Episode 179: How To Use Quality Herbs In Your Daily Life with Lee Cowden

Using herbs with good quality is important to achieve actual benefits. Dr. Cowden shares how to choose a quality herbal company. How to protect yourself from clotting issues brought on by viruses. 

Do not miss these highlights:

05:33 Dr. Cowden’s transition from allopathic medicine to a natural approach – the herbal world.

08:57 How detoxifying toxic emotions could lead to healing and make you healthy again.

11:32 The benefits of understanding perception versus reality. 

14:00 The Magnet Therapy.

20:14 Where to find quality herbal products.

27:05 How to find out about herbal supplements.

28:34 Chinese herbs – One of the best herbal supplements.

32:58 Ways to prevent the clots from causing disability, strokes, heart attacks and death.

Resources Mentioned

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About our Guest:

W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H), is Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board; Professor of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (www.ACIMconnect.com ). He has been a USA board-certified cardiologist; internist and a licensed homeopathic medical doctor, but recently retired in 2019 from patient care and is now teaching full-time. He has been studying integrative medicine on his own since he was in medical school at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston in 1975-78 and while doing internal medicine residency and cardiology; critical care fellowship at St. Louis University Hospital Group from 1978-84. Dr. Cowden has co-authored six books, contributed to several other books and is internationally known for his knowledge and skill in practicing; teaching integrativemedicine. He has pioneered successful treatments for cancer, Lyme disease, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, various neurological conditions, silicone implant disease and many other illnesses, but he gives credit to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the ultimate source of all healing.


Transcript of Episode 179

Debra Muth 0:02
Welcome to Let’s Talk Wellness Now I’m your host, Dr. Deb. This is where we talk about everything wellness, and learn to defy aging and live our lives on our own terms. I’m excited today for you guys to meet Dr. Lee Cowden. I’ve known Dr. Cowden for over 20 years and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him at standard process, which is a nutraceutical company here in Wisconsin, and I’ve learned so much from him over the years. Today we’re going to have a conversation about herbs and chronic infection. Dr. Cowden is a medical doctor. He is the chairman of Scientific Advisory Board professor of Academy of comprehensive integrative medicine. And he has been a US board-certified cardiologist internist and licensed homeopathic medical doctor recently retired in 2019 from patient care, and is now teaching full-time. He’s been studying integrative medicine on his own since he was in medical school at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston in 1975 through 1978 and while doing his internal medicine, residency and cardiology critical care fellowship at St. Louis University Hospital from 1974 to 1984. He’s going to tell us his story about why he no longer practiced allopathic medicine after that residency and fellowship. Dr. Cowden has co authored six books, contributed to several other books and is internationally known for his knowledge and skill in practicing teaching integrative medicine. And he has pioneered successful treatments for cancer, Lyme disease, arterial screw sclerosis, cardiomyopathy, and various neurological conditions, including things like silicone implant disease, but he gives credit to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the ultimate source of all healing. This conversation that Dr. Cowden and I are about to have is very candid and has some great information for people who are looking to heal and protect themselves from what’s happening in the world around us today with viruses and bacterial infections, and how to evaluate proper nutraceuticals to know whether or not they’re actually going to work for you. So I hope you stay tuned. Listen in Dr. Cowden is amazing I’ve learned from him for many years. And he is just a pleasure to have a conversation with. So stay tuned right after this message from our sponsor. We’re going to be back with Dr. Lee Caldon. Have you seen 20 Plus medical doctors only to be told your symptoms are in your head or you need an antidepressant? We understand your frustrations? Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Tired of not getting the answers you need to regain your health? Tired of not feeling listened to by your doctor at Serenity Health Care Center, we understand and we will help you find the cause of your symptoms. Together we will create a path to health. We specialize in combining the best of conventional and natural medicine to get you back to doing what you love. We have worked with the most complex chronic diseases such as chronic Lyme COVID, long haulers, autoimmune disease, mold toxicity, and hormonal imbalances. But if you’re not sick, that’s fantastic. We will work with you to maintain your health so that you can prevent illness. give our office a call to see how we can help you regain your health and vitality at 262-522-8640. Or check us out at our website at Serenity health care. center.com Welcome back to Let’s Talk wellness. Now I’m your host, Dr. Deb and I have with me Dr. Lee Cowden, who I have admired for years. I worked with him at standard process many many years ago. And today we’re going to talk about herbs, how to find quality herbs, what to look for, and what kind of herbs you can use on a regular basis to keep yourself healthy. Lee, welcome to the show.

