I when I got out I served on the Navy research advisory committee which was a it’s a congressional subcommittee that looks at defense technology for the for the Navy, and you know, I that by law, they have to have a doctor on it, but I didn’t have a lot of research, you know, they were mostly looking at other things and so I did a few things but I decided on my own that I wanted to understand the issue of bio weapon ABC Atomic Biologic and Chemical weapon defense. And what I discovered is some things are so difficult that we don’t talk about them. It’s just you know, it’s true also in other aspects of defense, you know, and I can’t I can’t name them. I don’t know if that’s still classified, but there’s certain things that they really don’t want to, they can’t solve. They just don’t talk about it, you know. And so I think that’s kind of true with Bio weapons. But the other thing to say about about this is, I have had the opportunity, knowing kind of what I think’s going on, I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Scott Atlas at a dinner one night, and, and he’s a good guy, and he’s on our side. But a couple things I learned as he never looked at diverse himself. You know, these guys in the university, they just read their own, they read peer reviewed journal papers, but that only tells you part of the story, unfortunately, it tells you it’s like, we’ve got a system of science transmission. It’s like the Politburo applied to science, where you have a few people on the top, who have a narrative that they want to support, and they screen out everything else that doesn’t fit that narrative, and they don’t publish it. So you really don’t get the whole picture. And, and it’s easy to, for people to say, Well, they say about theirs, but it’s not really true. I mean, you need to people need to look at themselves, the vaccine adverse event reporting system, and they’d see the tragedy that’s going on in the world right now. It’s not hard to figure out that it’s real. But the other thing I asked him was, is, is there anybody alive that his brain is alive in the, in the DOD, about bio weapon potential here? Because did you ever talk to anybody from the military medicine side? And the answer was no, not nobody from Fort Dietrich briefed him, nobody for them for the military. And this is a senior adviser to President Trump, that tells you one of the problems that’s going on here, okay, there’s too much segmentation stovepiping of information. And I don’t know if it would have made a difference. But that’s pretty sad that we don’t have that kind of the commander in chief not getting medical military input. And there may not be anybody, for the most part looks like most of the military medicine, people are brain dead about this too. But here, here’s the real story that you have to you have to understand is that it can’t be what they’re saying, you know, what they’re what they’re telling you the narrative is here can’t be true. The the the first of all, there’s been a lot of basic science that we know. And one of them is, for example, and this is when I really thought, well, we got this I mean, we know what’s going on now they won’t be able to continue this we’ve got it we know it’s a bio weapon because a guy named Prashant proton and his crew, a bunch of colleagues at Delhi Institute of Technology, I think, but anyway, they wrote an article. And it was essentially describing these unique inserts, there were four unique inserts into the spike proteins into this s one subunit of the spike protein of this. That was that were that had to be manmade. I mean, they don’t occur in nature. So no other Coronavirus has it the SARS doesn’t have it, it’s not found anywhere else. It’s completely conserved genetically meaning it’s always in these four inserts are always in the same position. And they when you cross reference them, the genetics important than genetic makeup of these inserts, cross references with HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus. So So basically, they took these inserts from HIV and somebody stuck them in this. The The other thing to say is that there really is no viral isolate. That that is true. I thought it felt three months ago, I decided I really had to figure this out. What how can we go this far, and there’s no isolate the virus, but I realized it’s really deeper than that, that for a very long time, we have believed that viruses are isolated, kind of like bacteria. I mean, not we know they technically wasn’t exactly the same, but on the same caliber of science. And I think the whole thing’s a scam I’m with Stefan Blanca from Germany has said that essentially, when they report these genomic sequences, there’s no reality to as a gold standard at which this represents all kind of what they call in silico genomes, meaning computer generated. So the this huge 30,000 base pair virus, if it exists at all is irrelevant. The only thing that’s relevant here is the 200 or less base pairs that make up the epsilon sub unit that can give you all the potential of the disease and death causing problem. And when you realize that that’s the part that’s been manipulated. What it appears to be has happened is this.

Dr.Lee Merritt 9:26
And David Martin contributed the money part. He claims that $120 billion flowed across Fauci desk, he actually 800 billion Florida costs in the last 40 years, but 120 were directed at virology researchers to go out in nature to work on this bat stuff to get the bat genetic material. And keep in mind, you know, we’ve lived for aeons with bats, and they’re trying to tell us that all of a sudden for reasons unknown, this virus leaped out of bat soup not even just a bat but bat soup and came out perfectly formed to kill us that it’s perfectly like a lock and key fit between this is S one hook and and in our h2 pathway. It just can’t work that way. And oh, by the way, you can’t re insert this into bats. In other words, the virus they say just leapt out of bats cannot reinfect bats. So that’s not what happened. What really happened here is they went out, and they sought out this very big, if you look at the basic science literature for decades, they’ve been really excited about bat, this genomic stuff in bats, and they take it out, they manipulate it in the lab, and then they can make a bio weapon. Now, I think, if this had really, you know, when I looked at it early on this the the exponential rise in deaths, Spain, Italy, the US when it first started, it looked really bad. In fact, if that had continued, it would have meant 2 million deaths just in the US by July. But that isn’t what happened at all. What happened is it started going up very exponentially, but then it just became a normal bell shaped death curve, like we see every winter. And in fact, the death rate in 2020, worldwide was 7.16 per 1000 people worldwide. And in 2011, it was 7.8 something. So this is not, you know, there’s no pandemic, there’s no wild death. There’s nothing going on here, except a propaganda psyop. It’s a psychological operation. But there was something real that started it. And so what was that? Well, what do we think of viruses, we think a virus is a little bit of genetic material with a lipid protein coating that can get into your nose or your other mucous membranes and make you sick or kill you. What would we call a genetic poison, contact genetic poison, we’d call it we take a little bit of man manipulated genetic material, we wrap it in a synthetic lipid protein coating of what whatever we want to do with it, that would determine the coating that could get into your mucous membranes and make you sick or kill you. So essentially, it’s identical with one exception, one’s manmade, it’s the world, we’ve entered the world of synthetic biology. And that that transference, that step across that line is just like when we entered the nuclear age, you know, when we under the nuclear age, everybody was terrorized at first thinking, Oh, my gosh, where’s this going to go? And everybody built bomb shelters, and they do all these things. Now, there’s a reason possibly to have I’m not saying it’s not good to have a bomb shelter. And I’m not saying and actually, it’s good to know how to duck under your desk, and they made fun of that. But that is really most people died. I actually had the weird thing. When I was an in the Navy, I took care of the doctors that took care of the victims from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb blast. They were doing the study and they were been there, they been there for 30 years and they said most people died of glass shards, if they had been down and on even more than radiation, it was the flying glass from the buildings that killed people. So.

