Episode 179: How To Use Quality Herbs In Your Daily Life with Lee Cowden

Using herbs with good quality is important to achieve actual benefits. Dr. Cowden shares how to choose a quality herbal company. How to protect yourself from clotting issues brought on by viruses. 

Do not miss these highlights:

05:33 Dr. Cowden’s transition from allopathic medicine to a natural approach – the herbal world.

08:57 How detoxifying toxic emotions could lead to healing and make you healthy again.

11:32 The benefits of understanding perception versus reality. 

14:00 The Magnet Therapy.

20:14 Where to find quality herbal products.

27:05 How to find out about herbal supplements.

28:34 Chinese herbs – One of the best herbal supplements.

32:58 Ways to prevent the clots from causing disability, strokes, heart attacks and death.

Resources Mentioned

Whether you are recovering from an illness or just looking to maintain your current overall health, schedule a consult with us at Serenity Health Care  by calling  (262)522-8640 or visit https://www.serenityhealthcarecenter.com 

About our Guest:

W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H), is Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board; Professor of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (www.ACIMconnect.com ). He has been a USA board-certified cardiologist; internist and a licensed homeopathic medical doctor, but recently retired in 2019 from patient care and is now teaching full-time. He has been studying integrative medicine on his own since he was in medical school at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston in 1975-78 and while doing internal medicine residency and cardiology; critical care fellowship at St. Louis University Hospital Group from 1978-84. Dr. Cowden has co-authored six books, contributed to several other books and is internationally known for his knowledge and skill in practicing; teaching integrativemedicine. He has pioneered successful treatments for cancer, Lyme disease, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, various neurological conditions, silicone implant disease and many other illnesses, but he gives credit to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as the ultimate source of all healing.


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