Episode 186: The Truth Is Out

August was a busy month, the research is clear and we are vindicated! 

Do not miss these highlights:

1:08 What mistakes they actually made.

05:27 Rochelle walensky ,CDC director came out and stated that the CDC made large mistakes and that they needed to own these mistakes.

05:55 Immune Imprinting – What does this mean?

06:48 The three false claims of the vaccine program

12:19 The vaccines did more harm than good in the original randomized trials.

16:50 No one is to blame. No one can or will be held accountable. 

19:11 All these key players (companies) are truly in bed with one another, they’re moving to other companies for money and cover up.

23:27 The first paper on Coronavirus was published back in 1997 by Rolf Barrack, and his life’s work is studying Coronaviruses. But yet he’s been the quietest person in the last two years. 

26:16 Both of the monoclonal antibodies and the vaccine approaches have failed to neutralize and protect the infection of the Coronavirus using the novel spike protein.

28:55 The issue of having the vaccine storage from sub-zero temperature to normal refrigeration? 

30:10 Recent Zogby survey says that 15% of people who took the vaccine are left with medical issues.

33:10  What we’re seeing with patients who have had the job.

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Transcript of Episode 186

Welcome back to Let’s Talk Wellness Now I’m your host, Dr. Deb. It has been a busy month in August for news. I know we’re a couple of weeks into September already. So preparing this for you. It’s a little delayed and some of you may have heard this already, but I wanted to put. Everything together in one place.

So you had an up to date idea of what’s actually going on things in the sea world. Our changing relatively quickly, Rochelle Walensky our CDC director came out and stated that the CDC made large mistakes and that they needed to own these mistakes. This is incredible for the CDC to come out and actually admit that they made some mistakes in how they’re managing a pandemic.

So let’s talk about what mistakes they actually made. It was clear that the advice from the CDC was erratic, inconsistent, and dictatorial. How can I call it dictatorial? Well, I can say this because of the mass mandates for flying on planes. It actually took a federal judge in Florida to rule that the CDC cannot tell Americans to wear masks on airplane.

Now, I know some of you listeners are going to argue that there was nothing bad about that. It kept us flying. Honestly, if you had to be six feet apart in a grocery store or a doctor’s office, how was it that sitting arm and arm with a stranger on a plane was gonna keep you from getting sick? People need to have some common sense in all of.

truth be told the CDC should have never given any advice or guidance on contagion control. Contagion control is in the realm of healthcare providers who look after patients. There was no evidence to support public masking or hand sanitizing or social distancing distancing. None of it. Now, hand sanitizing.

Totally normal, right? In any cold or flu season, we talk about washing your hands using hand sanitizer, you know, just doing safe, normal, common sense practices, right. But the social distancing made absolutely no sense. And there was no science put behind it at all. The CDC never should have given guidance.

On emergency use authorized vaccines. The CDC establishes the general childhood vaccine schedule. Which many of us question why they have that authority too? They are way outta their league on both of these endeavors and boy, what a disaster it was for America so far within just a few days of all of this, the CDC came out with its new guidance, basically utilizing Dr.

Peter McCullough’s five COVID truths and lined up. Most of the recent CDC guidelines to his five COVID truths. This is astonishing. They’re actually using Dr. Peter McCullough’s research and common sense to put forth the latest guidance. Basically the five COVID truth is that we respect carrying the virus there’s or sorry, with respect to carrying the virus.

There’s no difference between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. They’re indistinguishable from one another. They carry the virus at the same viral loads and are equally contagious. They get the infection with the equal Prolo pro. Sorry, proclivity. And at this point there’s absolutely no scientific support or any form of a mandate on someone taking a vaccine.

Now, this is really an important point because we’re starting to see hospital systems, revoke religious exemptions and medical exemptions saying that they have expired and that they’re only good for a year. And they’re going back and forcing people to take the jab in order to hold their job again.

Now in Denmark, they’ve already come out and said, this can’t be, they’re not giving the vaccine to children under the age of 18. And they are also mandating that no employer can mandate an experimental use authorization vaccine on any person in their country. We’re seeing the same thing in Costa Rica and it’s starting to come forward in other European countries as well.

The US is the only country that still is allowing forced vaccination on people in order to work, which is completely against your constitutional right. The British medical journal and others are now reporting that nine out of 10 people that die with COVID are double and triple vaccinated.