Dr.Lee Merritt 12:50
So anyway, this whole thing the we can construct a synthetic world now with synthetic biology. And whatever this is, the answer cannot be locked permanent lockdowns, any lockdowns, masks and dangerous vaccines. So we have to we have to come to a way to deal with this. That does not destroy humanity. And that’s the unfortunately we’re in the destruction of humanity part right now. We got to get out of that. But but the first thing is to realize what’s happened to us. So what I really think happened, it was not airborne if it had been an airborne virus the way they thought it was. And people talked about the transmissibility. And oh my gosh, these are the epidemiologists at first saying, This is the worst are not value, you know, the degree of assurance was we’d ever seen in our lives. If it had really been that it wouldn’t have just dropped people in Wuhan Lombardi in New York City, it would have gone to, you know, Madison, Wisconsin, and Omaha, Nebraska and Paris, France and Philadelphia would have hit every place, but it didn’t. It went to those three big areas, and then it kind of fizzled out. Well, we have a we, we have a history of in the world of working on these kinds of contact pathogens. So let’s just think for a minute that one of the one of the things that could have happened was, and I believe this is what happened is they created this manmade pathogen. They they they made what’s called a self disseminating, vaccine. That’s what they did for mice in Australia in 2015. They reported on this, where you give the where it can it goes into the mice in the current in terms of the mice, and this is important for the what happens later in this. When they did it in the mice they created they want to get rid of a certain number of the population. So they created a vaccine that they would vaccinate a number of mice and I’m not quite sure how they did it. They injected or they excuse me, they fed it to them or somehow but they gave it to the mice. I think they had to inject it to be honest or someone but they will have to find that out but they gave it to the mice. The mice then became sterile because it damaged the the female mice ovaries, but then those mice went out and they shed on another group of mice, and because they rubbed up against them, and they transferred this stuff to that other group of mice, and that those became sterile and then they transferred it to a bigger group of mice. So it keeps expanding the group here, and then they became sterile, but then it kind of did, it just fizzled out, because it went two or three passes through the mouse host, and then it fizzled out. So imagine doing that with this, you give a very deadly pathogen that can really drop people, you know if it gets enough dose to them, but it doesn’t usually dose them that badly. And if it does, it, they they, some people will die. But a lot of people just push it off on a few other people, and then they’ll push off. So it looks like it’s infectious, but it’s not really. And then it fizzles out. But then after it fizzled out, then we started counting cases, which is just a pot that which they’ve redefined the test as a case. In other words, a positive test now becomes a case since the time of a poverties diseases were simply there, you had to be diseased, you had to be sick to be a case, right? It wasn’t just a positive test. So they develop a false positive test, one that can be manipulated and controlled, however, they want it to show positivity or negativity, and they they gin the thing up, they run it far beyond what every brochure in the test case tells you to do. And then they declare it that you have all this this and what do they call it Asymptomatic transmissive. Now we’ve never had asymptomatic transmission of a virus before. That’s not something we’ve ever talked about. But suddenly is a newly discovered thing with a false positive test. And now we count them as cases and we get everybody scared. Then we put them in a classic psychologic operation, we put them in your house, we do lockdown. Now again, look at the language. You know, quarantine, it’s a medical term lockdown is a prison term. And we never quarantine the well only the sick before this. So now we get the SIOP going, we got the we got the positive tests, although the death counts still going down. We got people terrified because they’re in their home. They’re being confused by Dr. Fauci. They’re being monopolized. It’s called monopolization of perception, which you do to prisoners, you just keep beating on him, all these horrible things are gonna happen, like, oh, everybody’s dying, or COVID, children are dying, everybody’s dying everywhere, unless you, you know, where 10,000 masks and wash your hands 35,000 times a day and go on. I mean, that’s kind of the and then Fauci comes in, he’s the Doctor of confusion and starts changing all this stuff all the time. So people are confused about what to do. When you add confusion, to fear, you get anxiety, I learned this from a friend of mine, who’s a psychiatrist, and he said, and I asked him, basically, and the reason I know this is because I asked him, please, for the love of God, man, tell me who these guys are, that are driving around these young people driving around alone in a car in a mask.

Dr.Lee Merritt 17:40
Shower by themselves in a mask. I mean, you just know it happens. So who are these people? He said Stockholm syndrome. And that’s the that’s the syndrome that we we understand now that when you’re when you’re scared enough, and you’re anxious enough, you become anxious, you don’t know what’s going to happen from moment to moment, you can’t live in that anxiety zone. So you have to do something. And one of the things you do is cooperate with your captor. So in this case, the people were wearing six masks and driving around alone in the car. And they’re and they’re, you know, double masking with these n 95 masks, which I’m sure you’ve had on at one point, and they’re just hateful. It’s unhealthy for people to wear them for a whole shift. And they’re doing all these things. And that’s the SIOP that got us to now the next part of the bio weapon, which is taking the same spike protein and putting it in maybe a different little coating and injecting it into people. And then it’s shedding on people. So this, I mean, it really, it was a brilliant plan, I think. But the problem is we’ve killed a lot of people worldwide already. Because people were so brainwashed and so terrified during this whole lockdown thing. They didn’t use common sense. And they ran off to get an unknown vaccine. That isn’t even a vaccine. And they didn’t look at any of the facts or anybody warning. And they just ran out and got it. And I think that’s the result here. And so, so now, the question is, number one, can we save those people? Can we help them? I think we can help them. I don’t know about the total long term issue. I just had a friend die from the vaccine. And it’s, it’s clear to me that’s what happened. You know, older guy went into hospital with a bad toll, but he shouldn’t have died. He didn’t have anything else going on. But they had to vaccinate him to take him to surgery to do all the things they were going to do. He got he was fine at first, but then he started having neurologic, you know, kind of confusion, you know, and then just less and less cognition and got more confused and more confused and insomnia and finally comatose. You know, they said he didn’t wake up for three days until he died. So it was a two week process, which is usually what we see. But a two week thing that happens after the vaccine and to the neurologic issues. And we’re seeing a lot of it in fact, in fact, i we i looked up a call I looked at for words like disorientation, coma, unconsciousness or something I looked up four terms that really meant you know, loss of you know, like like dementia, but I didn’t use Dementia, because that’s kind of a different issue. And I came up with it in 31 years of all the vaccines, they’d had an average of 198 of those reported every year. We’ve had 10,429, in nine months. Wow. You know, I know. And you pick any diagnosis, and that’s the case. That’s the case. That’s the case with any diagnosis, whether it’s heart attack, gamma ray, which was to have been the most classic one. Death. I mean, the death is almost twice what it is. And that’s if you really believe the numbers, which I don’t the the the whistleblower that Tom runs, the lawyer has says that there’s when there were when we were saying there were 5000 deaths, and various that were really 45,000. So nine times. So if so, right now, we should probably have 63,000 that have been reported, that are being stifled. And if you figure that’s one to 10%, that means somewhere, we’ve killed between 630,000 to 6.3 million Americans with this.

Debra Muth 20:59
And that’s really looking at just like a seven or 14 day period post shot, correct. It’s not looking,

Dr.Lee Merritt 21:05
Oh, that’s all deaths reported, that’s all gets reported, the 14 day thing actually makes it less one of the things that they’re doing to not report the desk. And that’s what you have to conclude also, when you get down to this whole talk about this being a bio weapon, which we can verify that I don’t think there’s a question about that. The question is, who’s the enemy, and the fact that our government lies to us at every turn, they’ve hidden the facts, they’ve produced False, false statistics that they had to retract? They have, they’ve lied to us at every turn, I would have to conclude that in part, we are at war with our own country, and that there are factions or government factions within our country that want us dead, what a lot of us dead, and they’re working towards that, and you and once you come to that mindset, then you’re going to be safer, that’s the first thing to be safe is to understand the situation. You know, it’s like, it’s like being on a battlefield and not paying attention, you wouldn’t do that. Right?