Dr. Lee Cowden 4:34
Great to be with you.

Debra Muth 4:37
So Dr. Cowden. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Dr. Lee Cowden 4:40
Well, I’m a medical doctor, got my medical degree at the University of Texas Houston. Did the internship residency in two fellowships at St. Louis University Hospital group in St. Louis. And practice many years. You but but only one year with allopathic medicine After one year of allopathic medicine, I said, this is not for me, I gotta do something else.

Debra Muth 5:05
So, to figure that one out,

Dr. Lee Cowden 5:08
yeah, I’d already been studying integrative medicine from 1975 until 1986, when I made that decision. And so I already had experience with using natural medicine on myself, my family, my friends. And so I didn’t feel uncomfortable expanding that to the use with my patients.

Debra Muth 5:31
Wonderful. So when you transitioned from allopathic medicine to a more natural approach, did you go into practice for a while? Or did you go right into teaching?

Dr. Lee Cowden 5:42
I went into allopathic medicine with a fellow that went through the training institution at the same time, for one year, one year. And we set up a critical care cardiology combined practice. And we were on staff at seven hospitals, and we rounded in 11 intensive care units twice a day, every day, for that year. And we were on call every other week, night and every other weekend. And so at the end of the year, I decided several things that said, if I keep this up, it’ll kill me prematurely. I said, if I keep this up, I will not know my wife nor my children. And, and if I continue to continue this, I’m going to be completely miserable. Because I saw that there was so much better way, you know, this was crisis or crisis intervention medicine, intervening at the very end of the stream, you know, we need to be intervening at the very beginning of the stream.

Debra Muth 6:37
Yeah, talk about a way to set up for total burnout with physicians and practitioners, right? I mean, there’s no healthy living in in that type of practice at all. And we wonder why we make mistakes in that type of practice. Because there’s, there’s no time there’s no rest, there’s no nothing for people to even take time to think or refuel their bodies or rest or do any of the things that we need to do to stay healthy ourselves to take care of others.

Dr. Lee Cowden 7:04
Yep. Yeah.

Debra Muth 7:06
Unfortunately, today, that’s that type of practice isn’t much different than allopathic medicine, it’s pretty much the same model.

Dr. Lee Cowden 7:14
Yeah, in the training institution, they made it illegal for residents to be on call too many hours out of a week. So that’s, that’s a plus. But I mean, there were times in the training institution when I went 36 hours without sleep. And that’s just crazy. Yeah, you you miss you miss things, you make mistakes, you risk the life of the patients that you’re trying to take care of. Yeah, absolutely.

Debra Muth 7:40
So when you left allopathic medicine, I mean, you are an amazing doctor, in the herbal world, in teaching, you’ve gone on to teach, I can only assume 1000s of other practitioners in the herbal world. Tell us about that practice that you’ve been doing for quite a long time. I mean, I’ve known you at least 20 years in the standard process world. So you’ve been doing this a very long time teaching and educating people on a natural approach to life and healthy living and lifestyle.

Dr. Lee Cowden 8:11
Yeah, I started learning about first western herbals. And that came 76. And I learned about Eastern articles in 1977. And started applying that in my life and in the life of my family and friends. And when I finally decided that I wasn’t going to stay in allopathic medicine, in 1986, and made the transition, I started applying herbal therapies to my patients, as well. And you know, not just that, but orthomolecular, medicine, oxidative therapies, you know, emotional conflict resolution, magnetic therapies, electromagnetic therapies, et cetera.

Debra Muth 8:53
All of those things are so helpful. Like, when we think about alternative medicine, the first thing we think of is herbs and vitamins, right? We don’t think about psychologically, what’s going on in our lives, how much stress are we dealing with? How much sleep are we getting? How much conflict resolution like you were talking about? You know, over the years, I’ve worked a lot with women primarily, that’s been my practice. And it always amazes me how sick a person can be. And they get out of a quote, unquote, toxic relationship, and all of their healthcare problems that they had start to magically disappear. And you see it a lot in people who have been abused, or just a lot of overpowering relationships. And I’ve noticed a lot of it in women who’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, believe it or not, and they get out of a bad relationship, and all of a sudden, they’re healthy again, it takes, you know, six months to a year but I don’t think we put enough emphasis on those kinds of things. When we’re talking about healing. We’re always looking at what can we give somebody or what can we do? Due to somebody to make them better, we don’t look at what lifestyle changes could they necessarily make to help that?