So now the head of the CDC was reported saying, oh, sorry, we got it wrong. We also see Berg saying, oh, well, you know, we knew it. Wasn’t going to. and others. And I believe that the CDC is trying to get out in front of this scandal. That’s coming, that they backed the COVID vaccine. That was not doing what it was supposed to do and what the American people were told it was going to do.

There are two papers in 2021, led by author Wheatley, which had the title immune imprint. What this means is that the vaccines were given every six months exposing the body to the exact same obsolete antigen with spike protein. This turned out to be an immunological disaster. What happened was the body’s immune system was trained and this trained to this high exposure of antigen concentrated in critical organs and tissues.

And then it was ultimately misdirected. So when the infection actually happened, especially in frail and vulnerable people, there were higher rates of hospitalization and death in the fully vaccinated. In Ontario, they now have data that nine out of 10 people who are dying with COVID 19 are fully vaccinated.

And we have to remember there have been three false claims of the vaccine program. The first false claim was the vaccine stopped infection. If you took the shot, you couldn’t get it. And that quickly eroded after we saw thousands of breakthrough cases that were reported through 2021, the CDC actually gave up on this in may of 2021, where they basically said we’re not gonna follow breakthrough cases anymore.

There’s too many of them. So there fell their first flaw, the second false. Was that the vaccines basically blocked transmission. So if you took it, you wouldn’t infect someone else. And that obviously became a false statement in summer of 2021. When the reality hit that stopping transmission was not working, people transmit the virus.

Whether you’re fully vaccinated or not. The virus packs amongst each other during weddings, cruise boats, Naval ships, and all kinds of one-on-one gatherings as well. The last false claim was that if you took the vaccine, there’s a consolation prize, you will have a milder case and you won’t be hospitalized or die.

Now this is just ridiculous. No one can determine how sick you’ll get. Or if you’ll get hospitalized or even die, never in our history of vaccination. Have we ever told people that if you took a vaccine, something like chickenpox, you won’t get it, or you won’t die. But many people were grateful to have the vaccine because they believed it was going to save their lives.

And unfortunately it didn’t, and it hasn’t. There’s never been a prospective randomized trial with hospitalization and death as a primary endpoint, where that was reduced by vaccines. The only two interventions that reduced hospitalization and death are having the illness first, where you had natural immunity and receiving early treatment for the virus, there was.

Series of fraudulent studies that didn’t account for natural immunity in early treatment, claiming that the vaccinated had lower rates of hospitalization. There were a whole series of fraudulent papers claiming. That the fully vaccinated had lower rates of hospitalization and death, but the data is now pouring in from Canada, UK, Israel, Europe, South Africa, and Australia clearly showing when they account for those who have been fully vaccinated, that indeed the fully vaccinated are doing far worse with COVID 19 than those who were unvaccinated.

Excuse me.

The other news bombshell in August was that the national allergy immun immunology, infectious disease branch director, a division director, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Who ascended to a much higher level of power than his NIH position ever. Granted him announced his retirement or he’s stepping down. I looked at his announcement on the NIH website and I was astonished to find that this kind of self congratulatory departure notice had no mention of COVID 19.

Yeah. You heard me right? There is no mention of COVID. His own signature program. So you have to think about this. This was his super bowl of his career, and there is absolutely no mention of the COVID 19 program that he put together recently, the new COVID 19 Valence boosters are coming out. And these really deserve an explanation this week.

The US FDA with no human trials. That is actually what I said, no human data. Only relying on the manufacturers, giving them animal data or rodent data, showing the antibody rise in mice models of antibodies against a common segment of BA four BA five spike protein. The FDA inly of proved this new. So Pfizer has had plenty of time to do a trial.

And did you know that investigational drug trial application for Pfizer for this new vaccine was filed on August 22nd? There has been absolutely no review by the FDA. They are just green lighting, everything right. This is extremely unprecedented, that they have had plenty of time to do large randomized trials.

They’ve been in the midst of BA four and five with this secondary wave for months. And they had plenty of time to do these randomized trials. They’ve had tons of money, but they don’t wanna do the trials because they know their previous shots are actually killing people. The very first set of trials, which had been done have been now critically analyzed by Peter Joshi at the university of Maryland and Joseph Friedman down in Louisiana at LSU.

And their conclusion in the peer reviewed paper is even from the original trials when we actually get all the safety data and the efficacy. The vaccines did more harm than good in the original randomized trials. Then it plays out in the public space, you know, under court order, Pfizer had to release their dossier, but the judge and the lawyer for the FDA tried to block this from Americans for 55 years.