Debra Muth 21:58
If you don’t know the rules of the game, how do you

Dr.Lee Merritt 22:01
What you know, as civilians, we’re not expecting that. And so, and the only reason this is able to be done is that they did this over a 40 year period. This was not a small deal. Tony Fauci was, is not the top dog here. He’s the bag man, what the way this all came about was some big money somewhere. If you look at the if you look the world, there’s like, they say, there are 150 men who essentially control 70 to 80% of the corporate wealth of the world, Vanguard Corporation, state or State Street, and another one, Vanguard State Street, and BlackRock, those three corporations own most of everything. I mean, there’s some others, Berkshire Hathaway, and there’s a bunch of those three corporations own most of everything, let’s find out who runs those, but whoever it is, the money came from way up there in the shadows by names we don’t know. And it filtered down through the Rockefeller, the Gates Foundation, all these things to Tony Fauci to distribute. And what Dr. Fauci did was, pick it pick a little known bureaucrat in NIH, that doesn’t look very dangerous, and you know, who’s gonna think he’s gonna be a problem, right. And so what he did is he got this bio weapon made all over the world by funding things now. And he couldn’t, and he got hospitals to be under his control, because he took this money off, he funded that through NIH grants to these guys all over the country. And in the Western world, essentially, but especially in the US research programs, you know, some of them section remember how we’d always get these, that somebody always report once a while about these nonsense, you know, can monkeys getting happy listening to music got $1,000 from the IG, it’s that kind of stuff. Yeah. But what that allowed us to do is what allowed them to do is to over build these research centers. And now if they speak about Ivermectin, or Hydroxychloroquine, and they don’t push Remdesivir, or they start saying bad things that they don’t want out, they will get their grant next year, and they’ll collapse. So that’s how they bought the system. Now Had this been a similar deal where they use tactical nuclear weapons, let’s say King, I’m just choosing King Harold I was choosing because I really don’t think he’s guilty here. But let’s say King Harold want to take over America. And he did something similar by buying out not buying out Ford Motor Company, but giving Ford Motor Company grants to experiment and to do things for their car industry. And then they say, Hey, by the way, we want you to start producing short range tactical nukes and not so many cars. Well, what are they going to do? They’re going to do that because they’re getting enormous amounts of money through this on this little bureaucrat in Norway. And that wouldn’t happen, though, ultimately, because somebody in the chain of Research Development, whatever would see that they were building weapons to be used in short range against Americans. Somebody would squeal the military would figure it out and it would go down. Okay, but they did it with medicine because a bio weapon looks just like a bio weapon lab looks just like a medical lab for research and development for good things. And the people in Pfizer and Maderna Most of them probably do not know what they were working on. We have some squealers. And they said they’re just appalled they had no idea that so and so on such a such was in their, you know, in these vaccines because they were like working on the genetics part of it or whatever. And they thought this was okay. But they didn’t realize the rest. I think a lot of people are innocent like that. I don’t think that they really were purposely doing it. There’s a big group on the top, that know are a reasonable sized group, not a huge group from the top that knows what’s going on. But most people were in the dark, but now they’re not it’s time to get out guys. I will say that it’s time it’s time to get moral ethical, get the heck out of there. And that’s really, you know, where we are now is the way we’re going to stop this, like, God loves Southwest Airlines pilots. Thank you very much and new air traffic controllers. And I hope everybody and you know, up railroad and I don’t care, people need to say no, you need to stand up the hospital people, because they’re coming after your children, you want a little pass, you want a little hall pass to get out of a mandated vaccine at your job, it won’t work, okay, we are going to have to find new jobs or figure out something else to do. But in the process, we need to, if we do that, if a whole bunch of people walk out, like look what happened to Southwest, they had to cave because they couldn’t function their whole industry was going to go down. That’s what we need to do to every industry that’s causing this mandate. That’s what we need to do. And the whole world is now in the streets except us. We’re not doing it because we think we’re safe and and free in America. One of the reasons we had so many deaths is I looked at the worst place in the nation was New York state where I trained. And New York State had point one 9% mortality. Well, what was the best mortality, one of the best places the very bottom, I think it was a second from the bottom was was Uganda point 000.5%. In other words, 10,000 times better than all the fancy doctors and hospitals in New York state. Now admittedly, they probably weren’t hit with a primary bio weapon. But there’s another factor. The other factor is that in Uganda, you’re free enough to just walk down to the corner store and get hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin over the counter, don’t need a doctor, don’t need somebody looking over your shoulder don’t need the FDA telling you and what are we doing in our country, the FDA is not only not telling you about Ivermectin, when you figure it out, they’re not letting you have it, and they’re jacking up the price by decreasing, you know, production, and they’re interdicting it at the border when you order it from India or Canada or someplace else. Again, you were at war with our own government. And they the other reason that people got this vaccine is command and control conditioning for 40 years, not well, maybe not quite 40. Let’s see, as it been about 30 years, they really started pushing the flu vaccine. You know, we first got our got used to the idea that vaccines were good oh, it helped our children get over childhood diseases. You know, in 1976, when I was a freshman medical student, they didn’t tell us that what they told us was childhood diseases weren’t cured by vaccines. They were cured by plumbers, meaning better sanitation, and better diet. That’s what did it and in fact, I remember the guy giving our lecture thinking I he was basically saying this is a fad that’s going to pass this isn’t what we need. It didn’t pass, it became a huge money making thing. And, and so, you know, they’ve conditioned people to every year go get their flu shot, like good little robots, go get your flu shot. Don’t look at the data. And from, you know, God forbid if any of the doctors actually look at research that we did to get this stuff out there because if they did, they’d realize this stuff doesn’t work. If they looked at any data, they’d realize that flu shots don’t really work. For example, if 67% of Americans have been getting flu shots lately, we have a point zero 2% mortality from flu 5% of Estonians get the flu shot they have a point zero 2% mortality from flu no difference. Okay, it’s we have been we this whole thing about the non isolation the virus it all plays together we’ve been played for four years we’ve been played we’ve been experimented upon, they have convinced us about these viruses so they can support the vaccine industry which is itself making us sick and and then we use and then since then they say you need more vaccines. You know you got a little poison and you always need You need more medicine and the medicines the poison. That’s really what’s going on, I think and it’s a really shocking that’s just the whole shocking worldview. But once you recognize that don’t be like and you know, I always think of Sarajevo because it was such a lovely city and then overnight, practically it became a bombed out hellhole. factional war, right? Well, if you knew what was going on, you would have been careful and cautious when you left your house in the morning to see what the wind was blowing what’s going on. Where’s the war, but if you were just clueless about the world change, you’d walk out your house to go get a cup of Chino and get hit with a stray round. Well, that’s kind of the way people are running to this vaccine and it’s sad to see friends of mine They’re not doing well after it. I mean, they haven’t died. But they’re not thinking, you know, they they stumble on the war, you know, it’s damaged them, you know, being 69 This month, you know, my friends are a little older. And that’s the people that are going to be hit by this. And again, if you think it’s dangerous to have three or four spike proteins get into your nose. Why do you not think it’s dangerous to be showered with trillions from a vaccine? I mean, that’s, that’s one of the most incredible things about this, that that’s not even when people recognize that’s how it worked. They kept getting them.

Debra Muth 30:34
They kept getting and yeah, we had two patients yesterday, both had the shot in April. And one went to the hospital with TAs, and she’s in her 70s, the other ones in their 30s. And she had an elevated D-dimer, troponin, and it was repeated. We repeated like a shattered week, we repeated it again. And it’s higher the second week after the first week.

Dr.Lee Merritt 31:00
Now how far up from a vaccine,

Debra Muth 31:02

Dr.Lee Merritt 31:04
Wow. So it’s going up late.