Dr. Lee Cowden 10:07
Know that we need to start thinking about? What can we get out of them not what can we put into them as detoxify them from their toxic emotions, not just not just those that they acquired after their birth, but also the ones that they acquired in the womb from mom and dad, and from their ancestors. And then also, you know, get get rid of, you know, the, I call it the stinking thinking, you know, so So, in most cases, some they had some kind of a emotionally traumatic event. And that caused them to make a decision. And the decision keeps going on and on and on in their life until they realize that they’ve made a sinking decision. And so then they undecided that decision and replace it with a new better decision, and then all of a sudden, they can start getting healthy. Okay, sorry, go ahead. Yeah. So that so the physical toxins accumulate in the body, where there’s unresolved emotional toxins. And so if you have a lot of anger, you’re going to have accumulation of physical toxins in your liver and gallbladder in your bile ducts. If you have a lot of fear, you’re going to have accumulation of toxins in your kidneys, adrenals, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, urinary bladder, prostate, and men, and so on, and so on. So, you know, if you if you don’t recognize that, then it’s what you’re doing what I’m calling, calling, fighting the alligators, one at a time instead of draining the swamp.

Debra Muth 11:30
It’s very true, isn’t it? And so many times, we just don’t think about that. We just don’t look at those kinds of things. I remember, a few years ago, in practice, I was not a happy person. I was always like, angry and looking at things and looking at the worst. And a friend of mine looked at me, and she said my best friend, and she said, Deb, it’s all perception. And she’s like, you’re perceiving everything in a bad way. And it’s a moment I wanted to look at her and be like, go, You know what, yourself because I don’t want to hear this right now. I want to be angry, I want it to be everybody else’s fault. And it took me about 1015 minutes, and I looked back and I’m like, You know what? She’s absolutely right. I’m the one that’s doing this myself. I’m the one that’s getting angry all the time. It’s how I’m perceiving everything else. And then I projected onto everyone else, too. And when I finally started getting to that point where this is all just perception is not reality is perception. All of that change, all that anger, all that irritation just kind of went away. And so many times I think we don’t look at that. And we don’t look inward, we’re always looking outward.

Dr. Lee Cowden 12:38
Yeah, yeah, it’s so much easier to blame it on somebody else to blame it on ourselves. But there’s never a situation I don’t think hardly, where there’s not some degree of responsibility in the patient and the person, you know, so, I mean, an exception might be, you know, when a three year old child is sexually molested by a man, you know, an adult man, that that might be 100% the fault of the man, but a lot of other situations in life, you know, the, the patient is also partially responsible for what happened.

Debra Muth 13:11
Right? Right. We have to, we have to take that personal responsibility and work through that and heal it. And it’s not easy, that’s for sure. Some of those traumas that people live through are pretty intense.

Dr. Lee Cowden 13:22
Yeah. Yeah. So there’s that there’s the physical, there’s the emotional part of these things. We’re talking about, you know, like anger. And some people call it frustration, bitterness, resentment, rage. But but then there’s a spiritual part of it, which is unforgiveness, though. We know that if we if we haven’t forgiveness that we’re inviting in the demonic realm into our life, in that in that Demonic Realm can then have a negative impact on our physical health.

Debra Muth 13:50
Yeah, yeah. So many times, we don’t look at what that spiritual world can impact us on. Yeah, yeah. Can you talk a little bit about the magnet therapy that you use? Learned about? Because that’s such an interesting topic to me. And it’s so easy to use. But can you talk a little bit about it for our listeners, so they understand a little bit more about what that is?

