Episode 144: Pfizer’s Data Dump

It’s here! Pfizer has released the data on their vaccine trail. The very information they wanted to withhold for 55 years. Pfizer wanted to slowly release data to the FDA over 55 years but the judge said no. Why didn’t the FDA say no? This has never been done before by the FDA so ask yourself why? The adverse reactions are over 139K just in their study of 42,086 participants! 

Do not miss these highlights:

03:19 – They studied 42,000 people for the vaccine

06:10 – The threshold of Acceptability for death in any study for a medication or drug vaccine is 25 people or less, but this discloses there have been 1,223 fatalities

07:04 – There are 51,335 adverse reactions in a study of only 42,000 people

08:00 – Other adverse reactions that are being noted are: Nervous System Disorders, Musculoskeletal or Connective Tissue Disorders, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Disorders, Respiratory and Thoracic issues

12:09 – Other side effects identified – Lymphadenopathy (swelling of the Lymph Nodes), Myocarditis, Tachycardia, Fatigue, Chills, and Pyrexia

13:27 – In their study, about 5.5% of the people still developed Covid after they got the vaccine

14:38 – Roughly 10% of the people in this study have gotten an infection which shows the drug was ineffective for them and that they can spread the virus to other people

15:03 – The S2 Protein has been linked to increasing the risk of breast cancer,  triggering the BRCA gene

17:31 – If you have seen some side effects after having the vaccine, consult a functional medicine doctor to be assessed before the symptoms get worse

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Transcription of Episode #144:

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now, I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging, and live our lives on our own terms. Have you seen 20 Plus medical doctors only to be told your symptoms are in your head? Or you need an antidepressant? We understand your frustrations? Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Tired of not getting the answers you need to regain your health, tired of not feeling listened to by your doctor at Serenity Health Care Center, we understand and we will help you find the cause of your symptoms. Together we will create a path to health. We specialize in combining the best of conventional and natural medicine to get you back to doing what you love. We have worked with the most complex chronic diseases such as chronic Lyme COVID, long hollers autoimmune disease, mold toxicity, and hormonal imbalances. But if you’re not sick, that’s fantastic. We will work with you to maintain your health so that you can prevent illness. give our office a call to see how we can help you regain your health and vitality at 262-522-8640. Or check us out at our website at Serenityhealthcarecenter.com. Hey, welcome back. This is Dr. Wu listening to Let’s Talk wellness now and it is December 3 2021. I wanted to record this quick podcast for you guys, because we have some information from Pfizer, and they provided a data dump for us finally on the study for their CV 19 vaccine. So a few weeks ago, they requested to the FDA to not disclose their information from their study for 55 years. Yes, you heard me, right. They did not want to release this information for 55 years. And the question is why? In any other scientific study, before the FDA approves use of anything, they have to be able to see the data. And Pfizer requested that they released 500 pages a month for the next 55 years of their data will finally we had a judge who said no, this is unacceptable. You need to release the information now. Now I’m going to preface this because this is huge, like everything we’re doing in medicine right now, with this vaccine is not common practice it is very different than anything we’ve ever done before. So we have a snapshot here. And I have the actual document from Pfizer showing all of the complications, or non complicated things that they’ve seen in their study. So there’s a small table here that I want to run down with you guys. So you know what we’re dealing with this vaccine. So in the population of people that they studied for the vaccine, they studied 42,000 people roughly just just under 42,086 people. So I’m just going to do round numbers here where it makes sense. This of this 42,000 People, they broke it down into males female and then no data. So some people in the study never reported what sex they were. That’s usually that’s odd because usually they don’t have that they have to disclose male or female. So we have 29,914 females in this study. We have 9182 males. And then we have about 2900 people that didn’t report their gender at all that make up this population of 42,000 people. The age range for the participants is also broken down so they they studied this in 175 children under the age of 17. In our age group from 18 to 30. There were 4953 participants between the ages of 31 and 50. We had 13,886 participants, ages 51 to 64 7884 participants between the age group of 65 and 74 3098 participants