What is it in their dossier that Pfizer knew about that? They didn’t want any of us to know? Well, it’s the 1,223 deaths within 30 days of release of their vaccine is what they don’t want us to know. This is unprecedented. This is prima fascia evidence that the FDA is involved in. The safety cover up for the Pfizer recently, and the Moderna documents.

They’re basically approving these on their face value without any evidence or studies of safety or ethic. While families were calling Pfizer saying my loved one just died with your vaccine. Pfizer was dutifully recording all of these deaths and they had hired hundreds of employees to man, the phones as these deaths poured in.

It’s astonishing that Pfizer didn’t shut it down after a handful of deaths or at least 50 deaths. The threshold for death trial is 20. No more than it’s pulled. I ask why was this not pulled? Why is it still on the market with over 14,000 deaths reported to bears to date? And that’s only 1% of the reported cases, cuz we’re well aware of the studies that show people do not report to bears many people before this pandemic, even in the healthcare space, did not even know about the fairs data.

And had no clue how to report and they’ve never had to report. If you’ve ever had to report, it takes hours. It takes a minimum of an hour and a half to two hours to document everything you’re assigning that you. Know that if you falsify this information, it can be punishable under federal law and you can go to prison.

You have to have the lot number and the expiration date of the drug and the vaccine as well. Otherwise it gets kicked back. So after all of your time, It could be for not because the VAERS database could still come back and say, we don’t believe that this was a reaction. Yeah. And we’re gonna move this along and not put it in our records.

I’ve actually had that happen a couple of times when I’ve tried to report something to the VAERS database. So why now are they doubling down with this super booster? Is it all just a test to see what they can get away? This is clearly a test to see what they can get away with. And if the FDA is going to shield them from any public outrage.

And it’s interesting because Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer is going on CNN and other news outlets, advising Americans to take more of the conventional boosters and now the bivalent boosters. And no one’s ever asked him a question. You have 223 deaths within 30 days on your. What are you doing about that?

What is happening? They should have been shut down and the media should be asking this question. All this data is now being suppressed by social media and news channels. We are being censored for speaking out about these studies and our licenses are being attacked. Our own world council for health, which has put out a whole variety of cautionary warnings over the last two years, came out on June 11th stating after publishing their pharmaco.

Report that they looked at VAERS and the UK yellow card system, the Trudeau system in the EU, and there’s over 40,000 certified deaths that have happened within a few days of taking these shots. There are millions of serious safety reports and the world health council for health says. Pull them off the market.

They’re unsafe for human use. And this is very important. This is a worldwide body. They represent 70 individual organizations across the world. They have put out a series of cautionary warnings stating if you can’t get in safety and get them off the market, then. So relatively they’re saying, if you can’t produce a safe product, you need to pull it.

It can’t be used. And here’s the important point in this as Pfizer and Moderna and other vaccine suppliers continue to push these vaccines. What are we going to see? Is a huge giant finger pointing exercise in the end, Pfizer’s going to say, listen, the FDA never told us to pull it. The FDA and the CDC are running the vaccine program, the FDA and the CDC are going to say, listen, it’s Pfizer’s product.

And they had the responsibility to make sure it was safe from the beginning. This means that no one is to. No one can or will be held accountable unlike in vaccine court, because these injections are not truly vaccines. Can’t take your case to the vaccine court. They are also considered experimental and they have never been approved by the FDA.

The only FDA approved shot is commonary, which is not available in the us. The vaccine sponsors, CDC and FDA are saying no more legacy boosters. So remember Pfizer was 30 micrograms initially second shot, 30 micrograms, and every six months 30 micrograms. And there was no change for Moderna Moderna was a hundred micrograms.

With a hundred microgram booster. The new bivalent booster for Pfizer is 30 micrograms made up of 15 micrograms of the original, which is now obsolete and 15 micrograms of BA5 new genetic code Moderna booster is not a hundred micrograms like it used to be. It’s only 50 micrograms, 25 micrograms of original and 25 micrograms of The Omicron variant.

Now my takeaway is that they’re going to get less of the super toxic, original Wuhan spike protein with these boosters, and they’re going to be cutting the power. So we don’t see as many illnesses. But in the BA5 additive, we have no research in humans. So we have no idea what we may see as side effects or death rates.

It’s going to be less toxic spike protein exposure since Omciron is a milder virus. But I think the boosters are going to, in a sense, take the edge off of some of the safety tension, but so much of the damage is already. Now we’re fighting between Moderna and Pfizer Moderna was a three times stronger vaccine or shot than Pfizer.

