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Episode 77: Breaking Through Imposter Syndrome – Interview With Jonathan George.

“SUCCESS IS 20% TALENT, THE OTHER 80% IS HOW YOU DEVELOP THAT TALENT TO SHINE, THE CONFIDENCE YOU HAVE WHEN YOU USE THAT TALENT, AND HOW YOU BRAND IT” As CEO of JG Entertainment, Jonathan George has spent the past 20 yrs creating RockStar personal brands for celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers with over 150 million followers online. He…

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Episode 75: Secrets Of Business That Men Know And Women Don’t – Interview with Annette Comer

Annette Comer shares the secrets of business that men know and women don’t. Her favorite secret that women don’t know is what men say behind our backs about the masks women wear. This episode is a must for any women trying to compete in the male dominated world. Did you know only 2% of the…

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