Debra Muth 4:56
and over 75 5200 and 14. And then we have an unknown age group, which also is very odd, because we always want to know someone’s age in a study 6876. So we already see two things, we don’t know all of the data for their sex, we don’t know all their data for their age. So the mean age group, so average was 50 years old was the mean age group of their study. Now, here are some of the outcomes, which is where we really get sticky on this. So people who had the vaccine and have either recovered or are recovering, meaning they had some kind of complication 19,852. There were recovered and the sequela so recovered, and still having some kind of complication, after the injection was given was 520. And of the people who have not recovered from their symptoms, after they had the injection 11,361 in their fatal category, meaning they take they took the injection, and they died, was 1223. Now this is significant, because the threshold of acceptability, for death in any study for a medication, drug vaccine, anything is 25 people or less, and we have 1223. And then that case outcome of an unknown so we don’t know they’ve gotten the job. They we don’t know what kind of problems they had 9400 People they weren’t able to follow up on. So we don’t know what happened to those people. Now, I also am going to just break down briefly for you here, the different things of where we saw the greatest effects of the injection itself, as Pfizer reported it, so general disorders and administration site conditions were 51,335. So this would consist of they felt achy, they felt tired, they had pain at the injection site. Maybe they didn’t feel good for two or three days afterwards. They had sore arm redness, those kinds of things. 51,335 of those, okay. This should be a question because if they had reported 51,335 adverse reactions in a study of only 42,000 people, that is a high number of general disorders that we’re seeing, that means that more than Well, that means that people in the study had more than one adverse reaction per person, right. So some people had multiple adverse reactions that they were reporting. nervous system disorders were 25,957. So this could be Bell’s Palsy. This could be numbness, this could be tingling. This could be dizziness, lightheadedness.

Debra Muth 8:18
Anything that affects the general nervous system, musculoskeletal or connective tissue, so muscle pain, muscle weakness, connective tissue disorders, 17,283 adverse reactions, gastrointestinal disorders, GI upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation. This could be as severe as having the entire colon shut down 14,096 adverse reactions, skin and skin, subcutaneous tissue disorders. These are things like a rash. It could be soreness, we see a lot of rashes, a lot of things that look like hives, it could be things that look like eczema or psoriasis, any of these kinds of things or actual tissue breakdown 8476 respiratory, thoracic issues so breathing, asthma, chest pain, chest tightness, those kinds of things. 1848 infections or infestation So you took the jab and now you actually got COVID You got a flu, you got a viral upper respiratory illness something like that. 4610 injury poisoning or procedural complications meaning somebody gave the injection wrong. Maybe they had an adverse reaction like anaphylactic reaction, you had an allergic reaction to it or you had some kind of injury. When they gave the injection itself they injected into vessel they injected into a nerve. It was an overdose, something like that 5590. And investigations, we don’t really know what they’re calling investigations, but things that they’re investigating into. It could be anything. It could be Bell’s Palsy, it could be something outside of these normal things that they reported 3693 adverse reactions. So when we look at this as a whole, and we’re talking about silencing people in the media for saying that there are hundreds of 1000s of adverse reactions that are happening in this job and saying that these people are wrong, and that they’re lying, and it’s misinformation. Well, that is not true anymore. This is not misinformation. This is right here, in the Pfizer documents themselves in their table of adverse reactions, we can clearly see that these numbers that people are reporting are correct. They are not lying, they are not providing misinformation. So when Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and all of those people are taking down posts, and they’re saying that it’s disinformation, or the medical community is going after doctors and nurses for providing, quote, unquote, misinformation, we can clearly see that that is not correct, that that Pfizer has been withholding this information this entire time, as has the FDA, because the FDA hasn’t seen this. And when we talk about the FDA approving the vaccine, while we know that that’s not true, a they didn’t prove they didn’t approve the bio nanotech particle vaccine, they approved common arity. And if they were going to approve the Pfizer shot in the US, and not looking at this data, that is a big mistake on their part to begin with. So I want to talk a little bit about some other side effects that they were seeing because this is important for us to look at as well. So they did see lymphadenopathy so swelling of the lymph nodes in 1972 people. Now cardiac is a big issue that they’ve been talking about, you know, we’ve been seeing this myocarditis, this inflammation of the heart. And there’s been questions as to whether or not Pfizer knew this was a problem or not. Now in this study that we’re looking at right now, they report tachycardia as being an issue in 1098. People, they don’t talk about myocarditis, they just talk about the tachycardia. But I will tell you that they had to have known with a number of people were seeing collapsing with cardiac issues, or myocarditis, they had to have seen this as an issue before. So some of the general disorders that they classify is fatigue, chills, pyrexia was huge. It was 18.2%. So 7666 people have that as part of their issue.