And now they’re suing Pfizer saying they copied their vaccine mixture. Now this is really an interesting development because Moderna’s CEO, Stéphane Bancel a billionaire was the CEO for BioMérieux and BioMérieux is the French conglomerate company that Jacque Shrock negotiated with the Chinese to build. And they built the biosecurity annex in Wuhan, China to defend Paynesville and orchestrated the construction of the biosecurity lab in Wuhan, China.

And then in 2015 key changes from bioMérieux and he joins a one person company. So the CEO of BioMérieux joins a one person company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. All these key players are truly in bed with one another, and I believe they’re moving to other companies for money and cover up. Now Barnes joins Moderna and he starts working with the us national Institute of health on Moderna’s patent for SARS COV2 vaccine.

And within a few days of announcing that we have a pandemic, we have an emergency under former president Trump’s Declaration Moderna announces that they have a vaccine. Now you don’t come up with a vaccine in a few days. These vaccines were in the works for years. And in Peter Reagan’s book, COVID 19 in the global predators, which I would highly recommend you read.

It has over 1100 citations in the back is a timeline and that timeline. 36 pandemic planning, preparedness events that Reagan Chronicles, six of these pandemics were filmed and all of them have written documents. The courage to face COVID 19, which is a book authored by Dr. Peter McCullough and John Lee.

Highlight these developments as well. And they put it in the context of a story and a timeline of events from 1995. When the first coronavirus study was published, there are papers in the peer reviewed literature from 2015 with American names. On the paper and there is one Chinese name in the whole list of authors and it is Dr.

Shi Zhengli. She’s also known as the bat lady. So when people say this is an American made virus, that is correct. It is an American made virus. We just needed the lab in China to do the work. This paper is from the university of North Carolina chapel. And there’s an Institute in Switzerland and Harvard and the title of the paper is SARS.

Like virus. It’s published in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences controversy in 2015. This is not a secret people. This is not a secret paper it’s been there for a while. This study actually indicates an ongoing threat poised by Wuhan Institute of virology, one related virus. The need for continued study and surveillance are saying the viruses we’ve made in this lab has endangered the world.

This is a very high level level paper that could be trusted. We don’t need to depose people in front of the Senate. You just need to read these papers. There’s one in nature of medicine. That’s what’s so crazy. What so Fauci says is, I don’t know what gain of function is. He’s lying. His work is funded by the national institutes of health.

He indicates that the national Institute of health was approved again. And Vinet Materi is working for Ralph Baric in North Carolina, chapel hill. Again, these people are all in bed with each other. They’re all trying to hide something much bigger than a viral pandemic. The first paper on coronavirus was published back in 1997 by Ralph Baric

and this is his life work is studying coronaviruses, but yet he’s been the quietest person in the last two years. The team is again from North Carolina, chapel hill, Harvard, the Institute of Switzerland and the Wuhan Institute of virology and Shi Zhengli, the bat lady, she is involved in studying these papers with many American authors.

There’s only one to two Chinese authors on these papers and the rest are all Americans. So again, this is an American project. They needed the Chinese lab to do it because they have the technology and they have the. But this was originally done here. The title of the paper, a SARS like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.

They made a humanized respiratory epithelial in a rodent, and they kept tweaking the spike protein in order to get it to invade a human respiratory epithelial for weaponizing. It was a weapon at the same. They’re working on an answer at the same time that they were creating the weapon. They’re working on a killed vaccine and they’re working on monoclonal antibodies.

That can be the savior. I don’t think we have biological agencies or operations through the NIH right? Isn’t that what Fauci is saying? But here in this paper, it’s actually showing that there is biological operations that have been happening for a very long time in this country. Now there’s two departments that monitor this.

There’s BARDA the biomedical advanced research and development authority. And this is the unit. Through the United States. And then we have the military department, which is DARPA, they’re the defense advanced research projects agency. And they work on a threat and they also work on an answer. We’ve had smallpox monkeypox programs.

And now after this, we have SARS and obviously there’s a SARS program. There’s been an anthrax program and. Luckily for us, bill gates, can’t keep his mouth shut. So a year before he star a year before the monkeypox outbreak, he starts ordering the monkey P’s vaccine and he says, it’s coming. And then right on time, it rolls out.

