Episode 202: Thriving in the 21 Century with Dr. Russell Jaffe

Thriving in the 21 Century is simple and basic. From eating healthy to detoxification, to vetting supplements and companies Dr. Jaffe share’s it all. Dr. Jaffe has studied health and wellness since the late 70″s and is an expert in health and wellness. Don’t miss out on how to live to a 120 dancing all the way! 

Do not miss these highlights:

06:00  Thriving in the 21st century is about what you eat, drink, think and do.

12:40  What is typical today is harmful and not healthy.

13:21 How do you thrive and enjoy living today? Spend 5% of your time (72 minutes) on self-care.

16:58 Diabetes is a lifestyle choice. You can eat yourself sick, or eat yourself well.

18:07 Embracing physiology before pharmacology.

19:40 If you go with the conventions of today, all the convenience, fast food and processed food, you’ll suffer and die young. 

20:45 The role of hydration in detoxification

24:41 Top go-to nutrients – Nature’s Ascorbic. 

27:01 How do you determine a good supplement from a bad supplement?

32:09 What is the role of the immune system today in chronic health?

33:28  The signs of chronic scurvy. 

37:00 Reliving the trauma versus witnessing it. 

42:24 Be guided by nature, nurture and wholeness.

Resources Mentioned

Whether you are recovering from an illness or just looking to maintain your current overall health, schedule a consult with us at Serenity Health Care by calling  (262)522-8640 or visit https://www.serenityhealthcarecenter.com 

About our Guest:

Dr. Russell Jaffe received his B.S., MD and Ph.D. from the Boston University School of Medicine, completed residency training in clinical chemistry at the National Institutes of Health and remained on the permanent senior staff before pursuing other interests, including starting the Health Studies Collegium think tank. He is the Founder and Chairman of PERQUE Integrative Health, LLC a company that offers the world scientifically proven, integrative health solutions that speed the transition from sick care to healthful caring. Dr. Jaffe is board certified in Clinical Pathology and in Chemical Pathology and the recipient of the Merck, Sharp & Dohm Excellence in Research Award, the J.D. Lane Award, and the U.S.P.H.S. Meritorious Service Award. Dr. Jaffe was honored as an International Scientist of 2003 by the IBC, Oxford, England, UK for his lifetime contributions to clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, methodology, and integrative health policy.

DrJ Website: https://www.drrusselljaffe.com/

DrJ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drrusselljaffe/

DrJ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrRussellJaffe

DrJ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DrRussellJaffe

ELISA/ACT Website: https://www.elisaact.com/

PERQUE Website: https://www.perque.com

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