Debra Muth 31:06
It’s going up late for her. And it’s totally healthy, no other problems. And she took it because she felt pressure.

Dr.Lee Merritt 31:13
Right, right. So let me tell you one of the latest things that we found out that may be in here, again, the beauty of an emergency use authorization, if you want to hide something in a drug, as you don’t have to tell people, you don’t have to your people, your listeners need to know, under EUA, you don’t have to report everything that’s in there. That’s why you’ve seen these it’s true. These scenes, these, these brochures that came that the package inserts are blank. Now they’re not even studying them, because they they’ve got caught on that one. But the reason that they and so they don’t have to tell you, though, they only have to tell you the part that is referenced in the study. In other words, they claim that they’re going to make you immune by giving you the spike protein to have it produced in your body. So they have to tell you how they’re doing that they’re giving you this little segment of RNA with a label protein membrane that’s going to produce the spike protein of SARS, cov. Two, that’s what they tell you what they want to tell you the rest. So one of the things that we have found, and we know they have more in it, because we know it dumbs down your immune system. Why did they do that? Well, they have they say they had to kind of diminish the immune system in order to get this thing into you. Otherwise, you’d have rejected it. The other but the other issue is that we know it dumbs it down. Because if you’re, if you’ve had COVID and you can donate plasma because you have convalescent antibodies. You take the vaccine, you can’t do that, because they all go away. It gets rid of the very immunity, which may not have been good immunity. But But no, it’s the natural immunity is the good immunity, they get rid of the God given immunity to COVID. And then they give you a synthetic kind of antibody crappy immunity. Okay. It’s just horrible. But so. So I lost my train of thought now. That was the point about their Oh, so we know that there’s something else in there. And it’s SA RNA, which I’d never heard of before. And I bet you hadn’t either. So yeah, it’s called self amplifying RNA. So I was hoping that this whole thing with the D dimer in young healthy people would go away that we would not keep seeing it. And that even because your doctor Hoffs at 63% of his patients had a positive D dimer, meaning they were having micro vascular clotting happening, even though tests wouldn’t have shown anything. Overtly you’re not having a pulmonary embolism or a big clot in your leg or your brain that’s happening. But that’s not everybody. And a lot of people just have this test positive. So what does it mean? It means you’re doing all this little thrombotic clotting. And what will ultimately happen with that is, you’re going to damage your endothelial in your lung, for example. And you’re going to get right heart failure. So it may not happen early. But think about it. And you’re going to get pulmonary hypertension, if that keeps up. So and that leads to death from right heart failure. And it won’t happen today or tomorrow, but it may happen in a few years or 10 years. So if you’re young, that’s a considerable loss of your lifetime. Well, now, what you’re saying is it’s happening. It may it didn’t appear to happen early, but now it’s happening late. So self amplifying RNA gets into you. It doesn’t happen right away, because it’s just a little bit, but then it amplifies itself that amplifies itself more and then it starts putting out proteins. So if it’s if it’s self amplifying the spike protein, what it means is that later, it didn’t do it early, but later it’s going to do it. Or the potential is I just had a friend say my friend just came down with amyloidosis. What is that? And could that she thinks it might be related to the vaccine. And I said, Yep, could be because if you have this essay RNA, you start small, but then you start making this amyloid. Now that may not be the only path. I’m just I’m just speculating, but that’s a way you could get there, where they make this funky protein called Amyloid and it just, it’s kind of like your house getting clogged up with silly putty on every corner. It starts just growing everywhere will in your arteries in your your brain and everywhere you start getting this weird protein called amyloid that just kind of clogs you up until you die. So that could happen.

Debra Muth 35:11
That’s crazy, isn’t it? Yeah, I have an ALS patient that I treat. And we’ve had him in remission for two years. He has not als at all. And he got the J&J shot, and within 24 hours, he was paralyzed from the waist down.

Dr.Lee Merritt 35:26
Yeah, if you and that was my friend who had a little bit of dementia, not very much, but he had a he was a bad methylator. Okay, I knew that that he didn’t methylate well, because when I he had what’s called Cerebellar Ataxia, I mean, I’m a spine surgeon, that’s what it years ago was, you know, the, the neurologist all left the hospitals and we were kind of dealing with this, I studied. Fortunately, I studied neurology in the Queen Squares to neurology in London, so I got a pretty good neurology background. So I kind of ended up being my own neurologist. Not that I’m as good as those guys, but, but one of the things that I came to understand was cerebellar ataxia is more common than we realize. And many people can be cured if you just take them off gluten. So I got him on a gluten free diet, and then I gave him methylated folate, because that’s the other thing is does do your methylate, right. I gave him sublingual B, tell Paul methylated folate, and he completely resolved. But he would forget to take his meds and then it would kind of come back a little bit and I’d get after him. And but but so he had that propensity. And if you have a propensity to you don’t have a good nose, your enzyme systems just aren’t optimized to keep your nervous system healthy. Then you take this hit it just it’s just goes down dementia people we see they were rocking along, and they had a little bit of dementia, but they were okay. And then boom, fall off the cliff.

Debra Muth 36:42
Yeah, one of the things I find interesting too, is I know someone who works for a pharmacy that’s giving the vaccine, and they were paid $1,000 to learn how to give the shots. And what he told me was a couple of things that he’s seeing happening, he doesn’t give the shot. He’s chosen not to give it for ethical reasons. But he said, every tag gives a different dose. So some people get a half of them now some are getting one some are getting to MLS

Dr.Lee Merritt 37:09
Well the wait a minute, so they were taught different doses.

Debra Muth 37:12
They were apparently all taught the same thing. But they’re not doing the same thing. They’re all giving different doses. And there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason and nobody’s calling on it. And then he has a bottle of vaccine, that somebody crossed out the expire ration data, the black Sharpie wrote in a new expiry date, and he knows for a fact they’ve been giving that vaccine past the expiration date, and they’re not keeping it refrigerated the way they’re supposed to either. And so you’re kind of like, okay, why do some people get hurt? Why do some people not? And, and I’ve had patients say to me, they put a bandaid on it, give me the shot, throw a bandaid, and I’m like, Are you sure you don’t have that cool stuff? Like, that’s not how we get shots? And they’re like, No, they are

Dr.Lee Merritt 37:57
Taking, they’re taking people no training whatsoever. You know, I mean, I remember years ago, when I was in private practice, and I had seven employees, I wanted to have somebody just help me get people in rooms, you know, draw up some injections take a blood pressure. And to do that, technically, I had to get them certified to be a medical assistant, they had to go to college, they had to go to a community college, they had to get all this training. And yet now we’re giving a vaccine by people with no training whatsoever. I know I talked to somebody too, that said he was just went home the night before and read up on the computer because he didn’t know how to do it. He was expected to do it the next day. But But that’s one thing. If you can’t if you don’t know not to give a shot through the bandaid. What are you going to do when this person collapses? Yeah, no, because even in even with benign treatments, you know, I mean, I’ve had the I give steroid injections and shoulders and all that sort of thing. Whenever it’s practicable. I always have people lie down. Because I don’t care how much you do it, you’re gonna have somebody that just out of fear has what we call a vasovagal they get lightheaded, and they go down and you don’t want it. You know, you’ve got your needle in them, and suddenly they’re out. They’re not there, and you’re catching them and your needle and everything else. So, but we’re trained, we know what to do. As they’re not. Yeah, I know that one of the pharmacists I talked to that just not only quit giving the shot, but got fired from the pharmacy because he spoke out about this. He said he just got tired of seeing these children get it with C and then have a seizure. Yeah, so

Debra Muth 39:37
Well, in any time we’ve done a study children and pregnant women have been off limits, you know.