So all we have to do is really track what these people are. They’re giving it all away to us. We are just not grasping everything they’re saying, because we don’t think like they do. So the both of the monoclonal antibodies and the vaccine approaches have failed to neutralize and protect the infection of the coronavirus using the novel spike protein, both VARDA and DARPA are under the NIH, which monitor smallpox monkeypox SARS and the anthrax program.

And because they’ve been working on this for so long, they knew that a dead virus was not going to kill the virus at hand, meaning SARS in an abstract in nature medicine in 2015. They already showed that monoclonal antibodies didn’t work. This is prima fascia evidence that the us government academic program that’s gone bad along with Americans, you know, 10 million Americans were hospitalized.

And with this, a million people have lost their lives in our country. From this us operation. This is very sad for us to be sitting here today, talking about this. So now we’re entering into phase two. There’s been two wave of injury. First was SARS Cove, one largely the wild type. Alpha and Delta break outbreaks.

The Omicron outbreak was very, very low hospitalization and death rates. And in fact, Omicron is indistinguishable from the common cold, but people did lose their lives with this first multiple outbreaks. Now the vaccine programs have been cooking along. And according to Dr. Peter McCullough, the vaccine itself was created a wave of destruction in our country with injuries, disabilities, and deaths.

One of the breakthrough observations was that has come by Sasha Latypova in this report from Trailside news, which is a valid, late breaking science website, actually supported by pharma and a lot of other sponsors, the title of the paper. Hot, lots of COVID 19 vaccines, evidence of different formulations.

And these are statistical analyses of Pfizer Moderna and the J and J compared against the flu vaccine. Now, this is really interesting because when there’s a complication from the flu shot, it’s randomly distributed across all the manufacturing lots, but with COVID 19 vaccines, the complications are restricted to certain lots.

Now recently on Steve Kershaw’s subs stack, Steve has gotten the European medicine agency released from the vaccine manufacturer showing market degradation of messenger RNA in these product. Now I questioned early on when when did we go from having the vaccine storage from subzero temperature to normal refrigeration?

This was never talked about. It was never discussed and all of a sudden it was safe to be distributed to all the pharmacies, but not private clinics. And what about the pharmacists who went to jail for keeping a box out at room temperature in these randomized trials, the vaccine had to stay in negative temperatures and were single use only vials.

Now they have multi-use vials and they no longer need to stay in a special freezer. The majority of people who’ve been given the shot are fine, but the shots have degraded messenger RNA, and they’re actually not getting much of the genetic info in the, if the product was cold and single use. Things would’ve been a lot worse.

Most of us are wondering what is causing the damage in these various lots. And the truth is that you don’t want a fresh shot. Believe it or not. If you actually get the messenger RNA as designed and despite protein production as designed, it can be in many cases lethal. There is sloppy manufacturing and product handling that is saving Americans.

According to Dr. McCullough’s research, our recent Zogby’s survey, which is a very good survey operation in the United States, they surveyed a large number of Americans and two thirds of the people who took the vaccine of interest say. That they’re they’re okay. Right. 85% of them say I took the shot and I’m fine.

Nothing happened. 15% said they got a problem. They got a new disease or medical problem. Many of them are going to the doctor and they fall into cardiovascular, neurological hematological, immunological And now unfortunately cancer. And that’s the current state of affairs for 15% of Americans who have taken these products that are left with medical issues.

Now I know there’s gonna be some people who are gonna say, well, they’re alive and that’s a good thing. Well, I can show you 26% of the population that did not take the shot that are also fine. And many of them have already been sick with the COVID virus and. Haven’t haven’t gotten injured like this I’ve personally talked to a pharmacy tech who showed me a box of vaccine that was left.

Was beyond the expiration date. The date was crossed off with a black Sharpie and the pharmacy was still using that material. As soon as you leave that vile out, it starts to get warmer. And there’s multiple needle pokes that go through the diaphragm of the vile, and then there’s introduction of oxygen and oxidative stress.

All kinds of other things. So if you receive that shot, that was from a busy pharmacy that did sloppy injection protocols. It may explain why there wasn’t any side effects early on. I I’ve told this story before, but my mother-in-law got their shot at a drive-through pharmacy. And she said, it’s so awesome.

They put the bandaid on first and then they gave me the injection and I’m. Looking at her. And I said, mom, are you sure that’s right? Because that doesn’t make any sense. They, they never do that. She said, I wish they did all of them like that because it never hurt. And I’m thinking, well, you pushed that through now.

