Episode 159: Microvessel Clotting with COVID & Vaccine – Study Finds The Cause

Dr. Deb shares information on how microvessel clotting occurs and what testing and treatment is available based on information we have today.

Do not miss these highlights:

04:53  The S1 spike protein induces something called fibrinogen resistance that leads to microvessel clots

06:03 It is also seen that antibodies and autoantibodies are produced, which contribute to clotting and other long haul symptoms

06:38 Amyloid clotting is a special kind of clotting, it’s not regular clotting

08:12 If you believe that you have been injured from the infection either you have COVID Long Haul or  been injured by the vaccine, talk to your health care practitioner right away

09:36 We’re probably going to see a lot of people die from this microvessel clotting due to it not being detected early enough

10:41 Long COVID not only damages the lungs, but it causes disease in the vascular system

11:46 Platelets role in blood clotting 

14:34 What we see happening due to COVID patients or COVID vaccine patients is the spike protein in the blood instigates clotting

17:46 If the platelet itself becomes activated and even damaged, it will cause more clotting

20:21 Amyloid clots cannot be replaced with a healthy cell causing them to be very dangerous. Over time, it will cause so much clotting and there will be a threat of Thrombocytopenia or a bleeding state

23:05 By the time we see an abnormal D-dimer, it’s actually too late – The situation should be identified early before a number of clots and vascular damage appears

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