Episode 176: How To Live Longer, Healthier, and Happier with Chris Burres

Nanotechnology is the future of medicine. Putting a product together that works and tastes great is a challenge. MyVitalC does just that, gives you your daily olive oil dose, and helps to improve the quality of your life. Dr. Deb shares her experience with MyVitalC. You don’t want to miss this! 

Do not miss these highlights:

06:17 ESS60 is good with inflammation and it is a BOS or Buffer Oxidative Stress.

11:30 The amazing – UTH29 molecule. 

12:34 The intense mixing process of the olive oil makes a difference in how the product comes out. 

19:35 MyVitalC face cream testimonials on rashes, itches and blisters. 

26:14 Sleep, mental focus and energy improvements after using MyVitalC.

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About our Guest:

Some may call him a mad scientist but don’t let the lab coat fool you! Chris Burres is the owner of SES Research, the first company to deliver carbon nano materials, and MyVitalC, the world’s first nano antioxidant. Chris has an extensive background in a diverse range of areas including Mechanical Engineering, Comedy Improv Artist, Oil and Gas Explosives and Competitive Soccer to name a few. He’s also the co-host of the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes since 2009. When Chris realized a Nobel Prize-Winning chemical tested by NASA had been proven to almost double the lifespan of mammals, he decided to make ESS60 into a household item. He’s now on a mission to help people live longer, healthier and pain-free lives one dose at a time.

Website: http://www.myvitalc.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisburres/

Twitter: myvitalc 

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YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MyVitalC

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Transcript for Episode #176:

Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now, I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging, and live our lives on our own terms.

So today on Let’s Talk Wellness Now I’m going to have my guest Chris Burres back, and we are going to talk about his product, my vital C, which is a nanotechnology particle supplements. And if you guys haven’t listened to his first podcast, go ahead, hop on, check it out (Episode #171). It’s amazing. He’s going to talk about this new anti aging supplement. And today we’re going to talk about my experience using his product, how I felt about it. And what are some of the interesting things that I found about the product that I didn’t think we would find. So let me tell you a little bit about Chris himself. Chris calls himself the mad scientist and don’t let the white lab coat fool you. Chris Burres is the owner of S E S research the first company to deliver carbon nanomaterials and my vital see the world’s world’s first nano antioxidant. Chris has an extensive background in the diverse range of areas including mechanical engineering, comedy improv artist, oil and gas, explosives, and competitive soccer to name just a few. He’s also been the co host of the most popular internet marketing podcasts on iTunes since 2009. Chris realized a Nobel Prize winning chemical tested by NASA had been proven to almost double the lifetime span of mammals, he decided to make ESS 60 into a household item. And now he’s on a mission to help others live longer, healthier, pain, free and happy lives. So let’s talk to Chris find out a little bit about what he’s up to today. Find out a little bit more about his product. And then you’ll hear my experience with his product line.

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Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now I’m your host, Dr. Deb and I have Chris Burres with me today. Today we’re going to have a little bit different podcasts because normally Chris is going to tell us all about his stuff. And that’s what we’re going to talk about. But today we’re going to talk about Chris’s wonderful product and my experience with this product. And just so you guys know, he has no idea what I’m about to say about his product. We didn’t even talk about this yet. So this will be exciting for everybody. Welcome to the show, Chris.

Dr. Deb, thank you so much for having me. People are probably already intrigued already. What I’m going to say first is go back and listen to the first podcast. There’s some really good information. I’ll kind of summarize that real briefly. So you know, if you don’t have time, because we know we’re all very busy these days, Dr. Deb and I were talking about how busy we are and how many clones we need, give or take. I think the number is 10 Give or take. So go back and listen to the podcast. But we’re going to be talking about a molecule and if you’re watching I’m holding up a model of the molecule. And if you’re just listening imagine a soccer ball where the lines on the soccer ball represent the bonds between the carbon atoms. So we have a spherical molecule of 60 carbon atoms. It was discovered in 1985. The scientists who discovered it won the Nobel Prize in 1996. And they actually for various reasons thought it wouldn’t be toxic. They put it in a toxicity study, and the results of that study were published in 2012. Instead of this molecule being toxic the test subjects they gave it to in this case it was Wistar rats lived 90 percent longer than the control groups have the single longest longevity experimental result in human history. And and that kind of was the pivot point for my business partner I to change from being carbon nanomaterials scientists and and serving this the carbon nanomaterials scientific community, really for 31 years now. That pivot point, shoved us in the direction of getting into the supplement industry. And it really was an industry if you go back and listen to the the first podcast, you can hear that it was kind of painful for us to get into it. We didn’t. We tried very hard not to get into the supplement industry.