Dr. Lee Cowden 14:16
Yeah, I got most of my sixth magnetic therapy. knowledge from for two doctors, Dr. William Philpott and Choctaw Oklahoma who’s now deceased. And Dr. Demetrios study by IATA is that Mexico City is also deceased. And, and what’s adopted by IATA is it was was quite amazing. He was a cardiologist as I am and he had patients that had cardiomyopathy and other congestive heart failure symptoms. And he, he decided to give them what called GK AI, glucose, potassium insulin infusion intravenously. And that helps peplum quite a bit. But they say I need a way to, to direct that treatment to their heart. So he had a big fixed magnet in his office. So I put that over the heart, on a patient that had previously received several of the GI infusions, and he got a whole lot better result. Well, that was good. And so he did that for a while just with heart to heart disease, and then he figured out that it was effective for cancer as well. So he would give the GK infusion and then put the magnet over there, Oregon, where the where the cancer was, and the cancers will start shrinking. And you gotta, you gotta make sure you put the right side of the magnet over the, over the heart, or over the or the cancer. And that’s what I call the North Pole seeking side of the magnet. So if you get a big plate magnets, you know, four inch by six inch by half inch thick plate magnet, and you want to figure out which side is the right side of the pit against the skin, then you go get a compass at the camping supply store, and you hold the magnet up, and then you move the magnet toward it. And if the pointed end of the North Pole needles points toward the magnet, that’s the correct side to put against the skin. Okay, so a whole seeking side.

Debra Muth 16:25
And then that starts to draw the energy into the body or out

Dr. Lee Cowden 16:30
well, well, yeah, what what it what it does is it dilates blood vessels and instant and stimulates the mitochondrial function inside the cells. And so you start getting more ATP production, and the mitochondria become healthier. We cancer we have a problem with apoptosis. apoptosis is pre programmed cell death. And so the mitochondria of the cells get so sick, that they cannot produce the apoptotic factor that goes from the mitochondria to the nucleus of the cell and tells the cell to die if the time when it’s supposed to. So since there’s nothing to tell the cell to die, it doesn’t die, it continues living. And so you know, if you can get the help the mitochondria healthy enough, then that mitochondria send out that apoptotic factor tell the cell to die in this in the cancer cells start dying.

Debra Muth 17:25
Such a unique thing. And it’s not something that a lot of people do a magnet therapy is not very popular. Not like you can find them on every corner, somebody who understands magnet therapy, and something we would never use an allopathic medicine, of course.

Dr. Lee Cowden 17:42
Yeah, you think?

Debra Muth 17:45
How many 10s of billions of dollars of cancer treatment we do every year?

Dr. Lee Cowden 17:50
Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, the magnetic therapy has been around with us for, I don’t know, at least 2000 years, maybe 3000 years. And, and, you know, it was blackballed by the allopathic medical community back in 1910. Because they said, Well, this is having too much benefit. And you know, we’ll lose our our benefit our patients to this, this what we call quackery. And so they, you know, they did an all out effort to discredit the magnetic therapies, the pulsed electromagnetic therapies, the herbal therapies, call orthomolecular, medicine therapies with high doses of vitamins and minerals in all the other natural therapies. And so, after, after just a year there of collecting data from all of the different medical schools across the country, the allopathic medical schools, the naturopathic medical schools, the the homeopathic medical schools, and so on, the author of that paper that was presented, said, you know, the only schools that have A plus rating for those that are that are using pharmaceuticals and promoting pharmaceuticals, and all the rest are quackery. And then that this was this, this work was commissioned by three wealthy bankers, okay, who saw a potential huge profit in the future from selling patented pharmaceutical drugs. And so they said, well, that this is a really good thing that you’ve done here with this research. But what we need for you to do now is go to the to the licensing boards of all the licensing boards in every state, and convince them that that these schools that nobody from these schools, these other schools should be given a license to practice in your state. And so he did that. And in about 30 years time there we went from hundreds of naturopathic and homeopathic schools, almost none. And so, we have had been after that’s the best money that sorry, best medicine that money could buy.

Debra Muth 19:59
You except people weren’t getting any better. They were getting sicker as time goes on, you know? Yeah, so sad. Doctor counting, can you talk a little bit about herbs? I know you’re so knowledgeable in this arena. But people who are listening to us they might be confused about how do they find an herb? Do they just go to Walgreens and get what’s on the shelf? Do they go to GNC? Where do they find a quality herb they can trust that they put into their body?