Dr.Lee Merritt 39:42
They were with this.

Debra Muth 39:44
Yeah, until that study.

Dr.Lee Merritt 39:45
They’re just being told, Oh, it’s safe and perfectly good to do it.

Anna Milne 39:49
Yeah. And since when is it safe to give it with other vaccines? We don’t know if it’s safe. We’ve never done that before.

Dr.Lee Merritt 39:55
Right. We know so but we do know some things about that. So for example, that The European Medicines Agency in 2008, had a had a course of what do you call it just a symposium looked at the shedding problem from these so called vaccines that are actually viral based genetic therapies. And who did that. And then the FDA published a similar document in 2015. And they tell you, we don’t know what’s being shared. You know, this is great when you think they roll this out the whole world, we don’t know what’s being shared. It’s either genetic, it’s infectious, or it’s like viral, or it’s a recombination of something. So they don’t know what’s being shared. But they’re pretty sure you should, you should keep people away from the test subjects. So they really protect the neonates, the elderly, and the immune compromised now. And in the UAE, they had you report if you’re one of the test subjects for this emergency use authorization on these agents this time, they said if you’re around a pregnant woman or woman of childbearing age, you need to report it. Yes. What’s that tell you? They’re worried about it damaging pregnancy. And we’ve had I know of at least one case, well, we know from the bears, we have a case of the six month old, that was fine, and was nursing on his mother mother gets a Pfizer vaccine child dies of this wild, rare thrombocytopenia that we’re seeing, and people get the vaccine. So apparently, the spike protein crosses in the in the milk. And it appears that they knew that it was not airborne, that whatever came off these people it was it was like by touch, it had to be in close contact. So for your listeners, don’t get paranoid if you’re going to the grocery store, I’ve not seen anybody and I’m on with Sherry Tenpenny. And those guys, on the five bucks a week, I talked to a lot of different doctors, guys from AFL deals and stuff. We’re not saying people having problems from shedding by just walking in public. In public spaces, you have to kind of be around people close touching them. And and my own experience was It was after a particular patient, I did a leg procedure on and I was spending 20 minutes touching the legs and gore. And and I don’t care how careful you are. If this is really a tactile pathogen, and these particles come out, if you think about cholera, and some of these, these pinworm even I mean these things that, that you think you’re clean, and you’re not going to get stuff from your rectum into your mouth, but you’d be surprised you cannot stop these diseases in the community. You can be sterile in an operating room, you can wear gloves and do all these things. But I tried to figure out how would we do that, in reality doing the in our office, you know, people touch computer screens to check in and they do things. You can’t scrub down every surface and you can’t do it. So that’s where you get into trouble, if that’s what’s going on. And I think that is because I did this case. And then a couple like four days later, I got some nausea, didn’t I just normally I would have been out gardening so I only work on Fridays. So that’s from Friday to like Tuesday and she’d come up to the desk and report that she just got her vaccine like three days before she was all proud of it. Well, I didn’t think anything of it really except that that Tuesday I got a little nauseated, little diarrhea. And then that persisted for a couple days kind of got over then Friday a week from the time I’d been touching her. I had this massive nosebleed and that’s one of the things we see is bleeding. So and I couldn’t get a stop. I’ve never had a nosebleed in my life. You can say Well, anybody got a nose bleed. I’ve never had one in my life too coincidental. I couldn’t I could not pack it and get it stopped. I’m a surgeon I know how to do that. Finally I sent my assistant over to Walgreens or wherever and I got some ivermectin I got some hydroxychloroquine we can still get those things. And I took a big, you know, standard dose of both and it stopped. And then four days after that. My husband came down with COVID I mean, it was classic. He got the fevers, chills, he got loss of taste and smell. He got sick. Well, he had he responded to the hydroxychloroquine ivermectin. So, I think that’s a spike protein coming out. And we know that from autopsies too, I think so.

Debra Muth 44:11
I have a friend who’s a massage therapist who had the same thing happened. She was working on a client that and just gotten the shot a couple days before. And she was doing an hour long massage. And 24 hours later, she got so sick and she was sick for eight days. And we gave her hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and within three days, she’s completely turned around and there was no problems anymore. She hasn’t had any luck at all.

Dr.Lee Merritt 44:36
I’ve heard a lot from him slosh therapists. That’s a problem. And and it’s obviously a problem in doctors offices, too. Yeah. So I the question the problem is on if you look at what the Europeans and then the FDA said they say people can shed up to 10 weeks. Elderly can shed forever. They could be people that are immune compromised or elderly who don’t have a great immune system they may be chronically controlled. chronically infected and chronically shed. Now the worrisome here’s the thing that worries me the most about this is that it is the one of the big problems there’s kind of two kind of areas of symptoms. One is just feeling like you’ve got a virus you just feeling sick, you’re not feeling you feel like you’re coming down with something and then you get away from it goes away and then you get back near somebody. The other one though, the one I wrote more worried about is the bleeding little girls who shouldn’t have menstrual periods are starting to bleed, elderly women that haven’t bled for years start to bleed. And women of childbearing age are just bleeding. Unusually, there’s they’re all over the place or heavy or clots or things like that. You know, and I’m not, I’m an orthopedic surgeon, what do I know about this, but my friend, Christiane Northrup says when you see that that’s a sign of damage to the reproductive system. So there’s a there’s something going on, that’s not good. And I keep thinking of the my mouse study, you know, because I think the sad part is, I think in a couple years, we’re going to have just an enormous worldwide infertility problems crop up. And the tragedy, here’s the biggest tragedy in this whole thing I think is, so grandma is told by her kids, you can’t come over and see the grandchild unless you get vaccinated. No, she was never a risk to them. They were never risk to her because they’re so their immune system is such a high burden that they’re going to be well, but what happens is she goes over there, and now she sheds on them. And now her 10 year old granddaughter is, you know, sterile for life. That could happen. Again, I’m not saying we know that. I’m just saying that we’re supposed to use precaution and medicine. And this is such an enormous risk for nothing. You have nothing. We’re not gaining anything here. Oh, I have a client percent mortality.

Debra Muth 46:46
I have a client whose son in law is a medical doctor got the shot. They have a six month old baby and little male child. And within a month of dad getting the shot, he started growing pubic hair. He’s six months old. They took them to the endocrinologist. He saw all the test specialist they can’t find anything wrong with him. Not one person question shot.

Dr.Lee Merritt 47:13
Yeah, no, that’s never the vaccine. We’ve been taught by all the experts never ever the vaccines.

Anna Milne 47:18
Yeah, I mean, what do you do with that? Six months old? It may reverse. But what’s it gonna do down the road? It’s something that’s not supposed to happen?

Dr.Lee Merritt 47:27
You don’t know. And have you seen the babies being born to vaccinated mothers? The big dark eyes, it looked like those alien things. And then the other one is the Turkish baby with like, 10 arms and legs. I mean, it was just awful looking. I mean, that’s horrible.

Debra Muth 47:44
Pulling that Pfizer whistleblower came out and said that they know it’s true to read a genic. Serum? genic. Yeah.