I can understand why. The regulations, the cost, the everything, it’s not an easy feat. So you guys got into the supplement industry you created this my vital see, and in our in our last podcast. So again, if you guys have not listened to go back and listen, but we’ll talk about this a little bit. You actually started taking this product yourself sharing it with family and friends and realizing there was some unique experiences?

Yes, yeah. Well into kind of cover like as soon as you hear a 90% extension of life, some people’s first response is like, well, well, how might this be working? Right. And the current medical community looks at aging as an oxidative and an inflammation process, right. And so it’s interesting that our product ticks both of those boxes, and I have to be very careful. The first one is the antioxidant. There’s peer reviewed published papers out there that say 125 times more powerful than vitamin C, there’s one ad hoc study on the internet that says 172 times more powerful than vitamin C. And I actually want to talk about the theories that we’ve been working in, there’s some research that’s kind of supports it about it not, not exactly being an antioxidant. But let me come back to that. If you look at inflammation, so that’s the other kind of indicator or cause of aging, not indicator, but cause. What we can say is that our product is good with inflammation, at least as it relates to exercise inflammation, what the FDA restricts us from saying is talking about any other types of inflammation in the body. And we can say that it’s, it really does fit perfectly in the anti inflammatory diet. That’s a diet known, what about the blue zone people take, that is their diet, the diet. And these people tend to have reduce incidences of stroke reduces cause of heart attacks, and actually tend to live longer. So we’ve got that. Now let’s circle back to the antioxidant. And we’re working on on a phrase, boss, it’s kind of like Ess 60 is the boss. And it’s just B O S, and that’s buffer oxidative stress. So imagine if you’re in a cell, and the body is one of the body’s jobs is to provide antioxidants, because there’s always this process of creating ATP in the cell. So we’ll kind of go back to biology with like, every cell in our body has mitochondria in it. That mitochondria is considered the powerhouse of the cell. It’s responsible for taking the energy that’s in our bloodstream that comes from our food and turning it into ATP, which is an energy source that the cells can actually use. In that process. It creates what are called reactive oxygen species. These are negatively charged molecules that do the oxidative stress that that we were talking about as it relates to aging. Things like vitamin C, antioxidant, D, K, E, there’s lots of antioxidants, that that we’re aware of will actually neutralize those reactive oxygen species. We believe that ESS 60 is the boss because it buffers oxidative stress, meaning when that reactive oxidative species comes out of that ATP process creation process. If there’s no antioxidants, right, you can imagine your body gets depleted of antioxidants because they’re managing these reactive oxygen oxidative species. If you’ve got that ESS, 60 molecule, it can grab on to that, that reactive oxygen species, that negatively charged molecule that does all the oxidative stress, and just hold on to it. Right so it doesn’t react with it to the point that it neutralize it. But what it does is hold on to it and prevent it from doing some some damage, right, the damage that it would normally do if you don’t have enough antioxidants in there to neutralize that oxidative species right away. And then when the body’s able to replenish that those antioxidants, then it will interact with that reactive oxygen species neutralize it and get it out of the body. Right. So it’s a very different process. And if you were to have a roomful of physicians who are mitochondrial X experts, and you ask them, Hey, would it be useful to have a you know, a reactive oxygen species sponge in the mitochondria while it’s going into the process of making ATP, their answer would be yes. Right? They would all raise their hands and go, Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. And so that’s one of our current theories about what it’s doing. And there is a paper that kind of my director of research and I have been having this type of conversation, and this theorizing for a while. And then there’s a paper that we came across recently that really supports that. So it’s a very unique process.

That’s awesome. I love that because, you know, the, the root of all disease and all age related things is inflammation, and stress on the body, right? Yes, oxidative stress. And we’re always trying to find a way to reverse that. In the perfect world, we’d have the perfect diet, and we wouldn’t have any of these kinds of things. But we all know, we don’t live in the perfect world. And we don’t always have 100% perfect diet. So we’ve got to supplement with things. We’ve got to do things to help us live longer, healthier, happier, stay out of the nursing home be 110. All that good stuff. Yeah. And this product is one of those ways that people can do that, for sure.