Dr. Lee Cowden 20:30
Well, I would say first, like any other natural therapy, if you find a company that’s been in business for 15 or 20 years or longer, you’re probably going to get good products from that company. Because if they didn’t have good products, and people wouldn’t continue buying the products, and they wouldn’t continue to stay in business. So that’s a pretty good way to find a good quality company. And then, you know, not necessarily every herbal product, or every nutritional product that comes out of that company is going to be good quality, but probably most of them will be in some of them are just standard herbal companies, some of our our multilevel marketing companies, you know, the nature sunshine company has been around, I don’t know, maybe 30 years, 40 years. And, and I haven’t found any poor quality products from that company. I’m not a distributor of that company. But, but I do. Now the advice and stuff from them, because I can’t find anything else in the marketplace that’s comparable.

Debra Muth 21:35
Perfect. So it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive, or, or company, it just has to be a quality company.

Dr. Lee Cowden 21:44
Yeah, quality company, first and foremost. And probably they will have put in the effort to make sure that the products that they sell are quality. You know, I know for a fact that, you know, nature, sunshine, can test every raw material that they bring into their warehouse before it ever goes into possible production. And then they go through a meticulous extraction process and purification process. And finally, you know, test the product again, before it goes on the shelf. So, you know, the testing on the beginning, testing on the end is really helpful in making sure that you get good quality product.

Debra Muth 22:21
Yeah, that’s huge if companies don’t test, because let’s face it, today, everybody’s looking to make a fast buck. And not everybody is honest. And we’ve all heard stories of people getting a barrel of some kind of herb and, and the highest quality product is on the top. But they’re lesser quality products towards the bottom of that barrel. And if they don’t test far enough down the barrel, they look like they’ve got good quality until they get to the bottom. And that’s where the lesser quality is. And companies need to be diligent about getting that product in and making sure that whoever they sourced it from was being legitimate with them.

Dr. Lee Cowden 22:58
Yeah. Yeah, the number one selling aloe vera product and a company in a country, which I won’t mention the name of is a company that buys one barrel, 155 gallon drum of aloe vera raw material from the producer from the from the from the grower every year, and dilute it down with water and put that on the shelf. Okay. So basically, you know, when you’re consuming that aloe vera products, you’re drinking water. And people say, well, it doesn’t taste that, well. No water usually doesn’t taste that.

Debra Muth 23:36
pure aloe vera can taste a little different.

Dr. Lee Cowden 23:38
Yeah, it can be kind of hard to get down. But you know, you’re probably not going to get much medicinal effects from that particular aloe vera, you know, you won’t want to on that has good quality mix of like, active glyconutrients long, very long chain, mix polysaccharides.

Debra Muth 24:00
I always encourage people that if you don’t know a company that you want to use, just call and start asking them questions. And you’ll kind of know if they answer your questions without too much of a problem. That’s probably a good sign. But if they’re sidestepping, and backstepping don’t want to give you answers, that’s a good sign that you don’t want to do business with that company either.

Dr. Lee Cowden 24:20
Well, I’m not sure if I agree with that completely. Because, you know, there have been several 100 nutraceutical companies that have gone out of business, not because they were doing a bad thing, but because some somebody from the FDA call them just like you just said, and basically entrapped them by asking questions and recording it, and then bringing a legal action against them and saying, Okay, we’re either going to put you out of business or you’re gonna go out of business peacefully, but either way, you’re gonna go out of business. So a lot of companies have learned that they don’t talk to people and say very much about their products over the phone because they don’t know who IT personnel.

Debra Muth 25:00
That’s a good point. I never thought about that I sometimes forget that the FDA can be rather unique in how they come after people.

Dr. Lee Cowden 25:11
Well, yeah, we know clearly that the FDA is a captured agency. And that that happened when they when the US Congress passed a law that made it legal for companies that had a pharmaceutical drug that they wanted to get on the market quicker to get to give extra money to the FDA for that purpose. You know, what we call a fast track of payments. And as a result of that, almost every drug is put on the market now is a fast track payments. And that’s where most of the money from the FDA in the FDA comes from is from those pharmaceutical companies that are fast tracking their drug into the marketplace. But we know that there’s hundreds, hundreds of drugs every year that get removed from the market after the kills a certain number of people.