You pushed material through the skin in the needle. And people are gonna argue and say, well, it’s not that much. It’s not a big deal. We probably intake more than that in our food, which is true, but you’re also pushing it in with an ingredient source of experimental use products. Now, luckily for us, my mother-in-law is fine.

My father-in-law took the shot as well. He had cancer in remission until he got his last boost. And now his cancer is back and they’re having a difficult time getting it under control. So there is definitely some very near and dear things to my heart with this. And. Constantly encouraging them to not take any additional boosters because of the potential risks of what we don’t know.

So what am I seeing with patients who have had the jab? Well, we’re still seeing a lot of micro vessel clotting. We are seeing micro vessel clotting 8, 9, 10, 12 months post shot. People don’t know it. They don’t have a lot of symptoms we’re testing because we know it’s a problem. We’re detecting quite a bit of it.

We’re seeing new rare, autoimmune diseases. We’re seeing reactivation of infections like Lyme disease, Epstein barr, H H V six and shingles. These are just a few of what we’re dealing with right now. And the truth is that this country has had a problem with vaccines for many, many years. This. And people getting it.

You have to realize it is not a vaccine. It’s a drug and it’s in emergency use authorization. And you are the study. Now, if you are actively aware of this and you want to participate, that is one thing. But if you don’t know that you’re participating and something happens to you, that’s a completely different thing.

You have no protection. Of getting any illness that you really don’t want to take the risk of a developing, like you don’t want to take the risk of developing a cardiac problem, like myocarditis or organ failure, neurological or immunological diseases, or even worse. You just, you don’t want that to happen at this point now I’ve heard a lot of people say I’ve done my homework and it’s safe.

Well, I would encourage anyone who thinks that this shot is safe to look at this again with the rising cancer rates, after this shot and occur, reoccurring, rare, aggressive cancers. People need to really think twice about taking something experimental. If you don’t believe. Just look at all the commercials from lawyers, for lawsuits on artificial joints, contaminated water, drugs that have been on the market for many, many years.

Roundup itself has 700 lawsuits pending for cancer. J and J has paid some of the largest settlements for drugs that have caused injury. This is not new. It’s been ongoing for decades. Why do we think this drug is any different? I’m not really sure. I think we’ve propagated people’s fear. We’ve used fear as a way of getting people to do what they want.

There’s a lot of really good books out there showing that this is how Germany. Got people to go along with the Nazis and the Holocaust. And it’s not much different here. It’s just a different name, a different illness, a different scenario. And it’s not very hard to manipulate people when they’re fearful.

And so I really want to encourage people to start looking at things. You have no recourse. If you’ve been injured by this, there is no vaccine court you can go to because this is not a vaccine. There is no one that’s gonna stand behind this. The FDA is gonna push responsibility to Pfizer. Pfizer’s gonna push responsibility to the FDA and the CDC.

Nobody is gonna take responsibility for your injury. So you are going to be left with this potential risk and potential injuries and you’ll be alone and you’ll be hard pressed to even find a healthcare practitioner. That’s going to agree with you that this happened. After the shot and that is the scary part because you will not even be able to find a normal healthcare provider.

That’s gonna stand on your side and fight with you. You’re going to have to go into the alternative integrative space. Find somebody that understands this, find somebody who’s read these papers. Find somebody that has been seeing this and knows how to treat these chronic illnesses. To help you get better and it’s gonna be a fight and it’s gonna be expensive because insurance isn’t gonna stand behind any of this either.

They’re gonna raise their hands and say, wait a minute, we’re not paying this. We were, we were told this was a mandate. We weren’t told that it was gonna cost us $250,000 per person because they have myocarditis. Just look at all of the life insurance policies that are being paid out now to our young people, you know, 35 to 55 years old, we have a 40% increased risk of death.

Amongst those people, either the insurance premiums are gonna have to rise or the insurance companies are gonna start saying. We’re not gonna, we’re not gonna stand behind this. We’re not gonna pay these people out and that is gonna be tragic. And we need to stand together. We need to stand up. We need to fight for health freedom, and we need to fight for making our own decisions in this country about our own healthcare individually.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this lecture kind of podcast lecture. It is a dark time. It is really dark information, but I think it’s information that everybody needs to know about and everybody needs to hear about. So share this, like this support us subscribe, and we will not be posting this on YouTube.

If you follow us on YouTube, we will be posting this on Rumble and we’re going to start posting on Brighteon as well. So just follow us here. You’ll always get it, but if you’re on some of our other channels, look to rumble and Brighteon. Thanks everybody. Have a great day.

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