Yeah, it certainly seems like that, like the more research we get out, the more and more testimonials that we get, you know, and those are anecdotal, you got to take those with a grain of salt. And they’re also very important. And we just keep accumulating these, we’re driving the research that we can, you know, come out and say things, we got some, we’ve got a face serum I don’t know, if you got had a chance to try the face serum, we’re actually putting together another molecule, it’s pretty amazing. We call the molecule UTH 29. Which is pretty cool, because it’s youth 29. But if you put UTH 29, which is a water soluble, soluble molecule with the ESS 60, which is an oil soluble, so you actually have to mix it in your hand, it’s an activation process. We’re getting even better testimonials from that you already have. So it’s a and that’s actually going into a hair growth product that we’re working on, and getting phenomenal results with that. And that’s all really born out of people who are consuming our product are reporting improvements and skin and hair just from consuming it not even from applying it. And so that really kind of drove us to say, Well, what else can we do? Like what? What other benefits can we deliver to the customers?

Absolutely. Can you talk a little bit about the delivery system of your product, the oil, olive oil process that you make? So I found that to be so interesting, the last time we chatted to,

yeah, yeah, so we do offer three oils, right, we all offer olive oil, avocado oil, and MCT oil. And basically my routine, like right here in this cup of coffee, because we’re doing this in the morning. It’s a bulletproof coffee, so I’ve got a little bit of ghee, and I’ve got our MCT product, which might be around on my desk here somewhere. And, and so we do I do use all of our products. If you’re looking at just one product like which is the one I should take, we recommend the olive oil product, really for two reasons. One, we’re a science based organization and all the science is on the olive oil product, right? So follow the science. Yep. Next is because there’s a higher concentration of the ESS 60 molecule in olive oil than there is an avocado and MCT. So we have about point eight milligrams per milliliter in Olive Oil, point six and avocado and then point three, so less than half and MCT. And then to talk about the process, it’s interesting, you know, we did do some research into the kind of the C 60. market as opposed to the ESS 60. Market. We looked at a lot of the brands and they had low concentrations. And it frankly didn’t surprise us. And the reason is, is in the original publication, in a small Erlenmeyer flask, they mixed the olive oil with the ESS 60 molecule. And they mix that for two weeks. And they ended up with a concentration right at about point eight milligrams per milliliter. So these people who say, Oh, I gotta jump into this industry. And I’ve got to provide this product. But I’m not a scientist and I don’t have a lab. They’re like mixing it as the industry grows and they start making bigger quantities. They just mix it for two weeks that that makes perfect sense. It’s not it’s not without logic. But because we have the scientific equipment because we’ve been working with this molecule since 1991. We’re testing it. And as we found as we went to larger and larger batches, it took longer to dissolve. So even though you’ve got this really strong vortex in there you can imagine this is this is a significant mixing process. What What would mix in two weeks in a smaller container is now actually taking about three weeks. So we mix it for three weeks, we’ve got a nitrogen backfill, because you can imagine this big vortex as you’re spinning it, you don’t want air getting folded into there. You don’t want any oxidation in that oil. So it’s got a nice Could nitrogen backfill. So there’s all sorts of really good things. But it’s, it’s a long process that like, I’m not aware of any supplements on the market that take three weeks to mix.

Yeah, that’s that’s an intense mixing process. But it makes a difference in how your product comes out. Yeah. Yeah.

And we’ve had people, you know, try some other of the in I’ll call them industrial, C 60s on the market. And then and then try ours and, and just be blown away, like just flat out blown away. And if you’re, if you’re not getting to the right concentration, or the maximum concentration, then then that makes sense. Like, that’s, that’s why they’re having that experience.

