Episode 128: A Holistic Skin Care Approach to Defy Aging with Alison Keith

Alison and Dr. Deb discuss what really causes aging skin and wrinkles. Do you want to look radiant at any age? There are things you can do both internally and externally to look and feel beautiful at any age. 

Do not miss these highlights:

[04:43] What is premature aging

[07:35] Address the root cause to stop the problem from persisting and getting worse

[09:21] Whatever we’re putting in our body, it’s going to end up showing up on our skin

[10:52] The body is so resilient when it gets what it needs

[12:48] Inflammation is the number one cause of premature aging

[14:09] Our skin needs six things each day 

[20:35] The three products for the AGE Defense System

[25:29] If the skin responded negatively it does not mean the product is working

[27:05] If skin is red and irritated, it sends off a warning sign to create more inflammation in the skin

[33:11] The fewer ingredients in a product, the better

[37:50] Skin will tell you everything 

[40:00] The Holistic Skincare concept

Resources Mentioned

Phoenix Factor – https://debra-s-school-1b7e.thinkific.com/courses/phoenix-factor-protocol 

Please use this link for the 15% discount, and enter the code – DRDEB.

About our Guest:

Alison Keith is a holistic skincare expert changing the conversation around premature aging. In 2019 Alison and her husband Steve co-founded Whole Story Skin Care. With family ties in custom skincare formulation, they launched their direct-to-customer brand selling premium quality plant-based products. 

Alison saw a gap between the misinformation from beauty industry marketing & advertising vs. what science says about preventing & reversing the signs of aging. It was then she decided to tell the Whole Story. “Our holistic approach shares the same principles as functional medicine, targeting the root cause of aging for long term results.”

Alison is in her 40’s, she has never opted for cosmetic injections, nor is she a self-professed “product junkie.” Alison has learned from cell biologists, chemists, and skincare industry pioneers. Her passion is advocating for a more natural way of aging well without harsh invasive chemical procedures.

You can connect with Alison at: 



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