Dr.Lee Merritt 47:51
But what did they say? Oh, no, it’s safe for pregnant women. Yeah. Because because we’re I mean, if you told me three years ago, or even two years ago that I’d say this in public, I’d say no, no, that’s just crazy. No, we are in the throes of a of a death cult. That is they don’t have any they’re not us. They’re not they’re not empathic about humans. Whatever these people are. They’re psychopaths. And psychopaths are not like the rest of us, because, and I’ll tell you why. And I actually came to this, I have to say that part of it I did come two years ago when I looked at the flu vaccine for the nurses who were getting that when they first brought out the flu vaccine for the nurses. Well, a few years after that, it turned out I actually got sick with the flu. And I was laying in bed and I was really not feeling well, for a couple of weeks. And I was semi retired. So it was okay. But what happened was I just started reading everything I could on influenza. I start, I talked I had learned before about the Gulf War Syndrome. And when the Gulf War Syndrome first came out, they thought, you know, I had a friend that was one of the lead researchers trying to figure out in the Navy, what was going on. And they said we thought it was psych, psychiatric or psychologic. Because the problem was symptoms are kind of all over the place. But then what happened over time is these people started developing ALS, as you were talking about at four times the background rate. So they had to take it seriously. And when they really ran it to ground, the first thing they found was that everybody who had the syndrome had positive antibodies to squealing. And there was a there was a one batch of the anthrax vaccine they used under emergency use authorization. And they and they added squealing as a new adjuvant they’d never used it before and they love spoiling because it’s a big nonspecific stimulator of your immune system. But they had put squealing in that first batch and they’re the guys who got it. Now there are other things that added to the problem. In other words, if that was your only issue, this was this was done by other researchers. I’m blanking on their names now that I’ll think of it here in a minute. But but they they realized that if you had that was that was you had to have that batch about anthrax in order to get it. But then once you had that, that was kind of the enabling part. Then if you’d gotten if you got other vaccines, it increased your risk of Baltimore. So and if you got overseas deployed, so the batch of vaccines and overseas deployment added, because you could then you’re getting exposed to chemicals and all sorts of stuff, probably in stress. So, and then the other vaccines added, but what I found out is that a lot of people complained about that squealing obviously, because their relatives were injured or dead. And the we were assured by the FDA and the CDC Oh, no, we don’t put any squealing in any vaccine, even the flu vaccine. We don’t do that. Until 2017. And then guess what? It became the vaccine adjuvant for flu add that they were mandating the nurses to get so flu add was a big one. And they use it and elderly they use it in a lot of people. And what again, what kind of psychopath knowing that it caused the Gulf War Syndrome would would use that.

Dr.Lee Merritt 51:05
I mean, that still happens dealing with,

Debra Muth 51:08
Yeah, like it wasn’t planned,

Dr.Lee Merritt 51:09
Right. Like it wasn’t planned. Yeah,

Debra Muth 51:12
Yeah. Oh my gosh, unbelievable. So we were talking a little bit before we came out about mycoplasma. What have you learned about mycoplasma?

Dr.Lee Merritt 51:21
Well, and that’s I was just looking to see if I had their book there to talk to PhDs. They’re married to each other woman, man. And, um, she had come down with this disease. They were at Baylor, I think at Baylor someplace in Texas, it’d be University. I can’t find it right now. But they got interested in the Gulf War Syndrome because it was so much like what she had and it was kind of an autoimmune disease, joints, loss of hair, loss of energy joints, swelling up and things like that. And it turned out after much research, and a lot of, you know, bringing in these vets and things from that were complaining about the symptoms that were consistent with Gulf War, it turned out it was mycoplasma, and it was one particular species for the most part, mycoplasma Fermin tans. And then then here’s the kicker, because I’m old enough you may not be but I might have one of my friends was on the epidemiology study that figured out Legionnaires disease that was the first mycoplasma I think that we you know, it was like a new organism. Yeah, well, it was a new organism in the mid 1980s or early 80s. But it was a mid organ, it was a new organism because it was a bio weapon. And it turned out it had been created in our use hammered by a Chinese defector who went to Taiwan and we recruited him and he he took brucellosis strip the cell wall off so it stripped the outer membrane off and use the kind of took out the guts and somehow mixed it with viruses. I can’t remember the whole deal what he did, but anyway, that’s he has a patent on it. They find a patent on on this. So it can be it can be aerosolized, it can be made into crystalline form, powder form and spread these guys the nickels, the Nicholsons. That’s it pH and they have a book called Daily the daily project, worthwhile reading it’s done as a novel, I think so they couldn’t get sued. But they tell you enough to figure out where where and who and how. But but they they basically apparently these were the the bio weapons are our bio weapons people and people in universities that were paid by the Defense Department to do this research where we’re clandestinely testing on prisoners and on military. So now it’s, it’s I think there are people that believe that that there are lots of mycoplasma infections out there that it’s pretty much all of us latent and that it can be triggered by things and one of the things that it does is late autoimmune disease. So you know, I and somebody who is more medicine I mean, knows more medicine me as a surgeon said, you know, we used to treat in fact, maybe it was carrying MADI I think she said that we used to treat rheumatoid arthritis with doxycycline. And it helped a lot of people maybe you know, that. I don’t know, I didn’t I don’t remember that. But now we don’t do that anymore.

Debra Muth 54:12
Yet. There are other biologics are available, we use doxycycline,

Dr.Lee Merritt 54:15
Right? Yes. And the doxycycline twice a day is what cured these people that some of the vets from that had the Gulf War Syndrome cure the Nicholson so I mean, that’s the thing. That’s the thing to take.

Debra Muth 54:27
We treat a lot of tick borne disease in my practice. So we see a lot of brucellosis and Legionnaires and a ton of mycoplasma, especially in our young autistic kids. A lot of mycoplasma, chronic mycoplasma infections and those kids.

Dr.Lee Merritt 54:42
And I tell you so I had friends told me this year from all over the country, you know, I don’t think the ivermectin is working like it did before. And I said, I think you might have something else going on treat them for mycoplasma and, and that’s what and I only got, I only figured that out because I had read this but also Because my husband got really sick long after that episode with COVID, he got really sick again from something. And it we both got sick, but I wasn’t quite as sick. And when they ended up, I finally got a friend of mine to take care of him in the hospital because I couldn’t keep fluids down. And I said, Please don’t treat him for COVID I know he’s gonna be positive for COVID. But he’s already had that he’s gotten a moan. He’s got like bacterial pneumonia. Well, they cultured him. And he had this weird organism that I’d never heard of nobody had ever heard of before, but he had this weird organism and it turned out, it’s, if you look at what it was sensitive to is just like mycoplasma. Yeah, yeah, I have a feeling it’s some kind of weird thing like that. But it and somebody sent me I was saying on our podcast, and somebody who’s a biologist sent me about that organism and said, It’s in swampy areas of level that’s not us. How did we get it? You know, I mean, I sent a defect. I said to my office manager, you know what? I think we should wash the door handle to our office before we open it. I, I don’t think anybody’s out to get me. But just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that you’re safe.

Debra Muth 56:09
Right? You still

Dr.Lee Merritt 56:13
Because that was really a that was really a near death experience till we figured it out.

Debra Muth 56:19
So how do you think they got everybody in the hospitals to play into this? Like all the laughing like, we know that the lions? I mean, it’s like, they’re all not using common sense. And they’re all running things, opposite of what it says that? How do we think they they got that bottle?