Well, and I think one of the problems that people have with taking a product in oil is, how is it going to taste right? How thick is it going to be? Is it really going to taste like olive oil? Is it going to be gritty? Am I going to get past this? And I’ve just seen when I tried your product, I looked at it, and I thought, Oh, how? I tried some really interesting stuff in my time, let me tell you, because I try everything before I tell my patients to do it. And I was really blown away. And I savored it. Like, I put it in my mouth. I let it sit there, I switched it around, I really wanted to see like, how much of a film is there going to be afterwards. And I was blown away. I mean, it wasn’t overpowering. It wasn’t like you know. And, and it was good. I mean, there was no leftover, there was no thickness, there was no grittiness to it. It just went down. And that was great. Because I thought I’m gonna have to put this in a smoothie or somebody to get no, I could just squirt it in my mouth. And I was done gone. No, big deal.

we Yeah. And it’s a high quality olive oil. So you may have noticed a little peppery flavor at the back of your throat. That’s a good indicator of high quality olive oil. And really their palates that are different around the world. So anytime we’re selling into Europe, there’s just no problem. Europeans eat so much more olive oil than us. It’s just just ridiculous. And then we’ve actually taught we did tone down or oil and got a little bit more of a neutral oil for the American palate. Right. So that’s good. And still, you know, if, if that’s not your thing, and I understand the nice thing, a couple of things. So one is, yeah, it’s olive oil, we’re used to consuming olive oil to some degree, we’ve been to that Italian restaurant where they put the olive oil on the plate, and we’re dripping it up, you know, sopping it up with bread. And you can do that with this product, right, like so if you don’t like it, you like butter on the bread, eat the bread, you don’t taste the olive oil. Like that should remind you that you don’t taste the olive oil. And then also, if you just take it, even a sip of water, it doesn’t have a lingering flavor. You know, I know there’s CBD products out there. Like even if you can get them past your mouth without the flavor of CBD, you usually end up with burps that have the flavor of CBD for the rest of the day. And so there’s none of that going on and take a sip of water. It’s gone. So yeah, it really ended up and that’s luck. You know, that’s not by design, right? Like that’s this is the research is in olive oil. We’re selling it on olive oil. And we do also have gel caps for those people were just like, I can’t take well, you know, that oil. We do. We do have gel caps, which is a good alternative.

Perfect. That’s a great alternative. So Chris was nice enough to send me a bunch of different products to try. And he sent me a product for my dog. Thank you very much for that. My dog has she she’s a red fox labs. She’s amazing. But she has this habit of chewing her feet, like till they’re raw. And we’ve been to the vet and we’ve changed her food and we’ve done all these things and nothing works in the vets. She’s just got anxiety and we miss that anxiety. It’s something else. I put your product on her food for two days. That was it two days, and she stopped chewing her feet.


Yeah. I mean, I I’ve tried a lot of different I’ve tried traditional fish oil. I’ve tried minerals. I’ve tried everything in her food. Nothing has worked like that. So I thought that was really awesome.

Yes, that’s really cool. Yeah.

And here’s my kicker on you for your face cream. So every spring I get this lovely allergic reaction when I pull weeds in my garden and I have no idea what I’m reacting to.

something like something to work.

At work, I just kept the weeds anymore, somebody else will have to do that. But I get this wonderful rash on my arms and it blisters and it swells and it’s not poison ivy, poison oak but it’s bad. And I got it the weekend that I got your product and I thought you know I’m pretty itchy. I don’t know if this is gonna do anything. So I put the face cream on my rash on my arms. And what normally takes three weeks to go away and the itching will drive me nuts took for 10 days to go away, it calmed the itching down, the blisters never came, the redness, no blisters, and I just kept applying a little bit a couple times a day. And it would stop the itching for hours hydrocortisone cream doesn’t even do that. But it was amazing that the blisters didn’t come. And so now I have this wonderful, I don’t know if you can see no rash, no lingering redness, nothing, which normally I’ll have scarring and all kinds of stuff the whole summer from it. So I was super impressed by that. I was like, oh my god, this is amazing. And the face part, I gotta tell you, it’s great. I mean, you do get used to a little bit of it being oily if you’re not used to having a little bit of oil, but you gotta rub it in really good. But it doesn’t like stain and it doesn’t stick around and dries pretty fast. But yeah, moisturizing. It’s awesome. Really awesome.

That is That is so cool. So I’m going to add a comment to blisters, which is which is just interesting, because we’ve got this from a couple of people, there’s a guy in our office who will get you know, cold sores, right. And, and he noticed after he started taking the product, so this is consuming it, obviously it in some is going to end up on your lips. But after consuming it he apparently you get a tingling sensation, and to somebody who has cold sores knows they’re coming. Yep, knows they’re coming, but they never blister. Right. So I remember him walking around with a little napkin, you know, just trying to make sure you know, dry it up. And he hasn’t done that since 2018 When he started taking it on a regular basis. So I don’t know if that’s I mean, we’re talking blisters. Right? You didn’t blister? Oh, no, I mean, something obviously, is good happening. We have to be very careful about the word health, right? Because this, you know, FDA, the FDA has not evaluated it’s not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. But so is it blister related? Is it you know, just helping the skin do its job better? And hey, I don’t need to blister or is it is it managing?