Debra Muth 25:56
Yeah, kind of like what we’re seeing today with NAC. Right? I mean, that they’re making a big stink about trying to get NAC off the market, simply because there’s a pharmaceutical grade nhc that’s coming up to be approved by the FDA. And so,

Dr. Lee Cowden 26:10
yeah, well, you know, that and I see it called nucleus was approved about 30 years ago. And, you know, some some companies started producing an oral counterpart for that, you know, that was for intravenous use. And so, you know, that, that caused the, you know, the people to start realizing the value of NAC and start buying it from nutraceutical companies, and health stores and so on. But, you know, when, when the FDA learned that NAC was very effective against the certain viral illnesses come around our country recently, they decided that they needed to get rid of that because it was possibly reduced the sales of certain so called vaccines.

Debra Muth 26:51
Yeah, there’s so much corruption on so many levels that we we don’t even really recognize on a day to day basis. Unless you’re in this world, you don’t see it so much. But it’s really hard sometimes to navigate this, how does a layperson who doesn’t have the background information that you or I have? How do they navigate this to understand what’s actually happening to these supplements when they’re being pulled off the market or they’re being challenged?

Dr. Lee Cowden 27:19
Well, that is difficult. And usually, it’s wise for a person to find a practice or like you’re me, that has more knowledge than they do, and get some some advice from them. Because you can’t use the you could be able to go on the internet and find a lot of useful information. But now, there’s more lies than there are truth on the internet. And so it’s really hard to figure out what’s true. Usually, if you want to get truth, you have to go the fourth or fifth or sixth page of a search engine, you can’t find it on the first page because that’s all propaganda.

Debra Muth 27:52
Which we’re which is what we’re used to, right, we’re used to everything being on that first page and a half as being the the proper information, the most legit, the most recent. And now, I agree with you, it can be the farthest from the truth, if you’re not heading back five, six pages, you’re not going to find what you’re looking for to be true because they are not going to put it there anymore.

Dr. Lee Cowden 28:13
Right. So I figured out how to make their algorithms put that truthful information way down in the search list,

Debra Muth 28:23
to dig a lot more to find what you’re looking for these days. So it’s actually called in those people that are listening to us that are wondering, what is the best supplements to have in a daily regimen just just kind of stay healthy? Stay a little bit above the curve of illnesses? What would you recommend people look at? And obviously check with their practitioner to make sure they don’t have a health concern that doesn’t make that good for them. But do you have like a tip of what should be in somebody’s medicine cabinet from a natural standpoint?

Dr. Lee Cowden 28:59
Yeah, you know, that, that some of the some of the Chinese herbs that have been around for two or 3000 years can be very helpful for health and healing. And, you know, if you know how to do energy testing, or pulse testing, radial pulse testing, then you can actually figure out which herb is the right one for you. But if you don’t know how to do that, you know, hopefully find a practitioner that knows how to do that so that she can figure out which ones are good for you. And the one of the big pharmaceutical companies was realizing that they were not losing out on profits from the sale of their chemotherapy drugs, because the patients were dying from from infections and other immune suppressive conditions. They said, Well, we got to we got to figure out how to fix this because we’re losing profits. It went about because we’re losing people to death was because we were losing profits. And so they found a 2000 year old Chinese herbalist. combination that had 14 Chinese herbs in it, and started doing research on that, because it has such impressive research from China already and also a lot of anecdotal information over two or 3000 years. And so they they tested that product and in clinical trials in humans in United States, and found that it increased the natural killer lymphocyte function by 400%. Okay. And so

Dr. Lee Cowden 30:28
I don’t think there’s anything else in the marketplace that comes anywhere close to that the people that have had COVID, or that have taken the jab are getting a suppression of their immune system has resulted. And if people are, or have a deep enough pocket, or good enough insurance to get a natural killer lymphocyte function, they’ll find that they’re in a function is down from the normal range. And so what are you supposed to do, he’s supposed to just wait till you get cancer, he’s supposed to wait till you get a life threatening infection, or you’re supposed to do something preventively. And so, so what I urge people to do is to do something preventively, if he if he gets a blood test to see for sure that you need that, then you do that. But if you can, can’t afford the blood test, because it’s about $900, then you go ahead and do the, the nutrients which is over the counter. It’s called protective all Dr. o te CTI vi L, it’s 14 Different Chinese herbs in combination, and no, no a significant adverse effects. You know, the, the vast majority of pharmaceutical drugs have serious adverse effects. But you can take protective all every day, the rest of your life and not have any adverse effects from it probably. Wow,

