Episode 219: Overcoming Chronic Pain Naturally with Fran Garton

Can stress really cause debilitating pain? Fran Graton shares her story on how it completely changed her life. You do not have to live with pain it can be not only managed but it can be eliminated as well. Fran shares how it can be done.

Do not miss these highlights:

09:52 What happens when your body adapts to chronic stress

12:36 Stress is so important to manage  and deal with

15:09 2 types of stressors: internal stressors and external stressors

17:38 Our thoughts are patterns

20:40 If you want to reduce the stress, you have to learn to let go

22:29 Before you respond, stop, take a breath and make a choice. 

25:22 The importance of putting some boundaries and taking some rest

30:00 Today, everybody expects you to respond instantaneously

35:49 When we have pain in our body, one of the key things that our body is doing is protecting us

36:50 If you’re in a constant state of inflammation, your body will not know what non-inflammation feels like

39: 22 Once you get out of pain, you’d never want to go back

42:17 Look around at the people you’re spending your time with and what you’re taking in

43:03 If you are holding on to anger, and resentment, and you’re not forgiving people, it affects you, it doesn’t affect them. 

43:51 Movement is important. It doesn’t have to be hard and difficult to be effective

46:22 It takes a village for us to be healthy too

48:59 Don’t let that crisis happen before you make a change because the truth is, sometimes when those things happen, they’re not reversible.

Resources Mentioned

Whether you are recovering from an illness or just looking to maintain your current overall health, schedule a consult with us at Serenity Health Care  by calling  (262)522-8640 or visit https://www.serenityhealthcarecenter.com 

About our Guest:

I’m a Pain Reduction Coach, Fibromyalgia Warrior, Author, Speaker and Body-Positive Personal Trainer and I’m passionate about teaching people how to live pain-free and learn to love movement. I teach my clients to identify their triggers, reduce stress, set boundaries, and stop caring about what other people. They learn easy-to-implement strategies and tools focusing on mindset, movement and nutrition and can finally move easily throughout their day knowing their bodies will cooperate with them. 

I had a 16-year teaching career and the high stress level put me in bed for 4-months with stress-induced vision loss which made me readjust how I defined “living” and make serious changes to my lifestyle. I don’t want anyone else to succumb to the stress demon and am on a mission to help people effectively manage stress and learn to love moving their bodies in whatever way makes them happy. All of the challenges I have faced has made me realize that self love and body acceptance is key to thriving.







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