Has some antiviral property to it a little bit of me we know olive oil has antiviral properties.

And anti bacterial. Yeah, yeah.

So it could be helping that viral load and just keeping it down a little bit by boosting the immune system and letting it do what it’s supposed to do.

Yeah, but so we have a couple of testimonials about that. And so that’s, that’s that’s really cool. That’s That’s awesome. So lucky for two years, right? Like that the product arrived right at the at the time. And you know, right, I think we sent out just a little tube of the of the face or arm right, is that right? Or did you get a full?

No the jar, I got a little you got the jar?

Okay, good. So yeah, so that’s plenty, plenty of that and it may have been the case that you could have just put the oil on like that, that might have been good enough. That face cream is really nice. It’s got a chia seed base, which is really kind of chia seed oil base, obviously. And a little bit of our MCT product a little bit of our avocado product and yeah, you know, I didn’t want to get into the supplement industry I you know, you can imagine how excited I was about getting you know, putting a face serum on the market. And then and then now I’m getting more into it with another molecule. And the results are just off the charts of the lady who invented you know, she’s my business partner invented the face serum, you know, we worked with, she worked with the what is she is she’s a botanist. And to kind of come up with what are the all natural ingredients going to be worked with our formulator to like come up with the right formulation of those natural ingredients. She’s actually switched to the new one. Right? So and I sent it to her and you know, like if you invented a face that you put on the market, and then you know your business partner since went back to you. You’ve got this little wiring like can’t work as good as mine. And it does and really the one you’ve got is is really when we originally designed it, it was as a night serum. Right? So that works good. It’s thin, it’s not too oily so you’re not necessarily leaving any oil on your pillow. And then this new product, this kind of combo product is going to be more of the day for the daytime.

That’s awesome. I mean for ladies that are listening to us if you’ve listened to our other podcasts, about face creams and aging, you know you have to layer some of these things. So it’s not usually like you can just put one thing on and you’re done and you can use that product day and night. You have to use different products, daytime products, nighttime products and some people’s products you have to layer multiple products but yours you don’t have to. You only need one product you don’t need three products on your face which makes it all that much easier, better, less time less expensive, the whole nine yards, because I’ve used products that you have to do 1,2,3 Before bed, and two in the morning, and they’re not heavy, they’re not problematic, but it just takes that much more time. And then if I’m traveling, I have so many bottles, and it’s crazy. You don’t want to travel with all that stuff if you don’t have to. So less is better.

Yeah, no, I think that worked out worked out really good. And my wife actually will put it under like as a base. So under her makeup, and then we’ll put some light amount of it on top of her makeup, which apparently is not normal. You have to be able to do that.

Yeah, normally you can’t because it removes your makeup. And then your makeup looks splotchy and it looks nasty, and you can’t do it. So that’s perfect that you can put it underneath your makeup as well. And it doesn’t take a long time to dry and soak in. So it’s not like you’re waiting 20 minutes to be able to apply your makeup, you can apply it and you know, I applied it and then I did my hair and then I did my makeup. It was that quick. It was that easy. Yeah.

Very cool. That’s, that’s awesome. Yeah. And then And then so and What’s your dog’s name?

My dog’s name is Dixie

Dixie. So, Dixie is no longer chewing on her, Paul. That’s amazing. Now, it’s interesting, because you’re like, oh, it’s not anxiety. And we have a number of testimonials that fit in the anxiety space, actually. Right. So that may be have addressed it also, if you’re sleeping better than anxiety is reduced. Right? Those types of things. And that’s, that is our most consistent testimonial. People take it in the morning, report mental focus and energy during the day, and then better sleep that night. Have you noticed anything with sleep or focus or energy or energy?