Debra Muth 31:43
that’s amazing. We’ve been seeing a lot of that, in our practice a lot of people who have long haul, or took the job, and now they’re having caught microvessel clotting issues and their immune systems are not functioning properly, a lot of inflammatory cytokines. I mean, it’s just crazy across the board, rare autoimmune diseases that we’re seeing that, that I’ve maybe seen once in my entire career of 25 years. And now we have five or six of them in a two week period of time. And we’re just shaking our heads because you’re you run out of things to do to help people sometimes, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to help build that immune system, because all of our traditional things we’ve used in the past don’t seem to be working the way they did before the virus. So thank you for sharing that. I’m gonna check that or about.

Dr. Lee Cowden 32:40
You mentioned also the clotting problem. And that’s probably going to be responsible for nearly half of the deaths that occur in the next couple of years. Based on it on the insurance industry reports that have come out so far for 2021 and so far for this year. And there’s a way to prevent the clots from causing disability and death, you know, strokes and heart attacks and so on. And, and that’s the take a proteolytic enzyme with water 30 minutes before food two to three times a day. And if you do that faithfully, probably you’ll never have a life threatening clot formation. That’s right. Yep, the embalmers are finding huge fibers clots in the veins of the lower extremities in patients that have had COVID illness or are taking the jam. And that apparently is occurring because of the fact that spike protein has on the coagulation system. But anyway, the the most effective fibrinolytic enzyme is lumbo kinase, which is derived from the bacteria that lives in the gut of the earthworm. And that’s very unlikely to become allergenic, because most people don’t eat earthworms. And then the second most effective fibrinolytic enzyme is nattokinase that the ones from China and India are sometimes not good quality and the fishing fine when it was made in Japan, it probably will be good quality. The Japanese are fastidious about their quality. And then the third most effective is bromelain which is derived from a pineapple stamp. I didn’t mention that it kind of comes from a fermented soy that they use only non GMO soy in Japan but if you use one of those enzymes or rotate them is the best way to do it. From now on for the for the rest of your life, then probably you will end up dying from a stroke or heart attack anyway.

Debra Muth 34:41
We’ve been seeing you know, we see these elevated D dimers. And sending them off to cardiology to just have them double check. Make sure everything is fine. And the cardiologists are not concerned at all at least around here. They’re like they’re not high enough. They’re only two and a half or three. So go down it’s fine. They won’t treat them and then the patient comes back. And they’re like, Well, I’m not worried about it. And we’re worried about it because it shouldn’t be there at all.

Dr. Lee Cowden 35:06
But my advice would be don’t send them to the cardiologist in the first place unless the cardiologist is knowledgeable. And so if you give them the enzymes, and their D dimer comes down to zero or nearly zero, then you’ve done the right thing. And you don’t have to try to have a cardiologist second guess what you’re doing. You know, the biggest problem with the clot formation is not in the big vessels, which is what the cardiologists are trained to think. But it’s in the capillaries. And you won’t see on a standard imaging procedure, you won’t see any evidence of that happening. So the so what happens is that if you have a capillary that’s got just a rim of fibrin around the entire wall of the capillary, and red blood cell comes down through there, and tries to deliver its oxygen through the, through the endothelial the capillary into the tissues, it can’t, because that that’s fine layer of fibrin in there, restricts the rate of oxygen diffusion across the capillary membrane into the tissues. Dr. Berg was one that figured out that that it only takes five seconds, is not in a normal, healthy capillary for red bloods for the oxygen of the red blood cells to go through the capillary wall into tissues, but it’s in a capillary that has fibrin up against the wall, it takes five minutes, okay, 60 times 60 times longer. So there’s no way that you can get sufficient oxygen in the tissues. When you don’t get enough oxygen to the tissues, you go into anaerobic metabolism, you form like acid and you increase the risk of developing cancer.

Debra Muth 36:49
Is that why we’re seeing like, patients with elevated D dimers. They’re on lumbo kinase, or sorry, on Xarelto or Lovenox, and then an herb, but the Xarelto and the Lovenox don’t seem to be touching these D dimers. Like they normally would. And is that why because it’s more related to that micro vessel instead of that large vessel.

