Episode 205: 4 Things That Cause White Matter Brain Disease – It Mat Not Be MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Have you had a diagnosis that you knew wasn’t right? MS (multiple sclerosis) is one of them. What else could it be? Join this series of episodes to explain why just because you have a diagnosis of white matter disease it may not be MS. 

Do not miss these highlights:

01:24 You’re not supposed to have plaque on your brain, regardless of how old you are.

03:36 If we get the diagnosis right, if we find the cause for the white matter on the brain, it can be reversed and it can go away completely. 

07:13 Demyelinating Disease is curable and treatable. 

08:48 First thing that causes Demyelinating Disease – Bacterial infection, bugs that enter the brain.

09:39 The blood-brain barrier is not sacred, many things can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause problems. 

10:47 Second thing that causes Demyelinating Disease – Toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals. 

12:11 Third cause – Mycotoxins that are released from mold spores. Unfortunately, mold grows everywhere in our environment. 

16:40 Symptoms that we see from a mold illness. 

17:33 Fourth thing that causes white matter brain disease – Traumatic and Non-traumatic Brain Injury.

22:57 We’re going to see Demyelinating Disease secondary to COVID. 

24:35 There is treatment, it is not a treatment that’s going to suppress your immune system, nor a steroid that’s just going to decrease your symptoms so you don’t feel it. It is a protocol that is going to heal your body and repair the damage.

25:15 The tests to identify what’s going on in your body.  

29:55 The treatment.

Resources Mentioned

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