Episode 208: 4 Things That Cause White Matter Brain Disease – Can Mold Cause White Matter Disease-MS?

Mold mycotoxins are known for causing demyelinating disease or MS. On an MRI it is seen as white matter brain disease. These mycotoxins create damage and cause autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and ALS to name a few diseases. Can we reverse demyelinating disease, short answer is yes-sometimes. It depends on how progressive the disease is and how willing the patient is to change their life to reverse the disease. 

Do not miss these highlights:

00:33 What are Mycotoxins?

04:00 What are symptoms of mycotoxins in the body?

04:38 What can Mycotoxin illness do in your brain?  

06:57 Recommendations to patients with MS.

09:33 Just because you have a demyelinating disease, does not mean that you’re automatically going to have Dementia or Alzheimer’s. There is a potential, but you can prevent it from happening.

10:38 Several different ways to test for mycotoxins.

13:50 Implementing a treatment plan is not going to do you a lot of good, you have to find the mold source and clean it up.  

17:09 You have to love yourself enough to give up all of your things, because things are replaceable but YOU can’t be.

18:39 Recommended mold test company. 

22:46 How to check for molds in your home.

26:25 If you’re suffering from MS, take it seriously and work with a practitioner that understands mold, bacteria and virus loads.

27:30 Mycotoxin illness can also cause autism.

Resources Mentioned: Whether you are recovering from an illness or just looking to maintain your current overall health, schedule a consult with us at Serenity Health Care  by calling  (262)522-8640 or visit https://www.serenityhealthcarecenter.com

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