Dr. Lee Cowden 37:09
There’s lots of reasons but usually, it’s better to come at it with a multi pronged approach, not just enzymes alone, if you had to pick only one thing, the ins and outs would be the most important based on my experience. But, you know, you can either give them a baby aspirin once a day, in the middle of the meal, which helps to block some of the platelet action, the platelets also will adhere to the wall of the capillary. And then you can also see if a doctor is willing to prescribe them the, you know, the Xarelto, or one of the other pharmaceutical anticoagulants that mimic heparin you know, I would not give a patient warfarin or Coumadin, because it has such a negative effect on calcium metabolism and causes calcium in the bones to actually end up in the artery linings and then you die from atherosclerotic calcific health atherosclerotic coronary disease, or stroke. And so that’s, that’s tragic. So I just think Warfarin is a bad idea.

Debra Muth 38:18
There’s so many things that are coming about from this virus that we’re learning about, and so many illnesses, I think that people are going to be suffering for years to come. And if their practitioners are not knowledgeable about what’s going on, they’re not going to get the help that they need to prevent these problems down the road.

Dr. Lee Cowden 38:38
Right. Now, what I think we need to do is we need to train up a an entire army of health coaches and wellness coaches, that can be the ones that hold the hands of the people that haven’t taken the time yet to learn this stuff themselves. And then, you know, if you as a practitioner, teach a dozen wellness coaches, health coaches, the information that we’re talking about today, and then they each tell 100 patients or 1000 patients, then you can make a pretty good dent in it. But if you try to if you try to do it by yourself, without the help of those health coaches and wellness coaches, you’re probably not going to make a very big dent.

Debra Muth 39:18
No, you can’t you can’t see enough people in that timeframe. You can’t get enough information out to the masses fast enough that way. You’re doing one on one, and it just if there’s just too many people that need help. Yeah. We’re in a massive trouble after this virus, I think some of our population standpoint unless we can, like you said get that information out there and start teaching people.

Dr. Lee Cowden 39:44
Yeah. Now what the research shows that, that we’re no better off now than we were at the beginning of 2020. As far as the amount of virus in the in the population, virus causing illness. Okay, so so people are being hospitalized and dying, that have been fully jammed. So that’s not really working.

Debra Muth 40:08
Yeah, I just saw a report yesterday, Walgreens has been keeping some pretty good data. And of the people who have had three to four jabs, 36% of those people are coming down positive for the virus, compared to only about 23% of the people that are coming down with the virus who have taken no jabs at all. So the numbers are quite high for those that have taken the job. And if they have no immune function to fight this virus, see how they’re going to survive this virus or the next 100 variants that come behind this? sad situation? That’s for sure. Well, I know you’re so busy, and we could talk all day about these kinds of things. But thank you so much for being here with me today and sharing your knowledge. Any last information you want to share with our listeners?

Dr. Lee Cowden 41:09
Yes, I think we’re heading into some even more perilous times ahead. And I think it’s very important for each person to develop a strong relationship with the Creator of the universe as they can. I think that will get to the point very soon, where that is the only hope. And no think that we’re going to have some food shortages, I think we’re gonna have chaos in the country, you know, most more so than we have. So, you know, it’s really important to, to have good strong relationships with every person in your life. You know, try to do what you can to repair the damage from old relationships. And ask, forgive very need to forgive and ask fm to forgive you for whatever you’ve done. Even if you don’t know what that was. And then they get and then get your life straight with the Creator of the Universe.

Debra Muth 42:04
Yeah, you got to make peace at this point in your life because I agree. We’ve got some crazy times ahead of us and without a strong spiritual connection. It’s going to be hard to withstand what’s coming. Amen. Yeah, thank you. Well, thank you so much. Dr. Cowden I really appreciate your time. It’s been a pleasure chatting,

Dr. Lee Cowden 42:26
likewise. Yep, I wish you well.

Debra Muth 42:28
Thank you you to pay it has been really great sharing this time with you guys on the let’s talk wellness now podcast. If this episode has helped you, or you feel as though this episode would help someone else we’d love for you to leave us a review. Share this podcast. And if you don’t want to miss the most exciting episodes we have coming. We’d love for you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Google Play. Until next time, live everyday to the fullest.

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