Episode 83: I Got COVID-19, Here’s My Experience.

Dr. Deb shares her experience as a COVID survivor and what she did to heal her body and mind. “Take good care of yourself, keep you immune system strong. Build that immune system that doesn’t allow the virus to come in. And if it does, treat it with everything you’ve got that can make you…

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Episode 59: COVID-19 & Concerns About The Universal Vaccine

Do you have questions about what COVID 19 is really about? Dr. Deb shares some concerns about the universal vaccine and how it relates to COVID 19.

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Episode 58: Regaining Feminine Power – Interview with Liz Lewinson

Liz gives us practical techniques for reducing fear. Liz shares the steps for women to regain their feminine power. She sheds light on the misconceptions of feminine power and impacts our society. Website: http://www.lizlewinson.comSocial Media Links: Website: http://www.lizlewinson.comSocial Media Links:

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