Episode 215: Disease Is All About Inflammation – How Peptides Help Reduce Inflammation

Peptides are a well-kept secret they reduce inflammation and produce growth factors. Dr. Deb shares how to identify where the inflammation is actually coming from and what tests are necessary to determine what type and how much inflammation is present in the body. 

Do not miss these highlights:

00:46 What are peptides?

01:50 What happens when there’s cellular inflammation that’s happening?

02:35 Almost every disease is associated with inflammation, especially those with chronic disease. 

03:14 A lot of inflammation is seen and unseen, but the unseen inflammation is typically the one that’s not detected.

04:32 The labs that we can use to detect inflammation.

05:52 The specific gene that causes disease processes to occur. 

06:38 Don’t be concerned about genetics,  we can bypass them.

07:39 Why understanding where the inflammation came from is very important. 

10:00 Why you should be careful about peptides and amino acids and the IV bars that are popping up all over the place.

12:28 The symptoms when there’s inflammation present in the body, specifically neuroinflammation.

15:01 We have therapies and treatment protocols that can help. The key is getting to be with someone who understands and knows how to do this.

Resources Mentioned

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