Episode 221: Water, Cells and Life with Mario Brainovic

The science behind structured water and how it is repairing our body’s cells and reversing our biological age up to 12 years!

Do not miss these highlights:

01:00 Mario Brunovich to discusses the benefits of structured water, which can improve cellular structures in the body and plant life.

05:16 Water exists in chaotic state, technology brings order, creates liquid crystalline structure, improves biological systems.

15:29 Study looks at importance of mitochondrial function and microbiome; water consumption showed 17% improvement

21:52 Watering land with their Analemma Water led to an explosion of biodiversity in the soil and retention of nutrients necessary for plants to grow. 

32:39 It takes one year and five phases to create and the coherence lasts indefinitely, with a profound effect on biology.

36:32 Product can treat water, can be used for an entire house, garden, and agriculture

41:25 The water influences inflammation levels and they plan to do a deeper study on it as chronic inflammation is a leading cause of illness. 

49:07 An agriculture study is being conducted to observe the effects of different frequencies on plant yield and shelf life. The technology could be useful for larger agriculture companies, promoting healthy food consumption.

Resources Mentioned

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About our Guest:

Mario is an entrepreneur, researcher and a visionary in the field of health and wellness. For years he ran a successful international advertising agency and a production house. He was always very passionate about health and wellness, about finding natural ways to heal, regenerate and restore the delicate balance between body, mind and spirit. This led him to establish a natural pharmaceutical company that successfully helped many people for years. After a while he became very passionate about water. Realizing its extraordinary significance he established New Earth Technologies, a company that offers the miracle of Analemma Water to the world.





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