Episode 166: How To Get Over Food Addiction with Bracha Goetz

Bracha Goetz talks with Dr. Deb on how to overcome food addiction. Nothing to be ashamed of we all are missing pieces of our souls and looking for comfort.

Do not miss these highlights:

04:42 How does someone identify that they may have a food addiction or any addictive type behavior

05:48 Addiction may bring comfort, but it doesn’t bring the pleasure

09:01 The purpose of life is to experience the greatest pleasure possible

14:19 Because of lack of clarity or lack of trust in life people went into addiction

15:44 Despite graduating from Harvard, why Bracha is writing children’s books

18:21 When children experience abuse, it puts coverings over their spirit. It’s important for our bodies to be healthy in order for our souls to shine as well

21:50 Why do people overeat

22:27 The way to overcome addiction is to bring in more pleasure into your life, flood your life with pleasure

23:00 The five rungs on the “Pleasure Ladder”

29:32 There’s only one price to pay to climb the pleasure ladder, it is gratitude

29:53 Tips and tricks on how to overcome food addiction

35:13 To experience the greatest pleasure possible is to experience gratitude

Resources Mentioned

Whether you are recovering from an illness or just looking to maintain your current overall health, schedule a consult with us at Serenity Health Care  by calling  (262)522-8640 or visit https://www.serenityhealthcarecenter.com 

About our Guest:

Bracha Goetz is a Harvard-educated wellness expert and the author of 40 children’s books plus a candid memoir for adults about overcoming food addictions joyfully. Her books can be found at www.goetzbookshop.com.






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