Yeah, sleep has been much better. So I, I never sleep. Everybody. So it’s been years I’ve struggled, I’ve used so many different things to try to sleep and finally found some really great CBD products that worked for a while. And then I thought I really shouldn’t take this all the time. And so I stopped and kind of regulated my sleep pattern. But then I kind of went off the wagon again. And sleep started to become a problem. But since I’ve been starting to take your product I’ve been sleeping better. And focus has been much better. I had the luxury of having COVID times too. And so memory a little bit is you know, little dyslexia spelling words, wrong, things like that. But since I’ve been taking your product, I’ve noticed that it’s been better. It hasn’t been as much. So it’s and I’ve been taking it that long. It’s maybe been two weeks or so since I got it, I think. Yeah. So it hasn’t been a long period of time, but noticing definitely improvements.

And again, if you’re just getting a little bit better or a little bit deeper, or whatever the positive impact on sleep is that can change. That’s a game changer, right? Like we all we all know that sleep is good for your mental, physical and emotional well being. And then there you have it. So man, that’s so cool.

Yeah, so awesome. I mean, I would definitely recommend this product to family, friends, clients, I mean, I think it’s a great product, it’s fun to see the antioxidant stuff in there. You know, for those practitioners that have the little meters that they can measure the antioxidant levels through your hand and the light therapy, it’d be great to use your product. And try that and see how much improvement they’re getting. Because it’s great, because if you can feel it, you can see it. But sometimes people need an objective, they need to be able to see it as well as feel it and put those two together. So I mean, I would definitely say if anybody’s listening and they want to have an antioxidant product, they want to try your product, I would definitely go ahead and do that.

Very cool. Yeah, it’s you know, as you know, go back and listen to the podcast, I didn’t want to create this product. I didn’t bring this product to market. I mean, I brought the product to market but like I that’s just because our customers insisted because of this original paper. And it’s still it just warms my heart when anytime I hear good things about it. And you know, now we’re going on, I don’t know three years of just hearing amazing things about what this is doing for people. So I’m so excited. I could come on your show and share with your audience and then also share with you and you know, that’s just closer to my goal. The more people who know about this, the better.

Absolutely. Chris, where can people find your product?

So we made a website specifically for your audience, they can go to myvitalc.com And then it’s LTWN you want to do myvitalc.com/ltwn that’s for let’s talk wellness now so LTWN make sure you get that in there. And then they can get a an A so when you go there, you can find the product or you can find the face serum it should be on that first page. But if it’s not, you can find it in the menu structure. You can order any one of our products individually or you actually we really heavily incentivize people to get on subscription. It’s like a 25% discount, take advantage of that discount, you can cancel, even if you’re just going to try it, you can cancel that at anytime. Our staff is not trained to talk you out of canceling it. So don’t worry, we have like 505 Star Google reviews. So they’re not trained to frustrate people, they’re trained to help them. So take advantage of that get on subscription. And then also they can get an additional $15 off of their initial order. And in that case, the coupon code again is LTWN for let’s talk wellness now. LTWN.

Awesome, thank you so much for doing that and giving that discount to our pay our listeners. And we’ll put that in the show notes. If you didn’t catch it, don’t worry, it’ll be in the show notes. It’ll be in the social media page and on our website, so you’ll be able to catch that. And if you still can’t find it, feel free to email us in case they’ll get it out to you. So, Chris, thanks so much for joining us today. I really appreciate that.

Dr. Deb, thank you so much for having me back.

Thank you. So you’ve just listened to Chris burrows tell us all about his nanotechnology and antioxidant product. I want to tell you that what I said is completely 100% accurate. I would never endorse a product if I didn’t think that it was worth it. And so I would say this guys, if you’re looking to have that competitive edge, that competitive drive, live longer, healthier, happy, have that brain capacity, that energy and sleep, give this product a try see how you like it. Like I said, it’s been amazing for me, it stopped my dog’s foot chewing, which is amazing. And it helps my allergic reaction, which is even 100% more amazing. And I would have his product around just for that for the rest of my life. Because those of you who suffer from allergies, you know how bad it can actually be. And nothing seems to take that itch away and that irritation and his product actually did for a long time for like three hours. I didn’t have to reapply, where in the past I would have been reapplying hydrocortisone cream about every 40 minutes to try to get things to just calm down a little bit. So I hope you guys liked this episode. Please like share, leave a comment below and join us again next time for the next episode of Let’s Talk Wellness Now.

Hey, it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review, share this podcast and if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live every day to the fullest

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