Debra Muth 13:25
This is an interesting one. So drug in effectiveness, meaning that they took the jab, and they still got COVID. In their study, 2201 people still had breakthrough. So about five and a half percent of the people had breakthrough after they have the vaccine. So why are we pushing a vaccine that has a 5% breakthrough rate in their study, and now we’re going to see, it’ll be even higher now that more people have taken the jab, we are seeing that there’s an ineffective rate to this. We need to be looking at this. They also looked separately at drug effectiveness. They actually looked at infection for COVID-19. They had an additional 1927 People who developed COVID. So about four and a half percent of the people that were vaccinated, still were getting COVID. These are high numbers, people, these are really high numbers. We don’t see this kind of breakthrough rate. If we think that this vaccine is protecting people, and we’re saying if you’ve gotten the vaccine, and you don’t need to wear a mask, and you don’t need to quarantine and you can’t get sick, this is a lie. roughly 10% of the people in this study have gotten an infection the drug was ineffective for them, and they can spread the virus to other people. This makes no sense what we’re asking of, of the people to do in taking this vaccine. There’s just it just makes absolutely no sense to me at All. So this is really important. Another study actually just came out of China this week showing that the ES two protein, so the spike to protein has been linked to increasing the risk of the Abraca. One gene being turned on. So initially, there was concern that we were going to see a higher rate of cancer. And then that was told to us that it wasn’t true. Well, now we’re, we’re actually coming out and China is saying, Yes, we are seeing the s two protein triggering the Brocker bracha gene. So that’s your breast cancer gene. And these people could be at higher risk for breast cancer. Now I have patients who carry the braca one gene, and they’re being told that they can take the vaccine and they can, you know, sustain their job that it’s okay for them to do that. But this information is clear that it can turn this on. And if they’ve done everything they can to prevent it. Why are we forcing them if they have Abraca? One gene to do this, this is crazy to me and should not be allowed in our society, we have to look at individual medical conditions. Before we just start blanketly saying everybody should take this vaccine, everybody should take the job, nobody’s going to be injured. That’s a lie. We know that we can’t do that in anything that would like be like saying everybody can take the same medication at the same dose and nobody’s going to be affected, people are going to be affected. And they have a right to make that choice whether or not they want to take that risk. I am all about individuality, individual illness of health care. And not everything is for everyone. Not every dose is right. Not every medication is right. Not every surgical procedure is right. individualized medicine is what we need to be doing. Not this blanket, everyone do the same thing, everyone get the same dose. And we don’t take anyone’s medical history into consideration. I think this is craziness. I want you guys to have this information and be empowered by this. So I am going to share this link with you guys in our podcast notes. So if you want to look at the full case study, you can go ahead and take a look at this. And you can see for yourself exactly what people are doing. So take a look at this be armed with information, go back and fight if you don’t want to take this jab. And if you have already taken this, and you’re seeing some of the side effects in yourself, I want you to get with a functional medicine doctor that can evaluate you for microvessel clotting, they can evaluate you for your immune system, they can evaluate you for autoimmune diseases. And we can look at these complications. And know if you’re having problems with them early on before they actually cause problems.

Debra Muth 17:52
With circulation, and you potentially lose limbs or have a stroke or have an immune system that doesn’t work anymore. Please take care of yourself, do right by yourself, monitor these things, so that you don’t have to have complications of an unknown origin. functional medicine doctors understand this. They know this, if yours doesn’t get with one that does or ask them to read this information and help you out. They’re assessing you can do like a D dimer and a troponin level and a CD 57 cascade, you can do a cytokine panel, there are various things that we can do to monitor you to see if you’re having these complications. We can look at them on an annual basis, there’s a brand new test out that can monitor for 50 different cancer types. So if you’re at risk for cancer, we can see that early we can see if this vaccine has caused problems for you. Do monitoring, do true preventative medicine to take care of yourself and your family so that you don’t have to have a bad outcome. So I appreciate you guys listening to this podcast. Please share this with other people so they can learn quickly what’s going on. And we can get to the bottom of all of these things for them. So be well be safe. And thank you again for listening to us. Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review, share this podcast and if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest.

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