Dr.Lee Merritt 56:36
Well, I think there’s a bunch of things that happen and most of it’s a psychological part of it is a is a is a money deal. So there’s a there’s a there’s a pyramid, on the on the top of the pyramid are the guys that took the money from Fauci they know what’s going on, but they can’t, they can’t say anything they’ve got to do what Lord Fauci says are their whole program collapses, okay, and they’re going to be the bad guy. So they have to stake they continue to take the money, do what’s expected, which means go with the remdesivir, even though it kills people’s kidneys, you know, don’t use ivermectin even though it’s on, you know, ironically, isn’t this funny, we can’t get it because the FDA doesn’t want us to have this drug that the who has on the list of essential medications for all countries, okay, this, let’s just point that out. And, and so they’re bought the people on the top, they’re telling everybody below them, if you don’t play ball, you will be fired. Now, at the very bottom of that pyramid, are people in training, you know, I mean, you’ve been there, you’re not when you’re in training, you’re an intern, a resident, whatever, you’re not going to be responsible, ultimately, for the outcome, because you’re working under the auspices of a fully trained boarded surgeon or medical doctor. Well, I give those people a moral pass right now, but we’ve got a lot of doctors in the middle. Now some of those doctors, like we heard that that Mayo Clinic cardiologist that thinks if you if you didn’t get the vaccine, you should just go somewhere and die and not clarify. So you, some of these people are politically they’re, they’re, they’re psychopaths, and, or they are, they’re politically motivated, they just think this is all about Trump or conservatism, or not, not being nice to your neighbor or whatever. It’s just a bunch of, you know, zombie brain dead people, I think, to believe that it’s people would not without a moral conscience, but there are a bunch of people in that middle part of the pyramid that know better, they’re getting them word, they’re kind of seeing that this is wrong. I mean, and they’re, they can’t, they’re just afraid of losing their job, but I’m going to tell you, this is Germany 1943. And I, you know, I couldn’t didn’t run every part of Auschwitz. He just was a guy that read the trains run he got people organized, but it was little people like us who kept going because we didn’t get out. And I’m gonna tell just anybody listening now that’s a nurse or a doctor in these killing machine hospitals now you are you are a part of it, you are morally and ethically now part of the of the death machine. And if you don’t get out, even though your job is just to, you know, administer IVs or whatever, it’s it’s not good. Think about how you look at those people in Germany and how they behave. Because that’s where we are and we don’t accept that they were just following rules and we don’t accept they did it just to get a job. That’s not there’s plenty of ways you can do in fact doctors especially right now if they get out doing like what you’re doing and treating people that are desperately ill that want this I get called all the time and I can’t handle it. I’m not doing my my I’m kind of I’ve kind of feel like I’m kind of the Thomas Paine of this whole thing. I just got to run around and talk about this stuff, but I have treated people but the problem is I just can’t I can’t fight you know, I can’t I can do it for one day, but I can’t fall because I’m gone. And that’s so yeah, we need not doing it and they can you’ll make a good living doing it. You know? Just do it for cash. Yeah, yeah, we’ll be fine. Okay, people, three more doctors

Debra Muth 59:53
Full in our practice right now. Right, right every day. I mean, I can’t find enough people to work, right and it’s sad. because people are meeting their practices are meeting the hospitals, but yet they don’t want to do private practice. And they don’t want to do what they’re supposed to.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:00:07
Yeah, I don’t know what they’re doing. But I know a bunch of people that, that, that they’re just afraid to leave because they’re afraid of losing the income. But that’s not should not be a reason. I think that’s what’s going on. And I do think also, there’s been a, there’s been a change in the way we taught medicine, for teaching physiology and thinking and responsibility for thinking about how your patient is doing to being protocols. You know, it first it was the nurses, and it was like, it’s all about protocols. We’re really good at doing the protocols, but we’re not really good about thinking what’s happening with them. And then it was doctors, and now we’ve got doctors into best practices and, and evidence based medicine. And all of that is it sounds really good evidence based medicine is really fine. Except that they you don’t have any evidence to go with it, because they box it up behind paywalls. It’s very interesting that I used to be able to search the medical literature a lot better than now. Now we have evidence based medicines that I love that I don’t use, you probably look at science, direct Science Direct pay for it. Yeah. That all you have to, you know, a paper that was free last year now is behind Science Direct, and I can’t read it. I can’t get the so don’t tell me I should use evidence based medicine. No. This is the Politburo theory of medical science where a few people on the top tell everybody else what to think. And that’s where and you know, I have friends that are kind of they’re buying into this because they really think anybody that doesn’t read peer reviewed journal articles about this, then they’re getting a bad information. And I would just say, you’re just getting a very, very small chunk of the pie, baby.

Debra Muth 1:01:39
Yeah, it’s all being censored down to one thing,

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:01:42

Debra Muth 1:01:44
I can’t find today.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:01:45
They’re gone.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:01:47
And we all know censorship makes science better, right? Yeah. Galileo would have been very proud of what’s going on here by our government and by our medical specialists. But that part, again, I think they’re all being threatened and paid. But at some point, you got to step out and I again, that’s like the pilots, pilots in the in the Jacksonville. People that the air traffic controllers that took some courage, but that’s what we’re going to need because we’re at an end game here. So the doctors that are going to go down with the ship. You know, I gave a talk and it’s on my website, the medical rebel, three words, no medical rebels calm. But on my website, I have videos and I happen to find this talk I gave years maybe two decades ago, at the APS meeting one time, because I do look much younger there. But I put this up. And I it was about the lessons of Carl Brandt and Carl Brandt was Hitler’s he was a surgeon. And the reason I got interested, I happen to see a book by him about him. And he was he basically did orthopedics even though they didn’t specialize those days. He was the the orthopedic doctor, and trauma, which is kind of what I did all my career about orthopedic trauma and spine surgery. So I started reading about him. And he was he was not a bad guy. He was a good guy, well trained. But but at some point, I said, Where should he have gotten off the bus, he was one of the seven doctors hung after the Nuremberg doctors trials, because technically he was in charge of the experimentation in the camps. And keep in mind with those doctors, a lot of them were hung for they didn’t commit murder themselves. They were overseeing an experiment that was done under coercion without informed consent. What are we doing now, if you’re one of those doctors in the hospital, you’re overseeing an experiment, and people are being coerced you, the CEOs of the hospital, your job, boss, whatever, you’re being coerced. And you don’t get informed consent, because you’re not getting any of the data that’s really out there. Now, you’re not being told the risk, if you were told that the risk of cancer is going away up and people taking this, you wouldn’t take it. But you’re not being told that. So it’s just roll up your sleeve is not informed consent, but that’s why they got home. So the issue really is I thought, you know, this was a guy that went to medical school look just like every other medical student, how did he end up in the gallows? And at what point should he have gotten off that that bus, you know, and I have a picture of the bus hanging over the edge of a cliff? And I thought, you know, will we know the time? Well, I’m telling you now is the time. If you wait from now, it’s going to be too late for some of these because there’s going to be hell to pay when this really becomes known if we survived this, which I think we will I think ultimately good wins. I don’t think God’s gonna let us just go down. But this is an existential fight. And when it’s over when they see the people that are now sterile, dead, damaged, you know, from all this stuff. We may not have trials, they may burn the FDA and the hospitals down how many people have you heard I don’t trust doctors. I hate the hospitals. They killed my mom. They did this they did that. I mean, it’s it’s it’s totally unethical. unethical, what’s going on? Yeah, I

Debra Muth 1:04:49
Think our healthcare system as we know it is kind of collapse.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:04:52
Is dead. It’s already dead. It’s a one man walking.

