Episode 147: Surviving Trauma and Loss with Jodi Harty

We’ve all had those points in our lives, where those things that happen to us change the decisions that we make, and put us on a different path. Jodi shares how to survive the traumatic loss of her beautiful little Marley. In just one moment her life was changed. Jodi shares strategies for healing your body using alternative techniques to defy all odds. 

Do not miss these highlights:

05:03 –  The traumatic story of Jodi when she lost her daughter, Marley,  due to a car accident 

11:02  – The doctor said she would be in the hospital recovering for 10 months but she’s out in just  four months

13:22 –  There’s a big difference between getting stuck in your diagnosis and trauma versus grief and moving through it

15:20  – What Jodi did to start preparing her body to heal differently than what’s recommended by the doctors and nurses

17:17 – There’s a big difference between pain that is doing you harm and pain that is going to help move you through

19:57  – Knowing what foods would cause the body more pain helped Jodi to survive and heal

22:01 – The alternative knowledge and education that has helped her recover

32:50 – The importance of learning to compartmentalize things, and be able to deal with them a little by little because not everything needs to be dealt with at once

About our Guest:

Since 1996 I have been in the alternative field. It has been a wonderful experience witnessing the changes throughout the decades of that whelm. I am so grateful I was educated on how the body heals before my accident. I needed EVERYTHING in my toolbox so that I could enhance my recovery mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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