Debra Muth 1:04:55
Yeah, and that’s a good thing because then we get a chance to rebuild it the way it should be. Yeah, the way it was, you know, back in the 70s. We just know a lot more today.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:05:05
And I think we can even improve on that. Yeah, we’re gonna have lots there’s lots of new science coming out of this. I mean, this whole idea that there really aren’t viruses, the way we think, opens up a door for like, vibrational energy healing, there’s lots of stuff that really does seem to be the truth that we’ve not pursued. Somebody knows about it, but we haven’t. But the other thing is, I think that what hospitals, what’s going to happen, the first thing that’s going to happen is, and I’ve been talking already a bunch of doctors have thought of this. And people like I talked to Scott Kesterson, on bards FM, he’s interested in having, like, local, it’s like, and I kind of feel and I talked about this having like a food Co Op only as a medical Co Op. So he was talking about an oxygen, hyperbaric oxygen tank, and he says, Did you know The portable and it could save a lot people said, Yeah, but there are also other things, what’s the big problem keeping people out of the hospital is lack of IVs. And the inability to get them oxygen, the kind of outpatient doctor, so have some oxygen generators, have those poles, with the you know, so you can have some IVs, get IV stuff, get get some nurses that don’t want to work and have to be vaccinated. So to be your, you know, part time just make some cash, it’s all cash is it’s a, it’s like a food Co Op, and you pay into it, and then you pay when you use it. But it’s, it’s, it’d be cheap insurance for a lot of people, most people don’t need very much. But if you need an IV, and then you could offer elective services like IV, vitamin C therapy, vitamin D, you know, ozonation, whatever.

Debra Muth 1:06:34
There’s lots of IV clinics popping up all over right for energy and hangovers and stuff like that. And they can do these kinds of things.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:06:42
And I think that’s where it’s going to go is that you’re going to not go to the hospitals much you’re going to go when we understand what’s going on, you’re going to go to other, you know, local, you’re going to take care of local and I think our food is going to become local too.

Debra Muth 1:06:57
I think so too. I think I think small pharmacies and small mom and pop places again, we’re you know, who did what to your food and how it was grown and what it was wrong with all of that is important.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:07:09
Right? And I think finally, the what what people your listeners should know, too, is that in the meantime, in this transition, we’re not out of this yet. And they can lob other things at us now we have a lot better handle on it, how to treat ourselves and how to save people. But it’s not gone away quite yet. So here’s what I think everybody needs to have in their house, they need to have a nebulizer. They need to have a pulse oximeter and a thermometer. And then they need to get themselves ivermectin hydroxychloroquine. Possibly I’d say doxycycline as well. And maybe if you can get some Levaquin because real pneumonia is also a thing that hits and that’s actually good for mycoplasma pneumonia, which can kill you really quick, or regular pneumonia, and have an any medicines, you need to have three to six months stored up, just pay cash for it, or get it offline. You can still get this stuff offline. And I think you need to do it. Don’t wait until you need it. Because of my experiences even when people needed the ivermectin. Sometimes I call it into a major pharmacy. They were out and their and their supplier was out. All the warehouses are out.

Debra Muth 1:08:15
And now Walgreens and CVs are saying we’re not dispensing it very well. And that’s the best. They’ve been pressured so that Yes, they’ve been told all Cavani pharmacies are able to get raw ingredients. But as soon as they get it, they’re out too. So it’s backordered. We tell patients the same thing have a stock file for you and your family so that you have to eat it.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:08:34
We have a little shop we have what every time we get NAC and it just gets sold out like crazy. I again, I found someplace to compound stuff, and we’re going to put together a zinc, zinc, vitamin C course a ton or not obviously, zinc, quercetin NAC, and I think bedtimes something else we had that busy stack. As at the end, that’s what we’re gonna have to do. And we’re gonna have to be more self sufficient. Which I think the other thing is, there’s gonna be a big food shortage. So make sure people have three months of food and water stored up or at least some water because, you know, people in the city don’t realize and we do too in any town. You know, only three days of water is there.

Debra Muth 1:09:14
Yeah. So yeah, I have protection, you have to have a way to protect yourself.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:09:19
Well, that’s that second amendment is what’s keeping us the Second Amendment is why we’re not New Zealand right now. Yes. Anybody that wants to laugh at that they need to look around the world and see what happened to those Australians who were once Hardyman and now they’re being cowed into their houses because they’re not armed. That’s right. Oh, I see a bunch of them doing good things and Manning up, but but that’s the big disadvantage when they gave away weapons. This this is the day our founding fathers warned us about.

Debra Muth 1:09:47
Yeah, and people need to know like, don’t open your door. You don’t know who it is. You don’t have to open your door. I get asked that all the time. Would they come to my door? Don’t open it. Right. Yeah, close the shades, whatever. I went to a different room. But don’t open the door. If you don’t know somebody that’s there.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:10:04
I had a, you saw that that probably was a meme that went around and it was this guy who had been saran wrap to a tree. This is what we did to the Biden vaccine. People coming around. Yes, I sent that to somebody in Oklahoma, my friend who is a senator down there, and he and they sent his wife sent me back a picture of him standing there with this huge rattler happened, this is what we do with them to try and jab us that was great.

Debra Muth 1:10:37
This has been such a great conversation, anything last words you want to add?

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:10:44
Well, I think I said that we need to stock up and take care of ourselves. And, and quite frankly, everybody needs to realize that they’re coming after your children, please don’t experiment on your children. And, and and if you you know, if even if you wouldn’t do certain things for you, if you don’t stand up with your fellows at work and start taking back these companies and stopping this mandate, your children will be slaves or dead. It’s Is that is that simple. There’s a lot more that we know about the networking kind of stuff, internet of bodies, they they’ve paved the way of controlling us all sorts of ways. We’re going to if we don’t win now, we’re looking at the Soviet Union with 21st 22nd century technology. And that’s, that’s where we are. So do it now.

Debra Muth 1:11:31
Well, thank you.

Dr.Lee Merritt 1:11:32
So don’t get discouraged. The other thing is, get right with God and keep your vibration level up. Because that’s key to keeping yourself healthy. That’s part of it. And we’re learning more on that every day.

Debra Muth 1:11:46
That vibrational you know, 3d five d energy, that’s what’s gonna keep us and protect us for sure. Wow, what a powerful interview today. That was my friend, Dr. Leap Merritt, she is a powerhouse full of information device and some of the things she was talking about with research. We’re not all medical people, we get that. But some of these things, you guys can research on your own, you can Google, I wouldn’t actually say Don’t, don’t Google, go to DuckDuckGo, or some of the other places, do a VPN, so that they can’t track what you’re researching what you’re studying. But do some of this homework on your own, even reading some of the things that she’s talking about, like the daily project, and understanding where this all came about and how we got here. This is how we get out of the mess that we’re currently in. This is how we empower ourselves and the others around us by having the knowledge and the information to make good decisions for ourselves and our families. So I hope this was very helpful for you. I know it’s a completely different track for some of you guys and an eye opening thing. All I would ask is don’t discount what’s being said, Just go back, do your own research, make your own conclusions. And reach out and start having small groups of people that you can communicate with, you can have these kinds of conversations, and you can continue to expand your knowledge, knowledge is power. And that’s what’s going to get us out of this mess that we are in currently. So until we talk next, be safe, be well, and we’ll see you later much love.

Debra Muth 1:13:24
Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review, share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live everyday to the fullest!

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